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Don't be misled - the full lowdown on how to tell a good UVA product… Bruce’s tips for a better bottom (!) … and That Sugar Book.
7 July 2015

Studies damning Pop Once more Studies damning Pop Once more



The full lowdown on misleading reports regarding how to tell a good UVA product… Bruce’s tips for a better bottom (!) … and That Sugar Book.

This week we saw our groups on Facebook grow hugely following a really successful visit last weekend – it makes me so proud! And Abi Cleeve is back with Ultrasun on Wednesday – the final Today’s Special Value in planning for this year. So is Davina! More below. And how to get That Sugar Film, in a book…

But first, the phones at Ultrasun UK were hot this week, and not just because of the heatwave…



Do read the full blog on Sharon Harvey’s updated blog about Ultrasun, click here -  updated following the recent BBC report regarding UVA protection within sun creams. (end June 2015)

BBC report is here. where reporter Adam Brimalow correctly states that the SPF factor implies protection against UVB rays, which are the main cause of sunburn BUT wrongly implies that the only way to ascertain UVA rating is by a star rating system – his report seemed to say that ALL sunscreens have a star rating for UVA – in fact, only Boots use this system and require their vendors to put it on their bottles, to be sold in Boots.

Abi Cleeve, tonight’s guest on our webchat and head of Ultrasun UK says –

“Ultrasun is not sold in Boots. The EU working party on sun care (Cosmetics Europe) are the official governing body and they ask us to stick to their guidelines. We surpass this on all Ultrasun formulas and this gives us the UVA in a circle sign which is regulated and not set by one commercial organisation. The BBC reported as though the star rating was the only and definitive measurement - it most certainly is not and unfortunately many products with this rating have gone on to fail tests by independent bodies such as Which? (see the BBC report from May 2015 here.) We are controlled and regulated and like it that way!”

So what are UVA rays?

“UVA are the more penetrative rays that break down our DNA. They are doing invisible cell damage with no immediate obvious sign. If you spoke to as many people with serious skin cancer as I do on a daily basis you would PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT! That’s why so many people use Ultrasun all year round and certainly on holidays abroad.”

Do read the info below regarding the way Ultrasun protects. It is below, following Abi’s fab webchat on this week’s Back to You Q&A.

Next week – Tom and Michelle from Alpha H – Michelle’s first time in the hot seat! Find out her key issues and how Alpha H sorted out her own problems many years ago. PLUS – June our lovely makeup artist extraordinaire who helps behind the scenes via her company Makeup Junkies, with several of our brands – on how to apply makeup and answering your cosmetics problems that don’t relate to a specific brand!

Meanwhile – membership of Back to You QVC and of Bodyblade QVC and of Till the Fat Lady Slims Facebook groups ramp up, following recent on air sessions! Do come join us (links all below) and be part of a growing band of support and a superb online community!

Other news –

-          That Sugar Film  continues to make headlines – thank goodness! Here’s just one clip. And watch out for it coming to iTunes soon. Click here.

-          That Sugar Book is available now though, here’s the amazon link – you can read the first bit free. Click here.

-          The facts behind the headlines - ditch the sugary drinks. – the Sun and other papers headlined with it, but here’s the publication behind the latest back up for dropping the sugar. One day it’ll be taxed like tobacco – believe me. Whether we live to see it will depend on lots of things… including possibly how much of it we continue eating! Lol Go here.

-           TTFLS hardback makes it to Amazon for £19.99!! I know it's sold out, but hey, 200% pricing?! In any case, there's a fabulous first review on just that hardback already - below. Thanks so much, it always warms my cockles to read five star reviews like this one!

"Wouldn't part with this book for anything!

By Lawonline on 26 May 2015
I recently bought this book as had heard such good reviews on how it had quite literally changed peoples lives for the better - big time! Wasn't sure at the time that it would be for me, but thought worth giving it a try. OMG! Is it ever, I have read and owned lots of books on the subject and have managed to get bits of information from each which have made sense, but this book by Debbie Flint is the whole thing. Found it very hard to put down as so incredibly interesting, informative, absolute and total common sense (which unfortunately most of us don't put into practice) and written so well you just have to keep going. Also you have Debbie's story of how a change was desperately needed in her life and the amazing change it has made, not only her story but also others who are now living a healthier and slimmer life because of this book. If you are sick (in more ways than one) of yet another 'diet' that makes you lose a few pounds for as long as you can stick to it, then end up putting all the weight back on again., this book is without a shadow of a doubt for you, this is not a 'diet' it's a way of eating for life - a good healthy and happy life, and here's the thing - It's easy, it's enjoyable and you are in charge, there is no 'you must do this' or 'you can't do that'. It's changed my life (not to mention my shape and weight and feeling of wellbeing, and know my Husband and I will never want to do any differently - It works so why would we!! Cannot recommend this highly enough." Get the paperback or eBook on amazon here.


STOP PRESS – Join us on air on Wednesday 8th for Davina McCall’s Debut with her new 7 minutes to fitness DVD, appearing on QVC for the first time, at 9, 12, 1pm and with me for a whole hour at 9pm. See it here if you can’t wait! And read all about it on Q Community Davina blog here.

Have a fab week!

Best wishes



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Bruce Bodyblade – live webchat 6th July 2015 on Bodyblade QVC Facebook group 8-9pm

Will follow Abi’s.


Abi Cleeve – Ultrasun live Web Chat 6th July 2015 on Back to You QVC Facebook group 8-9pm


June M Ward Love all your information regarding safe sunbathing. I buy Ultrasun for all my family. Thanks Abi Cleeve x

Aisha London Me and my family are going Marrakesh in August to a aqua park. How and when should I reapply my ultrasun 30 to my 5 year old daughter. I just cant get over the once a day thing .Its not what I have been used to for the last 30 years I was slapping the spf on every hour before please could you advice and reassure . xxx

Chris Jopp Marrakesh is going to be really hot in August so I'd go up to SPF50, take plenty of shade breaks and lots of water and if you think its needed re-apply, especially to your 5 year old! My daughter went to Tunisia in August last year and used SPF50 on her two children and didn't need to re-apply but they did stay in the shade quite a bit as it was up around 38-40°C+!

Susan Hancock Aisha London i have just been on holiday with my 2 grandsons used ultrasun factor 50+ on them first 3 days i put it on 2 or 3 times a day then after that just once a day they did not burn at all and got a really nice tan would not use anything else but ultrasun it's the best hope that helps you x

Jill Dowding-Walker Aisha, I hope you have a fab holiday. With a 5 year old, I would recommend applying SPF50+ for sensitive skin thoroughly to the whole bare body 15 minutes before you go out. Keep covered with a hat most of the time - even when in the water. Take shade breaks and cool water sipping breaks every hour. Reapply SPF 50+ every time towels are used after being in the water. It is so easy to rub protection off with towels, so I really would reapply then. Try to keep in the shade between 11am and 3pm too. x x x


June Kelly-Bain Abi I bought the tinted Spf 50 for my mum. She loves it she's in Portugal a lot but also plays a lot of golf in Ireland. I was at home in Ireland visiting at the weekend so stole abit on her to wear as the weather was so hot and I felt my regular foundation was to heavy ! Hello Love it and I had the protection for the sun. Double perfect. I am getting it for myself now . It's perfect for this ridiculously amazing Weather we're having in London . #makeup #musthave says #june at #makeupjunkies


Jo Brown 1) are any Ultrasun ingredients, or finished products, tested on animals?

2) is any of the Ultrasun range suitable for vegans? Sorry for repeating the question but I've never managed to get an answer when I've tried to find out before. Thanks


Cheryl Williams Can I use the face factor 30 over eye lids

Cherish Thomas how much alcohol is in the product, if any?

Dawn Robinson Hello Abi , I always enjoy it when your on QVC, Can i leave my question with you : At what age is it ok to swap the factor 50 down to 30 ? I still get my Son (16) to wear 50 , Thank you xxx

Aisha London I will go get the spf50 then thank you everyone. Thats what I mean some of you say that you reapplied 2 or 3 times a day its a expensive suncream. Ultrasun says once a day I cant get my head around it, They cant say it if it isn't true but, I can't adjust my mind setting and I'm to scared to give the once a day theory a go. I do however have a big stock pile of it.

Pauline Daniel Can we get the item number for the TSV pretty please? I'm dreading missing it!!

Nicole Louise Ansell I'm ready for the family holiday on Friday with my Ultrasun, Thanks Abi Cleeve

Sharon Harvay Can I have a bucket load of family 30 please? Like super duper SUPER SIZE  x

Claire Kelly Oh yes Sharon! I'm in for that one!

Aisha London Do you know if it is on easy pay or do we need to wait for the day x

Abi Cleeve Hello everybody - lovely to be here - feels like coming home to my family! xxxx Hope you are all well and have survived the heatwave last week! xxx

Claire Kelly Evening Abi

Abi Cleeve Yes Aisha London I do agree with the team - really it should be the 50+ - a good generous coating in the morning and a top up on shoulders, faces and tops of feet at lunchtime. I know it can take a while to feel confident but just make sure you apply at least 20 mins before you all go out xxx

Jacqui Lake Looking forward to the TSV, so I can re-stock wink emoticon Is there any chance of a trio of sports spray in 20, 30 & 50 ??

Abi Cleeve Hi June Kelly-Bain – so happy to hear that you like it – you of all people! A celeb make-up artist – get us! Makes us feel famous!!!


Abi Cleeve Hi Jo Brown all ultrasun is vegan except the ultralip (beeswax) there is lecithin but it’s soya based (not egg) so all good. We do not test on animals. There was very big discussions re: China but this project has been shelved as a result of the issues concerned and the way we feel about animal testing. xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi Cheryl Williams Yes you can use the face formula on eyelids but if you are hyper sensitive – ultralip is a very sensitive alternative. Even smoothes out fine lines as well!

Aisha London I will definitely get the spf50 thanks for letting me know. how often should I reapply when in water.


Christine Grochowina Hi Abi use Ultrasun but find the tinted face one very thick and unflattering. What is the best way to thin this down and with what . Also think someone said it can be used on legs is this right? Thanks.


Abi Cleeve Hi Cherish Thomas - right then Alcohol – the alcohol we use in the sensitive formulas (glimmer 20, family 30 and extreme 50+) is denatured so not an irritant. These are aqua based so lower levels as well. There is more alcohol in the sports formula (20, 30 and 50) as you would expect as they dry on the skin so quickly. xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi lovely Dawn Robinson Choosing the right factor is not necessarily about age – more skin tone and where you are going. Maybe move him to the sports 50 – so much easier 203755. Still once a day but a light spray gel. Very popular with teenagers!

Abi Cleeve Hi Pauline Daniel the TSV item no is 207279 – not up yet but maybe tomorrow night….There is a bargain duo of sports 30 NEW gel formula which I know a lot of you are loving – it’s 208123 and there’s a new 7 pce travel kit with a bag (!!!) which is

Debbie Flint Hi everyone! Welcome again to our weekly webchats! Enjoy the info from abi! If you'd like the full low down on UVA versus UVB and how the BBC report fell short, do look at Sharon Harvay 's Back to Beauty blog. I will put a summary too, on my b2U blog which follows each weekly Webchat and includes transcripts of the Q & A's.

Enjoy! X

Pauline Daniel Abi Cleeve., is the hair protector once a day? do we need to reapply after swimming? Thanks for the item number xx

Abi Cleeve yes Sharon Harvay - there is quarter of a litter in wednesday's TSV just for you my love.

Sharon Harvay yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abi Cleeve Here are the options...250ml Family 30100ml face 50+ (double size)150ml UV hair and scalp protector100ml Aftersun UltralipOR 250ml Glimmer 20100ml face 30 (double size)150ml UV hair and scalp protector100ml Aftersun Ultralip

H'aitchy Robertson What's the difference Abi between new and old sports gel formula? Is it slightly thicker ?

Abi Cleeve Did you all know that Switzerland ran out of the full sized face formulas? We have twisted their arms (and legs) and got the double size for the same price making it EVEN better value. I was very very cheeky! xxx

Aisha London I love the fact it lasts two years or others go off in 6 to 12 months. Is it still 2 years unopened. or two years opened

Abi Cleeve Hi Claire Kelly xxx

Pauline Daniel That sort of cheek we love Abi Cleeve!!

Abi Cleeve Right Aisha London I don't think its on easy pay - I have begged as we have never had a TSV on EP! I really did beg (quite embarrassing) but I do not know for definite - it is "under consideration" It is 2 years AFTER OPENING - 5 years unopened xxx


Sue Stewart Hi Abi I use Ultra Sun Glimmer 20 and face 30. I must say that I have never burnt using it and for that I'm grateful. But I went to Calafornia and Hawaii last year and came back as pasty white as I went! Also went to Hampton Court Palace flower show last Tuesday on the hottest day of the year and didn't colour at all. Personally I would like a bit of a tan. Any suggestions please xx

Carol Adcock Hello. ...I can never get the ultrasun to laSt as long as it is meant to. I don't seem to put it on thickly but if I try to use less it just doesn't cover all the skin. I'm paranoid about my children burning in the sun but end up using about 25 ms a day on each of them which is much more than you recommend. Any tips pls?

Abi Cleeve Hi Pauline Daniel - glad you appreciate my cheek! They all looked very sombre at both Switzerland

Aisha London Wow 5 years unopened I definitely will be getting the tsv.

Abi Cleeve Sorry hadn't finished - I meant they all looked very sombre IN switzerland but I held out - was NOT going to bring you a TSV that doesn't feel really special - especially as it is the LAST ONE of the year!!! xxx

Pauline Daniel We appreciate it!! xx

Abi Cleeve Pauline Daniel hair protector needs re applying after water but it is equally effective on wet hair. Spray liberally on to partings and any bald patches (that's the boys of course) we all have thick luscious princess hair! xxx

Nicole Louise Ansell Stocking up for later in the year then, thanks for the tips.

Abi Cleeve Yes Jacqui Lake trying to work on trios - I think they may be nervous as the price goes up but I do know us QVC shoppers are a savvy bunch and we know a good deal! xxx

Abi Cleeve Just read that I put a quarter of a "litter" in my reply Sharon Harvay - now that's a TSV I'd buy - with a quarter of a litter! but of what? kittens Im guessing! xxx


Chris Jopp Hi Abi, I've got a big stash of ultrasun but I'm definitely getting the tsv! Have been shouting the praises of ultrasun to everyone on the holiday groups I'm on and on trip advisor too!

Jo Brown Great Abi, thanks very much. I really like the idea of the sports gel, which will be great for long runs, even though I tend to be fairly covered up!

Aisha London oh yes Abi Cleeve, we definitely know our bargains. I love the deals you get us on qvc

Pauline Daniel Thanks Abi Cleeve - I too shall stock up. I'm a nanny and recommend Ultrasun to not only the families I work for but all the other mums too 0 def the best suncare product out there - I've staked my reputation on it many a time!

Abi Cleeve Hi Sue Stewart Oh I am sorry my love - maybe try the pre sun tan accelerator? If you have left overs from previous TSVs (we all have them don't we!) use the aftersun the night before you go out in the sun. It really stimulates the melanin in your skin xxx

Sharon Harvay a quarter of a litter (bin) of full Ultrasun Bottles that have accidently been mislabelled and therefore cannot be sold for full price so are sold for 10p?

Claire Kelly Dream on Sharon lol!! X

Claire Kelly Be fab though





Abi Cleeve Hi Carol Adcock you are being very generous but I get it. You want to make sure they are well covered and Ultrasun seems to go in quite fast so people do over use it sometimes. Honestly too much is better than too little - just need to help you budget with spectacular TSVs!!! By the way everyone - I took all your tips on TSVs forward for next year so you should see a little less face and a little less aftersun and a LOT more protection! xxx

Sue Stewart Pre sun tried Abi without success but I will try the after sun x

Chris Calvert Thank you Abi for your passion and all the deals u bring us to QVC, will we be seeing more of the overnight serum either in a duo or in a collection? also are u a tennis fan have u been watching Wimbledon at all?

Abi Cleeve Hi Christine Grochowina if you find tinted is a bit unflattering for you mix it with the untinted face 30. There is a duo that combines these two for best value. And it's me that uses it on my legs when I go on air so you lovely people aren't dazzled by my whiteness! xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi H'aitchy (beautiful name) yes the new gel is slightly more like a gel than a liquid and higher UVA and UVB protection - there's a duo on Wednesday much better value. xxx

Christine Grochowina Thanks is the duo on the next show


Abi Cleeve Hi Chris - overnight serum (mask) might just be popping up in an OTO coming soon xxx

Christine Grochowina Thanks will look out

Chris Calvert Fantastic yet to try that product yet and temperatures are going to be getting hotter i think its a must have from the ingredients listed to treat the skin

Abi Cleeve Now Tennis - OK I'm gonna say it…I don't really get it…sorry - years ago I got really into it but now I seem to miss all the good bits HOWEVER watching our girls get to third place in the football world cup? Pure magic for me…oh and don't get me started on the six nations…and F1 xxxx

Denise Large Love the tinted can I mix it with the anti pigmentation face, at the minute I mix it with normal face one


Sharon Harvay Hi Abi, I love all Ultrasun products and my family and friends have been converts for years. Thank you for always bringing the sunshine and explaining about Sun protection so expertly but also in a way that we can understand, take it on board and share your knowledge easily with others. Ultrasun products, in my opinion, are easy to use, have something for every member, in every situation and are amazing value for money.x


Aisha London I don't understand tennis either your not the only one. Football any day.


Sharon Harvay Overnight Mask is amazing!!1

Sharon Harvay what.......???//// YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!! how can you not like tennis wink emoticon

Abi Cleeve Thanks Pauline Daniel for your faith in us - we won't let you down. And Chris Jopp you know I would have you knighted for services to sun care if I could xxx


Chris Calvert Awe Abi how can't u like tennis can just sit and watch the hunky guys getting hot and sweaty haha


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Abi. Can we have a larger size of the anti pigmentation face pretty please. I use it every day it's fab x


Abi Cleeve Now just in case you see anything out there about Infra red rays and protecting from them - I wanted you to know we have been looking after you on that one for years. Infra red rays are around us at all times. Although not as damaging as UV, due to the length of time we are exposed they are known to be damaging. The answer is ANTI OXIDANTS! We need to bump up the anti oxidants in our system to give our skin the ability to recover. We already do this with Ultrasun especially concentrated in the face formulas. We are currently undergoing additional testing so that we may make this statement on our packaging as well. Watch this space! xxx

Aisha London I cant stand looking at Andy murrays miserable face and all the grunting.


Abi Cleeve Yes Christine Grochowina the new duo launches at midnight on weds (as in tues night - you know what I mean!) xxx


Karen Hunt Hi Abi, can you take the overnight mask over the eyes. Also this product is sooooo good do I only have to use if when I've been out in the sun?


Chris Calvert Fantastic news abi great to have the testing for the anti antioxidants effects on infra rays


Abi Cleeve Uh-oh Ive upset Sharon Harvay ignore me sharon - I must have been drinking - I love tennis (OK I don't but please still like me!) xxxx


Jill Dowding-Walker I'd love a pair of products - a supersize of Anti-pigmentation with a supersize Overnight Mask! heart emoticon


Sharon Harvay erm.........

Sharon Harvay im thinking......


Sharon Harvay Ok then

Abi Cleeve Now just in case you saw the BBC piece on the breakfast news the other day about UVA. While it is fab that someone (other than me zzzz) is highlighting the damage from UVA it was a bit confusing as they only talked about star rating….UVA is measured as a % of UVA rays absorbed. The Boots star rating (their own system used mainly by brands sold in Boots (we are not)) measures a ration of UVA to UVB. This can be misleading as you can have very low SPFs with 5 stars that are really not fit for purpose but give the impression that they are. We are also aware that this is a system employed by a commercial organisation not an independent body. These tests are often questioned by results from independents such as Which? And Watchdog.We use the Cosmetice Europe guidelines as these are the European standard and completely independent. I am delighted to say that we exceed these guidelines on every single formula of Ultrasun.


Jill Dowding-Walker Don't you worry Sharon - I love watching Wiimbledon too (the only sport I really watch)! smile emoticon


Abi Cleeve Jill Dowding-Walker you are psychic!!! That is the OTO!!! Have you been listening at the door? xxxx


Denise Large Abi did you see my question

Abi Cleeve Hi Karen Hunt yes it's fine right across the eye area - that's why no perfumes, oils etc. It does smell a bit "raw" when you first put it on but that's because we haven't filled it with extras that you just don't need. It is the second most important thing (after protection) that you can do for your skin after any sun exposure (one hr and upwards) xxx


Aisha London I need to go look at the european guidelines then . It sounds very interesting.


Jill Dowding-Walker Hahaha! grin emoticon x


Abi Cleeve Yes the link is on the Ultrasun fb page - do "like" us if you can xxx


Abi Cleeve Hi Denise Large so sorry I missed it but gotcha now. Yes you can - depending on the proportions you will get somewhere between the two levels of protection but at least 30 (if 50/50 would get an SPF 40) xxx



Sue Stewart Fab Web chat.


Denise Large Thank you Abi , thought I had become invisible, lol x


Chris Jopp I use the tinted face without any extra of the non tinted now and if I've sort of over done it and have a bit left on my hands I put it on my arms and sometimes if I've got my legs out I do a quick pump on my legs! Gives a lovely colour wink emoticon


Abi Cleeve So relieved that I am (almost) back in Sharon Harvay s good books. I like strawberries if that helps? xxx


Jill Dowding-Walker I am loving my garden strawberries, fresh from picking!


Sharon Harvay Denise that is a great Question. Abi Cleeve, i have just been sent a does it work if you put factor 30 on then, glimmer 20 on top? What would the factor be classed as...? #noquestionisasillyquestion


Abi Cleeve Yes it does Chris Jopp especially good if you have any white strap marks and are wearing a strapless or tiny stroppy dress and want to mask those marks! xxx So blend able. Also I can't really faux tan as I am often applying 20 layers a day in demonstrations - some faux tans just wouldn't cope with that and I might go blotchy and truth be told I am really bad at fake tan - since my duo-tan days of being 14 with an oompah loompa look! xxx


Abi Cleeve So sorry Denise Large - you are not invisible and very important! Just kept scrolling too quick! xxx


Denise Large Was only joking Abi, lol. Xx


Anne Keating Hi Abi. Nothing to say really. I'm using all your products and more than happy with them especially the Aftersun which is a multi tasking product! Worked wonders last Wednesday to cool me down trying to sleep in that heat. Especially good on the back of my (and hubby's) neck. He was well pleased! xx


Sharon Harvay Yes Chris any residue ALWAYS goes on the back of my hands. I am currently trialling ( as in, for my own benefit ) the Anti- pigmentation, due to some new marks that have popped up...So i never waste a drop anywhwere x


Abi Cleeve Hi Sharon Harvay You would still have SPF 30 - the glimmer wouldn't add any extra protection but if you love to sparkle - there are higher glimmers being worked on 30 and 50+ for us sparkly princesses that need a bit more protection xxx


Chris Jopp that sounds good Abi Cleeve, I love a bit of glimmer too wink emoticon


Abi Cleeve Oooh anti-pigmentation - the duo only has a few hundred left and we can't re stock it (at that price anyway!) It is 208121 only a fiver more that buying one. Why not team up if you haven't tried it and secure that deal - it is on on wednesday in midnight, 4pm and 10pm (if any left!) xxx


Sharon Harvay Thanks Abi will pass that on!! Yes, i am now known as Shimmer Sharon! Cannot wait for 30 shimmer thank you...and gradual tan glimmer shimmer to shake my shimmy.. hahahahha


Lesley Fletcher Hi Abi and thanks for all the great products you bring us and all the excellent info you pass on. Think someone else might have mentioned earlier, but would love to see a trio of 20, 30 and 50 sprays. Have tried all the lotions and have some gel, yet unopened, but don't have any of the sprays.


Abi Cleeve Just wanted you all to know that this is the last TSV this year!!!! Eeeek! No auto delivery so do stock up! We have tried to prioritise protection over everything in this one face, body, hair, head and lips and just a little bit of aftersun to keep us all cool. xxx


Anne-Marie Mason Hi Abi, I'm always bombarding you with work questions so thought while you're on here I'd ask how you unwind. You must be so busy I bet you don't get much down time at all? Aisha, the sun account info is on all the boxes inside and has also been posted on here and ultrasun's own page. It should help you check how long you're covered for. x


Aisha London Abi Cleeve sorry to be a pain in the tush.could you give us a link for skin types and how long you can stay in the sun with diffrent spfs etc


Sharon Harvay i am deffo stocking up loads thank you x





Abi Cleeve I am so pleased you found the aftersun so cooling Anne Keating - it is brilliant for that. Sharon Harvay and I were both getting our boys to sleep by cooling them down with aftersun on that crazy hot night! xxx My kids always used to call it the magic cooling sleepy cream….but then I only told them about the tooth fairy last year…oh and Polly made me write to the easter bunny to apologise for denouncing him one year (she was 11 I thought it was time!) xxx


Carol Adcock I bet this info is somewhere else but I haven't seen it yet so I will ask. . Do you know the item number and price of the tsv pls?


Natalie Jarrett Hi Abi. Don't know if this has already been asked. I don't usually bother with Tan products but I'm getting older (lol) What is the best product for Afro Caribbean skin tone please? Thanks in advance wink emoticon


Denise Large Bought the duo anti pigmentation, yay


Sharon Harvay What.......theres no Easter bunny? frown emoticon


Abi Cleeve Sharon Harvay have you got that link for Aisha London - I will probably bring down the power supply if I try what with my lack of technological skill. Otherwise I will post on here tomorrow (when I can ask someone in my office to help me!) xxx


Aisha London Thank you Sharon Harvay

Abi Cleeve It's OK Sharon Harvay of course there is - that's why I had to write the letter xxx


Anne Keating I don't think I can stay on here any longer - the next thing you're going to tell me is that there is no Father Christmas! xx


Aisha London how long does it take the skin to get used to the sun so i can understnad the table better


Abi Cleeve Hi Anne-Marie Mason I do run (was up at 6 this morning) not far though - half marathons are my limit not like crazy BM Lee and Margaret Dabbs who are proper runners. I love hanging out with my crazy kids (they are 13 next week so won't want to hang out with me much longer - I bribe them though!) I am truly blessed with great great friends and there is nothing I like better than being with a group or a one to one for a real catch up…maybe over a sauvignon (or 20!) I am camping this year with my best friend and her boys and I know we will laugh tip we cry! xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi Natalie Jarrett - go for the sports formulas - you skin will glow and shine my love - I'd say sports 20 would be great for you 223418 xxx


Anne Keating My sort of friend! xx


Abi Cleeve Don't worry Anne Keating he's real - we visited last year in lapland -35 yes I did have face 30 and ultra lip on xxx


Debi-Lea Barker Abi any advice what to do with my stinging eyes once I start perspiring in the heat? I use either your face 50 or 30 but if I get beads of sweat running in to my eyes while hot and bothered, the cream makes my eyes smart really badly. I don't go in the sun to sunbathe much but when I do it happens every time. Sorry I'm Last Minute Lil with my question! x


Anne-Marie Mason Aw, that sounds great Abi, I'm glad you get to relax after being mithered by us lot, ha ha. Your kids will want you as a taxi for the next couple of years but will then be your besties again after that, don't worry. x


Lesley Fletcher Just further to my previous post, if a trio isn't possible then maybe a choice of duo of perhaps a 20 + 30 or a 30 + 50? Would be handy to have a higher factor for the first half of a holiday or if 2 people need different spf's due to their colouring.


Abi Cleeve Hi Carol Adcock TSV item no is 207279 – not up yet but maybe tomorrow night xxx


Anna Tidmarsh Any offers on the aftersun please Abi Cleeve? I've been using it as a body lotion and using it on my little boy before bed every night. Love it! Thank you xxx


Sharon Harvay Cannot wait for the TSV ITEM : 207279 a choice of either Glimmer or Family plus SUPERSIZE face x


Claire Kelly That's a good idea Lesley

Abi Cleeve Hi Debi-Lea Barker - yes use the ultra lip around your eyes - it will really help xxx


Anne Keating That happens to me too Debi-Lea especially when I swim! xx


Abi Cleeve I'm on it Lesley Fletcher xxxx

Sharon Harvay Please join me in thanking Abi Cleeve for a brilliantly informative Web chat! Abi, as always you have been fab and we really appreciate you joining us this evening. Thank you for all your hard work and for putting together such amazing TSV'S....Cannot wait!!! Thank you everyone xx Midnight tomorrow xx


Abi Cleeve Hi Anna Tidmarsh have a look online as there are some great kits with it in. It is in the TSV but if you don't need everything what about plotting it with a friend? xxx


Lesley Fletcher Thanks Abi Cleeve  x


Aisha London Thank you Abi Cleeve ever so much for all you advice . Really looking forward to your shows thanks again.


Denise Large Thank you


Anne Keating Thanks Abi. xx


Claire Kelly Thanks Abi x

Abi Cleeve Thank you all so very very much. I could hang out with you girls all night - but I do have to go and pick up a little mermaid! Lots of love to you all - stay safe and spread the word. I appreciate all your questions and warmth xxxx special thank you to tennis crazed Sharon Harvay xxxx


Chris Jopp Thanks Abi Cleeve, great chat as usual. xxx


Sharon Harvay Balls!

Sharon Harvay Tennis Balls!!! hahahaha x


Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you all, Abi and Sharon! A fun chat with plenty of Ultrasun deals to look forward to!


Anne-Marie Mason Thanks Abi & Sharon, love all of our chats on here. x


Sharon Harvay Thank you everyone! That was fab! i do love Abi, shes a little crazy....


Pauline Daniel Thanks Abi Cleeve xx


Sue Stewart Thanks Abi xx


Sue Stewart Thanks Sharon. X


Denise Large Suns gone to her head Sharon Harvay lol


Anna Tidmarsh Thank you Abi   xx


Christine Grochowina Thanks Abi


Anne-Marie Mason Just a last minute thought about camping for Abi and anyone else thinking about going. Please don't be tempted to put your barbecue in the tent with you after you have used it, you'd be much better off buying a throw away one and leaving it outside the tent. Even if you think it is fully cold & extinguished it can still give off carbon monoxide fumes and has lead to fatalities. Stay safe peeps! X





1.   SKIN CANCER IS ON THE RISE: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, and rates continue to rise. Around 13,300 cases of malignant melanoma were diagnosed in the UK in 2011, that’s 37 people every day. Over the last thirty years, rates of malignant melanoma in the UK have risen faster than any of the current top ten cancers. Sun exposure is the main cause. Cheap flights and last minute deals have made sun breaks the norm and increased UV ray exposure and its frequency.



2.   UVB & UVA – THEY’RE DIFFERENT: You need protection from both. UVB (burning) & UVA (ageing & cell damage) filters are vital. Protection from both is key in preventing skin cancer long term. Ultrasun products give super sensitive, broad spectrum protection from harmful UV rays, and crucially filter a very high proportion of UVA rays much higher than the  EU requirement of 33%.  


3.   DAMAGE STARTS EARLY: We know it’s important to protect the kids in the sun, but doing that properly is the key to preventing the damage that causes issues in the future. According to Cancer Research a history of sunburn doubles the risk of malignant melanoma and also increases the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer. Children need high protection broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection at all times.



4.   SUN CREAM: IT’S ALL IN THE FORMULA: To work, a sun cream needs to be applied properly and it needs to stay put. Ultrasun’s  patented liposome technology gives photo stability – it stays on and stays working, even after repeated water exposure – yes for once all day really means all day! Jusy check out your sun account which explains how long you should expose for and don’t go over this amount of sun in one day.


 5.    Developed by Swiss formulation experts, Ultrasun sinks straight in, absorbing easily to guarantee no-fuss protection. In addition, especially with kids, check for a solid “free from” list. Ultrasun products are hypo-allergenic with no emulsifiers, perfume or parabens. This can drastically reduce incidences of prickly heat whilst still allowing a natural tan to develop. Protection that won’t rub off with sweat, swimming or showering.



6.   SHELF LIFE- CHOOSE WISELY: How long a sun cream lasts isn’t just about value, it’s about effectiveness. Selecting products that last more than the average not only means you CAN potentially pack it twice , but it means that the ingredients set to protect still do their job for longer after opening.   Ultrasun products have a shelf life once opened of 2 years (against an average for sun creams of 6-12 months) allowing for multi-use and “cocktailing” different products for different body parts, home and away.


 7.   HOW YOU APPLY SUN CREAM MATTERS: Do it first thing, do it indoors and apply enough. Regardless of brand chosen, any application in direct sunlight (IE when you’re already on the sun lounger) increases evaporation before it’s had a chance to bond with the skin, reducing its power to protect.  As Ultrasun products are all once a day application,  doing this first thing keeps everyone protected and free to get on with the holiday. Apply liberally to all exposed, or potentially exposed, parts of the body. The official guidelines given by Colipa (Association of European Cosmetic Industry) are 2mg/cm2 – this approximately corresponds to one teaspoon worth for the face. As a rule of thumb, use a teaspoon of sunscreen for each arm, leg, front, back and face (including neck and ears).


 Most common questions about UVA.


  Why does Ultrasun not have the star rating?


The star rating is a Boots system and used predominantly for products sold in Boots stores. Ultrasun is not sold in Boots. The EU working party on sun care (Cosmetics Europe) are the official governing body and they ask us to stick to their guidelines. We surpass this on all Ultrasun formulas and this gives us the UVA in a circle sign which is regulated and not set by one commercial organisation. The BBC reported as though the star rating was the only and definitive measurement - it most certainly is not and unfortunately many products with this rating have gone on to fail tests by independent bodies such as Which? We are controlled and regulated and like it that way!


What are UVA rays?


UVA are the more penetrative rays that break down our DNA. They are doing invisible cell damage with no immediate obvious sign. If you spoke to as many people with serious skin cancer as I do on a daily basis you would PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT!


Bruce Hymanson – Bodyblade Q&A – Monday webchat 6th July 2015 8-9pm, Bodyblade QVC fbk gp

Bruce Hymanson
 feeling fabulous

7 hrs

Hello Bodyblade Ohana! In just about 30 minutes, I will be joining you for our 8pm web chat. We have many new people to welcome to the group and I thought I would review technique, permahabits and the importance of what Bodyblade represents for you, your body and your mind. A review for many but always good to think about. All questions welcome as always. Please answer to this post so I can keep track of everyone's questions today. See you soon!!
P.S. People ask me how I make Bodyblade look so easy on T.V. The answer is mine is battery operated

Like · Comment


Bruce Hymanson Kidding of course!!!! no batteries smile emoticon

7 hrs · Like · 10

Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, that will be great! I love the BB, thank you great idea!

7 hrs · Like · 2

Denise Large Oh Bruce Hymanson, that's funny

7 hrs · Like · 4

Mirka Marri Bruce Hymanson can I ask how many years have you been exercising with the BB and do you do any other form of exercise to keep fit?

7 hrs · Like · 2

Libby Murdoch Hi Bruce. There are some days I could do with those batteries. LOL

7 hrs · Like · 3

Wendy Lawrence Hi Bruce, hope you're well could I have a battery please for mine!

7 hrs · Like · 3

Sandra Murray Bruce will the bb help with mild sciatica?? Any tips on how to improve this with using the bb. X

7 hrs · Like · 2

Jacqueline Jackson Lol Bruce.

7 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart You sure Bruce. I bet they are AA batteries lol. You've started something now. You know what the English are like once we get a hold of something 
wink emoticon wink emoticon

7 hrs · Like · 7

Libby Murdoch I'm not English!!

7 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart #susanmcpoland just drop in and comment 'hi'

7 hrs · Like

Janie Smith Hi Bruce , thanks gor such a gab time last sunday.

7 hrs · Like · 2

Janie Smith Fab not gab

7 hrs · Like · 2

Tracie Wright Hi Bruce, lovely to have you back with us on chat and question time. xx i was wondering today ,when i do the hip and thigh exercise i tend to always have my dominant right hand above my left when i hold it to drive the blade , but it occured to me today if i alternate with putting my left hand above right instead would that give an extra work out to my left arm to improve its cordination and strength or would it make no differance as would my right hand still be more of a driving force to get the blade wobbling ? Hope you understand what i mean lol xx

7 hrs · Like · 3

Lindsey Sweet Hi Bruce, hope you are good?

7 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart There's always one Libby Murdoch what nationality are you? I'm sure we can include you lol xx

7 hrs · Like · 1

Libby Murdoch I'm a Scot.

7 hrs · Like · 3

Sue Stewart Ok Bruce Hymanson you know what us British are like when we find something funny xx

7 hrs · Like · 4

Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce hope you are well.

7 hrs · Like · 1

Sandie Nutter Hi Bruce Hymanson can you suggest how I can add strength to my knee as had surgery in March and still struggle going down stairs. Thanks

7 hrs · Like · 1

Lindsey Chadwick Hi Bruce, I've had my BB for 2 weeks now and am totally addicted. I would like to ask what I can do to make my right arm bat wings firm up more. I have had lymph nodes removed from that side and it doesn't seem to be toning up as well as left side. I am so addicted I do the exercises twice a day.

7 hrs · Like · 1

Petra May Hi Bruce. I recently had a bone scan which shows I have significant bone loss for my age in my spine. ( Borderline osteoporosis). I took up Bodyblade 2 weeks ago to start getting fitter. Various other health problems rule out running or weight lifting to help maintain bone density. My question is, will using the Bodyblade help me with my spine. And are there any specific exercises I should be doing? x

7 hrs · Like · 1

Louise Taylor Hi Bruce. Had my BB for a week now and really feeling the difference but not seen anything visible changes yet. If i squat lower rather than having just soft knees will this up the intensity and how long until I start seeing results? Xx

7 hrs · Edited · Like · 1

Anne Keating Hi Bruce. I'd appreciate one like yours please - battery operated! xx

6 hrs · Like · 7

Sue Stewart He's started it now Anne lol x

6 hrs · Like · 3

Rachel Rowett Hi Bruce. could you please advise about the 21 days permahabit. is it 21 days one after another? x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Janie Smith Behave yourself Anne!!!!

6 hrs · Like · 3

Debbie Flint Hi all! Welcome to our Weekly regulars and if anyone hasn't yet seen it, do you look out for our Chiswick stretch and flow new video! Full info via the pinned post. Enjoy the web chat with Bruce and don't forget Abi Cleeve is over on back to you group doing the same until 9 PM - enjoy X

6 hrs · Like · 8

Janie Smith Is there anybody out there? 

6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Hi Gang! soo many questions. I've been reading through them and will try to summarize and answer. Be patient with me this evening!!

6 hrs · Like · 4

Susan Mc Poland I am

6 hrs · Like · 3

Brenda Corbishley Hi Bruce. Is it ok if it feels like various areas are tensed up during a wobble, or should you aim to be as relaxed as possible? Thanks.

6 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart Debbie Flint I'm multi tasking huni x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Wendy Lawrence I'm here Janie!

6 hrs · Like · 2

Janie Smith Hey Wendy! XSee Translation

6 hrs · Like · 1

Sue Stewart Hi Wendy x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Hard to believe a week has passed since I was in the U.K. We have a wonderful group and growing every day.

6 hrs · Like · 9

Wendy Lawrence Hi Janie, Hi Sue, hi John boy! xx

6 hrs · Like · 4

Mirka Marri Bruce Hymanson that is down to your brilliant exercise product

6 hrs · Like · 1

Janie Smith Night Jim Bob

6 hrs · Like · 4

Wendy Lawrence Night Mary Ellen

6 hrs · Like · 3

Bruce Hymanson I have been asked many times if I do other forms of training and the answer is yes and no. I do not lift weights or do any other exercise with machines, pullies, dumbbells etc. I do body weight exercise (squats, pull ups, push ups) which simply use my body as the resistance machine along with Bodyblade (much the same as our Bodyblade HIIT workouts in the DVDs). The other thing I like to do is row. I love to get on the water when I can but I also have an erg at home. The majority of my training is Bodyblade and body weight training or High Intensity Interval Training (same as you do).

6 hrs · Like · 7

Jacqueline Jackson Denise Denise Widdows over here. x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Sue Stewart Now girls let's not take over Bruce's post. Anyway Anne will be onto us and we're be put in the naughty corner lol x

6 hrs · Like · 3

Chris Jopp Hi everyone. Hadn't done any BB for a week because of a painful shoulder but did 2 lots of Super 6 today but 30 secs each and it was great to get back to it.

6 hrs · Like · 3

Denise Widdows Ha ha bonkers, you're all bonkers smile emoticon x

6 hrs · Like · 4

Wendy Lawrence That's good news Chris xx

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Hi Sandra. Sciatica is symptom referring to a bulge in a disc or possibly a tight piriformus muscle pressing on the sciatic nerve. Bodyblade can help to alleviate the symptoms of sciatica by improving back strength, posture and flexibility. There is no one thing that will eliminate the problems associated with Sciatica but, certainly Bodyblade will help. Having said that, please make sure you consult with your MD or Physio regarding your symptoms and treatment

6 hrs · Like · 3

Jacqueline Jackson Bodyblade has helped my sciatica Bruce.

6 hrs · Like · 6

Tracie Wright When are you due back in the uk Bruce x

6 hrs · Like

Bruce Hymanson Hi Tracie. Instead of putting one hand on top of the other or switching which hand is on top when doing the Hip & Thigh Sculptor, try the lace grip which is symmetrical and requires equal work from both arms.

6 hrs · Like · 6

Christine Grochowina Hi all

6 hrs · Like · 3

Janie Smith Its def inproved my upper body strength. I am proud of my shoulders- two years ago i couldnt carry thi gs in my left hand or raise my arm abive my head following an injury. Now i can do this and have got arms and shoulders in full working order! X

6 hrs · Like · 6

Wendy Lawrence You forgot to mention Janie, arms to die for! xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Jacky Butters Hi Bruce, just started using body blade today, is it best to do it on alternate days or everyday?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Janie Smith Thank you Wendy. Not bad for an old girl!

6 hrs · Like · 1

Denise Widdows Hi Bruce. I bought the bb after learning that you developed it for patients who suffered with neck and shoulder issues. Recently I have had pain in my shoulder and found the Bb helps temporarily but the pain comes back after a few hours. I was wondering if continual use of the bb will eventually leave me pain free?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Mirka Marri Bruce I see in the States that there are BB classes, do you think that they will start here?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Sandie and others, regarding the question of strengthening the knees.....One of the best exercises you can do (not just for the knees) is squats. We partially squat when we do Bodyblade exercises and I've discussed how we should all take a soft posture when doing all exercises. Never simply stand up straight. But, whether or not you have a Bodyblade in hand, do squats every other day (at least) to strengthen not just the knees but the entire lower body. Here is a good way to begin. Place a couple of pillows in a chair. Get into position like you were going to sit. When you feel your Butt touch the pillow, stand up. Repeat 10 times and do 3 sets of those. As you become stronger, remove the pillows one at a time until you are simply sitting and standing from the chair by touch and up. Then, remove the chair and do standing squats. I've demonstrated this many times on video and DVDs so hopefully this helps

6 hrs · Like · 10

Sandra Murray Thank you so much Bruce. Xx

6 hrs · Like · 1

Wendy Lawrence Just telling it like it is Janie don't forget any time you want to swap, I'm your girl! xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Janie Smith Lol Wendy x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Hi Petra and all who have asked the question about bone loss and will Bodyblade help. No official study completed to objectify the answer is yes, but, we know from clinical reports that Bodyblade does tend to help strengthen the bones. Anytime you stress the muscle and the tendons pull on the bones, you are creating a need to maintain the strength of that connection. My personal feeling is yes, Bodyblade exercise will help strengthen your bones

6 hrs · Like · 6

Chris Jopp I find the exercises much easier with soft knees, it helps me balance and I feel my core working.

6 hrs · Like · 5

Denise Widdows Me too Chris x

6 hrs · Like · 2

Lorena Storey Hi Bruce. I'm interested in the body blade HIIT workouts you mentioned above - what DVD are they on please? Is it available in the UK?

6 hrs · Edited · Like · 1

Sue Stewart It will Chris. It strengths your core using a soft knee x

6 hrs · Like · 3

Sue Stewart Bruce when are we getting the new dvd please x

6 hrs · Like · 4

Petra May Thank you Bruce x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Permahabits and 21 days. It takes a 21 day period (on average with human behavior) to make something a habit you will stick with. Doing Bodyblade training 3-4 times a week for three weeks will have that effect on you. This doesn't mean you have to Bodyblade every day (although you can if you like) it simply means that making it part of your regular routine will become habitual and once that happens, you are there!!

6 hrs · Like · 13

Bruce Hymanson Janie, thanks for sharing your success in strength and flexibility. That's what I'm talking about!!!!

6 hrs · Like · 6

Jacky Butters Thank you Bruce x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Rachel Rowett Thank you Bruce. I have a tutor for self help courses & he said takes 21 days one after another to break or make a habit. so glad you have cleared that up x

6 hrs · Like · 4

Kathryn Stewart Hi Bruce. Thought we were getting the DVD this week? X

6 hrs · Like · 1

Sue Stewart Perma habit. Nuff said x




6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Hi Denise. I'm happy to hear Bodyblade is helping to relieve your pain. Doing more is not necessarily better. Stick to the 3 to 4 times a week training. As your arms and shoulders improve, the balance of muscle activity will also promote better mobility and use of the shoulders functionally. While this is going on, hopefully, tissue is also healing and over time, you will feel a dramatic difference

6 hrs · Like · 5

Wendy Lawrence Hope you feel happier now Rachel xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Susan Mc Poland I've only been using the BB for a week but I absolutely love it!
You don't think you would break a sweat, but you do!!!
The hip and thigh is torture but I'm hoping to master it soon!!...See More

6 hrs · Like · 5

Anne Keating Even better than what I said about permahabits - I thought it was doing the SS 21 times over 3-4 weeks! xx

6 hrs · Like · 4

Denise Widdows Thanks so much Bruce. That's reassuring to know smile emoticon x

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Hi Lorena, the Bodyblade HIIT workouts are on the Super6/Power10 DVD and all the videos you see on our pinned posts.

6 hrs · Like · 3

Bruce Hymanson We are working on getting more classes scheduled at major health clubs and smaller studios in the U.K. will take time to get them to be more popular but we will get there.

6 hrs · Like · 9

Sue Stewart And the DVD?

6 hrs · Like · 1

Chris Jopp Would definitely go to one if you had one in our local area!

6 hrs · Like · 2

Lorena Storey Thank you Bruce. I have that DVD but was focussing on the power 6 and must have missed the HIIT. I'll look again!

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson I have a question for all of you. How would you like to be "community teachers/coaches" and conduct classes much like we do when I visit the U.K.? If you are interested, we can discuss further

6 hrs · Like · 6

Rachel Rowett Yeah I am going to have tonight off, now I understood permahabits lol

6 hrs · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson How do you all like the Chiswick House Stretch & Flow workout? We had a blast making it and I hope you all enjoy it.

6 hrs · Like · 10

Chris Jopp Loved watching it Bruce and its the routine I'm going to do on Wednesday, tomorrow is belly blaster wink emoticon

6 hrs · Like · 3

Susan Mc Poland I haven't tried those yet Bruce but will do. X

6 hrs · Like · 1

Mirka Marri I am very new to this but really like the idea

6 hrs · Like · 2

Christine Grochowina Loved it looks like you all had fun doing the workout

6 hrs · Like · 1

Rachel Rowett when I master more than super 6 I wouldn't mind being a community teacher/coach. it is first exercise that isn't a chore (if that makes sense,) think because it is fun especially the hip & thigh makes me giggle

6 hrs · Like · 5

Kathryn Stewart It was FABULOUS! Wasn't it Wendy Lawrence? Xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Wendy Lawrence Love it Bruce, if only I could stop laughing at Back and shoulder reach, sure you know what I mean! It's classic.

6 hrs · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Remember everyone, make Bodyblade training a regular routine in your life. Set aside time to do the workouts. Allow your body to become stronger, have better muscle memory, better strength, better endurance and better balance, coordination, stability. This will ultimately improve your life which is a good thing!!!! Yes!!?

6 hrs · Like · 15

Kathryn Stewart Forever keeper! Lol xx

6 hrs · Like · 3

Wendy Lawrence FABULOUS underlined and in bold Kathryn, still cant do with falling about though xx

6 hrs · Like · 4

Libby Murdoch Bruce the BB has changed my life for the better. Thank you.

5 hrs · Like · 4

Sue Stewart Behave Wendy Lawrence and Kathryn Stewart xx

5 hrs · Like · 3

Anne Keating Bruce - that's a definite yes from me! It's improved my life already. xx

5 hrs · Like · 4

Kathryn Stewart Boo hiss!

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