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Changes ahoy! Back to You reverts to closed group in run up to xmas, trading QVC endorsement for ability to keep posts private. Plus Patrick Quacker's webchat!
23 October 2015

Well times they certainly are a-changing!

Here's the big announcement that's coming soon following our very successful survey of 4000 members on the group - in just a week the vast majority of people who replied said they did indeed want the group to go closed. 

In fact, 3 out of 4 said they definitely preferred if other friends and family could NOT see their chats on Back to You QVC group crop up in their newsfeed, especially in the run up to xmas. Then of the remainder, another 3 out of 4 didn't mind. That's 19 out of 20 so it will be changing to a members-only/closed status as of Tuesday.

More about it on this week's QVC blog and on my Home News post - you'll have had this if you subscribe to my newsletter! 

Just a little Back to You post this week as a one-off - do come back for next week's one with full info on the plans for Back to You group. Exciting times!

This week's webchat with \patrick was fun - it's here - follow this link.

and Bruce's bodyblade chat is on Bodyblade group.

Hope you are well.




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