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Getting Back to the Old You - my self help book recommendations
7 January 2016

There are several books I used to cope with a tough time, divorce, change of jobs etc. Then there are others which have been illuminating at times when I needed other advice from experts. Here I list as many as I can recall, under relevant headings.

Hope they help!

Best wishes




Wayne Dyer - my guru. Start with Your Erroneous Zones, his original 'don't feel wrong all your life' bestseller. His more recent 'Excuses Begone' is also marvellous. As is his 'Manifest Your Destiny' series, including the meditations. And of course his enigmatic 'I can See Clearly Now' - an autobiography and a fascinating insight into the man.

Louise Hay - her original bestseller 'You Can Heal Your Life' has been cited as many people's saviour.

Bernie Siegel - look up his interview on 'powertalk' by Tony Robbins, my first encounter with Bernie - a fabulous orator.

Deepak Chopra - helping to put the science into self-help, his 'Ageless Body Timeless Mind' (I think) is superb if you want to start undoing old beliefs about ageing and the body.

Tony Robbins' 30 Day CD set 'Personal Power 2' was my first step into this alternative world, but his methods are a bit more contrived, albeit still motivating. His Life Mastery workshops were amazing and truly transformational for me in 2000/2001, when I walked on hot coals at 'unleash the power within' weekend (UPW) in London then went to Hawaii for Life Mastery and to Miami for Date iwth Destiny - both looking at Human behaviour, Robbins style. Take what works for you from his teachings.

Also Shakti Gawain, the Celestine Prophecy, The Power of Now by erkhardt Tolle, 


Nothing has hit home more than the 'Conversations with God' trilogy. I have to admit I was put off for several years by the title, but don't worry it's almost the opposite of a religious doctrine - it's a super philosophy and outlook and way of looking at the world which helped me deal with my dad's death. (As did Sally Morgan's 'Life after Death' which features (on p104 i think) the reading she did in September 2009 in Dorking when my dad came through on the stage. NB my beliefs don't require you to accept this, but for those who are that way inclined it's a nice read.)

In later years I found Anita Moorjani's 'Dying to be Me' - which really truly made me believe there is more to this llife that just this one incarnation. Amazing for helping to feel reassured that your loved one truly is ok.



Please see the Till the Fat Lady Slims page on my website, and go to the Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar section for all the amazing articles and video links that will help your own escape from addiction.

Also insightful - Women, god and Food' = again, not really about God. But a great illuminating read along the same lines as my own books on weight loss - Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 the When Diet and book 3.0 Tips and Tales to inspire (out end January 2016)



'Gut' is my latest find, giving tons of info about a healthy digestive system and how it may affect the brain's functions including depression.

Dr Steve Peters 'The Chimp Paradox' is one of the best books to read if you can't believe your own behaviour sometimes.

'Biology of Belief' - a must read for every new parent, but just about anyone who believes we can't help our own DNA - from a professor of the subject.

'You are What you Feed Them' by my mentor Dr Alex Richardson, the world renowned expert in omega 3 and how food affects behaviour.



The Secret - of course.

'The Cosmic Ordering System' for those who want to dream.

'Ask and it is Given' by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham

'What the Bleep' - brilliant movie - bringing science and manifestation together

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  • Comment Link Debbie Bunn 12 January 2016 posted by Debbie Bunn

    Thanks Debbie
    I'm hoping some of these will be available on download , Conversations with God seems to be jumping out at me.

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