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Back to You update - plus webchats with Lee Hohbein (IT), Stop and Wow & Bodyblade
6 October 2015

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Loved the trip to see the Medical Detection Dogs last week, and love that Gill Gauntlett, Patrick Quacker and Marie-Francoise Kipling are keen to help me raise the remaining funding taking my £5500 to the £11300 needed to train one puppy to help detect cancer or monitor a diabetic’s blood sugar, cutting their 3 year waiting list for an assistance dog. They truly are wonderful animals, just watch this –


Paddy the dog sniffed out his owner’s cancer at an early stage, probably saving her life as it’s hard to detect. Visiting the HQ reminds me I have no problems.


Had some great reminders also this week of how lots of our ‘gang’ are helping themselves. Health improving, flexibility and strength giving rise to some super stories about daily tasks made easier and everyday challenges like standing etc, made less arduous too. Love them. Here are a couple –

Eileen Davies - Debbie Flint heres a list. Cant separate BB from ttfls as I started them more or less together, but think these are more BB. 1) Lift in energy generally, exceptional energy yesterday so much so that I was out gardening til dusk when I could no longer see the weeds 2) Lift in mood, keep finding myself feeling happy, a sort of joy 3) Enjoying exercise - even though Hampton Court still defeats me I know I am doing much more and stopping less, can now do the stretches too. 4) The walkers role call has me indoor walking too 5) Since swopping late night nibbles for a wobble I get to sleep real quick. 6) Not put the heating on yet - BB is very warming! 7) Feeling more comfortable in my clothes - maybe this should be top of the list but I didn't want to sound shallow!”



Other news –

-          Linda Gray’s tips on looking good at 75 from This Morning lately – some other good ones on their website – follow the links to the others from this iconic actress. More here.

-          7 Healthy Hacks to beat sugar yes as more and more people join our healthy brigade on TTFLS group and on Bodyblade group, here’s another reminder why it’s vital to shake free of the evil white stuff – go here.

-          Matters of the Heart if that got your attention, so should this podcast – nice to listen to whilst you sort the house out, or in the car, go here.

Webchats this week were Bruce Bodyblade, as usual, back for his fab visit Tues and Wed this week (7th and 8th) plus Lee Hohbein our super IT expert who answered some very techy questions indeed! Also a ‘new brand focus’ on Darren from Stop and Wow. All below.

Next week – Philosophy! Just ahead of their new Today’s Special Value bargain at the weekend. And a second chat with Judith William’s team about her super skincare.

Final reminder to watch Linda Bignell on 6th at 9am, 1pm and 4pm, bringing the new Red Carpet Ready set (includes LED lamp but works with existing ones if you just want to get varnishes – 12 duos to choose from.) Or see it on catch up here on It’s dry instantly, no smudges, and is super easy to patch up chips etc in between manicures too.

Get your Red Carpet Ready the ‘5 mins and dry’ and watch the video here.

Best wishes have a great week

Debs X

Pps – ttfls -
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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Jill Dowding-Walker How old is he? Looks about 18

Sharon Harvay've asked him now wink emoticon x

AJ Humph Do you use this product over moisturised skin and do you use it all over or just on problem area ?x

Sharon Harvay Hi Darren,

Thank you so much for joining us for a webchat! Your Stop & Wow product sold out super fast! What made you decide to create a skincare line? X

Debbie Flint Have a fun webchat Darren. Hope i do a show with u at some point! Dont forget to tell us a bit about your background x

Darren McKeown I actually LOVE this group already - thank you Jill Dowding-Walker. You've just made my day smile emoticon xx Looking forward to our chat tomorrow grin emoticon

Darren McKeown Thank you Debbie! I will do my best to give the edited down, quick version of my background so as not to bore everyone!

Darren McKeown AJ Humph my preferred way to apply is to put it on after moisturiser although you can mix it with your moisturiser for a 2-in-1 application. You can apply to specific problem areas, although again I prefer to use it over my whole face (although maybe thats just because my whole face is a problem area lol) xx

Sharon Harvay Lol xx it's not Monday yet!

Darren McKeown Sorry Sharon - I got overexcited

Debbie Flint Haha you'll run out of questions! Lol x

AJ Humph Thanks Darren McKeown xxx

Sharon Harvay 8pm tonight do post your questions! How are you finding stop & wow? X

Denise Hensby have you tried it Sharon? if so what did you think

Jill Dowding-Walker What is in it?

AJ Humph Hi Darren would you use a primer aswell ?

Darren McKeown Evening ladies!

Darren McKeown The product contains a micro particle that sits within minor skin imperfections, deflecting light from entering them and creating an instant blurring effect.

Sharon Harvay HI Darren so lovely to welcome you here to our fab group!!! Hope you have had a great day! Tell us a little about yourself x

Darren McKeown If you have tried other 'blurrer' products in the past you may have found they tend to pill under your make up - but this one doesn't. I've spent a lot of time perfecting the formula so that you can either use it on your skin alone, or under your make up.

Darren McKeown A bit like a primer AJ, but so much more than a primer.

Darren McKeown It also contains a light reflecting technology - but a super refined particle so that it doesnt leave your skin looking glittery.


Darren McKeown Thank you Sharon - I am excited to be here! I am a cosmetic doctor - my job is to help women look as best as they can throughout the ageing process. My philosophy is 'less is more' - I developed this product, would you believe, to actually keep women away from my clinic.

Sharon Harvay HahahahahahahahaHa!! It is such a lovely product! and to answer a previous question, i have used it and it is amazing as a "Primer" and really made my open pores "dissapear" great for either make up on or off days yay x

Darren McKeown A lot of people are now getting semi-obsessed by medical procedures to keep their skin looking good and they are becoming over-reliant on cosmetic treatments. I want to move away from that again. I developed this products for the days when you may feel like your skin needs an extra boost, and there is a temptation to think about procedures - but this is for a quick fix at home.

Sharon Harvay Fantastic

Sharon Harvay How did you get into the industry you are in?

Darren McKeown Cosmetic medicine was always going to be career in life. I went to medical school with a very clear vision of where I wanted to end up - I am attributing a lot of that to my very glamorous and appearance conscious mother and grandmother. I get the concept of wanting to look good and I really love helping women to achieve that.

Darren McKeown I initially trained in surgery, but prefer preventative cosmetic medicine instead now - my work is all about the long term relationship with my patients, looking after their skin throughout the years.

Sharon Harvay Wow - That is amazing! You also do lots of talks on this subject and appear on lots of Tv shows about it too. Is it hard to bring out a new skincare range with so much competition? x

Lorri Vick I havent tried this yet. Have a feeling i need to

Darren McKeown  It is a tough market Sharon - but my products aren't made off the back of some corporate market research network. They are borne from my experience of working with real women, from a whole range of backgrounds, with a whole range of ambitions and desires, day in day out and gaining and a first hand understanding of what they really want and what their skin really needs. I am hoping that by sticking to those core principals and observations the products will strike a cord.

Darren McKeown Lorri Vick if you decide to try it, please let me know what you think! I love hearing feedback today.

Darren McKeown In fact, just today one of my patients was telling me she is using it for the back of her hands! I actually hadn't thought about that before, but she swears by it!

Lorri Vick Definitely will Darren x

Lorri Vick Are your other products on QVC?

Sharon Harvay Wow!!! amazing!!! I love the texture of this particular product, its so beautiful, and light!! You cannot even feel it on the skin. Will you be bringing more from your range to Qvc? x Congratulations by the way on the huge Sell out show x

Darren McKeown Lorri Vick My other products aren't there... yet Michael James Hamlyn Hi Darren, thanks so much for doing this! It's always great to see men within the beauty industry, and I'd be really interested to hear how stop and wow works for us guys...

I also always like to ask the guests what there guilty pleasure is. Mine is Lego... Not that I'm that guilty about it!

Lorri Vick Lets hope other items follow soon!

Sharon Harvay ........yet........hehehehe x

Jill Dowding-Walker What ages can use this product? How does it perform on a variety of skin types? Would it be suitable on oily complexions?

Darren McKeown Yes Michael this is definitely for us as well! I never leave the house without it. Erm, guilty pleasure... going to the gym on a Monday night after work and then coming out to eat Chinese take out for dinner

Darren McKeown Hi Jill - this can literally be used by any age and any skin types. It works a treat on oily skin!

Sharon Harvay Hahahahaahahahahahahaahaha

Darren McKeown I know Sharon - caught!!! Just so long as my other half doesnt read this or I will be well and truly dead!!!

Sharon Harvay Darren thats so funny....but easily Justified

Darren McKeown This is what happens when I get left home alone to fend for myself Sharon Harvay!!

Sharon Harvay Ok, after a long day in the "office" which is fascinating, and after the gym and after eating chinese, after the do you relax?

Janie Smith Laying in bed here still feeling really unwell and knowing my skin is suffering! Will this product really bring my glow back?

Michael James Hamlyn Haha! Brilliant - Think that's allowed! It's people coming out the gym and lighting up a cigarette I don't understand!

I haven't had a chance to see a presentation of your product yet sadly... How does it work, where does it fit? I do currently have a good cleans, tone, serum and moisturiser routine, and have been known to be partial to a bit of BB cream too...

Denise Hensby it sounds really good i have large pours so will give this a try, thanks for all info great help Darren

Darren McKeown Hi Janie - you will literally see the benefit as soon as you apply it. It is not the sort of product you need to keep using to eventually see the benefit. I like to think of it as a hybrid between a skincare product and a cosmetic product!

Darren McKeown Ah, Michael - I am the exact same routine as you! This goes after the moisturiser and before the BB.

Darren McKeown Denise Hensby - I hope you like it. We are back on QVC on 16th so you can see a demo of the product then. xx

Janie Smith What are the key ingredients that make it so effective?

Janie Smith With use will it also give skincare benefits?

Darren McKeown It is our special spherical microparticles that camouflage imperfections Janie and our super fine light reflecting technology. It is an instant hit 'quick fix' type product Janie rather than a long term benefit skin care type product.

Sharon Harvay Forgive any spelling errors from me dodgy keyboard.....

Sharon Harvay So Darren, in a nutshell...Who needs this product and why?

Darren McKeown I hadn't even noticed Sharon... although I dread to re-read my own posts. I have been speed typing here like there is no tomorrow!

Sharon Harvay You are doing fab-thank you x

Darren McKeown Sharon  this is for every woman (or man) who sometimes looks in the mirror and thinks 'my skin just needs a quick fix'. It could be open pores, dull skin, rough skin texture. Just that missing 'x-factor' from your skin. It doesn't matter what age you are - the technology works the same to camouflage and perfect. I really loved the before and after picture on your blog post - I thought that illustrated the 'air brushed' effect PERFECTLY smile emoticon XXJill Dowding-Walker What would you recommend to keep the skin in as good condition as possible naturally, before using your products (or any others)?

Sharon Harvay thank you.....will find it

Darren McKeown Honestly Jill there is one thing that I tell EVERY woman who comes to see me for the first time, regardless of age, sex, race. SUN PROTECTION. Keep your skin out of the sun and I promise you will love the way you age. There really is no product or procedure out there that is as good as sun protection.

Sharon Harvay i tried to zoom in too, to show it. Amazing x I Know its not the main point, as many people have seen fantastic results on lines and wrinkles, but its an amazing base for make-up, creates such a smooth canvas, so thank you.

Sharon Harvay Abi Cleeve Qvc from Ultrasun will be thrilled you said that Darren!!

Darren McKeown 80% of wrinkles are caused by sun. 80%. Just think how many wrinkles could be prevented simply by avoiding the sun - not just using sun protection, but covering up in the sun, sitting in the shade. It really pains me on holiday watching girls who still bask in the sun.

Jill Dowding-Walker Fantastic Darren! I concur (and love Ultrasun)! That and a plentiful intake of water, clean diet and sound sleep! Darren McKeown It has been a pleasure chatting to you ladies (and gent!). I think that is now time for me to go and do the airport run... hiding the evidence of the chinese food before I leave! If anyone wants to post any more questions I will be delighted to answer them later

Lorri Vick Thank you for the chat Darren x

Sharon Harvay Back to you Qvc please give huge thanks to Dr Darren McKeown for joining us this evening after a very busy day! Darren it has been brilliant, thank you so much!! Look forward to seeing you (hopefully) and your products on Qvc 16Th Oct! Take Care and have a fun airport run xx

Sharon Harvay Thank you everyone xx

Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you Darren and Sharon - a really interesting discussion. Can't wait to see this on air again!

Sharon Harvay was fab xx


WEBCHATS – LEE HOHBEIN, OUR I.T. EXPERT AND MY ‘TELLY HUBBY’ (ok I share him with gill Gauntlett! Hehe.)



Bruce - Good evening Bodyblade Ohana! I've arrived and coming to you live from Chiswick. Long tiring day but I wanted to make sure I checked in with you. Think about technique and motivation tonight. How important are those two principles. We'll talk about that & more at 8pm tonight!!

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Anne Keating

Anne Keating Welcome to the sunny UK Bruce! It's even sunnier here in the North Yorkshire Dales - not! Managing to do my daily SS though - keeping me warm lol. Let's hope we have a good webchat this week! Post your questions on here everyone. It will go live at 8.00.

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Sonya Weise

Sonya Weise When do you move on to the Power 10. Can you alternate one day super six, one day power 10. I'm eager to reach my target by early December.

Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hrs

Suzy Elizabeth Barman

Suzy Elizabeth Barman Bodyblade is amazing I'm going through alot of stress and the daily routine really helps me.

Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Yes, sunny London! I have to say, I love London.

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Sonya- You can begin the Power10 any time you wish to. Alternating every other workout is a great idea.

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Exercise is a great stress reliever Suzy!

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Sonya Weise

Sonya Weise Thanks Bruce. I'll let you know next week how i get on

Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs

Louise Boulter

Louise Boulter Hi Bruce. Welcome

Any tips on warm ups? Can you use the ones you do in-between each super 6 with Debbie videos?

Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs

Sue Jennings

Sue Jennings Hi Bruce...welcome back ! I am seeing shape changes in my shoulders and arms after only 3 and a bit weeks I find following the DVD best for me X

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Simona Handsaker

Simona Handsaker Welcome back to the UK Bruce! Looking forward to watching the shows in the next couple of days

Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson When you think about any activity, ie. playing a musical instrument, or driving a car or cooking your favorite meal. There is a proper way to do the activity. Bodyblade is a learned skill. Making sure you exhibit good technique will enhance the overall experience and pleasure you get from the exercises.

Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs

Shirley Hall

Shirley Hall Hi Bruce. Great you are back. I had keyhole surgery 3 weeks ago to remove my ovaries. I haven't exercised other than walking in that time. I'm keen to get back to my BB and will check with the doctor first on Friday but what BB exercises do you think I am best to start with as I want to get back to it gently?

Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Louise, warming up is not to be assumed as a stretching routine but, rather a mobility exercise to help the joints be ready for action. You most definately can use those exercises as a warm up routine.

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Carole May Creasey Hadian

Carole May Creasey Hadian Hi bruce welcome back since doing the body blade I have got quite a muscle in my arms I have only just noticed quite impressed x

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Ohana Bruce. Lovely to have you back in the UK even with our dreadful weather. Even though I still have a bad shoulder I am using my bodyblade one handed. It's my new perma habit until I see the hospital consultant for a diagnosis on the 16th of this month. Still love the Bodyblade and use it while I warm up as well x

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs · Edited

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Shirley, yes, please do check in with your MD. I would think any of the Super6 is fine. You can add the Jab, overhead press, Tricep push as well. If the Hip &T

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Jan Francis

Jan Francis I'm loving the BB Bruce, Best thing I've ever tried .Have managed the S6 a couple of times & tried the P10, can't do the bridge at all. Would like to tone my legs as well. Any tips please. Thanks

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson If the Hip and Thigh Sculptor is difficult for you, lay off for awhile until MD approves

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Shirley Hall

Shirley Hall Thanks Bruce. I will. I really miss my BB workouts.

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Jan-If you are having trouble with the bridge, try a pillow under your bum to help with the lift, then try to elevate a fraction more from the hips.

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Jan Francis

Jan Francis Thanks Bruce, will try that. Having a scan on my right knee in 3 weeks but I'm finding BB ok with it. Thanks again

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson So, in addition to technique, motivation is pretty important too. You don't have to be jumping up and down every moment of the day but, the commitment to the effort is where you excel. Just one day at a time. That's the goal. Not I gotta do 20 workout this week!!

Like · Reply · 7 · 4 hrs

Lesley Wood

Lesley Wood Hi Bruce, welcome to back to London! Bought the DVD at your last visit and find I can do the super six more effectively after the warm up and with the stretches. I have never really experienced the difference in exercising with and without warming up. Amazing. smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Lesley, I'm happy you made that point. The process of stretching/warming up the joint is enhancing the brain to muscle communication. This helps you to be more coordinated and moves the blood through the body better too!

Like · Reply · 4 · 4 hrs

Lesley Wood

Lesley Wood I find that to stay motivated it's best to work your way into it and not overdo it in the beginning. smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Tracey Cox

Tracey Cox Hello Bruce, hello everyone, sorry I'm late (been hospital visiting again). Off for a catch up now smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 4 · 4 hrs

Maria D'Aprano

Maria D'Aprano Hi Bruce, I'm loving the bb, I've always suffered with a tense neck and sometimes feel it in my neck on certain moves, so I just stop, any suggestions to ease pressure in my neck please?

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Tracie Wright

Tracie Wright Hi Bruce will be lovely to watch and bodyblade along with you watching the new QVC BB presentations, What times are you due on ?

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs · Edited

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Welcome back to UK Bruce! Catch up with you tomorrow! Enjoy the Webchat everyone! X

Like · Reply · 5 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Maria-Remember to relax your shoulders when you exercise and make sure you keep a very light grip. Believe it or not, those two things will dramatically help relax the neck muscles. Another consideration is to make sure you retract your head rather than stick it out. Does that make sense? The more forward your head, the more it weighs to the rest of the body and the more stress to the muscle

Like · Reply · 6 · 4 hrs


Eileen Davies replied · 4 Replies · 3 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Hi Debs, look forward to catching up tomorrow!

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint Ps have seen some fab NSV updates on here this week - do tell Bruce if you've had a little example of how Bodyblade is helping your daily life (non scales victories!) x

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Motivation and technique. Those two go hand in hand and can accomplish so much for you. Practice is also a key to making progress. The more you practice your technique, the more you improve. They all go hand in hand

Like · Reply · 4 · 4 hrs

Maria D'Aprano

Maria D'Aprano Thanks Bruce, I will make sure I do that, yes it makes complete sense! I've had great results in less than 3 weeks, I feel like I'm shrinking and being lifted in all the right places! It's a superb piece of equipment! Thank you again

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson Hi Bruce I'm finding it hard to move from Hampton court video to a 60 secs one it seems so much easier

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 hrs

Jan Francis

Jan Francis Great tip on the head & neck Bruce. I find myself putting my head too far forward at times. As always great support.

Like · Reply · 3 · 3 hrs

Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson Sandy-gradually add time. Perhaps 5 seconds at a time or be aware of the flex intensity to help with your muscle endurance.

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs

Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson Thanks Bruce

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs

Carole May Creasey Hadian

Carole May Creasey Hadian I tend to hold my breath when I do hip and thigh I can do it longer but then get out of breath

Like · Reply · 3 · 3 hrs

Sue Jennings

Sue Jennings I did the same at first Carole but as I lasted longer I began to breath ..I'm upto 40 seconds now

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs

Carole May Creasey Hadian

Carole May Creasey Hadian Oh I feel like if I breath I won't be able to wobble it at first I couldn't get it to wobble at all x

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs

Sue Jennings

Sue Jennings Neither could I and I'm almost 4 weeks in but I watched the Giselle video clip quite a few times and it clicked x

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs · Edited

Carole May Creasey Hadian

Carole May Creasey Hadian It's gradually coming I'm going to persevere I stop and start I can't hold it for to long



Bruce Hymanson

Bruce Hymanson I wish everyone a pleasant evening. I will be on air tomorrow at 12:00 with Kathy, then and hour with Craig at 17:00. Wednesday, 10:00 and again at 15:00. Hope to hear from you!!!! Good night all

Unlike · Reply · 12 · 3 hrs

Tracie Wright

Tracie Wright Thanks Bruce Sleep well x

Like · Reply · 3 · 3 hrs

Maria D'Aprano

Maria D'Aprano Thanks for everything, I will be watching you tomorrow

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs

Shirley Hall

Shirley Hall Thanks again Bruce. What a legend.

Unlike · Reply · 4 · 3 hrs

Sue Jennings

Sue Jennings Thanks again Bruce ...I will be watching and learning x

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart Good night Bruce.

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs

Ann Hare

Ann Hare Dear Bruce love my bb. My breathing has improved,I have mild copd and it has greatly improved the pain and weakness I have in my wrist. Thank you xx

Unlike · Reply · 5 · 3 hrs

Jan Belcher

Jan Belcher Goodnight Bruce see you tomorrow. Xx

Like · Reply · 3 hrs

Eileen Davies

Eileen Davies Debbie Flint heres a list. Cant separate BB from ttfls as I started them more or less together, but think these are more BB. 1) Lift in energy generally, exceptional energy yesterday so much so that I was out gardening til dusk when I could no longer see the weeds 2) Lift in mood, keep finding myself feeling happy, a sort of joy 3) Enjoying exercise - even though Hampton Court still defeats me I know I am doing much more and stopping less, can now do the stretches too. 4) The walkers role call has me indoor walking too 5) Since swopping late night nibbles for a wobble I get to sleep real quick. 6) Not put the heating on yet - BB is very warming! 7) Feeling more comfortable in my clothes - maybe this should be top of the list but I didn't want to sound shallow!

Unlike · Reply · 4 · 2 hrs


Eileen Davies replied · 4 Replies · 2 hrs

Mirka Marri

Mirka Marri Thanks Bruce smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 2 hrs

Lindsey Sweet

Lindsey Sweet Glad you arrived safely Bruce smile emoticon

Like · Reply · 2 hrs

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