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Table Top Event is Here! Plus Radical, Judith and free Till the Fat Lady Slims eBook this weekend!
6 August 2015

So glad it’s finally here! This weekend we will have our fab table top sale raising funds for the wonderful charity Medical Detection Dogs who help people with type 1 diabetes and also breast cancer is in pipeline, prostate cancer, other serious illnesses that need the owner to be alerted to their condition changing. Go here to find out more about it, but if you’re near Dorking, come down to the village hall behind the Wotton hatch pub RH56QQ 11-5pm – so many familiar faces helping out behind the afternoon tea bar, or helping to run an informal fashion show – Patrick quacker, Criag Rowe, ginetta Veronese, Abi ultrasun (and her UVA scanner), Polly from Imedeen (and their collagen analysis machine), Selin from noNo, poss Russ from Miele, poss Lee hohbein and more - plus the bodyblade bunch will be doing a special tag event to raise funds – and lots more including QVC fashions in mostly medium/14-16, size 7/8 shoes and lots of household stuff from my declutter – things I love but must let go of to raise funds! And the dogs and owners themselves will accompany the charity reps from the organisers.

If we can raise over £2000 we can name a puppy!

Do come – more info about the Table Top event is here on my website or here on Facebook (tick that you’re coming!).

Or if you can’t come there’s a superb online Mega Draw via just giving organised by the lovely PR chief Sara Brown – go here to enter and see donated prizes including four months of Imedeen, Nu-Face-jowl-toner, a NoNo, fab beauty eg Prai, Benefit, SBC, Alpha H, and much more – just donate online here now, to enter – closes midnight Friday 7th.

Another Story from Medical Detection Dogs

CLAIRE AND MAGIC “Magic and I have been together since September 2013, and life quite simply has not been the same since! It was a tricky decision to make in having an assistance dog for diabetes, especially when I work as a diabetes nurse for children and teenagers. I work at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and lead the nursing team who help care for and support nearly 300 children, young people and families with diabetes. I’ve had diabetes since I was a teenager myself so it can be pretty useful knowing all the tips and tricks. I am used to people popping in to my office to say hello and ask questions, but since Magic has joined the diabetes team at the hospital I have never been so popular!

Magic now has a very important role in the diabetes clinic – welcoming the children and young people and making sure they are listening when we run teaching sessions. He has heard the sessions so many times he now falls asleep quite quickly and can often be heard snoring under the table. Whenever the office gets a little busy or stressed, he will yawn or have wind, stopping whatever is going on and allows everyone to have a little giggle before getting back on with their work. What is truly amazing is that although he is surrounded by children and young people with diabetes, many of whom come in with low blood glucose levels, he hasn’t alerted to anyone else – something I have to put down to his excellent training by Medical Detection Dogs. Many of our

patients now like to come in and say hello to Magic before saying hello to anyone else – although we don’t want this popularity to go to his head! It seems that the magic of Magic has far exceeded anything that anyone had planned – not only does he have a major role in keeping me

safe every day and helps me live my life, he also is helping many of my patients – making the diabetes clinic a happy and welcoming place. I think every clinic should have one – although, there is only one Magic in this world!” Claire


Other news –

-          Jason Vale coming to QVC… hot on the heels of Davina, another giant in the world of healthy living, his 28 day juice special changes lives – been loving the DVD, and his blender may be on QVC  in September – along with some fab news about my weekly webchats!


-          Dr Barnard’s amazing work using diet to solve diabetes issues – watch this video interview – the incredible work goes on and on…


Ps heads up - Monday 10th, it will be me in the hot seat, talking about Till the Fat Lady Slims book and Freedom Eating as I'm giving the eBook away free for the whole weekend 8-10, to mark the occasion of the fab Table Top sale for Medical Detection Dogs. Another story to come, pop back again over the weekend! I'll have wifi again next week! lol!

best wishes



Ps just over ONE WEEK until the big news about bigger webchats…x

Pps – ttfls -
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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Back You Live Web Chat Radical 3rd August 2015

Sisters Liz & Rachel will be here answering questions about their amazing skincare line. During an Ad hoc web-chat here, Qvc's resident beauty expert Alison Young was singing the praises of, and recommending this brand for Rosacea! As well as wonderful skincare, Rachel & Liz have an amazing outlook on life.

 Rachel: “To me Radical means living a life with intention, being kind and compassionate to myself and others, and being completely present in the moment with those around me. Taking a stand for something or someone to be that difference however big or small means I am on the right path for living a Radical life.

 Liz: "To me Being Radical means living a life that is full of passion and purpose with no excuses and no regrets while carrying the energy of kindness regardless. Feeling awake and alive through inspiring and empowering another and knowing that at the end of the day I didn't forget the simple things that really matter. " The first 10 unique questions ( not already asked) will receive a surprise Radical Skincare Gift



Dawn Robinson Hello Rachel & Liz , We could all truly live in harmony with each other taking some positive energy from both of you, My first question is which one of you beautiful ladies came up with the idea first to bring out this amazing & fabulous collection of skincare ? Also my Son is 16 and suffering from outbreaks ! Please can you advise me what product would help him the most ? Thank you xx

Sue Stewart Hi ladies what is dark circles under the eyes and what can I do to improve the look of it.

Chris Calvert We now live in an age where women are world leaders and trailblazers. What is your opinion on the women's movement and would you say that in the beauty industry, the glass ceiling has been broken unlike in other professions?

Chris Calvert What are the most common lifestyle and environmental factors that aggravate rosacea or trigger flare-ups?

Liz Clark those satements are rather profound for me Chris Calvert i still haven't woken up yet lol

I'm going to be naughty and ask two questions xxx

What would you recommend from your range for me; male, 33, sensitive/reactive skin can get oily, still get blemishes, large pores and the early signs of ageing x I know your products are great for both sensitivity and anti-ageing but didn't know if there was a good starting point for guys?


My second question (I hope all the above counts as one!!) I'd love to hear your guilty pleasure! Mine is collecting Lego if you are stuck for ideas!


I quite often miss the web chats, but will make a special effort as I love watching your shows xxx

Sue Stewart I'm multi tasking!

Debbie Flint Hey girls, have fun on here tonight and best of luck back on air! I am moving home so am off this week, but have lots of fun big hugs X PS one of our best product ranges for rosacea, as per Alison Young Webchats a month or two ago on here

Dawn Robinson Im glad you've mentioned Rosacea Debbie im finding mainly after getting out the bath or shower my left cheek in particular is very red & hot for a couple of hours ! What would you advise please ? xx


Jacqueline Jackson Hello and welcome, I keep getting breakouts on my cheek area, bizarrely just on one side. Is there anything in your range that could help me. I'm 51 with dry skin. Thank you x

Sharon Harvay The smell in these products is so uplifting, they make me feel so happy!! x

Rachel Edlich It is so great to see so many great questions and Radical LOVE. Radical is committed to making an impact in each persons life from the inside out, so all of your support means so much to us!

Sharon Harvay Welcome x

Francesca Bumstead What's best for dark circles around eyes x

Rachel Edlich Dawn Robinson, it was truly a perfect storm for the both of us. Liz was looking in the mirror and seeing that Gravity is truly real because is is the OLDER sister…HA! I had to say it because she is so cute!! She wasn't embracing what was looking back at her in the mirror. I was having my own 911 about my skin when I developed Rosacea after my second child and really lost all self confidence. We both looked at each other selfishly and said we need to fix our face no matter what the cost. That is truly what happened. Our moment of adversity we turned into an opportunitiy to change our skin and life. Sister truly on a mission!

Liz Edlich Chris Calvert great question….great question….The Women’s movement ? You mean the Radical Movement : ) !

I really believe that the only ceiling is the one that we impose on ourselves today. I agree that as woman we are mega Radical multi taskers and each industry presents challenges, but it is possible to love your skin again, it is possible to love your life, you just need to be Radical in your approach. Rachel and I have traveled around the world and in the process have been writing our book coming out in January named :GET RADICAL- Life Changing Secrets to Create a Life You Love. We interviewed thousands about what “Beauty “ means to them. And in all of the interviews, no one ever said dark hair , bright eyes, 5”7

In all cases they talked about how someone shows up on the inside that makes them beautiful . So love, giving , authenticity, kindness and generosity is what it blowing away all glass ceilings, combined with a commitment to Get Radical and make a difference.

Sharon Harvay Wow! Absolutely amazing xx

Dawn Robinson That's fantastic ! Sisters working together, Can i ask what age difference there is between you ? You both look stunning xx

Chris Calvert Fantastic Liz Edlich thank you for answering my question in such a Radical way smile emoticon i totally agree i think beauty is more about the person than how they look. I would love to read your book when it comes out.

Rachel Edlich Dawn Robinson, your Son should use the Exfoliating pads for SURE. My son uses those every day and steals mine :o).. make sure he is hydrating as well so the Youth Infusion would be great for him too. Light weight, hydrating and really men love this product too.

Sharon Harvay Youth Infusion is stunning!!! I am absolutely addicted and will be sharing my thoughts about it really is a skin changer, which then becomes a life changer x

Jill Dowding-Walker Totally agree Liz! We need to take care of our container, but what is essential is invisible to the eye! (Thanks, Little Prince!)

Francesca Bumstead Agree with Sharon would not be without it xx


Francesca Bumstead Have to go feeling a little under the weather, have a great time xx

Dawn Robinson Thank you so much i really appreciate your advice ! He is feeling extremely self conscious about it at the moment, so glad that these products suit all ages xx

Liz Edlich sue stewart and Francesca Bumstead - Dark Circels - What are they ? Ha Ha After RADICAL SKINCARE THEY ARE A THING FROM THE [email protected]!!! When you apply your eye cream, go from the inside out , think of your lymphatic drainage as your trash can fro toxins. So move it all out and easy on the alcohol and a bit of sleep helps. But since the last two are hard to come by…. i will use my Radical Eye Reviv elite a religion and pray a little extra xoxoxo

Rachel Edlich Chris Calvert I get that question so much about what flares up Rosacea. Each person has a different experience on what triggers flair ups ranging from spicy food, STRESS, sun, overheating and lack of moisture to the skin. Some people experience a flushing sensation like I did and get red bumps and inflammation. Did I mention the change in HORMONES? You might not feel my pain in this area(darn men), however, that is what triggered everything for me.

Liz Edlich Chris Calvert - maybe the YOUNGER sister can step aside so the wiser sister can get you an early copy of the manuscript !!!

Jill Dowding-Walker Broken capillary veins on face - very fair skin. What will prevent more/calm down existing ones?

Dawn Robinson We can all see you're both extremely passionate about your products do you get any spare time if so what do you like to do ? X

Sue Stewart Thank you Liz I am tea total and sleep for 8 hours a night. Perhaps it will have to be the Radical Eye reviv. Thank you x

Chris Calvert Hi Rachel Edlich thank you for answering my question and giving your own personal experience with this area, i find its stress what can make my flare up the most, but was wondering if there was other factors, which you have answered so well. Im sure men get their share of hormone imbalances too haha.

Chris Calvert That would be absolutley fantastic Liz Edlich I would love to get a copy, as i am very excited about the release from the information you gave in your answer. Ha Ha i like how you put YOUNGER in caps smile emoticon

Sharon Harvay Ladies, you have such a zest and enthusiam for life and for you skincare range. It is very contagious! What do you enjoy to do in your spare time, when you need to recharge?x

Dawn Robinson Just wondering Rachel & Liz if you could only take one of your fabulous products on an Island for a week.. Which one would you pick ?? xx

Rachel Edlich Jacqueline Jackson I am sure that is very frustrating. Our Age Defying Exfoliating Pads are your ticket to smooth skin. Not will they help with pimples but reduce pore size, wrinkles around the Eye area(yes that gentle to use around your eyes), and I would follow with our Advance Peptide and Restorative moisture. You need to get the balance of moisture back into your skin and bring down inflammation down. good luck!

Liz Edlich michael james hamlyn michael james hamlyn 33 ? OK, you are running behind ! Time to get Radical - That is why we call it life changing skincare. We have loads of 18 year olds that use the products to balance reactive skin, For you - The cleanser - perfect for cleansing and shaving and stops those shaving bumps, then follow with the Anti Aging Exfoliating pads ( use at night ) to REDUCE pore size and wrinkles and get rid of the dead dull skin- follow with our Youth Infusion Serum which for you may act as enough anti aging hydration. if not , our Restorative moisture should follow. Then GET READY… this is a RADICAL game changer. No Fear ALL CLEAR when you wake up each day and your skin is the last thing that you have to think of and only get to beat off the ladies compliments: ) WOO HOO Jacqueline Jackson Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it. x

Sue Stewart If you go on the desert island as Dawn Robinson suggests with your favourite product. Would you please take me with you and give me a facial x

Rachel Edlich Dawn Robinson I am way younger! Not really… I am young childlike 46 and my sister is a rockstar 52 adorable old sis.

Liz Edlich my sister is answering the age question , she will be 47 in a sec !!! don't let her throw me under the bus girls, The older we get the more we know and the more we ROCK , Radically of course!!!


Michael James Hamlyn Not really sure about compliments from the LADIES Liz!!! wink emoticon But thanks for the reply, will certainly be getting RADICAL soon xxx

Sharon Harvay xxxxxx 30 minutes of live chat left, please post your questions xxxxx

Rachel Edlich Francesca Bumstead so good to have you here chatting! One of our most loyal Radical girls!! Don't miss our hour show coming up this Thursday at 12pm! Can wait to share some new Radical sets with you.XOXOX

Liz Edlich Dawn Robinson Dawn, I have a house in the Bahamas and Tahiti and I know for a fact that they allow more than one product on the islands, OR I would sell both homes…. but lets just say that there was a ban on weight overages, I would leave my clothes !!! not my skincare… OK seriously, your killing me,….. I would take the power duo-the Youth infusion and the Extreme Moisture

Sharon Harvay I would really urge everone who hasn t yet, to try this range. The results are amazing and your products are an absolute pleasure to use. I am addicted to the cleanser, it is the perfect way to start and end my day x

Dawn Robinson I love how your positive energy bounces off each other "beautiful" x

Liz Edlich michael james hamlyn - my must have … hot sauce , I carry that and asking care in my purse !

Rachel Edlich Don't forget the exfoliating pads to remove the dead skin from all the sun…! I CANT PICK JUST ONE. …and the eye Cream…Don't forget to cleanse with our hydrating cleanser!..( i need an stressed out emoji showing that I can't make a decision.How do I do that?)

Sue Stewart

Dawn Robinson I can imagine that all your friends & family get really excited when it's there Birthdays or Christmas hoping to receive one of your amazing products x


Jacqueline Jackson When will your shows be on QVC? x

Rosie Lee Hi there fab sisters. great to have you back in the UK Just one question i have beeen using the eye serum for over a year but for the last few weeks it has been irritating my eyes, an ideas why x

Sue Stewart Found a stressed fox for you. He looks scared in case he forgets your products x

Sharon Harvay hahahahahahahahaa x


Sharon Harvay xxxxxxxxxx 15 minutes of live chat left xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Edlich Jill Dowding-Walker that is always a difficult one on the broken capillaries. I had several when my skin was super inflamed with bumps all over it. The beauty with Radical Skincare is that it is the strongest skincare for anti aging designed for sensitive skin. Our Youth Infusion works to even and brightening the skin while the restorative moisture has three brightening ingredients that will help with evening the skin tone.

Liz Edlich dawn robinson dawn robinson Spare time ??/Thank goodness Rachel and I travel together or I wouldn't get to see one of my best friends on the planet. My spare time and passion and purpose is wrapped up in inspiring people to have a life they love. That is why , as much as our book GET RADICAL that comes out in January , is as painful as giving birth , so Rachel says : ), it embodies the legacy of making a Radical difference that lights us up daily. A difference in skin and in life. Just like our Dad changed the landscape of medicine from his wheel chair, we intend to change the landscape of skincare and be more than skin deep. xo

Rachel Edlich OMG..How do I get that FOX it is perfect!

Sue Stewart Rachel Edlich press and hold the fox it should ask if you want to download lots of them x

Sharon Harvay Liz Edlich - i love the Radical booklet that comes with your products, its very inspiring x

Michelle Rosemary White I loved your try me kit .... Would love it to be in bigger sizes and a set .....I love the exfoliating pads

Dawn Robinson How wonderful i was actually thinking you should bring a book out, bless your Dad so would you say you get your zest & passion for life from your Dad x

Liz Edlich The excerpts from our book are in some of the sets and the chapters are also online .. xoxoxox get Radically inspired!

Rachel Edlich We have an airing this Weds August 5th evening in the 8pm hour with Allison Young with a new Top to Toe set that we are CRAZY about!!! Cant wait to share it with you!! Yay!! Join us with Jackie for our hour show on August 6th at 12pm. Can't wait to be back :o)

Sharon Harvay i must try the exfoliating pads x

Liz Edlich Rosie , i know how much the eye cream is a spa for your eyes and how you love it - and designed not to irritate.Many times eye irritation comes from food allergies that develop all of the sudden when you have too much of a good thing. Check out your latest and greatest. Speak soon xo

Rachel Edlich Our Dad was a huge inspiration to us along with our outstanding mom. We were fortunate to have such amazing Radical parents surrounding us driving to make a difference. They showed us how we can be that difference everyday. They are our inspiration.. feel blessed

Sharon Harvay Ladies, if a first time user was thinking of trying your products, what would you suggest they start with and what would their skin issues be? x

Sharon Harvay And they would be very x

Sharon Harvay xxxxxxxxxxxx 5 minutes of web chat left xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel Edlich Our discovery kit is a great way to try the range and get Radical Results! You will see the difference in the texture of your skin so quickly and we clinically test our core products to insure results!! More Honesty, More potency and More Performance, Strong Skincare Strong Values, Radical Results and Nothing Else.

Sue Stewart Rachel and Liz I have enjoyed learning about your products tonight. Thank you for your time. I will be watching the shows xxx


August 3 at 8:57pm · Like

Rosie Lee Thanks Liz Have been a little stressed lately and not eating that well. Time to brush myself down and get RADICAL again. X

Liz Edlich Michelle Rosemary White There are many new kits offered on QVC that are giving you a month to two month supply at amazing values. SO your wish is our command to Get Radical and give you the skin that you love!!

Liz Edlich check out Rachels before pictures online and on QVC Wed and Thurs. PS she wear NO make up, That is Radical

Sharon Harvay These are Rachels amazing photos! For those of you thinking about using the range, its clear to see the results that can be achieved! Wow such a huge change x

Rachel Edlich That is ME!! Poster child for transformation and happy to be that girl! I will be on air with NO make..(except my mascara and lips gloss..cant be without that). You will see my skin up close :o)..

Michelle Rosemary White Thank you Liz Edlich

Liz Edlich WE loved this moment , and just wish we were faster typers !!!! So much Radical love to share and so little time and so few fingers !!!

Sharon Harvay Back To You You Qvc please join me in thanking Liz and Rachel for being so generous with their time this evening. Ladies thank you so much for answering all our questions, it really has been a joy and pleasure chatting wit you and learing more about your brand. We look forward to joining you on your shows this Weds August 5th in the 8pm hour with Allison Young & Join Jackie for an hour show on August 6th at 12pm. You are always welcome back! take care and thank you x

Rosie Lee Have a great time on QVC will see you there {hopefully} hope to speak soon xxxx

Rachel Edlich It was so great to spend the time together and thank you for all of your questions and support. It really takes all of your support to make an impact so please share the Radical vision with those around you. Everyone has something to share and can make another person smile and shine from the inside out XOXOX

Dawn Robinson Thank you so much Liz Rachel & Sharon for your time ive really enjoyed this hour xoxoxo

Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you! x

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Liz, Rachel and Sharon. x

Sharon Harvay Thank you everyone! What an amazingly uplifting hour x

Sue Stewart Thanks Sharon. Another hit x

Sharon Harvay For those of you considering trying this range, I have written a blog about my experience with it. Enjoy xx


Jacqueline Jackson Thanks Sharon will take a look x

Francesca Bumstead My daily routine,



Sharon Harvay Thank you Jacqueline xx

Sharon Harvay Ooohhh lovely Francesca! You are Radical

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