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Back to You update - big Elemis sneaky peek, Xmas chat and Bodyblade Bruce's tricks!
9 November 2015

BREAKING NEWS - my well-being show is likely to be returning at 3pm on New years Day afternoon - ready to get you ship shape for the new year ahead! More in coming weeks...

STOP PRESS! fRIDAY 13TH EVENING WEBCHAT ON QVC UK FBK PAGE - here's the link so you can go see what everyone had to say - and take the fashion sizing survey!

click here for Deb's Friday 13th Webchat on QVC UK fbk page



Some more health news hit the headlines this week with the whole 'diet drinks can cause heart attacks' message. It did make me think more about what I was putting in my mouth this week. but Freedom Eating means I never really want that stuff anyway (it's the system I follow, if you're not a regular and you don't know, as in my book Till the Fat Lady Slims, more here

One of the girls had a major 'aha' this week and spoke about her hard-to-shake habitual need to judge other people's food choices and it made such a good topic I included it as one of my Tips of the Day, on the TTFLS PAGE on Facebook - here. So Tip number 132 - worry about what goes in your own mouth, not other people's. Let go of the need to be right, as Wayne Dyer said, God rest him. And that includes thinking that others should live their lives according to your rules. The full post is here but it made very good reading. Come join the chat on the TTFLS Facebook support group too, lots of fab banter amongst friends. It's hard to let go of the 'rules' you've lived your life by, especially if they were ingrained at a young age. Fab book 'the Biology of Belief' by Dr Bruce Lipton explains how things learned early on remain in our subconscious and are harder to shift - but with enough info and practice we can definitely move on from damaging limitations like that one. Eileen the lady concerned said she had such a fun afternoon with a member of her family as a result. It's just not worth fighting to be right your whole life. Don't sweat the small stuff, right?!

Book three - Till the Fat lady Slims 3.0 - Tips and Tales to Inspire - will be out in January featuring other such stories from my lovely Freedom Eaters. Sign up for my newsletter on the 'subscribe' button the the left to be the first to know.



Interesting how the recent changes on the Back to you Facebook group (here) have been followed by a major rule-change on the main QVC page. Their new house rules launched week ending 13th. I'm in favour of the 'no-sharing unofficially' rule re advance information about upcoming deals. As a proud member of staff I get given the go ahead to release info - all officially - ahead of its standard release and it makes me very proud to be part of a carefully planned campaign. The new rules will comply with that. Also below is the statement I made clarifying there is no connection between Back to you activities and the rule changes on QPage - would we were that important! lol! But just for the record, see bottom.  


Had three lovely webchats again this week. One of them was Keeley from Elemis (officially) releasing about her new Today's Special Value (pictured). It's going to be a phenomenal way of getting a bumper bundle of premium face and bodycare for under £42 on 4 E payments in time for Xmas - I bet a lot of people will be stocking up. This is QVCs big one. This is the one which breaks records. The one everyone puts on their shopping list! The one people multi-buy! So with that in mind, we are going to preview it earlier than normal - it's so exciting when that happens! 8pm Saturday with Julia and Keeley on the additional channel, 'QVC Beauty' (get it via the app or online) The full announcement is here from Keeley's facebook page:

here you go! exciting Elemis news @qvcuk - TSV this sun 15th The Sensational Skin Collection will be £41.96 (worth £136.50) and available on 4 easy payments of £10.49. It'll also be available with buy more, save more, providing an extra saving of £4 for each additional purchase of the TSV (across both fragrance options). Postage and packaging will be £4.95. (buy two the same and it's 50% off the second and subsequent ones in same order) Put the 15th in your diary! Watch Will Gowing TV's reveal:

It was a super chat but as the group is now members-only/closed, the info can't be shared so do join us and you will see it! You'll also see Linda Magistris talking Christmas - she supplies some amazing xmas lighting and decorations at yuletide. Plus Bruce bodyblade with a secret extra you can do to get your body going - lunges in between each of the six exercises using his amazing fitness device Bodyblade. Again go to the Bodyblade QVC facebook group to find out more.

NEXT WEEK - it's another fabulous webchat 8pm Mondays - they are getting booked up right up till Xmas! Busy time of year, right?!

Have a great week!




Fabulous weekend! Glad hard work pays off in more ways than one, and super when common sense prevails at last! 
Btw for those who asked, yes Back to You group webchat is growing and continues gaining members and tomorrow Keeley will reveal all - officially -! - in 8pm webchat about the weekend Christmas today's special value bumper bundle from Elemis! Do join now, it's become even more popular now it's a members-only/closed group and the guests are booking their slots up to and after xmas! Join us x

Plus the amazing news I had last week that I will be able to officially mention the elemis Christmas today's special value kicking off in my 6 PM web chat on Friday! On QVC UK Facebook page, which has had a fabulous revamp, looking forward to chatting there with some exclusives. Am so lucky.

Ps am sadly having a cull of some 'friends' who shouldnt be on my list, and this will free up more space, apologies to those waiting, over 1000 friend requests sitting there. Sorry. Meanwhile if you know someone waiting, please tell them about my Facebook page. Lots gets posted on there inc sneaky peeks (official ones as ever) and fab updates!

Thanks to everyone who has helped make the last three weeks so rewarding. I'm so glad I work for such a brilliant company and in particular had such an amazing boss. Best I've ever known, helps make things happen. Actually, all do. Understanding company and great employer. Lucky Debbie. Very happy.Full steam ahead, ‪#‎NewEra‬ ‪#‎GreatTimes‬

 PS - 

ok so in response to those asking to re post this, here it is again - below - hope it helps! (ps furthermore, no, the recent QVC page revamp was not in response to events on this page - would we were that influential! Funny! And no, this group will continue as it is now, growing from strength to strength. And no, I will not 'only' be posting on Q page - I do my posting on my own page mainly, which is public and anyone (well apart from one or two) can see it; it automatically shares to Twitter and i share it to several other groups. NB I'm just doing my job, and sharing officially as I'm asked to do, and when my requests are granted. *sighs*

‪#‎Ladies‬ ref the recent changes on Q page re deliberate early leaking of QVC info - unofficially - it is being stopped. All other sharing activities will continue as they are, including by all QVC staff and official platforms.

This is actually excellent news. The brands have a program to follow of releasing information. Seeing it too early spoils their plans. So I'm sure Qvc have responded accordingly. Furthermore often the information given was wrong.

I follow what I'm told to do regarding releasing information in advance, as a member of staff that is my job, nothing I do is outside of my remit given to me by my managers. The same with Will Gowing and qcommunity posts, they are really carefully considered and planned a long time in advance and have provided a fab service using the information in a wonderful way. This change means they will not be undermined by people reading it all elsewhere. The more QVC can make the page run smoothly, the better.

I am looking forward to my web chat on there starting Friday the 13th, 6pm, where I will have behind-the-scenes video clips with people, including for instance, Fiona decleor who has agreed to do a short prolagene gel video. Plus I will have some special bargains given to me to rave about! It's my job, that's what I do, And anything that makes it easier is fine by me. I am happy to be part of this new era. And I'm so glad everything is working so well.

Please DONT THINK that this means there will be absolutely no information in advance. This change just means it will be released in the way QVC want it to be. This change has come as a result of much deliberation, and many meetings on high, and it is well thought through.I for one am very pleased. I hope that helps X

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  • Comment Link Anne-Marie Mason 10 November 2015 posted by Anne-Marie Mason

    Love all your blogs Debbie. I'm made up you seem so happy in work, it's so good to feel appreciated. x

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