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Bodyblade Chiswick Special with Bruce and the Girls! Plus QVC's Julia Roberts on Webchat!
30 June 2015

Maid of Honour nr Kew Bridge Maid of Honour nr Kew Bridge

First, well done Anne Keating, Janie Smith, Tracie Wright, Helen Murphy, Jan Belcher, Sara Adams, Lorna Ko and everyone participating at home during Bruce's live shows on QVC featuring the amazing keep fit and toning device Bodyblade, and recording Bruce's latest routine - the 'Chiswick Stretch and Flow' for Chiswick Buzz in Chiswick House, in , er... Chiswick!

His amazing device really makes a massive difference to bye-bye arms and to your strength in upper body and core, and gets heart going etc too. Such a fabulous day including having afternoon tea in the Maids of Honour tea rooms near Kew Bridge too. And Bruce's 'Angels' did us proud in my 8pm show too. 

Here is the new Chiswick Stretch and Flow video - click here.

And here is the recording of some of the girls as featured doing the Super6 on simon biagi's Sunday show earlier in the day - click here.

And - to come - on my 8pm show on QVC that evening.

Order your bodyblade from QVC here.

And join our fabulously supportive and informative Facebook group Bodyblade QVC here.

And see the full round up of all the latest super6 alternatives and variations on the newly updated summary of youtube links here.

Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 - hardback sold out

I have some bad news for anyone who wanted to get the exclusive content and signed aqua hardback version of my weight loss book - it's now sold out apart from possible waitlist. item 704285 if you'd like to try. go here to order hardback on QVC waitlist if you're lucky! (if link has gone it means book is not coming back.)

BUT the good news is that the purple version is still on Amazon in eBook or paperback - click here.

So many lovely words from the wonderful ladies on the QVC reviews, and also from Anne and Helen during my 8pm - their comments are below (to come).


Other News -

- Preparing for the medical - ok so at the end of July - a month - I will have my next 360 medical (means every aspect and every orifice gets examined!) So it's a concerted effort for weight loss again by then - watch this space!

Why a mouthful is Never Enough - new study says fructose is less rewarding than glucose so you need more - read it here, from the I Quit Sugar Team

Thinking of going veggie - try 'flexi-tarian' instead -  i think that's what I am! TBH especially after China where it was just easier to eat meat than go hunting for different restaurants than everyone else, I've been mixing up my diet a bit more. Read the interesting proposition about flexitarian here.

 More Back to You next week – and remember to check in on the TTFLs page for more tips of the day to keep you going! (link below). 

Best wishes for a fab week!

luv Debs x


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Julia Roberts from QVC - original host - Monday 29th July - talks about life at QVC, her fave items and her first novel!





Sue Stewart Hi Julia and welcome to Back to You. What do you do to get Back to You as you have such a busy schedule. Love your hair what is your 'go to' shampoo and conditioner xxx


Helen Murphy What inspired you to write your novel?


Petra May Hi Julia. Can i ask what you use on your neck? I am 57 and like you I have had health problems which in my case involves taking medication to stop my body producing estrogen. My facial routine is still working pretty well but my neck seems to be suffering: necklace lines and crisscross lines. Using Prolagene gel to help with sagging. Your skin, and particularly your neck area are amazing. I have been shopping with QVC for about 15 years and I always enjoy watching you presenting, especially on the beauty shows. Thank you x


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Julia welcome. When will the next novel be available as I really enjoyed 'life's a beach and then' and am really looking forward to the next installment. I'm from Nottingham too and loved the local references in your story. x


Kathleen Donnelly Hi Julia, Just wondering if you are feeling better now.. You always looks good on TV.. I love to watch your fashion shows as you always advise and give measurements early.. especially the lengths, which is very important.. Hope you keep well.. x


Jacqueline Jackson I know you love Pilates Julia and it was you that inspired me to get my machine about six years ago. How often do you do your routine? x


Debbie Flint Nearly time for Jules to join! Post qns here. She will be here shortly - have a great first webchat with our lovely Back to You gang, julia! X

Chris Calvert Hi Julia I've watched you since day one and so glad to see you have stayed, if u didn't ever join qvc what do you think you would be doing instead, hope ur well smile emoticon

Julia Roberts Hi Sue, now that my son has moved to Swansea I love to go & visit him and explore the beautiful Gower peninsula. If I can't get away I enjoy sitting in the conservatory with a good book. Regarding my hair my favourite shampoo and conditioner is Aveda Colour Conserve although I do like Liz Earlexx


Kathryn Stewart Hi Julia. Welcome to the chat. I am so,envious of your gym room. I struggle to put out the Pilates machine so it is rather neglected. How often to you use yours. Tx. Kxx

Julia Roberts Hi Helen, I had gone on a dream holiday to Mauritius, a place I had always wanted to visit after a tough year dealing with my CML diagnosis and treatment. As I relaxed on the beach the first morning an idea started to form for a novel and the whole of the rest of the holiday was spent developing the plot - my poor long-suffering other half! X


Sharon Harvay Welcome to our wonderful group Julia so pleased to finally welcome you here and to the world of Facebook!! You have had a busy day today so we do appreciate it! Loved you in the red Yong Kim Dress earlier, it realy suited you. My question is...the style we see you wearing on air, is that a similar, if not the same, style of clothing you wear outside of work? x

Julia Roberts Hi Petra thanks for your lovely compliments and sorry to hear that you are on long-term medication. I always used to use Gatineau throat gel but stopped for a while & moved over to Elemis neck & bust. I now use a combination of the two,one morning & one evening. Remember to take the product round the back of the neck too x


Mari Buckley Hi Julia, welcome to your first webchat - really hope you enjoy it! I've watched you on QVC for many years. It's like watching an old friend!

Julia Roberts Hi Jacqueline, I'm hoping the next book will be available in November. I'm so pleased you enjoyed Life's a Beach and Then... And there will be some more Nottingham references in book two  x


Claire Louise Hi Julia have to say I found it very hard to put your book down and now I've read it looking forward to the next one. Can u ask have you stopped doing the late shift and TSV launches (I hope not )

Jacqueline Jackson Fantastic will look forward to it coming out x


Julia Roberts Hi Kathleen, I had the great news that I am in remission from my CML about six weeks ago. Although my latest test does show a trace of the disease I'm apparently still in remission although I will be on my medication for at least two more years. Thanks for your compliment x


Dawn Robinson Hello Julia, your always an absolute joy to watch on Q, if you have a very busy day what are your favourite relaxing beauty products ? xx


Hi again Jacqueline so pleased I inspired you to get a Pilates machine. I try to use mine 3 times a week when my schedule permits - I was on it this morning


Dawn Robinson My girls often say you & Debbie look like Sisters x

Sharon Harvay Oh Julia that is fantastic news, will keep everything crossed for youxx


Kathryn Stewart Totally. You have dealt with it so,bravely and openly. Not easy at all x


Julia Roberts Hi Chris, I would probably have continued what I was doing when I joined QVC - I was freelance presenting including features for Sky Sports. Or maybe with more time on my hands I would have started writing books earlier! X

Jacqueline Jackson So pleased you're doing so well with your health Julia. Long may it continue x


Julia Roberts Hi Kathryn the gym was the first alteration we had done to our house when we moved in as there was no room for my fitness equipment having down-sized. I try to use my Pilates machine three times a week but I also have a treadmill and an Instride Walker & I do mat Pilates as well. Xx


Chris Calvert Well im glad u did join QVC Julia Roberts i enjoy watching when you are on, u give very informative information in a way that isnt selling but more advising about a product. You have the best of doing both now which is fantastic. smile emoticon Do you have diet routine which you stick to or just eat smaller portions as ur looking lovely


Stewart Thanks Julia. I struggle on the floor due to my hip problems (have had three hip replacements on same side) so using my bodyblade a lot. Would love space to put the machine out. You always make it look effortless and it's not! Xx

Julia Roberts Hi Sharon, thanks to you and Debbie for inviting me! I love Yong Kim fashion and have a few of their dresses but I tend to be less smart when I'm not working unless I'm going out. X


Julia Roberts Hi Mari, I'm not sure if I'm doing it properly but it's nice to chat to you all xx


Sharon Harvay Its our Pleasure Julia xx


Jacqueline Jackson Where did your love of football come from Julia and as a Nottingham girl did you ever support one of the local football clubs? x


Kathryn Stewart Doing just fine (better than the other chat on Bodyblade I am afraid! Lol xx


Sharon Harvay You are doing fab xx


Dawn Robinson Its a special treat to have you with us xx

Julia Roberts Hi Claire I'm so pleased you enjoyed my book and are looking forward to the sequel. I have had to stop late shifts for the time being as my professor increased my medication in January and I have to take it with my dinner - it just makes me feel extra tired so I usually finish by 8pm at the moment. If I continue to feel well I will gradually start to do a few more late shifts x

Carol Gillmore Hi Julia I am a huge Hornets fan and text and wrote to you in the past my question is are you still involved with crystal palace as much as you were

Claire Louise Your health always comes first x x


Julia Roberts Thank you Dawn. I love to relax in an Elemis milk bath with Yankee candles burning and preferably some Emma Hardie balm on my face to re moisturise after being in the drying studios xx

Dawn Robinson Thank you Julie ive never tried the Elemis Milk Bath must put that on my wish list xx


Petra May Thank you for you reply earlier. Am I right in saying I thought I heard you say you are vegetarian. What prompted you to adopt that lifestyle if so, and do you eat chicken or fish. Both my husband and I enjoy trying out vegetarian dishes and have sta...See More


Julia Roberts We feel like sisters sometimes - we have known each other since before QVC started - about 25 years I think!

Julia Roberts I don't have a particular diet regime Chris but I did give up bread completely for the month of May and felt much better for it - might do it again for July x


Jacqueline Jackson I love Elemis milk bath too. Smells really lovely and so relaxing and comforting x


Julia Roberts I never supported Forest or County Jacqueline as I wasn't really into football in those days x

Chris Calvert Fab I've been wanting to do that for a while but just luv a good buttie haha


27 mins · Like · 1





Chris Calvert Me too luv the Milk Bath and the shower cream too in the same scent

Julia Roberts Hi again Kathryn I think I am just used to the Pilates machine now so I find it easier although I like to challenge myself at home x

Julia Roberts Hi Carol I will always be a Palace fan but I haven't been so much since we moved to Ascot & Daniel moved to Swansea City. Went to the Palace v Swansea game though


Jacqueline Jackson What would be your idea of a perfect day Julia when not working at QVC? x

Carol Gillmore Maybe we will see you at vicarage Rd sometime smile emoticon xx

Mari Buckley You are doing just fine, Julia! x


Julia Roberts Hi Petra yes I am a vegetarian. We gave up eating meat and fish almost thirty years ago and I don't really miss it apart from fish occasionally. I make a lovely vegetarian lasagne with spinach, walnuts & cottage cheese, and asparagus, spinach & pea risotto. I am thinking of buying Deliciously Ella - is it good? Sophie my daughter keeps telling me to get a spiralizer x

Sharon Harvay Julia, what hours on Qvc this week are you really looking forward too? x

Mari Buckley I've got a spiralizer! It's pretty good although I haven't used it nearly as much as I should have so far

Kathryn Stewart Julia I have a copy that didn't do it for me. I am happy to send to you at QVC if you like. It's wasted in a corner. Xx

Jules Fay Deliciously Ella is raved about by people who juice - they love her receipes! Nice to chat to another Julia! X

Kathryn Stewart We can do a trade. Book for your veg lasagne recipe as long as no peppers as allergic to them! Lol x


17 mins · Unlike · 1

Stewart Got a spraliser.....fab x


Debbie Flint Julia is a great cook, her cakes at Christmas are legendary smile emoticon

Denise Large Hi Julia, what is your favourite foundation, your skin looks lovely, I do love my doll10, I must admit x


Julia Roberts My perfect day Jacqueline would be a drive down to the coast on a sunny day - a lovely lunch, sitting reading on the beach all afternoon and watching a sunset before returning home tired but happy to my cats x


haron Harvay Julia....i love it!!! I have been vegetarian for 26 years and love cooking! i really think you will enjoy it and she has afab facebook page and blog xx



Kathryn Stewart Alas too many daffy ingredients for me! Sorry.....


Julia Roberts Hi Sharon probably Cooks Essentials on Wednesday as I don't get in the kitchen often x


Sharon Harvay wooooo hoooo me too denise xx

Sharon Harvay Perfect day x


Julia Roberts Hi Kathryn not sure that's a fair swap but I'll happily accept if you don't want it & will send you my lasagne recipe which has no peppers in it xx

Anne Keating Thank you for taking the time to talk to us yesterday when we were at the studio Bodyblading Julia. We caught a glimpse of you earlier on a screen and you had your hair tied back. That doesn't sound right but you know what I mean! It looked lovely. Did you do it yourself? Do you use a hot brush? xx

Julia Roberts Hi Denise I am a fan of all the Bare Minerals foundations (not just saying it because it's TSV tonight) and also like Tarte x

Kathryn Stewart Deal. Glad it's going to a good home. Won't get to send til Friday as at work, if that's ok? Happy cooking. My sister is coming to stay and is a vegetarian so any recipes gratefully received. Xx Sharon could you give me the correct address for WVc as only have customer services and returns lol x.


Jules Fay Lentils and aubergines are good done as a moussaka - yummy x


Julia Roberts Hi Anne I had left my hair to dry naturally yesterday & then just caught it back in a hair elastic - felt a bit exposed on air though. Nice to meet you yesterday x


Kathryn Stewart Should be QVC!! Predictive nightmare! Xx


Sandra Gregory So sorry I hVe missed most of this chat, I am dog sitting for my niece 's Henry and it is his play time form eight told now bless him he is very old and missing his mum and dad who are on their way home now. Hope you are all enjoying chat with Julia and I hope you Julia are enjoying it too xxx


Sharon Harvay yes kathyryn lol x

Anne Keating We all thought it looked great. xx


Julia Roberts That sounds nice Jules - have you got a proper recipe you could send me? X


Kathryn Stewart Me too! X

Sandra Gregory Julia you always look fab in air and are such a lovely lady, and we share being born in the same year, although I have my birthday in Jan so six months older than you lol x


Jules Fay Yes have somewhere - will have a good look for it - can easily send it to you x

Julia Roberts Thanks Sandra xx

Mari Buckley I remember when your hair was really curly Julia! Is it naturally curly and do you use a hotbrush or something to get it smooth?

Petra May I love trying out the recipes Julia. Perhaps you could share the odd recipe on your blog. Thank you for talking to us x

Sharon Harvay Back To You Qvc, Please join me in saying a huge thank you to Julia Roberts for joining us for this brilliant web chat this evening. Julia it has been a joy and our absolute pleasure to welcome you here tonight. We wish you every continued success with your brilliant new novel " Lifes a Beach and then..."Looking forward to seeing you on QVC this week. Take care xxxx

Sarah K. Preddy Thank you for being here Julia.

Kathryn Stewart Thanks so much Julia. See wasn't that bad was it? Book on its way at end of week. Kxx


Carol Gillmore Thanks Julia great inspiration to us all smile emoticon xx

Mari Buckley Lovely to speak to you Julia! Take care xx

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you for chatting Julia it's really appreciated. Take care and keep writing! x

Anne Keating Thank you lovely lady. xx

Dawn Robinson Thank you Julia & Sharon xx


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Sharon xxx


Claire Louise Well done Julia x x

Kathryn Stewart Thank you Sharon as ever. Great effort xx


 Bruce Bodyblade - Monday 29th June - short one as Bruce was tired out from the shows and from being with his 'angels' on Sunday!  hehe!

Sara Brown Good evening Bruce, it was so lovely to meet you yesterday. This morning when I did my Super6 before work I felt your hand tap my shoulder to relax them down.


I was much better on no4. If I remember rightly it was about pushing to the floor. You also made a recommendation about my hands. Would you remind me of the best position. Thank you.

7 hrs · Like · 4


Libby Murdoch Hi Bruce. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of you yesterday and joined in as best as I can. I though the girls were amazing and inspiring. X

7 hrs · Edited · Like · 5


Mirka Marri Hi Bruce, I have just ordered mine, and can not wait to receive it smile emoticon

7 hrs · Like · 3


Lindsey Sweet Evening Bruce, loved watching the shows yesterday and today joined in with you all. Thanks for your continued support you give to the group smile emoticon

7 hrs · Like · 3


Kathryn Stewart Good evening Bruce. Yesterday

Poked such good fun. Been inspired to pick up my rather neglected blade. Any news on the DVD? Sorry, always ask. Xx

7 hrs · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce really enjoyed your shows yesterday . Bet you were all tired by the end

7 hrs · Edited · Like · 3


Kathryn Stewart R we on the right feed? Not another seance group I hope! Lolxx

7 hrs · Like · 3


Anne Keating Hi Bruce - I for one had a really lovely day yesterday - and it's great to see that it has encouraged so many of the group to pick up their BBs and start exercising today. Looking forward to seeing Chiswick Stretch 'n Flow video! xx

7 hrs · Like · 9


Jacqueline Jackson Just wanted to say thank you for all the shows you've been doing and re-inspiring so many people including my Mum who's just ordered a Bodyblade. There's a real buzz about it which is fabulous.

7 hrs · Like · 5


Christine Grochowina Hope so Kathryn

7 hrs · Like · 2


Kathryn Stewart Rather quiet don't you think Christine?

7 hrs · Like · 2


Gill Briers Could you give us more tips about the most effective way to do each of the super six. I found the ab crunch was much more effective holding my arms out and up higher, really felt my stomache muscles work!

7 hrs · Like · 3


Debbie Flint Any major wins in your life cos of bodyblade , all? Be nice for bruce to read before he heads back off tomorrow early morn! X

7 hrs · Like · 4


Debbie Flint He's gone off to have a dinner appt but will pop by later nearer 9! So i'm here instead!

7 hrs · Like · 5


Debbie Flint Any thoughts on what the shows on qvc with bruce made u think? X

7 hrs · Like · 5


Kathryn Stewart The fact that yesterday has totally inspired me and kicked me into action? Not life changing but something! Lolxx

7 hrs · Unlike · 4


Kathryn Stewart You will do very nicely Debs! Lol

7 hrs · Unlike · 4


Gill Briers Seeing those ladies work so hard inpsired me to make sure I use my BB more often and to really push myself, only I can make the changes I need to make!

7 hrs · Like · 5


Kathryn Stewart I find the circuits much easier rather than a minute on each. Anymore plans for more of them for us? Xx

7 hrs · Unlike · 6


Libby Murdoch Hi. My major win is that the feeling in my leg continues to get better. I can now get up off the floor without too much problem. I have also lost inches from my waist and hips. I'll never give it up . It is part of my daily life now. X

7 hrs · Edited · Unlike · 5


Christine Grochowina Yes it is quiet Kathryn where is everyone

7 hrs · Unlike · 3


Kathryn Stewart Bruce is at dinner! Debs is here. ...u hoo!! Xx

7 hrs · Unlike · 3


Christine Grochowina Think Bruce said he would be joining us a bit later tonight

7 hrs · Unlike · 3


Anne Keating I'm here too. I've done a separate post to come on here to chat. xx

7 hrs · Unlike · 4


Heather Jones Hi Debbie and Bruce I have been body blade wobbling and healthy eating ready for my daughters wedding in August I had my first outfit alteration fitting yesterday and have gone down around three sizes I have never felt so amazing thank you so much for all your support I could not have done it without you xx

7 hrs · Unlike · 7


Kathryn Stewart I will repost, I find the circuits easier and more interesting than a minute on each exercise. Anymore plans for more videos of them for us? Just done the Hampton Court one with Anne and Debbie (& Bruce of course!) xx

7 hrs · Like · 2


Mirka Marri Kathryn Stewart, I can't find the chat either, have been on the page and just added a message. Never mind sure I will hear all about it from all the other good people here.

6 hrs · Like · 1


Jacqueline Jackson You're in the right place Mirka Bruce will be here later. Post your question if you have one x

6 hrs · Like · 1



6 hrs · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hello everyone, superstars one & all

6 hrs · Like · 8


Kathryn Stewart Ohana Bruce. Hope you had a good meal and not too rushed xx

6 hrs · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce

6 hrs · Like · 1


Bruce Hymanson Still at the restaurant but couldn't wait any longer to check in withe my Ohana! Debs, thanks for joining too!

6 hrs · Like · 4


Kathryn Stewart Poor Bruce. No rest for the wicked, as they say here! Lol x

6 hrs · Like · 2


Pat Hardy Hi will the new dvd soon be available to purchase separately please.

6 hrs · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Kathryn, are you saying you want more workouts that do Bodyblade followed by body movement rather than doing one exercise followed by another?

6 hrs · Like · 3


Kathryn Stewart Like the circuit at Hampton court in the winter with Anne & Debbie. 30s on each exercise with movement in between. Found easier than one minute on each exercise. Hope that's clear Tx

6 hrs · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Hi Pat, the new DVD will be available by itself. It is supposed to be on the website available for purchase next week. It is not up to me when it is available but this is what I'm told

6 hrs · Unlike · 9


Kathryn Stewart Woo hoo re the DVD. Great news. Tx Bruce x

6 hrs · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Fingers crossed

6 hrs · Like · 4


Christine Grochowina Fantastic news

6 hrs · Like · 3


Pat Hardy Thank you Bruce. Will look again next week. Had had a look tonight but couldn't find it. Safe journey home xx

6 hrs · Like · 3


Debbie Flint Had a doggy emergency, hi again all.

6 hrs · Like · 6


Debbie Flint So what did u have to eat Bruce? # slowestJapaneseEver? Lol x

6 hrs · Like · 2


Kathryn Stewart Oops! Hope all ok? Mine snoring away here. They are underwhelmed by the chat! Lol. Xx

6 hrs · Like · 2


Petra May Hi Bruce. I am a new convert, just one week into Bodyblade and I am hooked. Thank you for bringing this to us. x

6 hrs · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Hi Debbie

6 hrs · Like · 1


Debbie Flint Yay

6 hrs · Like · 3


Anne Keating Six chips Debbie? Lol. xx

6 hrs · Like · 3


Tracie Wright Bruce could you confirm that you are trying to get Bodyblade Carry Bags for us . i would love to purchase an official one . Thankyou once again for such a wonderful day yesterday, I think some of our group who live further North would love a get together opportunity too. xx

6 hrs · Like · 7


Pat Hardy Hi Debbie, hope your doggy is not too poorly

6 hrs · Like · 3


Kathryn Stewart Loving your new profile pic Anne! X

6 hrs · Like · 2


Debbie Flint Seven Anne LolX

6 hrs · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson I'm excited to see our new creation "Chiswick House Stretch and Flow" question is, how many times will we all laughing

6 hrs · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson Still at the restaurant. Slow is the word. Sushi rolls can take awhile but so many people showed up!!! Decent food though

6 hrs · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Welcome Petra!

6 hrs · Like · 2


Debbie Flint My fave international cuisine! Next to Maids of Honour tea rooms in Chiswick of course, x

6 hrs · Like · 4


Debbie Flint Bruce, final question from me then I have to get back to the major clear out! What is the most valuable thing would u say, to keep up the regular exercise? X

6 hrs · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Hi Tracie. We have a beautiful convertible bag now. I'm hoping to develop a very simple sock like slip on cover. I'll keep you informed

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