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Alison Keenan's Big Day - Webchat; Bodyblade Bruce's latest tips; and - living without wifi!
31 July 2015

Bruce's favourite saying - he calls our Bodyblade Group 'ohana'! Bruce's favourite saying - he calls our Bodyblade Group 'ohana'!

So I've moved in! Those who follow this blog will know i've been moving for a million years - well, doing the sorting out and decluttering anyway. And now i'm in. Anyway, there's a black hole where my house is just outside Dorking in surrey - meaning no mobile signal at my house. And no wifi. And until next week, no Sky TV either! Eeek! So it's been ... weird. Like 1990 again to be honest. And it made me realise how much of my headspace I'm in cyberworld, and has made me resolve to go online only at selected times during the day, so it's a 'thing' rather than it being part of my psyche! The family will be pleased anyway.

So I sat for the very first night in my new house, looking at the lovely cosy room and realising that it was writing, or reading, or music. Even the DAB radio struggles a bit. So did I - initially. But once I resolved to wait to look things up instead of doing it straight away if something needed researching for instance, it was all good.

Makes a change I guess!

Also one of my new house resolutions is to stick to proper Freedom Eating - already I lost a few pounds. handy cos i had my annual medical - more of that soon. And am 2% bodyfat less than last year - at 28 - that's great for me so I was very pleased. See below also re how to get Till the Fat Lady SLims eBook for free next weekend (8-10th August).



This Week Alison Keenan and Bruce Hymanson from bodyblade took their turns in the hot seat again!

Next week - Radical Skincare including a fab competition! And a bonus later extra webchat with Judith Williams team just in advance of their mini-series. Join us Monday 3rd!

Ps heads up - Monday 10th, it will be me in the hot seat, talking about Till the Fat Lady Slims book and Freedom Eating as I'm giving the eBook away free for the whole weekend 8-10, to mark the occasion of the fab Table Top sale for Medical Detection Dogs. Another story to come, pop back again over the weekend! I'll have wifi again next week! lol!

best wishes



Ps just over TWO weeks until the big news about bigger webchats…x

Pps – STOP PRESS! For my August 8th Table Top sale, I will be offering Till the Fat Lady Slims eBook for Free for Kindle/app for a brief time, with optional donation to Detector Dogs charity via just giving. Do let people know! The free sample is still available right now though on amazon - offering the gist of the six point plan to break free from Food Prison. (link below)
I'd love to spread the word and get as many as possible to download it on Saturday 8th. And if you've joined this group and didn't know about the book, it will be your chance! Or if you can't wait it's currently under £3.
Loving the new reviews too.
link below for purple 2.0 book on Amazon.
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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Lynne Sneddon Hi Alison Keenan, what was the most memorable part of your wedding day ?

Dawn Hart Hi Alison congratulations to you & Colin, thank you for sharing your photos on your special day. Sorry Sharon Harvay it's not a question xxx

Irene Dingwall Just want to say you looked lovely on your wedding day

Barbara Marks Hi beautiful lady what are your fragrance favourites xxx

Anne-Marie Mason Hi Ali, congratulations to you both on your fab wedding. You always look fab and seem happy when on screen but I just wondered what your tips are for 'feeling fab' when you might be having a poor health day please, how do you stay feeling 'like you'? x

Jacqueline Jackson Welcome Alison and many congratulations to you and Colin. Just wondered with your husband being a musician do you yourself play any instruments or can you sing? Love you on QVC especially your diamonique shows. x

Liz Clark wishing you all the best alison an inspiration and a star..much love x

Dawn Robinson Hello Alison, Can i just say you always look beautiful ! Can i ask what hair products you use ? Your hair is fabulous xxx

Sharon Harvay Hi Alison! Congratulations on your beautiful Wedding! You looked absolutely stunning in the photos that were shared! How does it feel to be a MRS? hahaha x

Dawn Robinson Yes your wedding looked absolutely beautiful, congratulations xxx

Alison Keenan Helloo! And A very good evening to you. Been looking forward to this all weekend. x

Alison Keenan Lynne Sneddon - the most memorable part of my wedding day, I think has to be when, having signed the register, we turned to face the congregation and all those I love most in the world were there, smiling. I felt an innate sense of peace and happiness. Wonderful

Alison Keenan Barbara Marks - favourite fragrances are Mademoiselle Coco Chanel which I wore on my wedding day, but also love Victor and Rolff Flower Bomb

Alison Keenan Anne-Marie Mason - Good questions! Like most folk I don't always feel 100%, but if I feel low, I either go for a run, have a cuddle with Colin or listen to music




Alison Keenan Jacqueline Jackson Hi there, I do indeed play two musical instruments - the piano and the flute.. Got to Grade 5 on the flute, but only 2 on the piano, but I tend to play by ear! LOVE singing, and Colin says I have a good voice - hoping to put together an album of Christmas songs

Alison Keenan Sharon Harvay Hello there lovely lady - it feels FAB being Mrs. Elsworth. I love introducing Colin as my husband smile emoticon

Alison Keenan Liz, Dawn and Irene, thank you so very much for your kind comments too! Our wedding day was such a wonderful occasion, and we felt truly blessed that everything went according to plan smile emoticon

Chris Calvert Hi Alison Keenan its CJ here i want to congratulate you on you marriage to Colin and wish you all the happiness together. I was wondering how did you get into working in TV?

Debbie Flint Hi Ali, thanks for taking part tonight! Gorgeous! do also join me on Qvc tonight at 10pm with Hairstyling with Instyler and 11pm with Bobbie Brown have fun everyone x

Jacqueline Jackson That's fantastic Alison, just had a feeling you were musical. Would love to hear you sing x

Alison Keenan Hi there CJ - I actually started with voice over work, which led to a job in radio, and then an audition for This Morning with Granada TV. From there I was able to find all kinds of other work, but this job is the one I've worked at for the longest. I feel very fortunate smile emoticon x

Alison Keenan Hi there Debbie Flint - My great pleasure to be with you tonight - thank you very much for asking me!! How was the move?? I bet you're glad you've got the in styler to save you time with your gorgeous barnet!! LOVE Bobbie Brown too - great Hot Pick in your hour I know! xx

Sharon Harvay I love Flowerbomb xx

Marie McEwan Hi there Alison, so pleased for you, wishing you even more Good health and happiness!!! Your wedding photos looked beautiful you were indeed the belle of the ball....Colin is indeed a very lucky man!!!x

Alison Keenan Sharon Harvay- It's funny, but since I had treatment I can now wear they sweeter fragrances - I would never have worn them before! x

Alison Keenan Marie McEwan - I think I'm the lucky one... he is a lovely man x

Chris Calvert thank you Alison its funny how things turn out at times isnt it like there was some kind of plan already set out for you. I love seeing you on QVC and wish u all the best

Marie McEwan Yes I could tell that from the video you both made!!!x

Sharon Harvay Oh wow!! Im not usually into sweet florals either, more oriental scents, but there is just something about that fragrance...must have a warm undertone! Thats fabulous Alison xx

Alison Keenan Sharon Harvay - Daisy is another sweet but beautiful fragrance, and I do like to wear Tova Borgnine's Ombre D'Oro x

Alison Keenan Chris Calvert - I much appreciate that - thank you ! x

Debbie Flint Yes will be a fun night. You looked so so beautiful on your wedding night by the way was proud to be there have a great chat I'm at work now better go and do some ha ha X

Sharon Harvay Hahahaha, How is your gorgeous Grandaughter getting on Alison? I bet she is getting so big xx

Alison Keenan Sharon Harvay She is absolutely beautiful, and I am baby-sitting for the first time tomorrow evening! Soo excited.. hope she will settle with me xx

Sharon Harvay Oh she is just adorable!!! What a cutie pie!! I am wondering if you will settle with her with all the excitement hahahaha, awww have a great time together xx

Barbara Marks Like a little doll  xxx


Jacqueline Jackson Ah gorgeous! x

Shirley Pearson Awwww Honey Bea is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely to babysit too. Adorable

Sharon Harvay Alison, was it hard returning to work after your gorgeous wedding and honeymoon or were you fuelled with excitement from the day! It must have been great catching up with stories from your guests point of view as its so hard to be everywhere on your special day xx

Sharon Harvay Also.... Is Charlie Brook a good dancer hahahahaha x

Alison Keenan It was only hard in the sense of energy! I loved seeing all my friends again and catching up with those who had to hold the fort while the rest were at the wedding! It was lovely to talk to them about the day, and the general concencus was that everyone had a ball! So pleased smile emoticon x

Alison Keenan Oh, and I don't recall Charlie dancing, but he was as always absolutely charming on the day. An incredible friend, and kinder than you could believe. Bless him x

Sharon Harvay Awwwww Thats beautiful, you two really do have a wonderful connection and it comes across beautifully on screen. Which shows are you looking forward to this week? love your Diamonique shows, always so informative, thank you x

Alison Keenan I'm very lucky to have him as a friend. Quite a lot to look forward to this week - of course my Diamonique Show at 9pm on Thursday is a firm favourite, and then I have the launch with Join Clothes at midnight! Are you familiar with their range?? One of our most popular clothing lines not surprising, and Evey Amery Kurlander got married the week after me!! x

Helen Murphy Hi Alison was lovely to see you on your wedding day thank you for sharing with us all. Xx

Jacqueline Jackson Do you know what's coming up in your diamonique show Alison. I love the Art Deco pieces especially x

Alison Keenan Helen Murphy - It was my absolute pleasure. A day I had dreamed of, but wasn't always sure I'd be well enough to see. Everything and more than I'd hoped for. x

Dawn Robinson What do you like to do in your spare time ? xx

Lisa Oxford Hello Alison, you looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Unfortunately I missed the presentation of your wedding jewellery. But I imagine it's beautiful x x


Jacqueline Jackson What are you going to do with your gorgeous wedding dress Alison? It's so beautiful. x

Helen Murphy My friend who has breast cancer has one more session of chemo left. Last was on her birthday so she asked everyone to post a pic of themselves in a scarf, hat or wig to raise awareness. She will eventually have her other breast removed too so it's a long road for her. Thankfully having a mammogram at 48 meant the cancer was found, there were no lumps or outward signs. Like you she is an absolute inspiration.

Evey Amery Kurlander Ali I am so excited to be with you for the TSV and thrilled that all was as you wished for your wedding xxx

Alison Keenan Dawn Robinson - I love reading, gardening, running and walking, and of course spending time with my children (ALL 8 of them) and my beautiful granddaughter. x

Dawn Robinson Sounds wonderful, I really look forward grandchildren xx

Alison Keenan Helen Murphy I gathered from the pink ribbon that you are a supporter. I am so glad that your friend is at the end of her treatment... it's a long haul, but the best chance any of us will be given. It sounds as though she will be walking the same road as me - far better to have the majority of risk removed, and to be able to crack on with her life. I am glad that she has you with her to support her. Please give her my best, love Ali x

Alison Keenan Lisa Oxford Hi there Lisa - if you want to check it out, just put in Alison Wedding Jewellery on our search bar at QVCUK and you should find it, although the earrings sold out in minutes! This was the necklace tho x

Sharon Harvay Oh how Beautiful x

Alison Keenan Evey Amery Kurlander - I too can't wait to see what you have for us as our TSV on Thursday night - and can't wait to see your wedding pics either!! You looked BEAUTIFUL xx

Lisa Oxford It looks beautiful, thanks Alison I'll check on the website x x

Alison Keenan Jacqueline Jackson To be honest, I am not at all sure!!! I would love to think it could be worn by another bride on her special day, but Colin says I should wear it every weekend - for the next five years at least!!

Helen Murphy Thank you Alison she has had such amazing support and had her last chemo on her 49th birthday last week while rest of her family were away on holiday. It wasn't going to pass unmarked though and a group of friends threw a party for her!

Dawn Robinson Lovely photo x

Alison Keenan Helen Murphy - that's the kind of support she probably needed. Funny, but I attended my last 12 on my own... was happy just to get through it, although we had a family weekend in Brighton to celebrate the end of the treatment x Well done you x

Alison Keenan Dawn Robinson Thank you! x

Jacqueline Jackson I think you should wear it every weekend too! x

Sharon Harvay PLease join me in thanking Alison Keenan for a lovely chat this evening! Alison thank you for sharing some of your special day with us, we really are all so thrilled and happy for you, you were truly a beautiful bride!! Enjoy your gorgeous Granddaughter tomorrow!! Take care and have a lovely evening xx

Alison Keenan Sharon many thanks to you and EVERYONE who took the time to write to me. Have a great evening too, and don't forget to check out the blog for more wedding photos. Love Ali xx

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Alison and thank you Sharon x

Dawn Robinson Thank you Alison & Sharon

Sharon Harvay Thank you everyone! Have a great night, oh and dont forget, Debbie Flint will be on at 10pm with Instyler and 11Pm with Bobbi Brown. Also next weeks webchat guests are Judith Williams, sara hollamby, and The brilliant Radical sisters. Please join us 8-9pm next monday xx

Shirley Pearson Thank you Alison & Sharon for taking the time out to talk to everyone. Much appreciated. grin emoticon x


bruce bodyblade webchat monday 27th July 2015


Good evening Bodyblade Ohana! I am looking forward to chatting with everyone at 8pm tonight. Last week, we talked about "Power", this week I'd like to review what that means from your experience and talk a little about technique, permahabits and preventing bordem during exercise. As always, I look forward to any questions and comments you wish to share with our group. Please answer this post so I can keep up with everyone this evening! See you soon.

  • Christine Faid Had my bodyblade about a week now but don't seem to be improving, will it come together in the end?
  • Wendy Lawrence Good evening Bruce, Ohana! No boredom whatsoever as we have so many great videos to work along with, as for technique - oh help I seem to be losing mine, did so well in the past but now just ache and have to keep stopping, hurt shoulder doing left side hip and thigh too in RPBB, I'm hopeless now! Still love it and want my technique back x
  • Marion Mcgrath Ohana bruce X
  • Heather Jones Hello Bruce Ohana, I find if I play music with a good beat I work harder and I have noticed a true definition in my upper arms coming, and I never get bored because I enjoy doing the exercises x
  • Mary-Jane Rossetter Hi Bruce, like some of the other beginner BBers I'm wondering if technique will improve as strength is gained? I'm struggling with ab crunch and, of course, good ol' hip and thigh!
    27 July at 19:28 · Edited · Like · 6
  • Jaki Stanley Hello Bruce, I've had my Bodyblade a few week's and started off really well but seem to be struggling to complete the S6 now, is it OK to do the routine in 30 second burst's a few times a day and will it have the same effect as if i was managing 60 second's on each exercise? Many thank's.x
  • Suzi Lince Hi Bruce, just wanted to say over past couple of years I lost a lot of body strength as I had muscle problems preventing me exercising. The bb has been amazing and my core strength has built up so well in just so couple of months. I've had to take it slowly, but I'm so much stronger now and my lower back pain seems cured.....touch wood!
  • Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, I hope you are well, Yes I am very interested in preventing boredom. Is it ok to hula hoop whilst doing some of the BB exercises or should your posture be stationary, nice and soft? Thank you smile emoticon
  • Lindsey Sweet Hi Bruce and BB Ohana, Hope you are well? Love doing a variety of bb routines and LS walks, there are so many different videos to choose from hard to keep favourites as they are all fun and different. Like a lot of people I put music on with a beat and have fun ! The support we have from our online family is brilliant smile emoticon thanks guys and girls xx
  • Anne Keating Hi Bruce and everyone - just made it back in time. Did a quick Supersix before I went out this morning then three amazing exhibitions at the V&A - Alexander McQueen, Shoes and Luxury. Enough exercise for one day! xx
  • Christine Grochowina Good evening Bruce. Hope you are well. Can't do any bb at moment with both hands as I have stitches in shoulder till next week. But hopefully by weekend they will be out and I'll slowly be able to try and get back to my routine
  • Sue Stewart Ohana Bruce. Like Wendy Lawrence I've also over done it and now have an appointment with the muscle and skeletal clinic. Can't wait to get it sorted and be using my Bodyblade again.
  • Bruce Hymanson Good evening everyone. Already great comments and questions from the group. To summarize, let's chat about technique, power, permahabits, boredom and any and all things that come to mind.
  • Bruce Hymanson A few people are new and wondering if they will improve? Yes, you will find yourself getting stronger, being able to do the exercises longer during each workout and noticing a better looking and better performing body.
  • Suzi Lince I'm still finding I tire easily, but I've learned not to push too much as then I don't get pain.
  • Shirley Pearson I get really tired and I'm suffering from sciatica at the moment, due to overdoing things with the gardening. I'm taking it steady at the moment with the BB. and I've only been doing it for 2 weeks. (I'm 62 by the way).
    27 July at 20:13 · Edited · Like · 4
  • Bruce Hymanson Some this evening asked about duration of exercise. I recommend exercising 3-4 times a week and doing a full workout. A full workout may be designed to exercise for a full minute in each exercise but if you can do 10 seconds, then do 10 seconds. Your goal will be to work up to the full minute. You may find some exercises easier to do than others. Do what you can do in those exercises you find more challenging for less than those you find easier. Your body will continue to improve and get stronger. You don't have to do each exercise in a workout for exactly the same time. Also, many have asked if they can split the exercise into twice in that day. Yes you can. Many have asked if they can do Bodyblade every day. Yes you can. Pick it up everyday for the "feel" and technique. When I suggest doing the workout 3-4 times a week, that would be a full workout. Doing smaller stints everyday is not a problem
  • Jaki Stanley That makes perfect sense, thank you for your emoticon
  • Bruce Hymanson Hi Suzi. Remember your "flex intensity" If that is a term you are not family with, we produced a video on Flex Intensity which you can watch from the pinned post section. Basically, the flex in the blade determines the amount of resistance. You are in control of the flex and therefore can go easier in some exercises and with greater flex in others. Remember, training and getting fatigued is a good thing. This is how the body becomes stronger and with better endurance. If you only trained easy all the time, you would be good in that training zone only. Keep up the good work!!
  • Suzi Lince Thanks Bruce
  • Suzi Lince I have had a lot of pain issues, so I have to work carefully around them.....
  • Bruce Hymanson Shirley, Using Bodyblade to strengthen the back and postural muscles can help with Sciatica but to be safe and since I can not evaluate you personally, please seek the advice of your Physio or MD regarding your exercise program. The good thing is you can take the blade to the MD, show them exactly what you are doing.
  • Shirley Pearson Thanks Bruce, I'll take it on Friday and show it to my GP, I can manage some of the exercises but not all at the moment. I've had sciatica on and off for years so it's not a new thing, but I feel I need to be careful.
  • Bruce Hymanson For those of you who have the Super6/Power10 DVD, it is important to watch the LEARN section for instruction. For those who do not have that DVD, there is plenty of education on you tube to learn as well. In addition, we have produced many little education videos to help with technique. Proper grip, matching the rhythm, learning to drive the blade correctly etc. will all help master the technique. Practicing the drills are very important as part of the warm up. Learning to use your body well is like learning to play a musical instrument. The more time you spend practicing, the better your performance. Bodyblade is about coordination and balance more than brutt strength
  • Debbie Flint By the way it made me much stronger for lifting heavy things during my house move last weekend! I was able to do much more than I thought because I'm so much stronger especially in my core! Then in Wales on my writing holiday I was telling them all about it again - I think at least another three people bought it he he he Bruce is a genius X
  • Debbie Flint Have a nice chat everybody am at work now so better go and do some ha ha X
  • Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce hope you're well. My favorite work out is the Chiswick House routine you did with Debbie and our lovely ladies. The time flies by and you're all so happy. I love it x
  • Mary MacNeish Is there a short workout similar to thw super 6 I can use to get rid of my jelly belly?
  • Suzi Lince I love the videos....they really keep me motivated.
  • Wendy Lawrence I do too Jacqueline, can't wait to get back to being able to do it xx
  • Emily Brown Butler Bruce Hymanson Thank you so much for bringing us BodyBlade. I love it and noticing great results. Xx
  • Anne Keating I found the same as Debbie - I was shifting topsoil in the garden at the weekend. The bags are much heavier than the normal compost I use but I lifted them fairly easily. I found later on though that my arms ached slightly so I listened to what my body was telling me and gave the Supersix a miss for a couple of days. I found at the beginning I was doing a Supersix every day come what may, but now I know when to have a day off. xx
  • Helen Murphy Mary MacNeish there is the Belly Blaster. Evening all!
  • Denise Widdows I've noticed my posture has improved significantly since using my bb. I now stand straighter with my shoulders down and don't have the shoulder pain as bad as I used to. Thanks Bruce! X
  • Bruce Hymanson For some reason, my Facebook on my computer has become frozen & unresponsive. I'm on my iPhone now
  • Mary-Jane Rossetter I'd love to exercise every day, I'm doing SS broken down into 4 "rounds" at 15 seconds. I'm really loving the bodyblade and I'm impatient to see and feel the great results. Would I be better doing this every other day? Thanks.
  • Bruce Hymanson Posture, balance, coordination, quickness, better core strength are all bi-products of Bodyblade training. Not to mention a better looking body too!
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