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Red wine Whine; Plus Webchats with Body Rescue plan, bodyblade Bruce x
12 January 2016

Back to you – the experts can’t agree – let your body decide

So this week the big headlines that made the front page declared that Red Wine is no longer good for you after all. Despite all the previous studies ‘showing evidence’ that it is, a review of lots of such studies, including all the negative results and not just positive, indicates that it’s far from good. Apart from overweight men and post-menopausal women (kerching!) So how can we take studies seriously?

I have to be honest, since my time in the health food industry when ‘studies’ were the bane of an experienced therapist’s life, I’ve been cynical about studies. Reading the New Scientist each week, I see time and again, a little headline where they’ve tested x on rats, found y, but the reporter extrapolates it into z, taking a massive leap of assumptions that if the same thing happened in humans, we could make a claim that even a layman like me can see is stretching the evidence. One of the worst examples was years ago when I got told that the UK bottled water rules didn’t allow us to drink purified water, because it’s classed as ‘softened’ and ‘drinking softened water has been linked to heart disease’ – which was tenuous at best, and despite a third of the world drinking purified tap water, and the USA top two brands, Dasani and Aqua Fina being exactly that, here in the UK we are forced to drink bottled water with ‘stuff’ in it. But if we purify our own, or a restaurant does it and puts it in its own glass bottles and gives it out on the table for free, that’s ok. Good god.

Well, I know when my body doesn’t like something. It doesn’t like wine, apart from a couple of thimble fulls. Or any other drink, really. It hates dairy, even though I might test negative for lactose intolerance. (I haven’t tested, but I don’t need to, the results in my body are obvious.) It doesn’t like sugar big time and isn’t that fond of white bread.

I found Professor Robert Lustig’s youtube video ‘sugar the bitter truth’ (6.1m views now) a sensation, because it hammered home for me on a screen in a Californian university why my liver had felt so engorged after a depressed Xmas eating crap, mainly sugary treats, and I was still taking sugar in my tea and coffee at that time. I didn’t need ‘published double blind placebo controlled peer-reviewed’ studies to prove to me that it was bad for me. But as the years have gone by, more and more ‘evidence’ has amassed and now suddenly this January our prime minister has contradicted previous claims and may even finally consider a long overdue sugar tax on sugary drinks. Things are changing about sugar. But years ago, in 1971 in fact, a clever scientist called Ludkin already knew all this – and wrote ‘Pure White and Deadly’ – a book that got a lot of attention at the time but was ignored by Ansell Keys who was the unobservant scientist responsible for misreading the reviews about fat leading to the US FDA in 1982 saying ONLY low fat was the solution to metabolic syndrome (encompassing diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol etc etc)

Webchats – our lovely Marie-Francoise’s sis Christianne Wolff was our webchat guest this Monday on Back to You QVC Facebook group, between 9 & 10pm on Monday – click here to see it (or join the group first).

Bruce was on Bodyblade QVC group too – another great chat after his huge influx of members over the New Year visit – click here to read it or join.

BACK TO YOU SHOW – 11TH JANUARY – if you missed it, the whole show can be found here -

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