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Meet the cute, talented Detector Dogs! Plus Bruce, Doris, Adele and Alpha H plus Davina on QVC!
15 July 2015

deb at Medical Detector Dogs in Milton Keynes deb at Medical Detector Dogs in Milton Keynes

Superb week for Back to You QVC group on Facebook – not one but THREE fab webchats – with a 4th one with Axel Ruth from Flora Mare due this Thursday (16th – Beauty Day – around the time of his 7pm show with me on QVC UK.)

Bruce Bodyblade did his usual weekly stint on the Q&A session on Bodyblade QVC group too (all links to groups are below, do come join us!)

Adele from SBC was online, discussing amongst other things, which SBC gel is best to put on areas of tightness, tension and fatigue.

Tom and Michelle from Alpha H also joined us on Monday and gave their recommendations on which extra step to use for calmer, more refined skin and less redness.

Plus of course Doris from Doll 10 was here for her extra session on Sunday – a two hour extravaganza no less!

All info and transcripts are below – and do join us next week for a fascinating Tips and Tricks Q&A with June who does lots of makeup behind the scenes for different brands – watch out for a couple of fab video tutorials using Doll 10 makeup too, and don’t forget Doris’s Today’s Special Value this Thursday (16th - Beauty Day!)

Davina Does QVC

Lovely Davina McCall was here of course last week – and I’m thrilled that we sold out of all the warehouse stocks. Go here to Friday’s QVC blog for full info, pics and videos of not only the whole show but of her exercise class outside in the Chiswick Park playground. It’s superb for getting back on track if you’re seriously plateauing with your weight loss and also for kick-starting a healthy eating and exercise regime. Do get it if you can – and don’t forget the QVC one has an exclusive extra DVD. I loved doing her show and my hour will be repeated a lot on the Extra channels.

Delightful Detector Dogs

I was so chuffed and thrilled to visit the Medical Detector Dogs HQ in Milton Keynes this week too – with just three and a half weeks to go till my 8th August Table Top sale near Dorking – info here. I did a little update about it on my Facebook page (which anyone can read, you don’t have to be a member of a group but you can kindly ‘like’ the page if you choose!) including lots of pics – full rundown will be this Friday on the next QVC blog and I’m also going to do a Home News post about it (which you’ll get it you subscribe to my weekly email on this website. So many ways to keep in touch! Lol!)

Chris Gardner and Jade Anyway I met some amazing animals who are helping humans be more human again, often following years of debilitating illness. Chris Gardner is one example – he has all sorts of medical problems including serious blood sugar issues and his wife had to inject him with lifesaving Glycogen every day – sometimes up to six times a day – or he would die. That bad. He was grey looking, frail and used a stick. Couldn’t play ball with his toddler son and was on course for a troublesome future. Until he got given Jade six months ago. He’s only 31. Now she gently alerts him if she smells changes in his blood sugar – on his breath – in enough time to stop it going really low or too high. She alerts him if it goes below 5 or above 15. Nowadays, his most recent HBAIC measurement went from a long term high of up in the 80s (normal is around 15) to now being around mid 60s due to Jade’s ongoing care and the reduced fluctuations in his critical measurements on a daily basis. He doesn’t need his stick any more, he has put on weight and has a glow for life again. Recently at an open day for the charity he was on stage telling 250 people about his story when Jade nudged him, alerting him live on stage that he should take his bloods right there and then and she wouldn’t stop till he did. So he took them and lo and behold it was 3. The crowd were amazed. Follow his updates on twitter @gardners1983 and donate direct here -

Another update next week…

Other news

-          Here’s how to donate to my fundraiser if you’d like to give even £5 – every little helps. Just click here and if you like, state whether you’d like to be entered into the general raffle or donate £20 and be entered into the premium raffle.

-          More about the charity some of the puppies’ stories, and some of the famous patrons – click here -

-          Diet is also important for many of the owners, eg diabetics. Here’s an article which caught my eye this week – if you’re thinking about healthy eating, read this – click here – ten reasons why I went vegan and they’re not what you think.

-          Lemon Water in the Morning – it’s sooooo good for you! More here.


Have a fab week!

Best wishes



Ps FIVE weeks until the big news about bigger webchats…x

Pps – STOP PRESS! For my August 8th Table Top sale, I will be offering Till the Fat Lady Slims eBook for Free for Kindle/app for a brief time, with optional donation to Detector Dogs charity via just giving. Do let people know! The free sample is still available right now though on amazon - offering the gist of the six point plan to break free from Food Prison. (link below)
I'd love to spread the word and get as many as possible to download it on Saturday 8th. And if you've joined this group and didn't know about the book, it will be your chance! Or if you can't wait it's currently under £3.
Loving the new reviews too - eg - 
Tracie's lost 3st - and says this:
"wonderful book , honest and open about her own battle with food prision that so many of us have been locked into as well. Great to have the info to hand of how to break free from the constant need to deprive myself of what i really want , Enjoying those Non Scale Victories and the rest is fall into place . a brilliant book which i refer back to to keep me motivated , i have lost over 3st and have kept it off no longer feel the need to be constantly jumping on the scales ,as i know i am in control of how i choose to eat that is keeping my body the shape and size i am very happy with"
link below for purple 2.0 book on Amazon.
Don't forget you can use it alongside ANy traditional diet plan - any. Can't you ladies? Anyone done just that? For the benefit of the newcomers! Welcome newcomers, by the way! x
Get it here. 

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Anne-Marie Mason Hi Doris, you always look so happy but I know that you've had your bad times. I hope you're feeling better these days but just wondered what you do to keep yourself strong and healthy please? x

Debbie Flint Good question Anne Marie. Doris's energy is one of the most vibrant I know. Fab lady x

Sue Stewart Hi Doris please bring your crown with you. Have a lovely trip lovely lady xx

Dawn Robinson Afternoon Doris , Im so excited about the TSV coming up this week, It really is an incredible & beautiful set ! I love red lipstick and the shade you've put in this set it just perfect x we love you x thank you also Sharon for all the heads up & fab posts about Doll10 xx

Debby Lisa Ross Hi Doris, hope you are well. I am on waitlist for your fabulous blendsmart foundation brush as I sadly missed it last time. Are you bringing it back with you? Thank you for getting the mirage powder back in stock as it is my favourite, I wish you a safe flight xxxx

Sharon Harvay Hi Doris thank you so much for having a chat with us this evening!! We are so looking forward to wwelcoming you back into London this week!! Cannot wait for your Tsv, you are spoiling us! now i know this is a tough question, but do you have a favourite item in your range? x

Doris Dalton Hello Loves.. I am so excited to be chatting with you on this Fab Sunday.. I have a fresh cup of coffee and ready to chat away... Xxx

Jill Dowding-Walker Hi Doris!!! grin emoticon

Sharon Harvay WOOO HOOOOOO!!! hI DORIS!!! How are you? lovely to hear from you! WElcome xx


Kathryn Stewart Hi Doris! Dying for the TSV. Sharon's been very bad tempting us! Xx

Yvonne Corser Hello Doris. Welcome back. Please tell us more about your tsv

Catherine Knight Hi Doris just wanted to say both my older daughters love your foundation and I will be buying them the TSV on Wednesday

Jill Dowding-Walker How would you layer your complexion products to get the best coverage in areas of imperfections?


Kathryn Stewart How do you k ow what's in the TSV Dawn? Last time I set alarm for midnight Doris, to secure it! My favourite is the brow liner and the foundation! What's yours? Xx


Doris Dalton Hi @Anne-Marie Mason. Thank you for the lovely comment.. All of us have been through difficulties in our life time.. what I do personally is the following.. Everyday, we wake up with a choice... A choice to be happy and thankful for what we have and what is in front of us, or a choice to focus on the negative. I try and look at the good things that I have been blessed with.. Like the opportunity to speak to all of you.. It's a blessing.. I try and eat healthy.. Now, you know though I have to have my sticky toffee pudding every time I come over and my fish and chips. .. That is the best! I think anything with in moderation is acceptable.. Xxxxx




Jill Dowding-Walker Love your Amour HydraGel blush - used it on my daughter and her friend when I did their make up for their recent prom! They glowed from within!

Kathryn Stewart And they looked lovely #Jill x

Sharon Harvay Hahahahah Kathryn i have a photo!! xx

Doris Dalton Hello @Sue Stewart. Do you really want me to bring my crown? I will have to dust it off and bring it with me one of these visits.. i think it still fits lol

Sharon Harvay Doris you are amazing,,,,,that is an amazing ethos xx

Sharon Harvay yes please do doris!!!!!!

Kathryn Stewart Oh yes Doris, bring the crown! Real royalty for us

, lol xx

Doris Dalton Hello Dawn Robinson.. The TSV is pretty amazing.. I'm so happy you love it.. I always get a little worried before a TSV... I want to make sure it is perfect and that everyone will live it as much as I do.. I figured this was a pretty good one because it has all of the favorites in it... XXXXX

Claire Harmer Hi doris, ive got to admit ive never been a very loyal to the foundation I use..always fliting from one to another..until I tried yours that was in the last tsv.aaamazing smile emoticon sadly ran out and had to go back to an old one I had kicking about, not a patch on yours..cant wait for the are beautiful inside and out by the way wink emoticon

Kathryn Stewart I see a midnight alarm call coming! Xxx

Doris Dalton Look at those Fab Dolls Jill! Gorgeous...


Dawn Robinson You need not worry ! We love everything you bring to QVC , just wish we could have you over here every week xoxoxo

Doris Dalton Hi Catherine.. That gel blush is just the best blush ever.. I always hated struggling with blushes or they looked to powdery.. I love the finish that it gives. It looks just like a young cheek that is perfectly flushed.. So glad that you and your daughter love it.. Thank you so much.. Xxxxx

Kathryn Stewart Oh Dawn, we would be broke! Doris you are a breath of fresh air. When is your son and Caitlin getting married? She looks lovely. Lucky girl with a momma in law like you! Xxx

Dawn Robinson I took your foundation to London with me & a lipgloss, didn't need to take anything else xx

Catherine Knight This is one of my daughters wearing doll 10 foundation to her prom


Kathryn Stewart Beautiful girl x

Juliette Rowland Hi Doris ive not tried your make up before but all the lovely comments on here have made me want to try I will be buying the TSV this week can't wait!! x

Claire Harmer You'll love it Juliette Rowland x

Sharon Harvay I think everyone knows how much i adore the products hahahahahaha its all i talk about lol x

Doris Dalton I was trying to post a pic of the TSV.. But my computer or maybe my tech skills aren't up to par lol..

Kathryn Stewart It's that Sharon blocking you. Little. Ins. Lol ! Xx

Claire Harmer Found it for you

Doris Dalton Hi Debby.. The Blendsmart brush is the most amazing thing I've ever seen honestly.. I'm sorry you missed it, but don't fret... I have more coming. It won't be for this visit I wont have them ready in time.. But I will have more back in September. Can't wait for you to try it.. It's crazy good...

Kathryn Stewart Ooh la la! Is the brow fix in it? Kxx

Pam Merrifield I love the Doll 10 foundation and concealer and have been using the BB drops but notice it defines my large pore on my nose. Do I need an additional primer underneath?

Kathryn Stewart What's the blendsmart brush? X

Doris Dalton Love the Prom picture Catherine.. She is gorgeous .. And I'm just thrilled that she is wearing the foundation.. That makes me so proud.. Xxxx

Doris Dalton How did you gals figure that TSV pic out? Somebody needs to show me how to work the Internet and a computer!!!!!

Catherine Knight Thank you Doris they can't wait for this TSV

Debby Lisa Ross Thanks Doris, can't wait for September to try it, lots of love xxx

Sharon Harvay Don't worry Doris I can send you a copy


Tracy Clark Hi Doris. What do you suggest for people with problem prone skin and health issues with their hands


Kathryn Stewart See told you Sharon was tempting us! Lol


H'aitchy Robertson What colour is the lip stick and gloss? Hard to see from pic. Is it red ?


Yvonne Corser I use ultra sun, decleor iris drops and moisturiser followed by your BB and your foundation. Is this too much? My foundation never seems to look right but this is my skin care routine

Doris Dalton Hi Pam... The BB drops should make your pores look smaller.. Make sure you are blending it in.. instead of the sponge that comes with the BB Drops, try using a brush to buff over the nose area and smooth it out.. Also when apply the foundation in that area make sure you buff it with a brush. I have large pores around my nose as well and that is what works best for me.. I hope that helps.. Xxxx

Jill Dowding-Walker If you are bringing the Blendsmart brush in September, please can you cajole, wheedle and whine to QVC to put it on 3 or 4 Easy-Pays?

Doris Dalton Hello Juliette.. I hope you are more then pleasantly surprised with the products.. I love making beautiful products that look and feel great on the skin. I love working with the textures of cosmetics to make them thin and comfortable to wear as well as long lasting. I hate the feel of anything heavy or mask Like. I believe that make up should compliment you not hide or change you.. please let me know what you think once you've had a chance to try it..

Juliette Rowland Thank you Doris I will x

Aisha London What are the items in the tsv I can't tell.

Doris Dalton Hi Claire.. We cant let you run out of foundation anymore!!!!! It's in the TSV and Conceal it too! My two must haves. I wanted to make sure they were in there.. Xxxx


Kathryn Stewart Is the brow fixer in the TSV Doris! It's been my saviour with sparse, fair menopausal brows x

Doris Dalton Hi Hi'aitchy it isn't red.. That picture makes the color look a little brighter then it actually is.. It's a richer deep shade of rose and the blush is shear that matches the lip stick and gloss. The ladies were asking for a richer shade and this one is fab! I think you will love it..

Marie McEwan hi there Doris Greetings from sunny you have a suncare range at all?

Natalie Coe Hi Doris. I'm a recent convert. I especially love the conceal it concealer. I'll probably go for the light in the TSV for when my tan fades. I guess you're busy running the Doll 10 empire most of the time but what do you like to do in your spare time? X


H'aitchy Robertson Great Doris. I was hoping it wasn't red. Loved last tsv n will be buying this one too.


Doris Dalton Hi Jill.. I wish I had control of easy pay.. I always ask for it! I love Easy Pay.. It's like the easy pay lottery lol.. I hope they do.. Trust me I ask! i do know that the TSV is under 35 pounds so I'm really happy about that..

Joanne Mitchell I love the flat foundation blending brush, I use it every day. I wash it with anit-B hand soap and it dries beautifully... like new every time. A fantastic brush

Sharon Harvay yayayayayayay x

Aisha London 35 pound is a bargain

Sharon Harvay It is Aisha especially when you consider how ,Much the concealer and foundation are individually!! The price is just amazing! Great way for newbies to try and for devotee's to restock x


Jill Dowding-Walker Have you thought about my earlier question yet please? How would you layer your complexion products to get the best coverage in areas of imperfections


Doris Dalton Hi Yvonne.. if you are using several different layers of products you have to wait for each layer to dry.. A pain I know, but layers can interfere with each other..its always great to where an spf.. I'm a big fan of sun protection. i believe that the ultra sun has moisturizers in it so you might be over doing it.. Try using a moisturizer at night and in the morning just add your spf then follow with the foundation.. Let me know if that helps..

Yvonne Corser Thankyou Doris. Love you heaps xxxx

Doris Dalton Hello Tracy.. Sorry to hear about your hands.. I use Loccitane as my hand cream.. also make sure when you are cleaning and around detergents that you protect them..possible with gloves. Also, check the soap that you use to wash your hands with. I use a very mild soap that has moisturizer in it. Make sure that your soap doesn't have any alcohol in it as well.. I hope that helps..

Tracy Clark Sorry Doris Dalton. I meant the easiest of your products to use. My fault x

Doris Dalton Hi Jill.. Yes.. I get asked that question the most of any particularly because I have a lot of skin issues.. Here is my routine.. Start with your foundation first.. I use that all over My face.. The reason you start there first is because foundation is typically lighter then your conceaor and can cover more then you think.. Then the areas that are red or are peaking through, I use a stippling motion which is like a dabbing motion with conceal or on those areas.. Once it is almost dry, then I blend with a brush.. The whole process takes me less then a few minutes.. Once you get the stippling technique down you will never have any problem spots peaking through.. Hope that helps.. Let me know..xxxx


Jill Dowding-Walker Fabulous Doris - that's a great routine, thank you! smile emoticon x


Gill Briers Hi Doris which of your foundations would be best for my very oily skin - I want no shine at all! Looking forward to your TSV i really want to try the concealer!


Sally Ann Webb Doris thank you for the blendsmart brush ,I you for this and your amazing foundation

Anne Keating Hi Doris. I'm just starting to use Doll 10 and find as I have very little in the way of eyebrows, I'm not sure how to use the brow product. Hopefully I will have more brows to work on soon as I'm using Revitabrow! xx

Debby Lisa Ross I love your conceal it concealer, it is the best one. My daughter Jade who is 16 also wears it. Here she is last week at her prom wearing doll 10 xx

Doris Dalton Hi Natalie.. I must tell you, that I LOVE doing what I do, it never feels like work.. so I am really blessed... But, in my spare time, I take care of animals.. I work with an animal rescue.. I have a colony of cats in my neighborhood that I care for.. I'm also recently enjoying wedding plans for my son and his future bride Caitlin.. That has been a true highlight.. I think I have mentally bought myself about 8 dresses for the wedding already! Lol

Alexandra McMahon Are your foundations drying to the skin?also is it suitable for sensitive skin

Sharon Harvay hahahahah.....Wonder who will do Caitlins make up? lol

Natalie Coe Haha Doris! I volunteer at a local dog rescue centre in my spare time. That's where I got my gorgeous I puppy, Ziva, from.  animals x

Sharon Harvay Doris before you go...what else can we look forwardto on Thursday apart from your fabulous personality and amazing TSV ?

Doris Dalton Hi Gill.. None of my foundations are matte. They all leave a glow to the skin.. If you want to mattify the foundation, may I suggest that you try the mirage blending powder .. It will instantly mattify the skin and set your foundation as welol as soften any make up mistakes.. I use that when I'm on air To reduce and shine.. I hope that helps..

Gill Briers ahh I will have a look a that! thank you for answering!

Sharon Harvay oooooooohhhh Must try that!!! I love the colour correcting powder too! That is amazing, gives a fab finish for photos!!

Doris Dalton Hello Alexandra.. The foundations are very moisturizing and great for the skin. the hydrafluid foundation is a water based foundation so it is very light weight.. however, if you have very sensitive skin, you should always to a small patch test on the side of your face just to make sure.. Xxxxx

Doris Dalton Gorgeous Pic Debby.. Your daughter is a dream!

Debbie Flint Doriiiiiiiissss!! Will see u in thursday! June Kelly-Bain is going to record a couple of makeup tutorials on video with me n my ipad to use for her very first Back to You Webchat next minday (20th!)- hope u can join in!


Denise Large Love love ,your foundation


Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you for spending time with us today Doris! Love you and will be watching all the shows! #excited smile emoticon x x x

Doris Dalton Hi Kathryn.. Devon and Caitlin are getting married September 30 th 2016.. It's been so exciting, I can't even begin to tell you. i can't wait to go and look for a wedding dress for Cait..I search on my iPad every night.. I think I've saved 1000 dresses already. She is an amazing young woman.. And I'm a bit bias but Devon is a pretty special young man.. They have dated since they were 16 so she has already felt like a daughter now for so many years..

Doris Dalton Hi Debbie.. June is the best so talented at make up.. I'm really blessed that she loves the make up and works with us.. I know she will do an amazing job on the tutorials.. Would love to join in.. That would be fantastic.. Xxxx

Doris Dalton Thanks Denise xxxxx I love chatting with all of you

Doris Dalton thanks Jill.. Hope the tips help.. Xxxx

Doris Dalton hey Sharon.. I have some new lippies that are really amazing.. They are like velvet.. Really different and some other new goodies.. I can't kiss and tell all the good stuff lol

Sharon Harvay oooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!! New Lippies!!!! I love your lippies i have soooo many they are absolutely the best!!! There is a colour for everyone and they suit all skin tones!! Now that is exciting!!!

Sharon Harvay Matte Palette will be back in stock woo hop!

Dawn Robinson I want that Sharon !!!!! x

Doris Dalton hey Natalie.. I grew up on a farm, so animals are pretty special to me.. It's so awesome that you volunteer and rescues are the best. I have 2 nugget and Bella that are rescues. A lab and a little Pitt .. in fact I'm typing slow because nugget wants to keep jumping on me.. Xxxx

Sharon Harvay I'm obsessed with those lip colours smile emoticon

Sara Brown Doris, just getting in at the end to say I bought the universal brow fix on your last visit. Love it and the mascara. Looking forward to trying conceal it next.

Dawn Robinson You've got to many Sharon ! Ive got a good idea share them with me lol xx

Jill Dowding-Walker Ya don't say Sharon!!! wink emoticon x

Sharon Harvay They are all different and each one gets used and looks amazing! My sister is obsessed too and steals them! PLus we love Doll 10 Packaging, its beautiful x

Sharon Harvay Told ya i love em

Doris Dalton hi Anne..brows are easy once you get the hang of it.. you know, I think they are the most important part of your make up.. In fact, I'm a bit obsessed with brows. I would tell you to slow down when you are doing your brows.

Caroline Harris I love the lippies too! I love everything haha! Excited for Thursday! xx

Sharon Harvay brilliant x


Doris Dalton yeah Sally Ann.. I'm so glad you love the Blendsmart brush.. I really think it's brilliant too..

Doris Dalton yaeh Joanne.. So glad you love the precision foundation brush. Having the right brushes is just as important if not more then having the right make up...


Doris Dalton Hello Marie from sunny Ireland... PS I'm half Irish lol.. No, not yet.. Right now I am just focusing on color cosmetics and not skin/sun care.. There are several really great skin care lines that provide spf.. I know that ultra sun is pretty popular in Europe. I use a cream with spf for skin protection as you know, our Irish skin burns pretty easily.. a little trick also, you can use a tinted moisturizer with spf then apply your foundation. The tinted moisturizer will even your skin tone out.. Also all foundations have a physical sun block in them from the pigment even if it's not claimed on the bottle.. Xxxx

Doris Dalton hi Kathryn.. The brow is not in the TSV but I will have it in stock.. The TSV has just about everything else in it tho. I think you will really love it..

Alexandra McMahon I'm so excited.never used doll before but I'm going to give it a go.x

Marie McEwan Thanks Doris....I knew those good looks and that fabulous sense of humor was in some way connected to this place!!!!! More power to you and your company!!!x

Sharon Harvay Oh Alexandra!! You will love it!

Sharon Harvay Doris just Quickly as I know there is alway confusion over foundation colour to go for... Can you help? X

Doris Dalton Kathryn, it's an automatic make up brush that rotates and runs on a lithium battery.. It is sold out currently and I will have more stock in September.. So sorry you missed it.. It's awesome.

Alexandra McMahon I hope so....a few haven't suited me recently for different reasons.i love a pink blush, it's my colour x

Sara Brown Was about to ask the same as Sharon. I'm fairly light in bare minerals and I've not used liquid for two years. Much in need of a new concealer


Sharon Harvay Bronzer back this week? x

Doris Dalton Hi Sara.. I love a cream or liquid foundation/concealer personally.. I always top off my make up with a very light dusting of a powder.. Conceal it is pretty thin and goes on really light.. So is the foundation. im actually working on a moisturizing powder foundation that should be ready next year.. I can keep you posted..

Sharon Harvay oooooohhh la la x

Sara Brown Thanks Doris. I much prefer a cream concealer. Looking forward to the powder foundation.

Sharon Harvay We have been so spoilt this evening by an almost 2 hour long Web Chat with Doris!!! xx


Alexandra McMahon Thanks doris.some great advice

Can't wait for tsv now x


Doris Dalton Shade choices for the foundations are pretty easy.. The fair shade is for ultra fair gals.. You always burn in the sun.. Think I'd Nicole Kidman or Snow White .. It has a bit of a pink undertake one to it.. Light is the shade that I wear.. It's a bit warmer and not as pink. A blend between pink and yellow. It's for gals that burn in the sun but then turn to tan..Medium is warmer then the light definitely the most popular shade and is yellow under tones..tan is the richest color for love skin tone complexions. The foundation and Conceal it match each other.. Don't forget that in the summer your foundation tends to be a bit warmer then in the fall or winter months. Even tho you use spf, you still get sun. I typically don't change my foundation color. If I notice that it appears a bit light because my skin has warmed in the summer, I usually sweep a small bit of bronzer on my face.. Hope that helps..

Doris Dalton I hope I didn't miss anybody.. Thank you all for spending your Sunday evening with me.. You ladies are the best! See you on Thursday.. After I eat my fish and chips.. Yes, in the news paper and top it off with my sticky toffee pudding.. Xxxxxxxx

Sharon Harvay That is fabulous explain!! Thank you Doris...Ladies hope that helps all you Snow whites out there!! Love it!! I use Medium and love it and adore the bronzer, its huge, its like a saucer size hahahaha x

Sharon Harvay Ladies please join me in thanking gorgeous Doris Dalton for spending so much time with us this evening! Wow Doris you have been amazing, i am so excited for thursdays TSV and cannot wait to tune in and see you and all your amazing products! if anyone is sitting on the frence, please give it a go it really is a beautiful range that is easy to apply, easy to wear, suits all skin types and colours and feel and looks warning though...its addictive hahahahaha thank you Doris xxxxxx

Sharon Harvay Doll 10 TSV THURSDAY 16th July Under £35 xx

Dawn Robinson Thank you Doris & Sharon your both beautiful xxx

Sharon Harvay So are you Snow White

Karen Studley As I don't have any questions for the beautiful Doris Dalton, been sitting reading all the questions and comments instead smile emoticon

And now seeing the TSV photo feeling more excited!

Thank you Doris xx

Karen Studley

Anne-Marie Mason Thank you Doris. I'm so sorry, I ended up not getting home until late tonight so missed the rest of your chat. I love your outlook though and I'm going to keep saying it to myself now! x


Anne-Marie Mason Thanks Sharon, just had a good read, another fab chat yet again. x

Sharon Harvay Welcome xx

Sharon Harvay Thanks Doris xx






Lesley Redmond Hi Adele can you use collagen gel as your daily and nightly moisturiser, I am going away and don't want to take to much with me.

Sue Stewart Hi Adele I hope you are well. I have a friend who is starting chemotherapy tomorrow for breast cancer. I have a Propolis shower cream and gel would this be good for her as a pick me up. I want to do uplifting things for her with treats as she journeys along this tough and scary road she has in front of her. She also has to have radiotherapy and perhaps surgery. Xx

Sam-lee Taylor Hi Adele is lavender safe to use on a very unsettled 3 year old after her bath or have the shower gel swell. It takes her so long to settle wondered if this may relax her a bit xx

Jacqueline Jackson Hi Adele welcome. I recently purchased the camphor gel and it's absolutely fabulous! My legs get really hot at night and this has made them feel a lot more comfortable and so I can sleep better. What other ways can I use it or what else could I mix it with? Thank you. x

Vicki Edwards Hi Adele, I really suffer with cramp, not just during the night but also when I'm just sitting or when swimming . In my legs, tops of feet , calfs etc .

Will any of the gels help at all? I take Quinine tablets on prescription but they don't really work.

Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas What is the best way to apply the arnica warming gel? I use it on my knee.

Sue Farrell Hi Adele, I love Lavender gel - what would you say are the main reasons someone would use it? Can I use it on my face? and does it really have proven calming/relaxing properties? Thank you! I love SBC gels smile emoticon

Claire Louise Hi Adele can you do a TSV with supersize collagen and honey collection. x x

Ktm Mn Hi Adele what would you recommend for acne skin to help heal it and settle to compliment the medication used to treat it

Tracie-Jane Bath Hi Adele,is there a product i could use to settle muscle spasms in my legs?xx

Lynn Parry Hi Adele loving the last TSV I took the AD option. I suffer with really dry broken skin around my nails and cuticles which gets really sore it is worse in summer than winter what can I use to help it heal and moisturise it? I use hand cream daily and nail oils. Many thanks xxx

Hazel Owen Dry to oily skin which is the best one to use on face been using 3-1 cleanser coligan

Dawn Robinson Hello Adele my daughter has a question, she suffers with dry skin around her nose what would you advise please ? x

Adele Sbc Good Evening! How are you all? So delighted to be invited to take part in tonights Q&A. Will do my very best to ensure I answer everything as thoroughly as possible. xxx

Adele Sbc Hi Lesley Redmond. Yes! most definitely, positively and absolutely. I agree that its great to travel light and the collagen gel will be light, cool and freshing for your skin. Have a wonderful time and just make sure you use plenty of sun screen. Its the number 1 rule.xx

Tom Ogden Awww thanks Liz! Thats really kind of you and kicked off our Facebook night on a high wink emoticon M&Tx

Adele Sbc Hi Sue Stewart, so lovely to hear from you. I am sorry to hear your friend is having such a difficult time. I would always recommend that anything used on your skin is approved by her consultant but I definitely think the propolis would be ideal for her. We also have many clients that use the Aloe Vera Collection whilst going through similar treatments as it cools the skin following radiotherapy. Perhaps a little of both? But as I said, please do check that they are OK before use. Lots of love to you.xx

Sharon Harvay Hi Adele, hope you are well! Thank you for joining us this evening, we really appreciate it x

Sue Stewart Thanks Adele you know me well. You helped me with my mum when she was alive now my friend. Thank you xxx

Lesley Redmond Thanks so much Adele for your reply much appreciated xxx

Adele Sbc Hi Sam Sam-lee Taylor. So glad you have asked. Always good to check with your little ones! I think that 3 years is fine to use a little Lavender on at bedtime. I also think that the application of the gel can become part of your relaxation routine to help to calm her before bedtime. I am sure that you have all of these tips covered but just try to create a regular pattern that starts to send signals to her that you are winding down. Some music, stories and a little massage with the lavender is helpful as well as creating a lovely bond for you both. May I also say that I feel your pain. I have a gorgeous 17 year old daughter who never had any intention of going to bed.....ever! If its any help it does pass. I hope it helps. Lots of

Adele Sbc Hi Jacqueline Jackson. You can target any area that has tightness, tension and fatigue such as muscles that may have been overstretched following exercise of excursion. The gel has a mild tingling almost numing sensation that stimulates and energises the tissue. You can use a small amount on in combination with Arnica or indeed any other gel you feel needs that Zing!.x

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Adele it smells gorgeous x

Carol Gillmore Hi Adele I've lost some weight and my tummy area is now a bit wobbly and slack what would be the product to help with this ? X

Lynn Parry Sorry another one from me I am a recent convert to the collagen gel at night team and slather it on my face and décolleté would I use my oil under or over the collagen gel? Thanks xx

Adele Sbc Hi Vicki Edwards. Poor you! How uncomfortable. I would perhaps try the Leg Soothing Gel which has calming Arnica as well as refreshing Camphor and Witch hazel. I really hope it helps.x


Vicki Edwards Thanks Adele, I havnt seen that one, Ive got Arnica , I'll look for the soothing gel , thanks x


Karen Cartwright We have your gels everywhere in our house. My Husband likes me to put arnica and aloe vera on his back before he goes to bed, he claims it stops his back itching and makes him sleep all night long.

Karen Cartwright I love your Vitamin collection and use they day and night and we all bath in propolis. xx

Karen Cartwright We have your gels everywhere in our house. My Husband likes me to put arnica and aloe vera on his back before he goes to bed, he claims it stops his back itching and makes him sleep all night long.

Karen Cartwright I love your Vitamin collection and use they day and night and we all bath in propolis. xx

Adele Sbc Hi Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas. Apply the warming gel to clean dry skin. I think it is best used on its own as the thicker formula doesn't blend as effectively as the other gels. Parhaps if you have time apply a warm compress with some Arnica Muscle soak before hand? Apply a small amount, perhaps 10 pence piece, and massage into the area gently. You can leave for 20 minutes then buff away if you prefer or simply massage until it has absorbed. It does take a little longer than other gels as it has a texture that is more like a balm. xx

Sharon Harvay I love love love Aloe Vera so much! It's beautiful on ankles and neck and pulse's so cooling and refreshing xx

Adele Sbc Hi Sue Farrell. Lavender has the most incredible properties that is often under rated. It has anti septic properties and is really great for oily or congested skin. It will help to reduce any reactive redness on your skin. So, apply to the face to reduce sensitivity, oiliness or congestion. Great to support you during seasonal changing on your skin with environmental damage. Lavender is also an essential oil which means it has a particular chemical construction. Its effects are powerful when applied to the skin and inhaled. We have used it for so man years to relieve emotional stress and to promote rest. Great to add to Arnica for body treatments. I have to stop....I'm going on and on and on.xx

Tom Ogden Hi Adele! Do you do any nice gels?

Adele Sbc Hi Claire Louise. Great idea! Keep your eye out for that new Honey Collection. Not too long to wait. I'll try to give you the nod.xx

Claire Louise Thanks Adele x x

Adele Sbc Hi Ktm Mn. I think if you have acne that is receiving medical attention I would suggest the propolis gel which will help to contain and maintain a healthy surface of the skin to reduce bacterial growth. This should compliment any treatment you are receiving but do check with your GP if you have any concerns. I might also add some Lavender to the mix to reduce any redness.xx

Adele Sbc Hi Tracie-Jane Bath. I think as suggested a little earlier to Vicki, I would perhaps try the Leg Soothing Gel or the warming Arnica Gel. The massage of these products on a regular basis may also really help.x

Sharon Harvay Fabulous thanks Adele xx


Adele Sbc HI Lynn Parry. I think that if you upgrade your lotion with a little propolis to your had lotion it may really help. Do it moring and night, even if you don't have time to use your lotion.x


Jill Dowding-Walker Really eager for the new Honey range! What products will be available? What skin is it for?


Adele Sbc Hi Hazel Owen. May I ask if you have dry and oily skin at different times or do you have an oily T-Zone. I think the Collagen 3in1 is fabulous particularly for dry skin but it may help me to understand a little better if you could tell me a little more?x

Jan Penn Hi Adele, my new best friend is the Rose and argan gel, goes under my moisturiser everyday, and at night I mix with the collagen as a mask, loving it, is there anything special coming up with it in, would love a duo of 500ml please xx

Sharon Harvay Jill you will not be disappointed it is stunning! The honey scrub is in my new blog! Smell is just divine x

Lynn Parry Oooh I like that idea Jan Penn xx Cant wait to try the honey Sharon Harvay sure it has great healing properties xxx

Adele Sbc Hi Dawn Robinson, I think a little Jasmine & Evening Primrose would be good. The ingredients are fabulous to normalise areas of irritation and dryness.x

Dawn Robinson Brill i will let her know and thank you for the advice when i burnt my hand a few weeks ago xx

Adele Sbc Hi Carol Gillmore. I would suggest a blend of our Body Firming Gel with Collagen. Body Firming Gel has stimulating ingrediets such as coffee and Algae which can help to taughten the surface of the skin.xx

Carol Gillmore Thankyou Adele x

Sylvia Jarvis Hi Adele ~ I bought the NŪFACE system when it was a TSV a little while ago. I'm not keen on the conductive gel which came with it, and wondered if I could use my Collagen or Propolis gel instead. Many thanks xx


Adele Sbc I would apply under you oil Lynn Parry as the water based formulas that we use do not create a barrier for the oil to penetrate. If hoever you use the oil first, your Collagen gel will sit on top of the oil and prevent it's efficacy.x

Sue Farrell Thanks so much Adele!

Lynn Parry Thank you for all your help and advise Adele xx

Sharon Harvay Adele when are you back on Qvc? X

Karen Cartwright I think I will be buying more gels. Thanks Adele xx

Adele Sbc Vicki Edwards - Leg Soothing gel is in a great kit tomorrow in 100ml sizes. Fab way to try before you invest in a larger size. Its one of the products I have at home at all times. Another great

Sylvia Jarvis This is what I'm talking about xx


Adele Sbc Amazing Karen Cartwright! I'm sure he loves the massage too. He's not silly is he? xx

Adele Sbc Tom Ogden. What I don't know about gels aint worth knowing! I need to see you soon. xxx

Karen Cartwright No he isn't Adele, he rolls on his front every night and asks for the wonder gels to be applied! He has a frozen shoulder and he has very itchy skin on his back but since I have been using the gels he sleeps like a baby and his shoulder is much improved. Your gels are wonderful and if they get men looking after their skin too that is brilliant, my hubby isn't a cream and lotion man at all. xx

Karen Cartwright I ordered the Judith Williams latest range and had a terrible reaction to it, but I kept it and added your Vit C and Vit E to it and I can now use it and my skin looks lovely if I say so myself. On a night I smother probably too many gels on, I start with the collagen, then go onto the Vit C, then the Vit E and then Lavender. Heaven knows if I should apply layer after layer but my skin seem to like all of them, I never know when to stop. xx

Adele Sbc Hi Jill Dowding-Walker. We are launching 3 new Honey Shower Cremes. Honey & Almond, Honey & Cedarwood and Honey & Oats. They have been the most enormous success in Italy so we will be bringing them to the UK. I think you'll love them.xx

Sue Stewart Adele please advise best way to use the Aloe Vera gel and what can I mix it with. This one's a new one to me x

Karen Cartwright I want to try the blue gel, I'm not sure what it is called but someone said it is fab. It is the one on your stand above, a lovely colour xx

Adele Sbc Hi Jan Penn We have definitely had a collagen and Rose Duo recently. I will check details of availability and let you know. It may be tomorrow but I will get back to you if OK? I love the duo's. Why have one when you can have two is what I say! x

Sue Stewart Can't wait for the new gels to come when will it bee (pun intended) please.

Sharon Harvay Camphor!!! OMG my son is smothered in it as we speak!!! Coughs, cold, aches pains, cooling soothing.... It is fabulous xx

Adele Sbc And yes Jan Penn, I salute you. Great work.xx


Karen Cartwright I am looking forward to tomorrow now and because Hubby likes the gels I can order and order x

Adele Sbc You are so welcome Dawn Robinson. I hope you are ok? May I just say that what ever it is your family are using you are clearly a complete pro. You are all just gorgeous! Beautiful Children...Well done you! xx


Susan Buckland Hi Adele Will I still be able to use honey and almond one as I am allergic to almond because I found out by accident but I'm allergic to Almond


Adele Sbc Hi Sylvia Jarvis Yes! Most definitely. SBC was created to be used with conductive equipment. I would suggest the collagen gel. Such a brilliant way to use them and often the way they are used in the spa.xx

Jan Penn Thanks Adele, any hints on TSV please? Xx

Adele Sbc Sharon Harvay Tomorrow! Quick little hit on the lunchtime show which I love. More chat, is what I was born to do. The we have an hour show at 4pm and another at 11pm. I get to work with Craig Rowe TvPresenter at 11pm. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Hope to see you there? x


Dawn Robinson Bless you Adele your so kind  xx

Sue Stewart Will be watching tomorrow. Love Craig lucky you xx

Debbie Flint Fab chats all! Join me on air now till 10 for Benefit cosmetics! Fab makeup tips nezt week on webchat too with June Kelly-Bain! Ps honora earrings tonight midnight too! X

Susan Buckland Hi Debbie how's the house clearing going well I hope

Adele Sbc Karen Cartwright, I think your doing fine. Your skin will soon tell you if you are overusing a product or if you have any sensitivity.xx

Sharon Harvay Adele Sbc Thank you so much for joining us for this amazing web chat!! Always so informative, we learn so much from you about these stunning gels!! looking forward to seeing you on Qvc tomorrow. Thank you Adele, have a wonderful evening x

Adele Sbc Sue Stewart, Aloe vara can be applied to any area that is overheated. Often the case with radiotherapy. The skin should not be broken. When skin is heated it loses moisture very quickly. Its important to soothe with the Aloe Vera and to rehydrate. the gels are great for this and they are so light they don't make the heated skin sweat. Keep in the fridge for extra cooling benefits.xx

Sue Stewart Thanks Adele and Sharon xx

Adele Sbc Karen Cartwright. Sounds like the Camphor and Menthol to me. Its QVC's Supersize of the moth. IS AMAZING> xx

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Adele and Sharon x

Adele Sbc Susan Buckland. I think this is something you should be cautious of. Our prducts contain the natural extract. It may be that you are only allegic to ingesting Almonds but please check. You should always patch test before using anything you think may cause a reaction.x

Tom Ogden Well Gel Adele...geddit

Sharon Harvay oh lord......get the Valium

Sylvia Jarvis Thanks for such an informative "chat" ~ also, how's the "Guide to Gels" coming along?  xx

Dawn Robinson Thank you Adele & Sharon xx


Adele Sbc Thank you all for your fabulous company. Thank you also to our wonderful Sharon Harvay without out whom I wouldn't have even met you all. You do the most amazing job and we love you. Just putting that out there on a public forum. xx

Sharon Harvay Omg  the pleasure is all mine! But thank you so much xxx

Susan Buckland Ok Adele I will do that thank you i'm okay with your camphor and menthol ones which works wonders on my back thanks Adele and good night to you and Sharon

Adele Sbc We are working really hard to ensure that as many kits as possible are delivered with a quick "How to & Tips" info. It is a work in progress but It is on hand.xx

Sue Stewart Are you blushing Sharon xx

Sharon Harvay I am

Adele Sbc Tom Ogden Hahaaa! Don't be Gel gawjuss. You don't need no agro in your

Adele Sbc Oh thanks everyone. I have the best time with you. See you tomorrow.xx

Karen Cartwright Thanks everyone especially Adele and Sharon, off to cleans and apply my gels, night all xxx

Ktm Mn thanks very much Adele Sbc for the response, much appreciated, loved the lavender tip for redness hadn't thought of that x

Hazel Owen Adele Sbc hi I have dry checks and oily t zone, sorry for late reply just been at Cubs

Adele O'Donoghue No problem Hazel Owen. Ok, I would use the Collagen 3in 1 cleanser then perhaps the Jasmine & Evening primrose gel which is great to balance unsettled skin, Hope it helps.xx

Hazel Owen Thank you so much for the help love love Sbc

Sue Stewart You still hear Adele x last to leave the party xxxx





Allison McManus Hallas I want to ask I have just bought the Instant Facial to use on holiday do I use it before or after ultrasun don't want to get it wrong?

Liz Clark lovely pic my two fav qvc guests x

Sonia Val-carreres I would love if Tom could give us a holiday routine, while you are in the sun. I know he has said before not to use the liquid gold, so I will like to know what other product we should/should not been using on hols. Thanks Tom/Michelle.

Liz Clark i use it at night then use a sunscreen in the day. but i only use the liquid gold now 2 nights a week as maintenance

Gill Briers I can't be online tonight but just want to say that I love the range, especially the micro cleanse, there's no other that works so well. Am looking forward to the TSV!

Liz Clark micro cleanse is the best. no other scrub beats it and the smell is invigorating

Laura Smith Please can you recommend products to help with oily, congested t zone, with open pores? Thanks x

Laura Smith PS, I'm in St Ives at mo where Internet is very poor so may not be able to respond later x

Mandy Ball When is the next TSV?

Amirah Valu Hello Tom and Michelle, firstly thank you for taking part in the chat. At the moment i'm suffering from angry hormonal spots that are painful and bleed. I have stopped wearing make-up when possible and stripped back my skincare. I have been using liquid gold but only recently found found out that I need to wear a SPF the next day (I know you should always wear spf rain or sun). Would love your tips smile emoticon

Dawn Robinson Hello Tom my question is my Son is 16 and keeps getting breakouts would any of the Alpha H products be suitable to help this xx

Tom Ogden Hello Everyone! How was your Monday? M&Txx

Tom Ogden Hi Allison! Michelle here! I would recommend you use it before applying your Ultrasun and if you're on holiday, use it as your cleanser, toner, exfoliant and skin plumper! Mx

Sandra Taylor Hi Tom fabulous thanks I received my alpha h delivery today smile emoticon


Sharon Harvay Hi Tom & Michelle, thank you for joining us this evening! Lovely to welcome you both back xx


Tom Ogden Hi Sonia! When you're on holiday, "less is best". We want minimal beauty routine so lets go for 'cleanse followed by Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+' and then at night, cleanse and Essential Hydration Cream'. 2 step, 24/7 and we've got you covered! M&Tx

Allison McManus Hallas Thank you Michelle! I am thrilled with the results from Alpha H have also got my 18yr of son using your cleanser my skin has never looked as good x Allison

Sandra Taylor I wanted to ask i have just purchased the alpha h micro cleanse with glycolic acid & rice bran. It says use 3 times a week, how should i use liquid gold? On the same days but the evening?

Tom Ogden Hi Laura! Tom and I know all about open pores! We recommend you use the Micro Cleanse for zero pores and super smooth skin. Check out QVC, they have a Supersize. And the best part can use it whenever it suits YOU! M&Tx

Tom Ogden Hi Amirah! We feel your pain frown emoticon We've been there too! Would love you to try our Balancing & Pore Refining Mask. It's loaded up with Lavender and anti-inflammatory ingredients and if you can sleep in it, you'll wake up with calmer, more refined skin and less redness. P.S. Dampen the mask with warm water before you remove it, which helps to make it super-easy to remove. Please let us know how you get on. M&Tx

Eileen Kenna Hello Michelle and Tom,

hope you're both having a lovely evening.

I'm a new Micro Cleanse user and am immediately noticing the benefits, but could you advise what's best to use in conjunction with it. Further cleanser and moisturiser?

I've got combination skin and I'd desperately like to try and get my oily t-zone under control.

Many thanks. x

Tom Ogden Hi Dawn! Clear Skin Daily Face Wash is a must for this young skin. Hormones who needs them?!! P.S. A certain "Niall" loves this product. He's in a rather popular boy band...just saying' wink emoticon

Tom Ogden Hi Allison! Thats fantastic. We appreciate the feedback as it keeps us bounding out of bed each morning, knowing we can make a difference! M&T x

Adele Sbc Hey Tom & Michelle! So glad to be sharing the FB chat with you both!. Have fun and lots of love, Adele xxx




Tom Ogden Hi Eileen! That's fab to hear that you're enjoying the Micro Cleanse. We'd love you to try our Triple Action Cleanser, which helps to minimise the excess oil, but also removes all your make up. With regard to moisturising, go Balancing Moisturiser all the way. It's your five-in-one: oil-absorber, pore-refiner, sleep-in exfoliant, eye-cream and it can go from top to toe! It changed my life, hope it helps you too!! Mx


Tom Ogden Adele!! We love the fact that we're all one big family! Can't wait to see you at the party. We heart emoticon our QVC friends!! M&Txxx


Dawn Robinson Wow ! thank you so much Tom i really appreciate that x

Eileen Kenna Thanks great Michelle thank you. x


Tom Ogden Hi Gill! We think you'll love our TSV wink emoticon

Jo Brown will there ever be a vegan version of Liquid Gold so I can see what I'm missing? Thanks

Sandra Taylor Tom did you get my question?

Tom Ogden You're welcome Dawn wink emoticon X

Tom Ogden Hi Jo Brown! We already's called Instant Facial - and it's 93% natural too! Mx


Sarah Hills Hi Tom and Michelle I've not tried Alpha H at all - I have very dry skin which can be sensitive what could you recommend for me to start off with?

Tom Ogden Hi Sarah! So you're an Alpha-H virgin wink emoticon We'd love to know what you're currently using so that we can simplify your routine and get you amazing results right from the get go! M&Tx

Tom Ogden Hi Sandra! When it comes to Liquid Gold, we recommend you use it each alternate evening. Cleanse your skin thoroughly first and then apply the Liquid Gold using a cotton pad. Remember that it's your "Lazy Girl" night so you don't need to use anything else, you can just go straight to bed afterwards! Hope you enjoy using it!! M&Tx

Tom Ogden Isn't anyone going to ask us about a certain TSV that might possibly be happening in a lounge room near you soon...hehehehehe! Come on - be cheeky...we won't tell!! XXXX

Sarah Hills Hi, mostly elemis but I've got a great beauty 'shop' in the bedroom, decleor, gatineau, clarins, liz earle! Right now using periconne cleanser at night with clarins multi active night cream. At day use Elemis pro collegen cream but when that is not hydrating enough use Judith Williams! Yes I am all over the shop! Scrub face 2-3 times a week and use loads of hydrating masks. Have professioal facials about every 3 weeks with body scrubs too at either an Elemis saloon or Clarins!

Jill Dowding-Walker Go on then Tom! Do tell! x

Claire Horgan Hey guys skin gone crazy after 2 back to back pregnancies. .want to start a new regime from scratch. .What do you recommend please xxxx

Eileen Kenna Go on then Tom, just whisper.

No one will notice

Karen Hunt Hi Tom and Michelle. Is there anywhere along the south coast I can experience an Alpha H facial? Would love to treat myself

Tom Ogden Hi Sarah! Did you know that a daily SPF is the most anti-ageing product you can put on your skin and guess what, it doesn't even need to be Alpha-H. As a responsible brand, it's worth adding to your system! Thanks for tuning in! M&Tx




Tom Ogden Well Jill... It might have something new...something dermatologically tested in it, which is perfect for the eye area...with an SPF wink emoticon Can't give too much away so you'll have to tune in! M&Tx


Jill Dowding-Walker Ya big tease! wink emoticon LOL!

Jo Brown Tom you can tell me, I've not had a tv signal since I's an ethical question so I can check out if it's a vegan TSV or not, shift work and staying up til midnight to check online does not make for good beauty sleep

Karen Hunt I'm in for the tsv no matter what's in it!


Tom Ogden Hi Claire! If you'd like a detailed prescription you can private message us with what you're currently using. We'll give you a heads up on one or two products that may get the ball rolling. Balancing Cleanser and Liquid Gold are a must and they slot in with anything and so quick to use (in-between feeds and everything else that goes with being a new mum!) Congratulations btw - send a piccie! That stork must have been busy!!! M&Tx

Tom Ogden Hi Jo. Can't give too much away about the TSV. 98% of our products are vegan friendly. We're sure you'll find something that will help your skin. QVC have an amazing range. Would definitely love you to try Instant Facial. It's your skin's new best friend! M&Tx

Tom Ogden Hello Karen! How are you? M&Tx

Tom Ogden Hi Sharon! Be-have! Can't give too much away about the TSV just yet, but we're very excited about it. Something old...something new...something gold hehehehe wink emoticon

Karen Hunt I'm fine having just taken delivery of the 500ml of balancing cleanser and bargain hunter micro cleanse. I know this will sound weird but my face almost sighs when I use your products!


Sharon Harvay Now I'm blue

Sharon Harvay Hahaha x it will be amazing thank you x


Sandra Taylor Thanks Tom you answered half my question lol

Tom Ogden Hi Karen! We know that feeling!! wink emoticon So glad you're an Alpha-Holic too! X


Tom Ogden Any other questions peeps? We are poised at the keyboard! M&Tx

Karen Hunt Where can I treat me and mum to an Alpha H facial. Desperate need of a treat!


Dawn Robinson What is your favourite Alpha-H product Tom ? x

Tom Ogden Btw everyone... did you know that 80% of skin ageing is due to everyday sun exposure. So get into your cupboards and get out your SPF moisturisers and make sure you use them over the holidays! M&Tx

Sarah Hills Do you have a really hydrating mask that you can recommend?

Tom Ogden Another little tip... Pop your Absolute Eye Complex in the fridge to make it extra-cooling, extra-firming and extra-soothing!! M&Tx

Tom Ogden Hi Sarah. Salon tip for you... We slather on a thick ole layer of the Essential Hydration Cream and let it soak in to plump, soothe and load up your skin with moisture! P.S. If you've been in the sun (shock horror!!!) then put it in the fridge so it's extra cooling! Enjoy! M&Tx

Sharon Harvay Tom how did you personally discover Alpha H? Has it dramatically changed your skin? X

Sarah Hills Thank you will order and give it a go.

Tom Ogden Hi Dawn! My favourite product is Balancing Cleanser and I've just pinned Michelle down to...Micro Cleanse! That's a first - normally she chooses four or five!!! Tx wink emoticon

Tom Ogden Whats your favourite Dawn??? smile emoticon M&Tx

AJ Humph Hi Tom &Michelle I love triple action cleanser it keeps my hormonal skin calm.youve mentioned the TSV but when is it-do tell please nicely xxxxz

Tom Ogden Another tip for you... If you just had one minute to moisturise, conceal, protect and 'check yourself out' go for Multi-Perfecting Skin Tint. The 'check yourself out' bit is the handy lil mirror in the lid. We're all over this multi-tasking business lol!!! M&Tx

Tom Ogden Hi AJ! There may just be a half a litre TAC coming your way. Better set your alarm for August 13th! M&Tx

Dawn Robinson My friend gave me her spare bottle of liquid gold perfecting day wear ! Absolutely beautiful xx

AJ Humph Fabulous -thanks will do xxxx

Tom Ogden Hi Sharon! "How did I discover Alpha-H?" Well...welll... I tried this lil product called "Liquid (Bladdy) Gold" and woke up the next morning knowing that I'd found my next adventure in life. Then I met this lady called Michelle Doherty (and I've been on Valium ever since). Just joking!!! Michelle made me write that lol!!!!!!!! X


Debbie Flint Fab chats all! Join me on air now till 10 for Benefit cosmetics! Fab makeup tips nezt week on webchat too with June Kelly-Bain! Ps honora earrings tonight midnight too! X

Tom Ogden Where did the hour go????? M&Txxx


Tom Ogden Bye everybody! It's been a blast chatting with you all. We're back on QVC on 22nd July with our amazing Micro Cleanse Home & Away! Grab it while you can!! Lots of love M&Txxx

Sharon Harvay Hahahahahahahahahahah Michelle, dig him in the Ribs!!!! hahahahahaha

Sharon Harvay Tom & Michelle thank you so much for an amazingly informative web chat. Its always a pleasure having you here chatting with us! So looking forward to seeing you on 22nd July. Have a fantastic evening xx

Tom Ogden Thanks Sharon. Always a pleasure!! See you all soon! M&Txxx

Dawn Robinson Thank you Tom

Michelle & Sharon xx

Claire Horgan Thanks Tom and Michelle xxc

Sonia Val-carreres Thank you Tom Ogden!!!!

Gill Briers Sorry I wasn't here but have read it all, some great tips and hints for the TSV! Think I might be ordering more than one he he!


Body Blade Bruce – Monday 13th July 2015


Bruce Hymanson

13 July at 09:14

Hello Bodyblade Ohana!! You are waking up and I am going to sleep. Today, I will not be able to join you at 8pm due to a mandatory meeting I must attend. I wanted to let you know now so you could ask me questions and hopefully, I can answer throughout the early evening (your time). I know there are many interesting in becoming community trainers and coaches. I will unveil more detail in the weeks to come. This is not something we are ready to launch just yet but I will share more along the way. Also, many would like a bag for their Bodyblade. We currently have a bag but it is a multi-blade bag which will carry any of the three models and up to six blades at a time. I think what most want is a simple single sleeve bag. Although it seems a simple task, we need to find the right bag manufacturer and make sure QVC will accept the bag for sale on QVC. Otherwise, we will offer it from our Bodyblade website. Lastly, how is everyone getting along? Remember, staying focused on regular training using proper technique and getting in touch with your body is so important. Just a quick story. I was in an airport restaurant the other day. A man (about my age, maybe younger) got up from his table, tripped and fell to the floor. He was alright and got up with assistance but it occurred to me that strength, balance, quickness, core stability, coordination and posture are not simply fitness terms we use when we talk about Bodyblade, it is life sustaining functional wellness and health we are talking about. The man in the restaurant was lucky. Didn't break a bone, hit his head or require medical attention. So when it's time for a little fun, your Bodyblade workout is about so much more than simply fitness exercises!! We hear the wonderful testimonials from our group everyday and I know hundreds of you tune in each week. Let's enjoy life, be leaders and most importantly be well. Please reply to this post so I can keep track for all of you today. Have a beautiful day and I will be checking in.

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Denise Large Thank you Bruce Hymanson

13 July at 09:18 · Like · 4


Helen Murphy Hello Bruce been spreading the BB mantra everywhere! That is a very good point about that poor gentleman glad he is ok though

13 July at 09:21 · Like · 6


Chris Jopp Hi Bruce, just wanted to say that I've found using the BB has definitely improved my posture and I feel much stronger when I'm walking and more sure footed. xx

13 July at 09:22 · Like · 5


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce sorry you won't be here tonight but hopefully we'll be able to ask questions

13 July at 09:23 · Like · 3


Petra May Hello Bruce. 3 weeks into using my Bodyblade as is my husband Ian. Both of us are finding we are standing and sitting straighter. Arms, stomach, back, shoulders all toning up. Clothes are starting to look better. Best of all is the confidence ìt is giving us. This is the first way of exercising that is fun and that means you look forward to doing it, plus it works. This group is wonderful as well. It's like joining in a huge exercise class from the comfort of your own front room. Thank you for bringing it to us.

13 July at 09:27 · Like · 6


Sue Stewart Thanks Bruce enjoy your meeting and remember stay focused lol xx

13 July at 09:29 · Like · 5


Pauline Vaughan Thank you Bruce

13 July at 09:29 · Like · 3


Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, thank you for the update on the BB bag. Also I have tried to do hula hooping whilst doing the chest press, is that ok? I am having great fun and getting a good workout! smile emoticon HAVE A GREAT DAY TOO

13 July at 09:31 · Edited · Like · 6


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce glad the man who fell was ok but you're so right in what you say. My mother has a knee problem (she's 76) at the moment and having upper body strength as you get older is so important for getting around especially if you have to use crutches or a frame to get about. Fortunately she's quite strong because I've encouraged her to keep fit and she recently bought a Bodyblade too so should get even stronger. Fitness isn't just for twenty something's it's even more important the older we get.

13 July at 09:30 · Like · 6


Anna Cartridge-citrone Hi Bruce enjoying BB first week but loving it

13 July at 09:31 · Like · 4


Tracie Wright Hi Bruce . Pleased to say Bodyblade has really improved the strength in my arms wink emoticon feeling smug as I am the first person in the household everyone comes too now get the tight lids off the jars now . The simple sleeve bodybag sounds perfect for me . x thanks for looking into getting one manufactured for us . i know there is a lot of interest as #MirkaMarri put up a post to try and calculate numbers interested in getting one if the price is right .

13 July at 20:11 · Edited · Like · 6


Sandie Nutter Hi Bruce Hymanson, I am into my 2nd week bodyblading, try to do the Hampton Court circuit everyday as it fits into my routine quite nicely. However, I am really struggling with pain in the back of my calf muscle (back of leg), mainly in my right leg. Had a total knee replacement of the right knee in March, and still doing lots of physio exercise, plus on my exercise cycle 3 x daily. Any tips on how I can reduce the pain? Thanks

13 July at 09:33 · Like · 4


Vanessa Crawford Hi Bruce, O'Hara smile emoticon thank you for bodyblade x

13 July at 09:40 · Like · 2


Vanessa Crawford Sorry Ohana Bruce, wish I could turn off predictive text sometimes...

13 July at 09:41 · Like · 4


Julia Gathercole Hi, just got back from a weeks holiday, so back to the bodyblade today. Have a lovely day Bruce

13 July at 09:49 · Like · 4


Deborah Platt Thanks Bruce. Used my new bodyblade for the second time yesterday. Couldn't get to a minute of each without too much of a struggle but will keep practising. Great fun though. I am hoping it will help my achey shoulders, neck and upper back from sitting at a desk all day?

13 July at 09:51 · Like · 4


Sharon Harvay Morning Bruce thank you x

13 July at 09:53 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Bruce can I just ask when I started bodyblading my joints my arms were OK. Lately though I have been getting aches in upper arm after bodyblading. Does this mean something is now happening

13 July at 09:54 · Like · 5


Denise Widdows I'm really enjoying using the bodyblade. My shoulder is becoming stronger and more flexible all the time. The pain is easier to cope with too smile emoticon thanks so much for the help and advice x

13 July at 09:55 · Like · 4


Carol Jones Hello Bruce! I have been using BB for 5 weeks and looking a lot more toned!! Thank you so much for such a great invention!! It really does work wonders! X

13 July at 09:56 · Like · 5


Carol Squires Hi Bruce have been using bb since January. I have arthritis in fingers hips and knees . The fingers make gripping difficult but I adapt as needed. However I am still getting pain in right forearm while exercising mostly doing 1 3 &5 . Any suggestions ?

13 July at 09:56 · Like · 4


Theresa Britton I've had my body blade for about a year, but just couldn't get into it. It just made my arms ache. After watching you all on QVC over the last couple of weeks I got it out and started again. And I've got it! Smaller movements, feel the core and other muscles being worked, feel my cardio benefits too! My main reason for putting the note in is to say - I have a really dodgy shoulder blade. I have Physio on it monthly. About 2 hours after Physio it all goes back to how it was.. All caught up and tight. 2 weeks into using the bodyblade my shoulder is released and moving better than it has done in years! I am so amazed I have just bent my blade round the edge of my suitcase to take on holiday with me! I can't wait for my Physio to see the difference! Thank you.... I love it!

13 July at 09:58 · Like · 8


Victoria Davies Thanks Bruce I am just about to start on my body blade experience and it very daunting. It takes some getting use to but will keep going.

13 July at 10:02 · Like · 5


Natalie Jarrett Ohana. Bruce and Bodybladers. grin emoticon Sorry you are not able to join us for the Web chat. We are spreading the bodyblade love. Take care till next week. xx

13 July at 10:47 · Like · 5


Anne Keating I pop out for a quick swim - and when I get back, it's all happening! I think we should get Bruce to do the early morning rollcall before he goes to bed! Hi Bruce - so much going on and so many new members each day. Over 50 yesterday alone! I'm looking into a weekend get together in Birmingham next March - is it a possibility you might be able to put in a guest appearance - please! I'm sure members a little further north would love to meet you! Have a good week. xx

13 July at 10:51 · Like · 8


Janice Saunders Hi Bruce ,I have just ordered my bodyblade so by next week hope to be joining in .

13 July at 10:53 · Like · 4


Suzi Lince Thanks Bruce for being available even tho you can't make the session tonight. I've had the bb just over a month and really love it. Bought one for my hubby now and he loves it too. I did a lot of aero Pilate's before, but developed a problem with a major muscle which stopped me. Being able to use bb has been a life saver and my core muscles are starting to strengthen again.

13 July at 10:53 · Like · 4


Robbin Valentich Just started a couple weeks ago & can tell a difference with my shoulder that has been giving me issues for years

13 July at 11:10 · Unlike · 5


Joan Dickinson Hi Bruce, I've been bodyblading since Feb and feel so much better in myself, as alongside the blade, have been freedom eating, thanks to Debbie Flint's book and have lost a stone and a half in weight,which before I couldn't budge it. Trying to tone my arms now,although they are getting there. Take care and thanks for all your support and that of Debbie, Anne and our fellow bodyblading friends ...

13 July at 11:12 · Unlike · 8


Valerie Cady Hi Bruce . I ve fell by the wayside for 3 weeks ( due to family bereavement ) But started a few seconds here and there again and hope to get back to where I was when I did that little video on the Cornish beach for Anne keating x I ve often thought this could be rolled out into groups and classes . Looking forward to hearing more

Xx Love all the groups enthusiasm and motivation x

13 July at 11:39 · Like · 6


Debbie Flint Fab post bruce! Keep the questions coming all! X

13 July at 11:57 · Like · 5


Debbie Flint Robbin Valentich thats great! Which exercises do u do and for how long? smile emoticon x

13 July at 11:58 · Like · 3


Suzi Lince Yes Robbin I'd be interested as I've had an injury to neck and shoulder for over 20 years from a car accident. Love to hear what works for you....

13 July at 12:01 · Like · 3


Tracie-Jane Bath hi bruce,i am still having all the great effects from using my bb.i am feeling my leg so much more as time goes on.only the occasional numbness,usually just a few seconds here and there and then back to full feeling.its amazing.used to suffer so much pain in my legs and back during my monthly cycle ,that has changed too,for which im extremely happy.i no longer spend that time not wanting to move any part of my body because it caused pain throughout the entire body.i am able to walk a little further than i used to before using the bb and stand longer without the support of my crutches.the bb truly is life changing.i wish it was available on the n.h.s as i think it would benefit so many of the long term patients.i talk to anyone who will listen to me to try to get others involved with the bb.i have got a couple of friends into it.its great to see a post for you in the day as im rarely online in the are a genius and i thank you so much for the bb. xxx

13 July at 12:19 · Like · 7


Wendy Lawrence Good morning/Night! Bruce, Very thoughtful to do this early post for us as unable to do evening, you don't forget us do you, mind you we are a little unforgettable! Please could you clarify something for a few of us, I may well be wrong but I seem to remember you stating at some time that you arranged the 6 exercies in the order they are, for a purpose, unfortunately I don't recall the reason. The reason this has come up is that some people find doing in particulat the hip and thigh that they can manage it better if doing first, before arms ache too much. Is this ok or is it best to continue with your sequence? Thank you for your time x smile emoticon

13 July at 13:09 · Like · 8


Lesley Decker Carol Jones you need to come and see me and give me a lesson xx

13 July at 13:16 · Like · 4


Anna Cartridge-citrone

13 July at 13:22 · Like · 2


Anna Cartridge-citrone Just done workout loving it managing hip and thigh done all 6 minutes

13 July at 13:22 · Like · 5


Alison J Lowe Hi Bruce, well my BB just arrived this morning, so I wi be watching the DVD later. Will keep you all posted on my progress x

13 July at 13:39 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Great news Alison and welcome, join us in the daily Rollcall and introduce yourself, great to have you with us xx

13 July at 13:41 · Like · 5


Alison J Lowe Thanks Wendy Lawrence, I sure will do xx

13 July at 13:43 · Like · 3


Poppy Warden I am finding the more I am using the blade, the more aware I am of my body. Noticing great improvement in my neck & shoulders. Xx

13 July at 14:16 · Edited · Like · 5


Marlyn Short I have just had my BB delivered this morning. How long will it take for me to see a difference in my clothes. I just want to go home now to try it out.

13 July at 14:15 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence That's very good news Poppy xx

13 July at 14:15 · Like · 2


Poppy Warden Thanks hun. Xx

13 July at 14:17 · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence Welcome Marlyn, great your BB has arrived, take a good look through all the posts and comments, they will answer a lot for you, and check out the videos on the pinned post at top of page, come and introduce yourself on todays Rollcall. xx

13 July at 14:19 · Like · 3


Sara Louise Hodgson Hi Bruce I am new at this BB but am getting along really well except for the hip n thigh exercise.  very frustrating but I'm working at it.

I've discovered that if you engage the muscle group you are working on BEFORE bb exercise relevant to that area then you get a much better wobble on the blade. I had a hip operation and wonder if that's hindering the hip n thigh exercise?

It's interesting bb as it shows you your strong areas and your weak areas in the body.

Any tips on hip n thigh exercise would be great

Ps my friend bought a bb from Amazon and it's shorter. Is this an ok blade?

13 July at 14:50 · Edited · Like · 5


Helen Murphy Meeting everyone the other week really got me motivated again and been using my BB at least 3 times a week since. Now I can see muscle definition in my upper arms and my husband said he could see a difference in my tummy muscles too!!

13 July at 14:46 · Like · 12


Elizabeth Kuhn Hi Bruce, I'm a newbie too. Sorry you can t make it tonight. Yes a single blade bag would be wonderful but obviously not going to happen over night. Looking forward to seeing improvements in my posture balance and core but equally hoping to tone up. Presently concentrating on the Super 6, so struggling with the one where the blade goes behind you. I'm sure in time it lol come. Would be nice to be able to purchase mire DVD s but perhaps at a reduced cost other than 29.99 lol.

13 July at 15:45 · Like · 5


Elizabeth Kuhn Ps can I ask is it normal for your wrists to ache after using the BB ?

13 July at 15:50 · Like · 3


Anne Keating Hi Everyone. As Bruce isn't around at 8 pm, shall we have our virtual workout then, and report back at 9.00? xx

13 July at 16:43 · Like · 5


Joan Dickinson Yes Anne ,good idea. I'm in, as no dancing this week xxx

13 July at 16:46 · Edited · Like · 6


Petra May I'm in too Anne cx

13 July at 16:47 · Like · 4


Christine Grochowina OK good idea

13 July at 16:47 · Like · 5


Christine Grochowina Do we come back to this page after?

13 July at 16:49 · Like · 4


Anne Keating Yes - as we used to, as most of the questions to Bruce will have been posted by then and we can carry on (!) as before. And believe you me new members - they certainly do carry on - a lot. lol. !!! Join us at 9 pm! xx

13 July at 16:52 · Like · 2


Deborah Platt What does this involve please?

13 July at 16:54 · Like · 3


Anne Keating Between 8 and 9 this evening we do Bodyblade and or whatever exercise we like then we come back on here and chat about it. I'll do a Bodyblade Supersix either Hampton Court or Chiswick (links on today's ROLLCALL post) and a short Lesley Sansone walk if anyone wants to 'join' me? (Links for some of the LS walks also on the Monday ROLLCALL page.). Then after we come on here for help, a chat or in some cases - a bit of silliness! But they've usually worked out first! . xx

13 July at 17:03 · Like · 7


Christine Grochowina OK thanks will have a look and join you later

13 July at 17:06 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Elizabeth, I haven't personally experienced wrist ache, sounds like you may be gripping a bit hard, imagine you are holding a raw egg, my arms ache though! give that a try with perhaps the Hampton Court video, that's a really good one especially when starting, hope you find it better xx

13 July at 17:13 · Like · 7


Sue Stewart Good advice Wendy.

13 July at 17:18 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Was going to post the link for Elizabeth Sue but somehow have got myself stuck in here on this old laptop and can't get out, access my favourites or anything! I mean honestly howhopeless can you get! xx

13 July at 17:20 · Like · 4


Sue Stewart Don't ask me I can't cut and paste on my phone. Well I can copy but not paste. Must go into the phone shop and ask them grin emoticon

13 July at 17:24 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Well looks like I'm pasted in here forever! Don't understand phones as well as I do laptops Sue so just imagine what help I am! think I'm just going to completely uset the system and shut down! xx

13 July at 17:26 · Like · 4


Sue Stewart

13 July at 17:29 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Oh HELP!

13 July at 17:29 · Like · 3


Sue Stewart

13 July at 17:30 · Like · 3


Sue Stewart Just looking up help in my book!

13 July at 17:31 · Like · 4


Joan Dickinson Oh my. Starting early tonight girls xxx

13 July at 17:31 · Like · 4


Sue Stewart Wendy's stuck Joan x

13 July at 17:34 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Much too early Joan, oh thanks for looking it up Sue, you have sorted the problem wish I had a book like that I may get my favourites back! xx

13 July at 17:35 · Like · 5


Joan Dickinson You push her Sue and I'll pull from this end . See if we can get her out xxx

13 July at 17:37 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence

13 July at 17:37 · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence Got the wrong book! xx

13 July at 17:37 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence

13 July at 17:38 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence Oh stop it Joan I don't want to laugh and now you've made me! xx

13 July at 17:39 · Like · 3


Sue Stewart

13 July at 17:39 · Like · 4


Joan Dickinson Hmmmmmmmmmm...........

13 July at 17:52 · Like · 2


Joan Dickinson

13 July at 17:52 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence


Bodyblade uk Hampton Court super6 CIRCUITS routine

March 1015 10 s each position, x 6


13 July at 17:56 · Like · 4 · Remove Preview


Wendy Lawrence Elizabeth Kuhn

13 July at 17:57 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina OK what's so funny

13 July at 18:38 · Like · 4


Jacqueline Jackson Well Christine Wendy was stuck in her computer and Sue and Joan were apparently trying to pull her out. She could of just opened the Window ( get it? sorry very bad ) and climbed out lol x

13 July at 19:02 · Like · 5


Christine Grochowina Yes get it lol

13 July at 19:04 · Like · 5


Christine Grochowina Can just picture Wendy being stuck and Sue and Joan trying to pull her out

13 July at 19:05 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence Oh Jacqueline, very quick and clever, but with this old laptop even with the window open the 'Vista' isn't good! sorry that's much worse! xx

13 July at 19:06 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence I'm 7' 6" long now Christine! xx

13 July at 19:07 · Like · 4


Christine Grochowina Hey qvc better watch out you will have no trouble modelling their maxi dresses lol. Probably too short not too long lol

13 July at 19:15 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence No good Christine, I've shrunk again now, don't think banging my head on the ceiling helped! xx

13 July at 19:18 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina You'll have to do petite then

13 July at 19:21 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina

13 July at 19:22 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Oh my goodness what has happened to me now! and by the way the words 'Wendy and petite' can't be put in the same sentence! xx

13 July at 19:26 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Why are you taller

13 July at 19:29 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Well I hoe Im taller than the pink thing above, if not I'm back under the duvet for the forseeable future! Nice bow though! xx

13 July at 19:31 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence That should be hope, grrrr!

13 July at 19:31 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Sorry Wendy no offence meant just thought she was cute, couldn't find any matches for petite model in maxi. This was the closest

13 July at 19:35 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence ha ha! think they must have pulled my arms, they are touching the floor now! xx

13 July at 19:37 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Lol

13 July at 19:38 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Um Christine just realised this is all on Bruce's post, Anne will have us barbequed, sorry! xx

13 July at 19:41 · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Had a funny recurring dream last night but you were in it this time

13 July at 19:41 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Think it was probably a nightmare! xx

13 July at 19:42 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Sorry Anne Wendy we had better flee

13 July at 19:42 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Hello Ohana. My meeting started much earlier and I haven't been about to post and answer your many wonderful questions and comments. I will continue to read and will post later this evening (my time) so at least you will have something from me if you are still awake or first thing in the morning. Talk soon!!

13 July at 19:47 · Like · 12


Sue Stewart Hello Ohana. Thank you Bruce. Hope your meetings go well x

13 July at 19:48 · Like · 3


Mirka Marri Thank you Bruce, for your time, have a good day and evening

13 July at 20:04 · Edited · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce Hope meeting went well.

13 July at 19:49 · Like · 3


Sue Stewart Or day for Bruce Mirka x

13 July at 19:49 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Sincere apologies Bruce for all the nonsense here, didn't notice until just now it was on your post x

13 July at 19:49 · Like · 5


Anne Keating On your marks, get set, GO!

13 July at 20:03 · Like · 6


Anne Keating Get wobbling! xx

13 July at 20:03 · Like · 6


Joan Dickinson Wobbling now x

13 July at 20:08 · Like · 2


Sarah Hills Bit late but will start now!

13 July at 20:11 · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence I'm done and all bodybladed out for the day now, actually managed a really good wobble for 35 seconds on hip and thigh before resting and starting again, never know may even manage a full minute again soon! xx

13 July at 20:22 · Like · 7


Christine Grochowina Done Hampton Court and ls 5 mins

13 July at 20:26 · Like · 4


Joan Dickinson Done La beach and willowtree. Funny how some days I can do all the moves for all the time, and other days I can't manage it. Like tonight. Think I'm better first thing, but enjoyed what I've done xxx

13 July at 20:29 · Like · 7


Denise Large Did mine this morning, backs iffy today , best not do anymore x

13 July at 20:32 · Like · 5


Christine Grochowina

13 July at 20:32 · Like · 5


Anne Keating Done first three of Chiswick HSnF then it stopped. Forgot I took iPad to friends and it was on BT WiFi with phone so improvised last three. Have yet to do CHSF standing up! Think I'll do an LS Heart when my dinner's gone down. Any beginners out there joining in? xx

13 July at 20:33 · Like · 7


Christine Grochowina Take care Denise

13 July at 20:34 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Well done girls, no Denise you're right not to push it, hope it's easier tomorrow xx

13 July at 20:35 · Edited · Like · 5


Denise Large I need chiropractic treatment again, need realignment I can feel it's not right.. Hurty

13 July at 20:36 · Like · 5


Sarah Hills Sorry to hear that Denise and I sympathise - I have that done fairly regularly. Hope it gets sorted.

13 July at 20:39 · Like · 5


Sue Stewart Take it easy Denise.

13 July at 20:39 · Like · 4


Wendy Lawrence I'm going to try to not even think about that, I've done my service with them, noooo more xx

13 July at 20:39 · Like · 3


Denise Large It'll be sorted , I have to go regularly, body is hypermobile , good in some ways, but often over stretch without realising as joints move further than they should lol, too bendy I am. X

13 July at 20:43 · Like · 8


Wendy Lawrence Good job that's not me Denise or you'd be calling me bendy Wendy! seriously hope you get help soon, take care xx

13 July at 20:52 · Like · 7


Christine Grochowina Wendy not heard that phrase for ages

13 July at 20:53 · Like · 3


Denise Large Lol Wendy Lawrence ,

13 July at 20:53 · Like · 3


Tracie Wright I have done Bodyblade super six and LS 1 mile express wink emoticon not at same time though lol link for anyone who would like the oldie but goodie fast walk. well done all those who have wobbled and walked for virtual class tonight, high five and a congratulatory pat ot the back to you all


1 Mile Express

Download, stream or purchase our latest DVDs and accessories in our online store:


13 July at 20:55 · Like · 4 · Remove Preview


Tracie Wright sorry to hear you are in pain tonight Denise hope it gets sorted for you soon Hun xx

13 July at 20:57 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence Christine, my neighbours grandchildren gave me some stationery items with Trendy Wendy on! that isn't apt either but very funny and kind xx

13 July at 20:57 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Can you scratch mine got an itch I can't reach lol

13 July at 20:57 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Another one haven't heard in donkeys years lol

13 July at 20:58 · Like · 4


Debbie Flint Fab chats all! Join me on air now till 10 for Benefit cosmetics! Fab makeup tips nezt week on webchat too with June Kelly-Bain! Ps honora earrings tonight midnight too! X



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