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Weight Loss special - and Focus on Bodyblade! Plus Marv on Webchat...
18 June 2015

Marina Del Ray, LA, Nov 2014 Marina Del Ray, LA, Nov 2014

Well it’s a weight loss special over on my QVC blog tomorrow (Friday 19th) so on this Back to you blog this week, I’m doing a Bodyblade focus.

First, do go see the QVC blog for testimonials and fab posts from Till the Fat Lady Slims readers, people who are combining their healthy lifestyle with the sensible steps of Freedom Eating and exercise. Click here for my blog page on

Bodyblade Webchats

Well Bruce is back next weekend – around 28th/29th and I will be with him in the 8pm show Sunday featuring this amazing device. For those who didn’t know, it’s a four foot long round ended, rubber middle flat sided blade that looks like a ski and whips backwards and forwards at either end. It was specifically developed for people with shoulder and spinal problems by Bruce in his early work as a trained physio. He’s worked with tons of celebs and public, and has honed his training programme down to a system that takes just a couple of minutes a day, up to about twelve minutes three times a week if you do the Super6.

Join us on the Bodyblade QVC Facebook group – a closed group where only members can see your posts – where he also has a regular webchat – usually Monday evenings at 8-9pm. This week’s one was really interesting regarding muscle atrophy. What happens as we age and more importantly what we can do about it! Here’s an interesting selection from this week’s webchat –

You could take a normal 60 year old and a normal 10 year old and place them on bed rest. You will see muscle atrophy in both. The question is this: will a fit person lose muscle mass as fast as a sedentary person year over year? No, the fit person will MAINTAIN muscle mass longer than a sedentary person”

You can read the rest in full below.

Now it comes to something when even my mum asks me to get her a Bodyblade; she’s a bit older than Tiff but acts younger than me, and that’s saying something! She’s been a massive influence in my life so it’s nice to know I’m being one in hers – a bit! So as it’s back in stock,  it often sells out before the on-air dates so best to get it whilst you can!

Click here to get the bodyblade on QVC uk with DVD and ex chart.

If you are rubbish at exercising, get this as so many find they WANT to use it – and I do because it only takes a minute a day or a bit more three times a week, to see FAB results!

Webchats -  over the next few weeks we will have Fiona legmaster about a fabulous second device I recommend – the Leg Master. And Alpha H on 5th July. Do leave me a comment with any suggestions you might have! And more next week about my plans for this group and my webchats, enjoy!

Other news –

  • Antthony tells how to dress your best for a plus size frame - Our lovely LA fashionista has posted a blog helping us get be the best dressed we can be, for our shape, curvy girls – go here to read it!


  • Weight Loss special– if you missed reading it, my QVC blog last week was a weight loss special focussing on lots of actual personal stories – go here to read it.



More Back to You next week – and remember to check in on the TTFLs page for more tips of the day to keep you going! (link below). A Leg Master focus next week! And concert time…!

Best wishes for a fab week!

luv Debs x


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Bruce on Bodyblade QVC group this week, and Marv with a blog for darker skins. How about that – she wasn’t watching! History in the making! lol x


 Marverine’s Webchat – June 8th!


Kathryn Stewart Loving the dress Marverine! X


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Marverine. You talked me into the Dyson TSV yesterday can't wait to try it. My question is what is your favourite thing to present? Not necessarily an item more a category i.e. fashion, beauty etc. x


Dawn Robinson Hello Marverine, it's always a joy to see you on QVC. What are your top 3 products you can't be without x


Marverine Cole Kathryn Stewart - thanks for the compliment - the dress is one from Bob Mackie. I got it just under 2 years ago when I arrived at QVC so unsure if it'd be available now xxx


Sharon Harvay HI Marverine, so lovely to welcome you to the group!! Thank you for joining us! You are always so happy and such a joy to watch, do you have any particular shows you love presenting? xx


Marverine Cole Jacqueline Jackson - oooh hope you enjoy it. TBH Hubby and I can't live without the cordless we got at Xmas, need to buy a wand to go with it but it's great to do all those last minute jobs - we love popcorn and it gets all the bit stuck down the sofa!...See More


Marverine Cole Dawn Robinson - my top 3: would be ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM on my face every morning; SBC COLLAGEN CLEANSER for removing my make-up and the BOSE SOUND LINK MINI (hubby and I just been blasting EARHT WIND & FIRE, BOOGIE WONDERLAND through it tonight whilst he was making the tea and I was setting the table


Sharon Harvay Hahahahahahahahahaha, were you having a boogie?


Sandra Taylor Hi Marv I wanted to say I really enjoy your shows. I tweet you from time to time and you always read it out. It makes you feel part of the show. Keep up the good work xx


Sharon Harvay Marverinve, can you give us a rough idea of a day in the life of a Qvc presenter? x


Marverine Cole Sharon Harvay- fave shows I like presenting? Ermmmm... I love working with Kim Mendelsohn on KIM & CO - she is genuinely the most lovely person, such a warm spirit, with a joie de vivre and a huge passion & commitment to making the best clothes she can do for ladies. PLUS there's something about Household Helper Shows - I love them with all their cleaning products. I don't LIKE or ENJOY cleaning but I guess - with us having our apartment up for sale right now - I am more obsessed than usual about having our place clean, for potential buyers. So fast and easy solutions make m y life easier xxx


Kay Stokes Hi Marverine. You always come across as warm and confident - do you get nervous, or not any more?


Anne Keating Hi Marverine - great to talk to you and I promise I won't mention using any of Q's exercise equipment! xx


Dawn Robinson Thank you for all the shout outs too, you always do you best to mention everyone xx


Marverine Cole Sandra Taylor- thanks for that, Sandra. I really appreciate it. I can't explain the fabulousness of this group and also of the IM a QVCUK Queen group. When I started back in Oct 2013 I didn't have a clue who was watching, if anyone liked what I did, if ppl thought I was ok and if you liked the things we were selling. This group PROVES that there are a whole host of wonderful ladies out there who care and appreciate everything we try and do. We KNOW you're savvy and you won't buy anything you don't want to. So for me, it means a lot when I post a message about a forthcoming show of mine, then you REPLY saying you love a product, or you're going to watch. Then I am honoured to be able to say your name out loud. It means so much AND your contact enhances my show. The live shows are often so fast-paced I can't read your whole message out loud but I do my damndest to read your name. Thanks a lot babes xxxx


Marverine Cole Sharon Harvay there's no typical day but I always get in 2 hours before I go on air for my first show. I run around deciding what I will wear or choosing something from the rail (if it's a fashion hour) and also checking the running orders for all my shows and also meeting my guests and going through those running orders. Also I try and make sure I eat - so no loud rumbly tummy on air (!) - or at least have a cuppa. Then gotta do my make-up and also sometimes have a good old goss and catch up with other presenters who are around in the dressing room. Times flies once you walk through the door of QVC


Jean Yorke Hi Marverine Cole can you give a rough idea of the make up shows for darker skin that you recorded with Mikey will be on the beauty channel - really looking forward to it xx


Marverine Cole Kay Stokes thanks Kay. You might know I come from quite a rigid Television Newsreader background - with a pre-agreed script and an autocue (all the words on a screen in front of me) - and so it was massively nervwracking to go from THAT to something where there's no script OR autocue. You then really live on your wits and make up your own style. the more you do it, the easier it gets. I have to say this is the most challenging job I've ever had. Newsreading, producing news bulletins and documentaries has NOTHING on working at QVC!Sharon Harvay Sounds brilliant! We love that you come onto our groups and include us into your show, its wonderful how interactive everything is now with Social Media, and its lovely for people to get a name check! x


Marverine Cole Anne Keating - oh ANNE you know I am feeling a bit of pressure but it's all good. TBH I am the biggest weight I've ever been and I desperately want to lose weight but I guess cos we're concentrating on selling our place, my mind isn't quite there YET. but it WILL Be eventually. You and the other bodyblade girls in the meantime are my inspiration! Mwah xxx


Kay Stokes Name checks are great fun! You name checked me and I told all my friends I'd been name checked on telly and they all went 'Oh yeah? On QVC, was it?' Not that I am a massive QVC fan or anything!!! <looks innocent>


Marverine Cole Jean Yorke the show for make-up for women of colour is gonna be towards the end of the month. Still not sure what date but be sure to keep an eye on my page for the latest updates. We used COVERFX contour palette and Mikey used a BECCA foundation in MINK on my skin, there was HD Brow kit and much more. we tried to highlight what QVC has on offer that might work for ladies with skin tones beyond dark tan really. It's a 1st step on the ladder but more than what else is going on on mainstream TV which I think is a +ve thing xxx thanks for your support babes xxxxxxxx





Anne Keating When you're ready Marverine, we'll welcome you with open arms! xx


Jean Yorke I've been looking everyday lol just don't want to miss it - will keep an eye out xx


Debbie Flint Yay! Xhello sweetie lovely to see you on here have a wonderful web chat everybody I'm on qvc at 9 o'clock and at midnight with Loxitane. Speak to you soon hugs X


Marverine Cole Jean Yorke - I'll make sure you won't miss it hun!


Dawn Robinson Do people stop you to say hello when your out shopping in Birmingham x


Marverine Cole I'm not shy, ladies - ask me anything you like!


Jean Yorke Hu Debbie Flint x


Anne Keating Anything LOL. !!! xx


Jean Yorke Oops meant Hi Debbie Flint


Sharon Harvay ok, Marverine, how on earth do you cope travelling so much from London to Birmingham and vice versa!! Tell us your secret to always looking so .......calm hahahahaha x


Marverine Cole Dawn Robinson funnily enough, Austen collected me from the train station in Brum one day and we headed straight to the Tescos in West Bromwich, near us. As we walked to the doors a pretty Asian lady was waving. Austen and I both looked behind us to see who she was waving at - cos we didnt know here - , and as we approached she said 'HELLO MARV! I love watching you on QVC'. Austen is gobsmacked and so was I TBH. We chatted away and she said she was a big ELEMis fan and she said anytime you want to come around for a cuppa, my address is XYZ Road. We were so shocked, it was nice really cos I am just a very normal girl from Brum. But happy to know she loves what we/I do xxxxx #humbled

Jean Yorke When you work late at Q towers do you have to stay in a hotel? Got visions of you driving back to Birmingham which might be quite scary x


Marverine Cole Sharon Harvay - Sharon I drink a lot of water, I carry water with me. Also I think since I've been at QVC my skin has massively improved with proper cleansing and moisturising. Always Elemis P-C MC but a thorough make-up removal, toner, serum and then moisturiser with occasional exfoliator, whereas I never used to do that. I always used £5 products from Boots. (not saying there's owt wrong with that but I think it wasn't doing my skin any favours) - I've noticed a huge reduction in my dark pigmentation from the acne scarring I had in my 20s and when I was 35yrs. Infact Mikey Phillips said 'What scarring'? But I guess we always see ourselves in a worse light. My skin is the best it's ever been.

Jacqueline Jackson What do you like to do when you get time off Marverine? x


Dawn Robinson Awwwww we would all love to have a cuppa with you & Sharon xx


Marverine Cole Jean Yorke I let the train take the strain. Austen and I share a car and he often needs it for work. But even work I started as a Newsreader for Sky News back in 2008 I took the train. Yes on and off over the years I've rented a room or stayed in hotels. At the moment I'm back to hotels near QVC studios. It's tough but it's ok. I'm not a fan of late night driving. And recently I've got myself a little travel buddy



Sandra Taylor We will have to have a Q get together. Wonder how many of us who be wearing the same outfits! Lol


Jacqueline Jackson Too cute! What's he/ she called?. Still have my teddy from when I was a baby. He's just called Ted. Original I know! x


Jean Yorke Aah cute. I know you lost your cat a while back now did you and hubby think of getting another. I love my cat Ruffles xx



Chris Calvert Hi Marverine so good to have you chatting with us tonight, i was wondering is working for QVC as you expected it would be or is it tougher or better than you thought and also is there lots of prep time before shows that we dont see or is that done in your own time


Marverine Cole Jacqueline Jackson- I like to catch on TV. I am a Coronation Street SUPERFAN: I have it on Series link on my Skjy box. I just started HOUSE OF CARDS on Netflix (I write about that in my next blog), I like to go visit my family: my Mum in her new retirement apartment, my sister in law across town, Austen and I are also trying to stop work geting in the way of us seeing more of our friends here in Brum. We love the pub and a beer of course xxxJacqueline Jackson Oh yes I remember you're a beer expert aren't you. Saw you on This Morning once talking about it. x


Marverine Cole Chris Calvert -  Hi hun, I do 2 days a week at QVC, but I guess it's the journalist in me, in that I do prep when I'm here at home in Brum cos I like to know what's happening. So I'm often checking my emails from the boss or the buyers and also looking to see what's coming up in my shows. It's definitely the hardest TV job I've ever done and that's after dealing with breaking news and disaster as a Newsreader for Sky News. But what I like about QVC is that I can be more of myself - I can smile and have more fun and show more of my personality, if that makes senseChris Calvert Yes that totally makes sense Marverine I did think alot of prep time is involved and you sound alot like me I like to know everything I can about something to be fully confident in giving the best advice possible. It's great to see you on the shows, would be lovely to see more of you, is it other commitments why you only do the two days?


Marverine Cole Jacqueline Jackson Sharon Harvay - I got into Beer through my journalism. I did TVNews feature about the connection between women and beer - because history points to the fact that women INVENTED beer - and from there on I wrote about it. Took my exams all about beer to become a Sommelier and have done lots of TV as a Beer Expert. PS I might be in this weekend's Sunday Times (!) my website shows some beer videos of me on THIS MORNING with Holly & Phil which was ace, cos they love beer too xxx

Chris Calvert And its lovely to see your personality cone across when you are on air I think that's what can make the difference sometimes



Jacqueline Jackson You're amazing Marverine, don't know how you fit it all in! x


Marverine Cole Chris Calvert - my 2 days is just what the bosses hired me on, I think cos there are so many others there and I'm new they wanted to see how I made the crossover from News to QVC. Plus I was still a Newsreader for a channel in Central London when I joined and do other stuff in Brum so it works for QVC & me. + I get to come home to hubz, family and friends in between. If you ever want to know when I'm on QVC - I always put a list of my forthcoming shows at the end of my Presenter blog xxMarverine Cole Chris Calvert- cheers! Lovely of you to say that. I'm having fun too xxx so glad you're enjoying it all xxxxxxx


Natalie Jarrett Good evening Ladies. smile emoticon Just wanted to pop on and say a Big HELLO to Marverine. 'Yam alright chuck'. Lol tongue emoticon heart emoticon


Chris Calvert That's great it's important to have a good work life balance and the way things are at the moment appear to be working out for you, it is lovely to see you when your on and I do check when you post the days and times when u are going to be on air smile emoticon


Marverine Cole Jacqueline Jackson - thanks v much. I do always try and make room for myself. I am a TV addict, which makes sense cos I do media training as a freelancer for the BBC and have also been a Visiting Lecturer in Media and Journalism here at a Uni in the midlands. Love my tellybox


Chris Calvert Your most welcome Marverine I am very much enjoying seeing you present the shows and glad you are just as much smile emoticon


Sharon Harvay Marverine when are you on this week? x


Marverine Cole Natalie Jarrett - how am ya, bab? lolz! Hey are you coming out to Brum this weekend? there's a Caribbean Food Festival.... might take Mum and Austen out to get some Jerk Chicken. lolz!


Chris Calvert Also Marverine would be great to see you on some Yankee Candles shows with Rosa and Steven too, are u a big candle fan, if so what types of fragrances is it you enjoy? Also how would you say you get back to you smile emoticon



Marverine Cole Chris Calvert - totes. work life balance is hard to achieve. I think it's a struggle for everyone in life, whatever job you do. Thanks for staying locked-in, locked on!


Donna Maria Williams Hi Marverine what shade of foundation do you wear? Your skin always looks so flawless and natural. I also love your style of presenting and look forward to your shows.


Lorri Vick Marverine -hope you have recorded tonights two episodes of Corrie!! xx



Karen Hunt Hi Marv, apologies for arriving late to the chat, but just in from work. How are your nails coming along using Perfect Formula? Chatted the other day when I noticed we had that lovely hot shimmer pink on. Shouldn't be too long for the next drop


Natalie Jarrett Marverine. Forgot to ask. When are your special shows on the Beauty Channel for us? x Didn't know the festival was the weekend. xx

Marverine Cole Lorri Vick - on series link, girlfriend. Oooh that Jenny Bradley is due for a comeuppance! lolz xx


Marverine Cole Natalie Jarrett - no firm date for those shows yet, towards the end of the month though - keep an eye an my Presenter Page for the full deets xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YEs Carib fest this weekend - we gonna peek in on Saturday if the weather's AOK


Chris Calvert I agree Marverine its so much of a jugging act or those plates on stick trying to keep them all turning without any of them crashing down at times, which is difficult at times for everyone.


Lorri Vick She sure is wink emoticon x


Marverine Cole Chris Calvert - yes I've done shows with Rosa AND gorgeous Steve - I love sweet foodie scents the best xxx


Sharon Harvay Marverine Cole, Debbie Flint and I will be sure to keep you all posted on Marverines show!! It is going to be fabulous and well needed xx


Chris Calvert Yeah ive seen you on those Marverine sounds lovely have you tried the gingerbread candle yet im hopiing qvc get it back its totally lush


Michael James Hamlyn Lovely to see you on here, love catching you on Q but sadly rarely at times/days I watch frown emoticon

What had you never heard of before you came to Q that you now can't live without? xxx


Marverine Cole Karen Hunt -oooh you got a fab memory!! yes I'm still persevering with the shimmering red. Much less tearing on my nails now. A long way to go though,. gotta get a nwe set to top up on that colour. how are yours getting on?


Lorri Vick Hows Livingstone Marverine - I MUST get one - is he tucked up for night xx

Marverine Cole Lorri Vick - Livingstone is adorable and super cuddly


Karen Hunt Wouldn't be without my PF, that and LD renovate is the reason why I have nails

Marverine Cole Michael James Hamlyn - I'd not heard of Alpha H (and I love the Microcleanse!!!!!!!) or Charlie Bears or some of the jewellery ranges or fashion ranges - was a big learning curve for me but the quality of everything is prettty exceptional. now I walk around high street stores feeling fabrics and muttering 'No, it's not worth that!' lolz



Marverine Cole Donna Maria Williams - I still use Bare Minerals GoldenDark but now tend to use a lighter concealer underneath the eye area to lift where I have dark circles. With Mikey on my Beauty Channel show we used COVERFX Concealer Paletter and BECCa Foundation in MINK for me =- a revelation. Then it's MAC and SLEEK lippies, and SLEEK eyeshadows ALL DAY ALL DAY, baby xxxxxxxxxxx


Lorri Vick Thanks for joining us Marv - a pleasure, as always smile emoticon xx


Marverine Cole Michael James Hamlyn - I can't live without ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM and my BOSE SOUNDLINK mini! Bizarre - but true - combination xxx


Dawn Robinson Thank you Marverine & Sharon xxxxx


Karen Hunt Thanks for sharing with us Marv. Big thanks to Sharon for arranging as well


Sharon Harvay Thank you everyone for joining us, always a pleasure x


Marverine Cole thanks so much everyone - was fab answering questions. Remember you can always come stalk me on my page, ok? Ask me anything you're curious about there, I dont mind! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING, y'all and I'm back tomorrow night at 6pm with Vercella Vita and then 11pm with some L'Occitane xxxxxxxxx


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Marverine and thank you Sharon. Xxx


Sandra Taylor Thanks Marv and Sharon x


Marverine Cole Sharon Harvay - thanks for being a superb admin babes - all day, all day! mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anne Keating Thanks Marverine and Sharon. Lovely chat! xx


Sarah K. Preddy Thanks for being here Marv xxx


Natalie Jarrett Thankl you Marverine and Sharon Harvay. Brill job as always. xx heart emoticon


Tracie Wright Hope you still pampering those feet with the fantastic Margaret Dabbs Miracle cream Hun, its done wonders for my feet actually not embarrassed to wear pretty open summer shoes now xx


Marverine Cole Tracie Wright glad to hear your feet are happy. I am totes still pampering with the cream. It's helped ease my little toe corns too. Wow!!!!! I love the stuff xxxx


Anne-Marie Mason Aw, sorry I missed this Marverine. Just had a good read through and loved it all. x















Bruce Hymanson Webchat – Bodyblade QVC Facebook Group – 15th June

15 June at 19:45

Hello Bodyblade Ohana! Happy Monday to all. Today's topic of discussion is muscle atrophy. What is it, how does it affect our lives, why is the prevention so important and what can I do about it? Lots to discuss among all other questions you may have. Remember to only post here so I can keep up with the group.

Unlike · Comment

You, Michael James Hamlyn, Natalie Jarrett, Heather Jones and 14 others like this.


Wendy Lawrence Good evening Bruce Ohana! This should be interesting tonight x

15 June at 19:47 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Hello Bruce looking forward to discussion

15 June at 19:49 · Like · 3


Lynda Clawson Hello Bruce looking forward to the discussion tonight.

15 June at 19:51 · Like · 3


Susannah Haigh Bruce which excerice do i need to do to tone up the top inside of my arms and tops of legs

15 June at 19:55 · Like · 4


Anne Keating Hi Bruce - it's a lovely evening here. Looking forward to the discussion. Julie Miller, Tracey Storey - Bruce is here if you want to ask him the questions. xx

15 June at 19:58 · Like · 4


Julie Miller Hi Bruce, I'm going to be having surgery on my elbow soon and won't be able to use my arm for 6 weeks afterwards. Would I be able to do my bb workouts just with one arm? x

15 June at 20:02 · Like · 4


Sarah Hills Bruce I've never been strong in my upper body but have been using the 'blade for about 6 months now in short bursts but still find I tire quickly - after about 20 to 30 seconds how much more should I push myself?

15 June at 20:04 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Good evening to all. I will address as many if not all questions this evening. I'm looking forward to being with Debbie on air and possibly meeting some of you in just a couple of weeks.

15 June at 20:07 · Like · 7


Bruce Hymanson Muscle atrophy is the shrinking or wasting away of muscle. This can happen to anyone at any time and to normal functional muscle

15 June at 20:08 · Like · 4


Christine Grochowina Be nice to see you both.

15 June at 20:09 · Like · 3


Anne Keating Is it the same as happens as you get older? xx

15 June at 20:09 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson There can be many reasons for this to take place. muscle disease, cancer, injury, immobility and improper use of the body

15 June at 20:09 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi9 Susannah, All exercises will tone up the top and inside of the arm around the shoulder, armpit and the bicep. The arm is involved in every exercise you do with Bodyblade. The Jab, Chest Press, Ab Crunch, Hip & Thigh Sculptor and tons more.

15 June at 20:11 · Like · 3


Susan Buckland Hi Bruce my question is why do you get pain in the inner arm when you're resting

15 June at 20:13 · Like · 2


Carolyn Holder Hi Bruce, are there any specific exercises, apart from the hip and thigh sculptor that I can do to trim down my thighs, or as Debbie calls them, her saddle bags?? Xx

15 June at 20:13 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Hi Julie, yes, you can do all the exercises in the Super6 with One arm or at least modified. You can do the Chest Press, Ab Crunch, Back & shoulder Reach, Tricep Push, Bicep Tricep Trimmer and the Hip & Thigh (although that may be difficult with one arm) you can sub with the Jab or try both.

15 June at 20:14 · Like · 5


Sara Brown X

15 June at 20:14 · Like · 1


Anne Keating Question from Tracey Storey who's working: She has a tall 8 year old with a condition (I don't know what the condition is). Is it ok for him to use the BB. He needs to use something that isn't trampette or walking or weights. Thanks.

15 June at 20:17 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Sara, the key is to be consistent and exercise regularly. The body will respond to regular exercise. In each cell of the body and especially the muscles, we have something called Mitochondria. they are the power house of the cell or the engine that drives the muscle machine (which is you). The more regularly we exercise, the more mitochondria we grow. Stay with it and try to increase your time doing each exercise by 5 seconds a week.

15 June at 20:18 · Like · 7


Sarah Hills Thank you I'll give that a go!

15 June at 20:19 · Like · 3


Sara Brown Bruce thank you. I haven't really lost the inches yet but I can really feel the difference to my core and posture.

15 June at 20:20 · Like · 5


Julia Gathercole Hi I've been doing the super six circuit, when I did it tonight I changed the position of my arms when I did the ab crunch, higher for ten seconds, then lower for next ten,and normal position for the rest, and I did the hip and thigh turned to the side ( 10 seconds each side) then did the rest in normal position, is this ok?

15 June at 20:20 · Like · 3


Debbie Flint Yoo hoooo! Hav a nice web chat guys! Dont forget sunday 28th at chiswick park for an afternoon wobble with bruce! Mid afternoon. Tell Anne if u can come! On air soon. Mwah to all! Nb trying to get Fiona Summers n legmaster on soon for a Guest Webchat - Bruce Hymanson's suggestion! X

15 June at 20:20 · Like · 10


Lindsey Sweet Evening Bruce

15 June at 20:22 · Like · 3


Ann Hare Hi Bruce, I have copd, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, are their any particular moves that will help me xx

15 June at 20:22 · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Hi Anne! Yes, atrophy is what we see when people get older but not because this is a factor of aging. We see muscle atrophy in aging people because they stop using their body. They stop exercising and spend more and more time sedentary. You could take a normal 60 year old and a normal 10 year old and place them on bed rest. You will see muscle atrophy in both. The question is this: will a fit person lose muscle mass as fast as a sedentary person year over year? No, the fit person will MAINTAIN muscle mass longer than a sedentary person

15 June at 20:23 · Like · 8


Anne Keating Good! xx

15 June at 20:24 · Like · 3


Julie Miller Brilliant thanks Bruce Hymanson! I'm glad I won't have to stop my bb workouts! X

15 June at 20:24 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Susan, I don't know how to answer your question. There may be a number of reasons you could experience pain on the inside of your arm when you are resting. Are you relating this to Bodyblade or is this a general question regarding your experience?

15 June at 20:25 · Like · 3


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce at my medical check this week they said I'd grown an inch. It can only be down to an improvement in posture due to the Bodyblade. So thank you for making me grow!

15 June at 20:25 · Like · 5


Ann Hare Should mention that since I've been using the bb my copd appears to be improving. xx

15 June at 20:28 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Carolyn, in addition to the Hip & Thigh Sculptor, you can squat and lunge (forward, backward and side lunge) Single leg stance and use Bodyblade out to the side in a jab. The important thing to always remember is you can not spot reduce. We can exercise to strengthen tighten and tone the muscles around the hip but you can not specifically lose weight in that area by targeting those muscles. Now, you might lose inches around the hip by toning and tightening those muscles even without weight loss in that particular spot. The key is to turn up the fat burning furnace in your body by using your muscles!!

15 June at 20:29 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence Jacqueline are you trying to make me jealous again! xx

15 June at 20:32 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Julia, great job! Yes, absolutely OK. That is more advanced and shows that you are becoming a master.

15 June at 20:32 · Like · 5


Carolyn Holder Thanks Bruce Hymanson I'll incorporate this into my normal routine. I have lost nearly 5 stone in the last 14 months so just need to tone now! Thanks again X

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Jacqueline Jackson Lol sorry Wendy x

15 June at 20:34 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Hi Ann, You should always check with your MD before doing any exercise program but exercise is a good thing for you even having COPD. Training your muscles to perform better will also help transport Oxygen to the tissues. This will hopefully help you utilize the air you bring in to maximize cell growth and improve the efficiency of the respiratory system. Work closely with your MD but this is a winning combination

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Anne Keating Bruce - I forgot to mention (can't imagine I did!) that I had my three monthly diabetes check on Monday. In September 2014 my HbA1c level was 54, three months ago it was 44, and last week it was 42. Which means I am no longer classed as diabetic!!! And I have to put that down to losing weight and exercise - swimming, walking and especially the Bodyblade. I am over the moon! Thank you for bringing it to us. xx

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Jacqueline, happy to help you grow. This is a perfect example of prevention or the reversal of muscle atrophy. When you see the shrinking of spinal or postural muscle, your body leans forward, the head positions forward, the muscles become smaller and do not support the bones and ligaments. end result, pain, looking older, feeling older and moving poorly. The fact that you are standing taller tells me you are using those spinal muscles better. They are probably growing larger and stronger as they were when you were younger and you probably look 10 years younger now!! Great job. Better posture, standing taller will also provide better muscle endurance, decrease pain and burn more calories

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Susan Buckland Hi Bruce it only happens on the one arm I don't know why it keeps happening to my arm could it be the bodyblade it does not hurt when I'm using the bodyblade Only when I'm resting could it be the muscle tightening after I don't go mad when I'm using the bodyblade

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Bruce Hymanson Anne, that is awesome news and has so many wonderful benefits for life and wellness!!

15 June at 20:44 · Like · 6


Jacqueline Jackson Well using the Bodyblade definitely makes me feel good and standing taller is a bonus I never expected so I'm thrilled.

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