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Back to You from Bordeaux! Plus Anne Keating no longer diabetic. Plus Alison Young webchat! As well as A'kin and Ultrasun.
9 June 2015

Alison Young live webchat! Alison Young live webchat!

Well what a lovely week we've been having in the South of France with tons of mediterranean diet type meals - and to much French Bread! haha! Thank goodness it's all par for the course as part of Freedom Eating (my weight loss system as mentioned in my book Till the Fat Lady Slims - info below or on Amazon and QVC. 

Anyway I brought my bodyblade and made some of the fellow writers at this retreat laugh, and others wince (they were the ones who tried it! lol.) and there's a lovely pool which I've been in several times. 

We all know exercise is such a crucial part of health but for some it's helped to create a whole new outlook on it. Our regular Anne Keating for instance is able to say she is no longer exhibiting the signs of diabetes (type 2) according to her doctor. Bodyblade plus regulating her eating, regularly using Freedom Eating and my 'When Diet' principles to cut right back on sugary foods and drinks has reallly helped her, she believes, on the path to this new phase in her health. And she's over 60, so I'm so proud of her. Well done Anne - her comment is in 'other news' below. You never know what's possible depending on what you put in your gob! Or not, as the case may be.

ALSO - another wonderful bit of feedback on my Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group from Joanne M who said this -



I've got my 'weight loss' focus back on track thanks to Debbie's book. There are several foodies/eating bits I can connect with and just by reading someone's else's struggle and on going victory has given the proverbial kick up the *** I needed! (It's strange how the brain works).

The one BIG change is ..... I've got rid of my bathroom scales .... yep you read that right!... 'BATHROOM SCALES GONE!... For me this is such a big deal as once upon a time the bathroom scales ruled my life. I'm now using a pair of linen trousers to assess my weight as last year they fitted ok.. ( a bit tight but wearable) but this year I'm having to do the elastic band thingy so I can wear them ( only around the house mind you!)

The great thing is I'm really starting to enjoy food again and I'm actually thinking ... 'Am I hungry & What do I want to eat' ... instead of just stuffing food into my mouth.

At the time of writing this post it is 12:19 and I started thinking about lunch about 30 mins ago and thought 'mmmm I fancy a curry today' ... so I chopped a selection of veg and put it to one side as I wasn't quite there on the hunger scale to start eating ... but when I am ( in the next 30 mins or so) I can go straight into the kitchen and start cooking. Now last week I would have automatically grabbed 'whatever' from the kitchen cupboard the second I started feeling hungry (I only use to 'cook' a propper meal once or twice a week)... not the best way to eat!

One of my basic rules is simply quality over quanity and it seems to be working (I'm really lucky as we have a really good quality deli and butchers in the town). And one of my must haves is CHEESE ... ( sorry can't be without it) but instead of buying prepack from the supermarket I'm now getting it throught the deli... yes it costs considerably more but that's a good thing as it's another reason to eat less!... My favourite at the moment is Black Bomber ... mmmm mature, rich & creamy. It's that good you don't shove it in between two slices of bread but have a small hunk on the side of your plate with crackers, etc.

Thanks Debbie xxx'

How proud do I feel!!

My hardback version of my book is on QVC UK but when it's gone it's gone. item 704285 (incl's exclusive chapters).

Other News -

- Take the Sugar Dump Challenge. Sounds a bit gross but it's another kick up the wotsit full of info about why - and how - to give up the white stuff! It's one of the first key aspects of being able to listen to your body and follow Freedom Eating if you're an addict! more here

 Woman & Home mag - the surprising fridge staple that helps burn fat  - well several of them. Music to my ears it was, reading from number 4 onwards. Specially the lemon water trick - we know all about that on our Till the Fat Lady Slims group! (links to join are below). click here to see if any surprise you.

The Difference between Cravings and Hunger -  and why it matters. Mind Body Green have done another fab blog which makes you think. When I tell my TTFLS gang to make sure they only eat when hungry, body hungry, it's easy to see why some people get tied up on not being able to tell. it's a subtle distinction and means you can tell the difference if you're addicted to sugar for instance. Or carbs in my case atm - ups and downs are normal but the French bread, OMG! lol. No probs tho, TTFLs means you can drift gently back to Freedom Eating again once you realise and also that you don't kill your progress in the meantime with big-time bingeing. So go here to read mind Body Green's the Difference Between Cravings and Hunger.

Anne Keating's Diabetic News - as mentioned above, she announced on Facebook this week and if she's chuffed, I'm just as chuffed for her. The real people in the know are aware of what diet and exercise can do for diabetes - this is amazing. Well done Anne. It's not going to work for everyone, but how amazing it's worked so well for Anne. Google the topic for more info and of course check with your medical expert for personal info for you. Here's Anne's tale -

"How about this for a boost - I saw the diabetic nurse just now about my blood test. And my HB1c has gone from 56 last September to 44 three months ago and 42 today which means at a level of 42 I am now officially NO LONGER DIABETIC ! And that has been down to diet and exercise for the past six months! My cholesterol level still needs to come down from 7 to 6, so that's the next challenge. YIPPEE !!! And Today is kickstart day and I've meditated for 10 minutes, swum 20 lengths, stretched, run in the pool (1000 steps), (had a quick steam room, jacuzzi and sauna) before seeing the nurse (who told me I'm now not diabetic!!!) and this afternoon I have done a full HCC. An LS after the webchat and that will have me back on track. I had a banana before my swim, porridge with a tablespoon of unsweetened Greek yoghurt and a few blueberries for breakfast and two fried eggs (no fat!) on spinach, an oatcake and an orange for lunch. A few almonds after HCC. Then another 10 minutes meditation. Dinner tonight is duck with orange and pak choi thanks to Hellofresh. No skin and No carbohydrates. That's a good first day for my kickstart, I think. My aim is to get my cholesterol down from 7 to 6 and lose 1 stone 2 lbs to reach my aim of 10 stone 12 lbs within three months - and the first three weeks will get my permahabits back on track. Oh, and I need to drink some more water. I've only drunk four so far. xx!

Webchats – this week on 'Back to You QVC' Facebook group, Abi Cleeve from Ultrasun talking about their TSV (out Saturday 13th June) and A'kin's LISA mcCarthy, as the natural bodycare brand returns to QVC including a One Time Only bargain on Friday (12th).  Plus Nono about their Wed TSV (10th). Their Q&A are at the bottom of this blog if you missed them. We also had a surprise visit from the fabulous Alison Young during a shared shift, live from our presenters' lounge at QVC. In the next few weeks it’ll be as follows –

June 15th – Marv our African Caribbean skinned presenter on QVC talking about her fab new video for darker skins, Ali K, who gets married end of June!, 

PLUS - July 6th – Tom Ogden & Michelle / Alpha H

More Back to You next week – and remember to check in on the TTFLs page for more tips of the day to keep you going! (link below).

Best wishes for a fab week!

luv Debs x


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none from Bruce on Bodyblad QVC group this week as he was travelling. But we did have this extra one from the lovely Alison Young! how about that - history in the making! lol x


Live web Chat Selin Taylor No! No! 8th June 2015




Amy Wall Looking forward to my usual Monday night. Picking up more hints and tips from our lovely guests xx


Sue Stewart Will you be bringing more replacement 'heads'.


Alison Claxton Hi Selin, Is it suitable for very sensitive skin? Thanks x


Dawn Robinson Hello Selin  can i leave my question with you please x I've been thinking about having a No!No! for some time now especially to use on my face, so my question is when it removes the hair will it leave me with open pores ? Hope you have a lovely evening  xxx

Sharon Harvay Anyone have any questions for Selin? X


Sharon Harvay Hi Selin xx looking forward to hearing about this gorgeous No!no! X

Amy Wall Hi Selin. Nice that you could join us x

Selin Taylor Hi Sue Stewart we do have some online if you can't get them on qvc - they do run out quickly you can go directly to my no no and get them there. I will ask if they can put some more online tomorrow smile emoticon


Selin Taylor How is everyone this evening? I just got home, sipping some tea and excited to launch our lovely exclusive rose gold and platinum snake skin no!no! smile emoticon


Selin Taylor Thanks Amy Wall! always a pleasure to be here with you all smile emoticon we can talk about anything to be honest! x


Selin Taylor Hi Dawn Robinson it won;t leave you with open pores, however you may feel a little more sensitive than usual directly after you use it. I would recommend patting some cold water on your face if you get this, actually you should always pat your face with cold water after you cleanse with warm as this will close your pores back up and protect from any bacteria getting in! Good beauty tip hopefully

Selin Taylor Hi Sharon Harvay i recommend you start by buying this kit as it;s very good value! When your no!no! arrives you want to make sure you have clean dry skin and start by praticing using th large tip on large areas. Start on the inner arm and roll the no!no! up from your wrist to you elbow. This will take about 4-5 seconds to do! You will smell a thermicon odour but that means it working! It's a good sign smile emoticon and form there you can no!no! all over!


Selin Taylor Hi Jill Dowding-Walker! Lovely to hear from you, thanks for the message is this with your current hair removal or with no!no!?


Jill Dowding-Walker nono is my current method


Selin Taylor Hi Sue Stewart You will know when they need replacing as the no!no! will flash red and the tip status icon will flash up - let me grab a picture for you!


Sue Stewart Thanks Selin x


Selin Taylor Hi Jill Dowding-Walker are you exfoliating those areas enough and what type of exfoliation are you using? Exfoliants will help to reverse some of the damage caused by too much sun, dryness, uneven pigmentation and premature wrinkles are all helped by regular exfoliating treatments. Do you have really sensitive skin?


Jill Dowding-Walker Really sensitive, fair, fragile skin with tiny pores, but exfoliate with Alpha H Liquid Gold 3 times a week. I think it is that the tougher hairs older age brings are pushing my skin up into bumps.





Emma Harvey I have got the no no as a gift but won't get it till the end of the month can't wait to try it . How long should it take to remove hair underarm and bikini line and legs thinking of my holiday x



Selin Taylor I would recommend a dry exfoliating brush do you have one of those? Did you know that the skin is the last organ to receive nutrients in the body but the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiencies? It will really help stimulate the blood flow, remove more dead skin than any product can, and helps stimulate oil glands which will help with the dryness and the uneven texture. Give it a go I really recommend it! x



Jill Dowding-Walker Super! smile emoticon


Amy Wall That's interesting Selin about the brush. Think I need to try one of those. X


Selin Taylor Hi Emma Harvey ahh so excited for you!! You will see instant results on the finer hairs, it will take a little longer to see instant results on the coarser hairs but you will get long term results where the hiar grows back thinner and finer, you can shave in between if you need to but you will finde the more you use no!no! the less you have to! Have an amazing holiday! You can even take no no with you and it doesn't matter if you tan it will still work on darker skin and lighter hair! x


Emma Harvey Thank you can't wait to try it xxxx


Amy Wall Thanks for that link. I have saved it so I can finish reading later. Can I buy it on the high street if QVC don't stock them x


Amy Wall I hope you come to love it as much as I do Emma Harvey x


Alison Claxton Thanks Selin for your help, I'm going to try smile emoticon


Emma Harvey I hope so I shave legs so on everyday it would be lovely not to have to worry


Selin Taylor Hi Amy Wall oh good I'm glad, I don't think QVC stock them - maybe I should bring them to QVC?! Here's a link: you can get them in soft medium or hard depending how sensitive your skin is x x



Sharon Harvay I was talking about the importance of body brushing in my blog the other day which i shared to this page, its fantastic x


Jo Brown I don't have a question but wanted to say it took me ages before I took the plunge and bought a TSV a while ago. When I finally got it out of the box I was amazed with the results. I've been self conscious for years as I have PCOS and someone kindly pointed out years ago I have hairy arms, so that was the first area I wanted to tackle! Anyway I'm as time poor as the rest of us but it's really quick and simple to use. I do plan on tackling legs, bikini line and under arm eventually, but it boosted my confidence no end. I've already stocked up on spare heads so that I don't run out. I've also not had any problems with rashes or sensitivity and I can easily get that attractive plucked chicken look when I remove hair!!!


Amy Wall Sorry Sharon I think I missed that one. Slapped wrist for me x


Selin Taylor ahhh amazing Sharon Harvay I had no idea! That's so cool. Helps with all sorts of things like general wellbeing and helping release toxins and feels soo lovely! x


Selin Taylor Ahhhh thanks so much Jo Brown! That's so wonderful to hear so glad we could help you with feeling more confident! I would love to read this out if that's ok? smile emoticon


Sharon Harvay i love those links you have shared, fantastic thank you x


Sue Stewart Just read your dry brushing attachment. Just by coincidence I got my body brush out a week ago when Sharon Harvay mentioned it. I will definitely be increasing the amount of times a week I do it. Thanks for that. X


Jo Brown That's fine Selin. I will get around to writing a review properly, at some point, when I've tried it on more areas

Selin Taylor As far as exfoliating the face is concerned - I would stay away from products that have plastic in them. Did you know that most micro beads are made from plastic, get washed down the skin and end up on the floor of the oceans and won't biodegrade! frown emoticon


Amy Wall Jo that was my first area to tackle because at school I was teased because of my hairy arms and always hated the look of them but it took me until I was in my 60s to discover the nono and whoop whoop now my arms are on show whenever I can and especially now my self tan goes on so smoothly. Love my nono x


Sue Stewart I know time is ticking by. Selin Taylor if you can find the screen shot for me that would be great. Just post it here. Thank you for your help and advice tonight. I for one love my No No.


Selin Taylor Such a good personal story Amy Wall. So pleased you're happy with the device and what a treat when self tan goes on so smoothly! You must be golden and gorgeous!! smile emoticon


Amy Wall Golden yes!!!!!!!


Selin Taylor by the way everyone there is a no no comp on Will Gowing's TV page if you want to enter, but don;t risk missing out on the best value no no this year so far!! x


Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you!

Sharon Harvay Ladies lets all thank Selin Taylor for another amazing Web Chat! Selin its been great, thank you so much for all the detail about the products, so looking forward to the Tsv and the fab new designs! Thanks for joining us and have a wonderful evening xx

Sharon Harvay Thanks everyone xx

Selin Taylor You're soo welcome everyone x Thank you Sharon Harvay x x Just send a question to Nono by Radiancy if you have any more! x

Sue Stewart Thanks Sharon xx

Amy Wall Thanks Selin will be tuned in for TSV shows on Wednesday x (10th June)

Selin Taylor yay! would be great if you can call in Amy Wall I'll do a little wave x x


15 hrs · Edited · Like · 4

Emma Harvey Thank you x

Dawn Robinson Thank you Selin & Sharon xx

Debbie Flint Super chat people! Glad you enjoyed it! Well done Selin and Sharon Harvay and all x ps Marverine next week with....? X Selin Taylor Sharon Harvay








Sharon Harvay I adore the Night Crème! It is absolutely beautiful x it sinks in so fast and I love that it is full of natural ingredients, I know lots of ladies on here adore this range too x

Lisa McCarthy Thank you Sharon looking forward to chatting to everyone tonight. Soooo excited thank you for the great feed back so far. Would love to hear what you have tried from the [A'kin] range. Just grabbing a green smoothie to refuel and I will check in shortly. Thank you for having me on board. Xx

Sharon Harvay Ooohhh fab Very healthy! Can't wait to hear all about it xx


Dawn Robinson Hello Lisa  I must say i have a wish list and your Lavender & Rose Crème is on sounds absolutely beautiful ! I love anything with Lavender in this for me would be perfect to use just before bedtime! Xxxx


Sharon Harvay Annette says - The rosehip oil is amazing. Takes a bit of time to get used to the 'earthy' smell but then you actually become a little bit addicted to it. It's a truly lovely oil.


Laura Smith Are there any hair products? I have a sensitive and sore scalp and would love a natural product to help sooth it. Thanks xx


Lisa McCarthy Hi Everyone! So great to be hear, hope you have all had a super Monday so far. Looking forward to answering all your questions this evening as quickly as I can. Let's get going! xx


Libby Ocran Hi Lisa. Will we get the cellular radiance oil and face wash back?


Sharon Harvay Hi Lisa x


Lisa McCarthy Hi Dawn Robinson great to hear the A'kin Lavender and Rose Night cream is on your wish list. If you like Lavender you are going to love this!


Sharon Harvay Yes! So beautiful x

Lisa McCarthy Dawn Robinson it’s the perfect way to end your day, I find it so refreshing to soothe saw fragile skin. Then in the morning your skin feels so fresh you look like you have had good sleep and the skin is rested. Watch out for this on Friday I would love to hear what you think and hear how smooth it makes your skin.


Jill Dowding-Walker Love A'kin!!! Please explain about ingredients used?


Jill Dowding-Walker Will the hand wash come on QVC?


Jill Dowding-Walker Why use rosehip oil


Jill Dowding-Walker What are the foaming agents in A'kin shampoos?

Lisa McCarthy Hi Libby Ocran Great to hear you love the A'kin Rosehip Oil yes we have the Cellular Radiance serum. It’s a great product and we hoping to launch it on QVC real soon.


Sharon Harvay Hahahahahahah Jill are you on a Roll? X


Libby Ocran Great news! Thanks Lisa x


Lisa McCarthy Hi Laura Smith Glad you love the rosehip oil did you know it works great to de frizz hair in the humid summer months, we also have an amazing hair care range. I would probably recommend our unscented range to you as it’s great to soothe the scalp and helps stops irritants. I use this on my niece.x


Jill Dowding-Walker I just love this range! Bit of a fan worship thing going on!!!


Jill Dowding-Walker Eager for every A'kin product to be on QVC with fab value kits


Lisa McCarthy HI Jill Dowding-Walker Great to hear hear you Love A'kin! A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip oil botanical actives are extracted in their purest form for beneficial effect. All [A'kin] products are created with The Power of Purity award winning advanced extraction processes including CO2 extraction technology & water based essential oil extraction (not solvent based) methods to ensure the highest concentration of natural ingredients in their purist form ( A'kin Rosehip oil delivers over 80% of omega 3, 6 and 9 moisturising goodness as well as an abundance of antioxidants). This allows concentration to be 4 x more concentrated than other leading competitors with a longer shelf life ( 12 months vs. competitors 6). x


Laura Smith Hi Lisa. I'll certainly give the oil a go on my hair. It's such a beautiful product, and I'll look into the hair care range. Thank you xx


Sharon Harvay Fabulous x


Lisa McCarthy Jill Dowding-Walker Love the idea of bring the hand wash to QVC have you seen the new packaging and the bigger size will suggest this at our next meeting. Thank you so much for suggestion.


Sharon Harvay That’s an amazing idea, well done x


Lisa McCarthy Jill Dowding-Walker We love you too x Foaming agent in A'kin Shampoo is derivative of Sunflower oil and free from sulphates, parabens, ethoxylated petrochemical cleansers, propylene glycol, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA, artificial colours & fragrances, animal ingredients & testing x


Lisa McCarthy A few of you have been asking when to use A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil as part of your beauty regime. In the day apply a few drops of A'kin Rosehip Oil to clean bare skin allowing the potent concentration of essential fatty acids to penetrate deeply. The whole beauty of the oil is that it is pure and not blended so sinks into the skin. Follow this with your moisturiser. Try using the oil in a routine without serum but if you feel your skin needs it use a serum on top. A'kin Rosehip Oil Soothes and calms skin allowing you to use less make up than normal ….then… at Night... use as a night time rejuvenating treatment be a little more lavish and Apply 4-5- drops of A'kin Rosehip Oil on to freshly cleansed skin. Improving your skins natural radiance whilst you sleep so you wake up with a refreshed natural glow. For turbo charging results apply a night cream Such as [A'kin] Lavender and Rose Antioxidant Crème on top the oil for maximum radiance xx


Sharon Harvay I love the Rosehip oil which I will be writing about shortly, it gives the most amazing, clarity and glow to the skin, it is so beautiful. When are you on Qvc next Lisa, and what are you bringing for us?


Lisa McCarthy Hi Sharon Harvay We will be on this Friday Night 9.00pm with Alison Young! And guess what it's going to be an OTO!!! It’s your Anti-Ageing Night Time Treat that includes A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil and The A'kin Lavender & Rose Antioxidant Night Crème woo hoo!!! For an amazing Price that will only be for 9.00pm Friday Night so please don't miss out. X


Sharon Harvay I love the packaging of your products too Lisa! I think they make stunning gifts and as they are full of amazing, natural ingredients you really cannot go wrong xx


Sharon Harvay Oh wow!!!! Fab OTO value!!! Thank you for sharing! Woo hop xx


Lisa McCarthy Thanks Sharon Harvay many people love giving this as presents as the Rosehip Oil is a really handy perfect travel bag companion as it is 23ml in size, so you can whizz through baggage control without any hold-up, it is also in a dark glass bottle to protect the contents from the sun and heat. Use to refresh and revive tired, tight and dull skin during plane flights. X


Sharon Harvay its beautiful x


Lisa McCarthy A'kin Lavender & Rose Night Cream is full of Smoothing and plumping Echium oil its super hydrating Rose water heaps of Shea butter Jojoba Oil. It’s really smoothing I love it x


Jill Dowding-Walker I always keep my rosehip oil inside the dark bottle, inside the box, inside a make up bag in a cool dark area! smile emoticon


Sharon Harvay ME Too Jill hahaha that’s why i still have the box, plus its so pretty x


Lisa McCarthy Jill Dowding-Walker that’s great and the right way to keep it yes oils should be looked after in fact most facial oils will deteriorate after 6 months. The A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip oil botanical actives are extracted in their purest form. [A'kin] products are created with The Power of Purity award winning advanced extraction processes including CO2 extraction technology & water based essential oil extraction (not solvent based) methods to ensure the highest concentration of natural ingredients . This allows concentration to be 4 x more concentrated than other leading competitors with a longer shelf life ( 12 months vs. competitors 6). As A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil is so highly concentrated it can be kept opened for 1 year or unopened up to 2 years x


Sharon Harvay That's great information Lisa, thank you xx


Sharon Harvay Do you have a favourite A'Kin product? X


Jill Dowding-Walker Just time to say thank you very much! Smile emoticon


lisa McCarthy Hi Joan Semke thanks for your comment Rosehip oil has a different omega fatty acid breakdown Rosehip Is full of omega 3,6,9 which soothe calm comfort the skin but also the texture and consistence allows it to absorb in to the skin and on the lower layers as well as the surface. So when use it not only will you have ultimately conditioned skin that feels silky smooth but the next day your ski will also look more radiant because it will retain more moisture and that is the key difference between rosehip oil and any other oils. Its concentration of moisture.


Laura Smith Are the hair products coming to Qvc?


Lisa McCarthy HI Jill Dowding-Walker so great to talk to such a huge fan of [A'kin] thank you x

Lisa McCarthy Laura Smith Talks are in progress about bring hair products to QVC great idea x

Sharon Harvay Ladies, lets please say a huge Thank You to Lisa for joining us tonight for her first Back To You Live web chat! Lisa you have been amazing! Thank you so much for all the detail about the products!! I cannot wait for your shows this week and that amazing one time only!! Thank you so much, have a great evening xx

Laura Smith Brilliant! Thank you. I'd love to try them. I'll be watching on Friday night! Xx

Lisa McCarthy Thank you for having me it’s been great to talk about [A'kin]. We weren't able to go through all the ways Rosehip can be used so if you have a moment check them out here 50 ways to radiant skin And don't forget to tune in Friday the OTO 9.00pm with Alison Young is not to be missed! Xxx thank you


Sharon Harvay oh I love this! Thanks for sharing the link Lisa x


Lisa McCarthy No problem at all if anyone has anymore question please don't hesitate to message us on our A'kinUK Facebook page have a good evening. See you Friday 9.00pm xxxx


Sharon Harvay yay! see you then! Thank you everyone x


Dawn Robinson Thank you Lisa & Sharon xx


Debbie Flint Super chat people! Glad you enjoyed it! Well done Lisa! Sharon Harvay and all x PS Marverine next week with....? X Sharon Harvay




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