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How to deal with Temptation with TTFLS; plus Kipling, Laura Geller, Bodyblade and Gatineau webchats!
21 September 2015

You know one of the most irritating things about me, for me, is that if someone tells me I can’t do something I want to. Even if I didn’t before. Therefore it’s vital for me to stick to my Till the Fat lady Slims/ Freedom Eating principles even when I’m embarking upon a new eating trial.


Take Jason Vale’s Juicemaster ‘5lb in 5 days’. I wanted to see what it was like and if I could actually do a plan using the juices I’d previously been really wanting after I got given the new TSV Retro Slow Juicer to play with. Yes, as soon as I knew I couldn’t have anything except the juices and smoothies, what did I do? Rebel. In my head. So I just slid comfortably back into Freedom Eating ways of thinking – ‘what does my body really feel like now? If I want it, I can have it.’ That did the trick. I swapped a couple of the juices for proper greens and tofu or soup, and nibbled a bit of salmon from the pies hour at work. Satisfied = sorted, in my head.


The mind is a funny thing, right? Now I know my ‘inner chimp’ can be dealt with (see previous blog about ‘The Chimp Paradox’ – a brilliant book by a British professor) that way – with food at least – it’s such a relief. And such a Freedom. Read more about Freedom Eating in my eBook/Paperback on amazon here.


And here are a few more posts from our Facebook group about how well others have been doing using TTFLS and Bodyblade and the like. I’m so glad we have such a good supportive community online.

 latest review on Amazon -

"Great book for fresh insight into my relationship with food. Treating it as the enemy didn't help or looking it as a brief pleasure to be paid for later wasn't any better. Makes life much easier now eating only when I'm hungry and enjoying what I eat and slowing down too. Working life I have had to eat by the clock (shifts) and then hurry and not really have time to enjoy so I am rethinking it and starting again. Read it for yourself and see"

 Also on TTFLS facebook group, Natalie Hollern was cock-a-hoop - she said 

"Lost 3 pounds this week.. feeling a bit happier and glad I am sticking with the smoothie and also following TTFLS book" then she posted this comment -


-          Qpage webchat was fab! Marie Francoise from Kipling extolled the virtues of all the upcoming bargains and included lots of pics and insider news! See the link below to read the whole thing over on the Q Page.

-          Back to You – Laura Geller herself was here! Full Q&A below, where you will also find –

-          Bruce from bodyblade – on the Bodyblade QVC facebook group 8-9pm as usual, see below.


See below also for all the links to join all the groups! Do come join in – you won’t be sorry! It’s a fab supportive community out there and lots of people making proper friends online. Like the old days of penpals!


Other news –

-          Navy Seals Tips – now I once went out with an ex-Navy Seal. The loveliest screwball I ever did meet. So this caught my eye – what do you think? A Navy Seal’s morning routine to stay focussed all day. Comment below if you like! I’ve made them a tip of the day on my Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook PAGE, where I post tons of tips and inspirations for sticking with the Freedom eating programme. But for the original article Go here.

-          Lucid Dreaming course  - yes really, Hay House (the late great Dr Wayne Dyer’s publishing house) are offering a fascinating online video course for £19.99 on their website – if I had eight days in a week I’d go! Have to put it on my list – all that does fascinate me for sure. More here.

-          Why HIIT exercise, like Bodyblade, ups your metabolism  - this little snippet from a ch 4 prog proves the point! X click here



Best wishes have a great week

Debs X

Pps – ttfls -
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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WEBCHATS – Monday 21st September 2015


KIPLING – qpage webchat, 7-8pm, on QVC UK Facebook page


To see this webchat in full, do follow this link – MF put lots of pics of upcoming prints etc. She was a star.


Kipling QVC UK page webchat Sept 21st 7-8pm




Sharon Harvay Congratulations on your Beauty Excellence Award for BnB Laura! You must have been thrilled! Xx


Debbie Flint Well deserved x


Dawn Robinson Hello Laura x I have to tell you i love love love your Baked Body Frosting !! I need to order another i recently finished mine....It looks so natural & so easy to apply. My girls love your produts too xoxoxo


Alana Hughes Hi Laura, love your make up especially your i-care eyeliners and baked eye shadows. Any new product launches coming up in the near future? x


Suzanne Trowell Can you bring some more eyeshadow colours not just browns and pink please. Loved the lilac and plum duo you did. Love your products Laura xx


Sylvia Jarvis Evening Laura!

Balance n Brighten is my desert island product. I tend to mix medium and tan for my best colour match. I was wondering if you were thinking of introducing a warm medium, as you have with the liquid foundation.


Andie Stephany Hi Laura from all at Get Geller Gorgeous xxxx


Denise Sanders Is there anything 'special' coming up for us before Christmas?


Denise Sanders What new items are going to be available for us GG's on QVC?


Julie Pratt Welcome Laura, any sneaky hints on the Xmas TSV? X


Laura Geller Thank you so much for welcoming me, Sharon! I can't thank you all enough for making Balance-n-Brighten the Beauty Excellence award winner for Best Foundation!


Andie Stephany Hi honey x


Debbie Flint welcome laura!!!


Eunice Burndred Laura you are beautiful xx


Sue Stewart Hi Laura and welcome to this fantastic group of ladies. I love your makeup especially your BnB. Will you ever put a sun protection in it?


Jeanette Bennett Yes I agree with Sue, a sun protector is a brilliant Idea.......


Suzanne Trowell I have a bnb with sunscreen in.


Sue Stewart I've not seen it Suzanne Trowell?


Suzanne Trowell It was one if the tsv about 18 months ago x


Sue Stewart Must have had it then but didn't realise. Laura is it in every BnB?


Andie Stephany There used to be a Balance n Brighten with SPF 20 but it's no longer available here.


Kathryn Stewart Woo HOO! Yes we need sunscreen also any chance if the wonderful honeycomb embossed highlighter that was in the Xmas TSV last year? X


Roisin McDonagh There is balance n brighten with SPF 15, but as far as I know it's not available in the UK anymore. I've never got it, unless I wasn't aware of it! From what I've heard the formulation is a little different. There is the SPF spackle which came in a tsv last summer, and some complexion products have SPF in them. Maybe if demand increases again she will bring the SPF BnB back xx


Debbie Flint Hi laura! Do tell everyone about your new place in New York, and what u get up to nowadays! (Goes live 8-9pm) x


Debbie Flint And an extra webchat with andrew gatineau on here Wed 23rd too just before new tsv on 26th! X


Laura Geller For Balance-n-Brighten SPF, there are parameters around making legal claims about SPF in powders here in the States. We are working hard to make more products with SPF for all your enjoyment! We recommend using an SPF with our Balance-n-Brighten always!

Sue Stewart Thank you Laura xx


Laura Geller Hi Suzanne Trowell! My new The Delectables Delicious Shades of Cool has amazing shades of pinks & plums that you will love! The palette. For your consideration, here is the item number 209631.


Andie Stephany Spackle with SPF under bnb ??


Laura Geller Hi Julie Pratt! I'm sure that everyone is so excited about the TSV coming in November! I cannot wait to get on air and present it smile emoticon Me and my team have been working so hard on something BRAND NEW surrounding Balance-n-Brighten but that is all I can say! November 21st is going to be a fun day for everyone!


Sharon Harvay yes!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait x


Sue Stewart Can you add an SPF to Spackle without problem like Andie mentioned. That would solve problems all round.


Debbie Flint what's the date?


Andie Stephany Sue there already is one!! Check my Spackle guide on the group


Andie Stephany 21 November


Sylvia Jarvis I'm sure that I read that spf in make up looks really white in photos (especially when the flash is used), so probably best to do the spf first and make up on top.


Sue Stewart I have Andie but I have so much Spackle of all sorts to use. If it was in all Spackle that would be great.


Laura Geller Debbie Flint The next TSV will be on November 21st!

Andie Stephany

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Gail McGovern Are there any plans to sell a make up brush set.


Sue Stewart Yes I love your brushes Laura x

Suzanne Trowell Wonderful Laura can't wait. I have cool blue eyes and the lilac duo really made them pop. Thanks for the heads up xx


Susan Jones Hi Laura. Will we be having the split highlighter in French Vanilla & Golden Rose.?Xx


Christine Kelly Good Evening,just 1 request from me... Please keep supplying the UK with supersize bronze n brighten


Laura Geller Gail McGovern We are definitely working toward giving you all a fabulous brush set! It is in the works

Sharon Harvay Fantastic brushes x


Gail McGovern Thanks for the reply Laura - fab news


Andie Stephany Laura can we please have the eye crayons on Q???


Andie Stephany In sets


Alana Hughes Any new baked blush colours coming soon Laura? Thanks x


Roisin McDonagh Hi Laura. Will we be getting any new shades in the lasting love lip crayons? Aside from the auto delivery of the last tsv xx


Laura Geller During my November TSV, we have a few new launches coming up! Imagine something gorgeous the artisans have been working hard on smile emoticon A brand new formulated lipstick and a gorgeous palette with bronzer, highlighter, and blush -- it's stunning and you will all love it! I'm excited beyond belief that these products are coming your way!


Laura Geller Hi Sylvia Jarvis! Glad to know you're smart enough to mix your balance colors. Sometimes to get your perfect shade, you need to mix two different colors. At the moment, we're not planning on coming out with new Balance-n-Brighten shades but thank you for the feedback smile emoticon


Sue Stewart So am I Laura. Can't wait


Rebecca Warren Hi Laura Geller! Love your make up especially your blushers and highlighters hoping you can answer my questions, I am looking for a bright purple eyeliner do you have any coming to q? Also do you have any plans to get the solid colour bronzer (on q with slanted brush) in a set? Your B n B has made my work make up foolproof, thanks a million! Rebecca Warren


Sharon Harvay Yayayayayayayayayay Laura!!! You are spoiling us with surprises wink emoticon


Laura Geller Kathryn Stewart Hi Kathryn! My Baked Gelato Lace Illuminator in Ballerina is the same as the Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Ballerina -- it's just a different design, but the same lovely product!


Laura Geller Rebecca Warren At the moment, we have a few purple eyeliners available, but nothing too bright! The deep purples are very intoxicating and you'll love them smile emoticon


Isabel O'Hara Laura Geller is there a simple way to make your thinning top lip look more in in proportion to the bottom one without hard lip liners?


Laura Geller Rebecca Warren Which bronzer are you referring too? I just want to make sure I'm giving you the right answers smile emoticon I do have the Baked Impressions Bronzer in a set on Q right now; here is the item number: 203148


Sharon Harvay Laura, I am OBSESSED with your Tahitian Glow body Frosting! I have it in all sizes, use it all year round and get through tons of it! It makes a stunning eyeshadow and mixed with a clear balm, a beautiful lip colour! Do not ever stop making it! Hahaha


Laura Geller I moved this summer into a brand new flat and all I ever wanted was to have views of the beautiful New York City skyline and I searched for years until I found the perfect home for myself and Daniel! I even have a balcony smile emoticon




Debbie Flint a balcony? that high up? eeeek! looks amazing tho!


Isabel O'Hara New York an amazing city. I loved it when I visited. Your view is incredible!


Denise Sanders Laura - I like to use the make up pad with my b & b - but it is falling apart! Do you sell them separately?


Kam Mehta How stunning is that view?! You lucky girl and wishing you both lots of happiness in your new home. Xx


Laura Geller I'm pretty high up, I'm on the 41st floor! That's how you get to see the cityscape so well smile emoticon Let's just hope they don't have fire drill, girls -- and thank goodness I don't have a fear of heights!


Rebecca Warren Yes that's the one Laura Geller was hoping you would have a cheeky set available I got a Bronze n Brighten set last year from q and I discovered your gorgeous ocean eyeliner!


Sharon Harvay Stunning!!!!! Wow x

Suzanne Trowell I'd be on the floor. Can't even go above 4 floors. Beautiful skyline though. Hopefully one day I'll get to visit your beautiful city xx


Debbie Flint By the way I am absolutely adoring your Italian soufflé body creams at the moment hope there are more again in the future smile emoticon X

Sharon Harvay ooooooh Debs that smells beautiful xx


Laura Geller Isabel O'Hara My tip for fuller lips is simple: it's always good to use a little bit of light concealer or foundation around your lip line, and then stencil a light color lip liner around your lips. Another great little tip is to put a bit of light colored lip gloss to the center of your lip!


Isabel O'Hara Thanks Laura. I will try out these tips x


Laura Geller Debbie Flint You're holding my personal fave! You can't imagine the beautiful artistry that goes into making those souffles! I'm so glad you love them & I hope everyone gets to try them too smile emoticon Here's the item number in-case anyone wants to try! 207628


Laura Geller Sharon Harvay Just when I thought I knew all the uses for Tahitian Glow, you come up with some great tips for me & the gals! I love it & I don't ever plan to stop making it! heart emoticon


Jillian Widlake Just wanted to say I love balance an brighten and the slanted kabuki brush to apply and never used highlighter before or even knew about them but your honey lavender highlighter is amazing would love it in a supersize smile emoticon thank you again xx


Sharon Harvay Laura..... the amount i have bought over the years..... wink emoticon xx


Laura Geller I hope you've all been enjoying our beautiful Sarah! I know she has some shows coming up tomorrow, September 22nd at 11 PM & then Friday September 25th at 9 PM smile emoticon


Laura Geller Jillian Widlake Another great suggestion! Please know that while I don't have an answer for all your amazing product development ideas, I always take them back to my lovely Product Development team to see if they are possible heart emoticon


Isabel O'Hara Sarah is lovely and very talented. She does your brand proud. Always happy when your schedule allows you to appear too though!


Laura Geller Isabel O'Hara Thank you for those kind words and I always look forward to being there with my gals! heart emoticon


Alison Smith Just wanted you to know I love all your make up it's the best. I don't use any other brand now, Thankyou Laura for all your hard work and for all the beautiful goodies to bring to us. Looking forward to your next visit. Sending love to you and Daniel. Hope you will be happy in your new home. Xx


Melanie Hughes Hi Laura, I love BnB but I suffer from rosecea, do you have any tips on how to maximise the coverage from it? Also would you recommend using concealer before BnB, or after? Thanks xx


Laura Geller Alison Smith I'm so touched by your words, it means the world to me! Clearly you have outstanding taste wink emoticon hehe heart emoticon


Elizabeth McGovern Hi Laura smile emoticon I love your make up, my favourite being the sculpting bronzer. I was wondering if the baked brow tones is going to become available again as the brunette shade has been sold out for some time and its my favourite ever brow product?? Thanks smile emoticon


Sylvia Jarvis I agree Isabel O'Hara, I met Sarah at the Beauty Bash this January, and she did my make up. When I got home HOURS later, I took a photo for my facebook profile pic!!

Celia David Thanks for the add to this group. Just too late for Q&A's frown emoticon

Love LG though and will read through all the posts


Laura Geller Elizabeth McGovern We don't have an answer at the moment but my team will private message you when Brow Tones in Brunette is back in stock smile emoticon


Laura Geller Sylvia Jarvis So glad you got to capture a beautiful pic for your page! That was brilliant smile emoticon


Denise Sanders If our question didn't get answered - will they follow afterwards?


Debbie Flint i am looking forward to being on with Sarah tomorrow and i will definitely go stock up on the italian souffle body creams - cant run out now they are my new crush! lol x


Laura Geller This is so much fun for me, I feel like I was hanging with my girlfriends! Counting down the days to be with you all in November! xoxo


Debbie Flint before we say goodbye, can i remind everyone that we have an EXTRA webchat with lovley Andrew Bagley from Gatineau this Wednesday - is it 8pm Sharon?



Sharon Harvay We love having you here! Always welcome in our house xx


Isabel O'Hara Date's in the diary!


Debbie Flint And this time next week it will be LOLA ROSE! with the wonderful Nikki Gewirtz ! x


Celia David My only prob is that any auto delivery is not available for mainland europe so I miss loads of tsvs after the first drop


Denise Sanders Thank you Laura. This was very special. Xxxx

Debbie Flint btw next week's Q page one is on the Q page at 7pm and is with Richard from Skechers!


Laura Geller Denise Sanders You can always ask questions on our Facebook & Twitter pages. Myself & my team are always monitoring it! You can also ask questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. smile emoticon


Debbie Flint if anyone wants to keep updated in what's going on, do 'like' my facebook page on here and also do subscribe to my newsletter on my website, which often includes exclusives! x


Sylvia Jarvis I love the berry tone lip colours, rather than the nude neutrals. Would it be possible to give your fairer GG's paler colours, and brighter shades for us darker girls when you next put a TSV together?

Many thanks  xx


Debbie Flint Laura you've been amazing!


Sharon Harvay Back To You members please join me in saying a HUGE thank you to Laura Geller for joining us this evening and giving us lots of sneaky info hehe, Laura you have been amazing as usual! We cannot wait to see you in November and will tune in tomorrow with Sara xx


Sue Stewart Laura it has been a pleasure 'speaking' with you tonight. It's like a multi line phone call with everyone joining in. Andie Stephany does a brilliant job with the GGG fb page and I wouldn't change my makeup for the world. Thank you and see you next month xxxx


Andie Stephany Am I allowed to mention the Get Geller Gorgeous group? Do come and join us for inside info x


Andie Stephany Thank you Sue Stewart xxx


Rebecca Warren Thanks Laura Geller, Debbie Flint and Sharon Harvay. Great webchat feeling a tad starstruck


Sharon Harvay you are welcome Rebecca xx

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Back to you Extra Chat - WEd 23rd - Gatineau - Andrew Bagley


Anne-Marie Mason Hi, a request more than a question please Andrew. Please consider adding an oil to your range. I think you'd do a brilliant Age Benefit one. x

Andrew Bagley You're not wrong, totally agree and request already sent to France!!

Kelly Davidson He looks just like a Hollywood star, whenever I watch that is all I see!

Andrew Bagley Your flattery is unjustifed but very sweet smile emoticon

Sharon Harvay Hi Andrew, thank you for joining us here this evening! We are so looking forward to your upcoming TSV! Please could you tell us who this set is for?

Andrew Bagley Hi Sharon, yeh I'm so excited too. I love this one as we're the best at serums and you get the whole kit for less than the anti-ageing serum alone, then you get a choice of full-size moisturiser, a full-sze Throat Gel and a full-size Lip Care

Rebecca Warren Hello Andrew Bagley my question is about the best products to use after weight loss, I have sensitive combination skin 43 years old and need help supporting my skin (face and body) after almost three stone weight loss, particularly eye, neck and number 11 lines. Thanks in advance Rebecca Warren

Andrew Bagley Hi Rebecca, the range we advise for helping clients through weight-loss is always DefiLift, it's really great for firming and toning the jawline and helping to lift x

Rebecca Warren Thanks Andrew Bagley got the oto recently with at least 10 piece travel sizes of all the different ranges so will give defilift a whirl, using the melatonin at the moment, it's fine having a better size body but seeing my Mother God bless her when I look in the mirror is a bridge too far

Sharon Harvay Fantastic Question Rebecca! Congratulations on your weightlossxx

Mags Webb Hi Andrew please are you able to tell us the price of your TSV I do love your products, thank you xx

Andrew Bagley Hi Mags, it's £59.94 and is on 3-pay which is great, thanks QVC!

Mags Webb Sharon Thank you xxx

Mags Webb Rebecca Warren Thank you for asking that I could do with that kind of help too Ill follow whatever Andrew suggests. xx

Sandra Gregory Hi Andrew I use your Melatogenine products which I love, but my eyelids are quite wrinkley, I was wondering if the Defilift would be any good for me - I am coming up to 60 years old, thanking you in advance xxx

Andrew Bagley Yes sure Sandra Gregory as we age slackening and crepiness becomes more of an issue and this is where DefiLift comes into its own.

Alison J Lowe Hi Andrew, can the Gommage be used as a mask/treatment for open pores or can you recommend another product. I am going to try

Andrew Bagley The Anti-Ageing Gommage yes, it's awesome, leave it on for 20 mins and peel it off and it's superb for closing and cleaning open pores

Alison J Lowe Thanks Andrew, I will certainly try that.

Alison J Lowe Sorry, that meant to read another product I could try! Thanks

Maggie Buxey hi Andrew i use your melatogenine eye cream but is it enough as i have every problem thier is with my eyes so is there anything else thats better for me x

Andrew Bagley You might try DefiLift Eye for Day and Melato for night, then you get the absolute best of both worlds!

Dawn Buchanan Hi Andrew Bagley, which products would u recommend for oily skin, ta x

Dawn Robinson Hello Andrew, I just wated to say how much i love Defi Lift Lip Care ! I use it every single night, my question is i would love one with a hint of pink for in the day xxx

Andrew Bagley Dawn Robinson we're right with you, the request has been lodged with Paris for a while now so fingers crossed smile emoticon x

Dawn Robinson Ooowww brilliant thank you x

Dawn Robinson The neck cream is on my wish list ! It sounds wonderful x

Dawn Buchanan Hi Andrew Bagley, which products would u recommend for oily skin, ta x

Andie Stephany Andrew Bagley - I use the neck cream and love it. Please can we have larger bottles with pumps rather than tubes?

Andrew Bagley Dawn Robinson you won't regret it, the Throat Gel is insanely good and has been a cult product for years now

Sharon Harvay Oh i love the throat product! Especially now i am almost...41...ssshhhhh... it really is a hero product x

Sharon Harvay Debbie Flint we are here smile emoticon

Andie Stephany I meant the throat gel!!! Are you 41 twice Sharon?

Sharon Harvay Andrew Bagley - what other surprises do you have for us in the shows on Saturday?

Dawn Robinson I know it's one of Debbie Flints top produts , another one i keep looking at is the hand cream ! I will be making my Chritmas list tonight x

Sharon Harvay I feel it Andie hahahaha

Alison J Lowe I love the Age Benefit Serum, will this be ok with the Defilift moisturiser as I will be getting the TSV but never tried Defilift before


Andie Stephany Andrew reminds me a bit of Nigel Havers!

Andie Stephany A young one of course!!!

Michael James Hamlyn Great to see another web chat from you Andrew, I learnt so much from the last one.

Last time I was in love with lazer 7, but I'm thinking this has been discontinued?

Luckily I like the 30 day skin perfecter too... But just wondering what you may suggest when not using this? I have the slightest whisper of fine lines but my main concern is open pores/uneven skin tone and breakouts... My skin can be reactive/sensitive but it likes the previously mentioned products and the radiance enhancing gommage.

(Oh and currently using your combo skin cleanse/tone at night)

Aisha London I tried everything. Please do you have any advice for open pores.

Andrew Bagley Hi Andie Stephany I wish we could have larger bottles too, trust me, we're trying smile emoticon

Andie Stephany Thank you. A pump would be so much easier too

Debbie Flint Hi all! Have a great chat! Andrew remind newcomers what brought u to Gatineau in first place and how u felt when you first saw Ali Young bring Gatineau to QVC ? What was it like in the early days? X

Julie Pratt Hi Andrew super excited about the TSV! Can you please do a high level detail on the two moisturisers x

Sue Stewart Hi Andrew I met you at the Beauty Bash and I must say that you paid me some lovely compliments regards my skin. I'm using Deficit and my skin love's it and the other products I have. Thank you x

Andrew Bagley So for Saturday we have two big promotions running alongside the TSV; firstly a DefiLift Eye Duo and then an amazing ultimate Age Benefit collection

Debbie Flint Just to add to the conversation about the throat Gel, yes I have used it since the early days (that and liz earle line serum when I couldn't get throat gel in my years away from QVC. Makes it nearly 20 years I guess!) When will the 20th anniversary of throat gel Andrews on QVC?

Debbie Flint By the way, am on air tonight 11pm liz claibourne fashions and midnight with tsv xmas lights! Do join me, all! X

Andrew Bagley I do love our Hand Cream, has to be said, look out for it in the massive 400ml size!

Maggie Buxey I love the throat gel I also have been using it for a long time and I can honestly say for my age it looks a lot better condition than some of my friends about the same age x

Sue Stewart I'm also using the DefiLift lip care but I'm finding my lipstick 'slips'a little. Any suggestions for best application?

Sharon Harvay I have never tried the Hand cream so thats on my list now you have said that Andrew, Thank you. However promise me you will NEVER EVER stop making your Tan Accelerator....omg its been my staple for years im addicted to it....x

Sara Brown Andrew, which should I use first age benefit serum or wrinkle corrector in my routine? I've been using Gatineau since the TSV last November. Totally addicted and recently had skin analysed and over ten years younger than my age. It's no longer feeling parched and no wrinkles in sight.


I use the age Benefit serum on alternate months.

Sara Brown's photo.

Jill Dowding-Walker I love the throat gel. With 3D neck cream over it! Double effect!

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Sandra Gregory I agree with you Sharon, Tan Accelerator is fab I ran so much more now and it lasts longer too x

Sue Stewart Third that Sharon and Sandra.

Andrew Bagley Loving the Nigel Havers comment, I think smile emoticon My mother will laugh her socks off smile emoticon

Andrew Bagley Jill Dowding-Walker you have the perfect neck routine, Throat Gel + DefiLift Throat Moisturiser, well done to you!

Sharon Harvay Jill does have THE most amzing skin x

Sue Stewart There was a fb post that asked the best thing about Gatinea. My answer was Andrew Bagley. Hope you don't mind. But you explain things so well x

Andrew Bagley Sara Brown love the testing, you must be happy! But yes you're right use the Anti-wrinkle Corrector first then serum on top, great routine, well done

Andrew Bagley Sharon Harvay we're never giving up on Tan Accelerator, fret not, i don't go anywhere without it and all the girls in the office are absolutely hooked!

Andrew Bagley Sue Stewart, try putting your lipstick on first, waiting a few minutes then pop DefiLift Lip Care on top, not my morning routine naturally but my Gatineau girls tell me it's a winner. Don't forget to use at evening also as a lip mask

Sue Stewart Thanks Andrew I've been using it the wrong way round!

Sharon Harvay Phew......everything is ok in my world smile emoticon its amazing!! I have sun sensitive skin now due to medication and have to wear a really high factor. This protects my skin and still gives me the most amazing Tan, i also use it on my Children to protect against prickly heat. It makes their skin feel beautiful. Thank you

Andrew Bagley Loving your questions toniight ladies, keep them coming, 13 minutes to go

Sara Brown Finally from me could we have an exfoliation TSV with Radiance Enhancing Gommage. Ps I'm not an addict even if the picture says otherwise.

Sara Brown's photo.

Julie Pratt Hi Andrew can you advise on the two moisturisers in the TSV?

Jill Dowding-Walker Hahaha Sara!


Sue Stewart Exfoliating products. Where have I been? Will there be any on over the weekend

Dawn Robinson Lol Sara

Andrew Bagley Sara Brown I am loving that picture, that's more Beauty Passports than I have in my office right now smile emoticon Great to see you're using it though, it's the most amazing loyalty systems out there heh. 4 whole points on the next TSV, how's about that!!

Jan Thompson Andrew what would you suggest to be the best eye cream for me, I'm a contact lens wearer and think years of stretching my eyes to insert them have taken it's toll, I do have oily skin but my eyes are quite lined underneath the eye socket at the top of my cheeks, thank you

Sharon Harvay Sue...i use it all the time, its such a beautiful lip product. Its great on top of lipstick. Ive even applied it with a lipbrush, as a gloss on top of a Matt Lipstick...oooppps smile emoticon

Sandra Taylor Has the fragrance is the cleanser changed. Recent one I opened has a smell of marzipan ?I don't like it

Andrew Bagley Now Sharon Harvay you seem as addicted as Michaela Taylor!

Andrew Bagley Hi Sandra Taylor, that sounds strange as no, no fragrances have changed; what cleasing skin type product was it please?

Jill Dowding-Walker Would love a whole set of 3D DefiLift. I know you told me not likely as that would not appeal to enough customers. Any chance that viewpoint might change? (Fingers still crossed!)

Sandra Taylor I just thought I normally get the pink toner but this time I got orange toner is the cleanser different ?

Andrew Bagley Hi Sandra, maybe take a pic of that one and send on to me personally and we'll have a look at it

Sandra Taylor Thanks Andrew

Andrew Bagley Hi Jan Thompson i'd definitely go for Melatogenine Eye, it's amazing for wrinkles full stop and also has an enzymatic exfoliating action; no sensation but massive brightening effect. It's Alison Young's go-to Eye Cream and she's not on her own. Good luck and do let me know

Jan Thompson Thanks Andrew Bagley, I really appreciate your advice x

Andrew Bagley To be honest Jill Dowding-Walker there a few DefiLift only kits on the internet with QVC that you should be able to find with a quick search. Alternatively, this TSV on Saturday is amazing from a DefiLift perspective as it's got a FS DefiLift Cream, a DefiLift Lip, the Throat Gel (best lifting ever) and then there is the DefiLift Eye Duo available as well. Enjoy!!

Andrew Bagley Any more for any more guys and girls???

Sharon Harvay It really is the most wonderful TSV and the value and the Easy pay make this a no brainer!! I think it is superb and would make the most amazing Christmas present too! Thank you Andrew and Gatineau for bringing us such a fantastic Range from such an amaazing brand x

Andie Stephany Thanks Andrew x

Andrew Bagley So, time to put my face mask on smile emoticon, thanks so much for all your questions, it's been loads of fun and I look forward to speaking with some of you on air during Saturday x

Jill Dowding-Walker Woot-woot!!! grin emoticon x

Jill Dowding-Walker Thanks Andrew! x x x


Sandra Gregory Thank you Andrew x

Sharon Harvay Back To You Qvc Members, please join me in Thanking Andrew Bagley for joining us for an amazing Q & A this evening. Andrew we really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and so look forward to joining you from Midnight Friday for an amazing TSV and a fab day of Gatineau Goodies. Have a wonderful evening x

Alison J Lowe Thanks Andrew

Dawn Robinson Thank you Andrew & Sharon xoxoxo

Sandra Gregory Thanks to you too Sharon x


Bruce Hymanson – webchat Monday 21st September 2015 – Bodyblade QVC Facebook gp

1 hr

Hello Bodyblade Ohana!!Good evening to all. I hope you are all focused on enjoying life. How do we measure "enjoying life". Perhaps, it's about pain relief or realizing that you can now look forward to doing something you thought was out of reach or simply impossible. Perhaps, the ability to make new friends or get together with family more often. The notion that where ever you are today (and we all experience this) what are some goals we'd like to achieve? It's important to set our long term goals and our short term goals as well. The short term goals is what gets the results and puts us on the path to achieving the long term goal. The great thing about this is there are wonder things to enjoy along the way even without fully achieving the long term goal. It's so important to not lose sight of the great things that happen along the way. So, tonight, let's talk about perma-habits, short term goals, how to set them and how to succeed!! See you in just about 30 minutes

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Maureen Bamford I hope you can answer the question I posted earlier should I repost it

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Anne Keating replied · 3 Replies · 49 mins


Vikesh Parmar Hello Bruce. I cannot believe how much reduction l have seen around my waist. The stomach is getting flatter. The intensity is increasing automatically! Most of all I make it routine to use the BB everyday. Bruce you are legend!

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Denise Widdows Hi folks, just in from walking Seb my gorgeous gsd. My Fitbit says I'm an over-achiever due to smashing my step goal again today so I'm feeling smug wink emoticon
P10 before bed and I'll sleep like a baby. I'm working on my perma-habits. Hope you're all well xx

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Bruce Hymanson Maureen-Guillian Barre syndrome as you know can be a very debilitating yet often a disease that patients can recover from. The severity of the attach can vary from simply tingling sensation in the extremities to paralysis of the extremities. Since I do not know your husband's case and history, it would be impossible to prescribe a treatment regimen so I suggest you take the Bodyblade to your MD or PT and let them advise you. Having said that. GBS is a neurological disease and over the years, I have treated patients using Bodyblade. As a PT, it is important to maintain flexibility and bring blood to the extremities of the patient. I also believe that stimulating the nervous system, brain to muscle and the receptors involved with balance, awareness of joint position are extremely important. Fatigue is also a factor. Bodyblade can easily adapt to the challenges your husband may experience. For those reasons, I believe the blade can help. Please, please, take it to your MD and let them have the final say

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Debbie Flint fab to see you as usual Bruce. Our new BB show which we recorded in the white studio with Tiff is going out now on overnights and on Extra channel - it looks good! Anyone seen it yet?

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Bruce Hymanson Jan-love Crete. Carrie and I spent our honeymoon in Greece. Trip of a lifetime!!

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Maureen Bamford Thank you so much for that information Bruce I really appreciate it

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Bruce Hymanson Vikesh-great to hear your progress!! Bodyblade definately addresses the entire body. I hope you saw my post last week after the chat regarding your question about the arms. Keep us posted, you are doing a great job!

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Sue Jennings I decided 3 months ago after years of yo yo dieting that it had to stop and I had to get my act together once and for all... I joined SW and I am pleased to say it is working for me with a 23 lbs so far ..I then needed a form of excercise to work along side it and after watching Bruce and Debbie a couple of weeks ago I invested in my Bodyblade's the best thing I've bought ever !! These 2 life changing moves are now my perma-habits and I hope by Christmas to be a new woman ..... Thanks to Bruce once again for his inspiration x

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Debs! I'd like to see the show myself. Perhaps I can watch on the internet if you know when it will air smile emoticon

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Tracie Wright Hi Bruce , I am keeping up my exercise Permahabits of BB and LS walking , love the group as we really help and encourage each other to stick with our exercise habits, made some lovely friends on here too xx

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Debbie Flint yes you probably can - i will let you know - unless anyone else can see it on the TV guide? it's often on the main channel thru the night! x

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Denise Widdows It's on at 3am x

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Bruce Hymanson Chris- welcome back! The key to perma-habits as you know is to stay in the hunt. Do a little every day or every other day. It is much easier to keep the pace and feel as though you are making progress. Great job!!

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Bruce Hymanson Maureen, keep me posted on your husbands progress. I know that GB patients can make incredible gains if the recovery potential is there. If the ability to recover and rehab is there, it is important to take every opportunity to re-train the body. I would love to see that happen for your husband.

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Maureen Bamford replied · 1 Reply


Maureen Bamford Having had a wonderful informative reply about my husband one for me now Bruce I am recovering from a broken humerus are there any exercises I shouldn't do with the body blade I broke on the 7th of April and am still in a brace

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Sharon Wood Had my blade a while and struggling to get the blade to wobble when I hold my arms to side . Also is there a blade exercise good for the bottom

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Bruce Hymanson Chrissy- Bodyblade is great for improving balance. I would say, yes, for your friend with labrinthitis. Just make sure the MD in charge of her case sees the blade and approves the use before she gets started. I would recommend the Classic for her as well.

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Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, enjoying the BB, and I vary my exercises, ensuring that I have rest days. I notice that after the rest, my body feels even more stronger.

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Bruce Hymanson Thank you Sue. I love the happiness in your post. Keep up the great work. I really never mention it but if you all have time to post a review on the website, the 5 stars (if that's what you feel) really help the new person who is trying to decide it this can change their life. Help them with your comments smile emoticon

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Sue Jennings replied · 1 Reply


Bruce Hymanson Tracie-always great to hear from you! Thanks so much for your encouraging words.

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Bruce Hymanson 3am, I can make that being 8 hours behind smile emoticon

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Kerry Vickers Jean Louis Just wanted to say hi Bruce I bought the BB very recently and think it's great I use it along side nordic walking. I have a bulging disc in my back and I'm hoping it will help. I can do all 5 but I'm still working on 6 I can get a wobble but can't continue for very long do you have any tips to help please. And is it norms for my back to ache after? Many thanks 

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Brett Payne loving bodyblade everytime i walk by it i pick it up, had doubts before i got it but really pleased i got it

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Anne Keating Hi Bruce - I've noticed on a post earlier today there was a discussion about how many WeightWatchers activity points the Supersix is? Would you happen to know? xx

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Denise Widdows Sue Pannell are you seeing this? smile emoticon x

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Bruce Hymanson Maureen-sorry to hear you broke your arm. Once the Doctor feels you can begin exercise on that extremity, Bodyblade can be a brilliant way to activate the entire shoulder girdle (including the back muscles and chest muscles attached to the shoulder). This will also help restore your flexibility. By now, I would assume the bone is healed (verify with MD). Are you seeing a Physio? if so, take the blade to them and get their advice. I would say, do only "wide side" exercises to start. For those who don't know what I mean when I say wide side or narrow side exercise. The position of the blade during the exercise determines whether it is wide or narrow side. For example, the Chest Press, is a wide side exercise. The Ab Crunch is a narrow side exercise. The narrow side exercises are more challenging to the body and therefore easier to start with wide side in rehab. Hope this helps.

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Maureen Bamford replied · 1 Reply


Bruce Hymanson Sharon- When you say bottom, I assume you mean the bum not down by the side. So, do the Super6 workout and cover the entire body. The Hip & Thigh Sculptor is the most effective bottom exercise I know!!! It's challenging but the rewards are fab.

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Bruce Hymanson Mirka-Sounds like your body is responding really well. Nothing to change there! Just keep up the great work!!

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Maureen Bamford What a wonderful man you are taking the time to help us all . I have had the blade just over a week and even though I have limited movement in one arm I am loving it can't wait to be fishing fit then I can give the bade some welly onwards and upwards I say

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Mirka Marri Thank you Bruce for inventing a great piece of equipment, and my friends are so impressed that they are purchasing the blade too! smile emoticon

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Kerry- Sounds like you are doing well. the 6th exercise is always the toughest for most to master. It requires quick movement rather that big muscle. There are several posts about how to master that exercise. On the pinned post I believe you can watch my video with Giselle who was a first time user. As for back ache. I don't know if that is simply muscle and normal fatigue? Does it last awhile. I don't think you should find yourself in pain after exercise. If necessary, check with your MD or Physio

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Sharon Wood




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Sharon Wood Like this that's when I can't get blade to move

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Bruce Hymanson Brett-thanks for the kind words. This is exactly how perma-habits are formed. Keep it present and visual. Pick it up everyday or 3-4 times a week to do a full workout. Awesome

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Kerry Vickers Jean Louis Hi Bruce I also have fibromyalgia so it may be connected to that. I also have quite a physical job too. Thanks for your advice I'll let you know how I get on. Xxx

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Bruce Hymanson Sharon- this is the jab. Holding the blade out to the side (wide side exercise) and driving the blade. You can allow this to be down by the side too. Triy to move it around to the front of your body too. Remember, light grip, find the rhythm of the blade and simply react. don't try to set the pace of the blade but speeding up or slowing down. There is only one rhythm. The blade determines that. you can only match that rhythm.

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Bruce Hymanson BTW Sharon, are you doing all the other exercises well?

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Sharon Wood Tahnks Bruce I think this is were I am going going wrong I tend to hold the blade firmly . More practise needed I think

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Sharon Wood I can do the super 6 .

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Kerry Vickers Jean Louis Sorry Bruce I forgot to mention my right forearm is pinned and plated could that make 6 more difficult? Many thanks xx

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Liz Farrington Hello Bruce I was saying on here the other day. I'm so happy you invented the bodyblade. I have a disability which stops me going to the gym. But using the bodyblade is amazing the results are fantastic. I've lost 3 stone now and using the bodyblade to tone up is brilliant. Thank you Bruce for inventing this. Your a star.

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Bruce Hymanson In the final minute or two. I want to reinforce what's important here. Make exercise a habit. Make the Super 6 or any workout something you do on a regular basis like brushing your teeth. You would never go to sleep without taking care of your teeth and brushing every night. This is a habit. This is something you do regularly because you know it is important for your health, your hygiene and future. Bodyblade is a habit and when you do the habit more, it is harder to let it go. That's what a habit is. We have good and bad habits but once they are established, they are hard to break. Make Bodyblade a good habit, a perma-habit that will effect your life in wonderful ways.

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Bruce Hymanson Anne- to answer your question about weight watchers points, I don't know exactly how that would apply. Bodyblade training is like walking a brisk mile or a light jog in terms of calories burned in a workout. Does that help?

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Maureen Bamford Thank you Bruce

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Kerry Vickers Jean Louis Thanks again

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