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Two Week Kick Start Anyone? How Meditation can Change Everything. Plus Q&A with bodyblade Bruce, Kipling and Judith Williams skincare.
2 June 2015

Another dream... Another dream...

Hi once again! What an amazing week for Back to You – with over a hundred and fifty brand new members! Welcome if you’re one of them! (link to Facebook group is below, do join if not*)

Have just got back from a practically sell out show with Tarte Cosmetics and it reminded me to say that making yourself look nice is one of the best ways to lift your spirits, if you find you feel better when the mirror looks less like your mother. Actually, if you’re me and you put makeup on and look better, you end up looking MORE like your mother, since mine looks so damn young! But that’s another story… Tons of goodies still online if you want to revamp your makeup bag without costing the earth. Ditto with skincare – and Judith Williams’s new Today’s special Value, from the FutureSkin range with two new products, is about to happen. (Tuesday night at midnight, 2nd June.) Or even just changing your health routine to be a bit more focussed can be the lift you need.

I was chatting to one of our lovely models tonight, whom I will call Grace, a slightly older lady who was concerned about her current lifestyle choices, and we found ourselves saying this –

If you need a lift in your current lifestyle routine, make these choices instead – for just TWO WEEKS –

-       Cut right back on sugar, gradually – a tiny bit less each day (like a quarter teaspoon of sugar less each cup of tea or coffee) till it’s practically gone from your diet – for TWO WEEKS

-       Give your body a break from the things you KNOW it finds hard to deal with – for Grace it’s eggs, for me (I  love eggs!) it’s dairy, but I also don’t really eat meat, or wheat as first choice for my body – for TWO WEEKs

-       Do a specific exercise, even for ONE MINUTE every day – eg exercise number 6 from the Super6 on Bodyblade – for TWO WEEKs

-       Drink hottish (not boiling) water with a squeeze of lemon (a squeeze – not so it takes the surface off your teeth!) every day instead of your breakfast cuppa – FOR TWO WEEKS

-       And practise forgiveness – instead of mulling over things you can’t change – because if you can’t change it, there’s no point worrying over it, and if you CAN change it, just do it – there’s no point worrying over it! This way you can start getting your head sorted out too.

-       So are you up for the TWO WEEK lifestyle kick?

-       If you want to go the whole hog, do it alongside Freedom Eating (see links to my TTFLS book below) – giving you a better outline of what to do around food, and act llike a slim person – FOR TWO WEEKS

-       Finally be prepared to go public – tell someone you’re doing it – if that tactic makes you more likely to stick to it. If not, keep schtum and do it just for you – FOR TWO WEEKS!

Let me know how you get on!

On my Till the Fat Lady Slims group, (TTFLS) many are taking the second THREE MONTH CHALLENGE and already seeing good results again. But remember that ups and downs are part of the progress. Realising that they are normal and not to be panicked over is the first step.

And just look at this – made me well proud! -

Great Results.

Here are some more fab comments that have gone up on the groups I run this week – what’s yours? Do tell us on one of them! (links are below)

And this from QVC UK item 704285 - “" I have lost three and a half stone with slimming world and one thing I've found is the necessity to keep reviewing what I'm doing as my weight loss continues, otherwise complacency creeps in and my weight creeps up! This book has made me think carefully about when and how much I eat and I noticed that I eat at mealtimes whether hungry or not, and I finish my plate even if I was satisfied much earlier. So I tweaked these things this week and lost three pounds. I was also really interested in what the book says about the effects of sugar...I was really impressed by Debbie's detailed references for further reading. Her book has encouraged me to think of my weight loss as a project and be less passive and more proactive about understanding what's going on in the process. Sorry, I'm going on and on, but I was surprised by how much I got from this.”

How lovely – it’s reviews like this that make my hard work maintaining the groups and devoting so much time replying and posting, worthwhile. Thank you so much for such a lovely review.

NB hardback is still available on QVC item 704285. £10 incl p&p x


Webchats – this week Bruce talked about the Bodyblade... Also on Back to You QVC group, Sara Hollamby for Judith Williams skincare – launching the Futureskin TSV tonight/tomorrow (2nd/3rd)! And the lovely Marie-Francoise from Kipling gives an insight into the upcoming new TSV bag (7th). Their Q&A are at the bottom of this blog if you missed them. We also had a surprise visit from the fabulous Leigh from Tarte cosmetics during my time with her at QVC, in between the two shows I did. The replies were quite spread out so we’ve invited her back in time for her next shows in August. In the next few weeks it’ll be as follows –

June 8th – Abi Cleeve / Ultrasun PLUS top natural body care beauty range A’kin.

… to come – Marv our African Caribbean presenter on QVC talking about her fab new video for darker skins, Ali K, who gets married end of June!, and even – somehow – Alison Young…

PLUS - July 6th – Tom Ogden & Michelle / Alpha H

More Back to You next week – and remember to check in on the TTFLs page for more tips of the day to keep you going! (link below).

Other news –

-          Smoking ban in all public places in Beijing – again! – One of the worst things about Beijing, I found out in my QVC related trip in April, was the smog. Added to by people smoking – even still in some restaurants. There’s nothing more vile, in my opinion, especially in a city where most days you can’t see the sun. About time – but why did it fail the first time? More here

-          Just 4 days on meditation can improve your attention spaand a 48% reduction in risk for heart attack or stroke? Worth a read? more here.

 -          Can’t lose weight? The 5 internal Factors that rule your metabolism interesting stuff more here.


Best wishes for a fab week!

luv Debs x


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Monday 1st June 2015 

Sarah Hollamby for Judith Williams (TSV futureskin launching 3rd)


Welcome to Back To You QVC Sara! We are so pleased to have you here ahead of an amazing Judith Williams TSV XX

Sue Stewart Hi Sara it's so lovely to have you back again. I hope you are keeping well. I'm so looking forward to the TSV this week. Finished the moisturiser and the eye cream. Have a little serum left. Love this range perfect for the summer months. Can't wait to see the new product. What other goodies are you bringing x


Sarah Ness Hi Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I am a huge fan of Judith Williams products and I have been using them for Four years now, its really changed my skin, so a huge thank you! Also I would like to ask you, will there be any new Judith Williams skin care ranges coming to qvc? I would love to try the vitamin C range, will that be coming to Qvc this year? Many thanks. X


Denise Skerman Hi Sara I'm fairly new to Judith Williams range, I have seen noticeable changes to my skin since I've been using the Phytomineral all in one day and night cream & intensive eye cream. I'm thinking of getting the TSV but is it anti ageing and beneficial for over 60's please. X


Lorri Vick Hi Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams - welcome. I get a little confused at the different ranges within JW - I would like to target wrinkles, lines and some slackness and would like to know if the tsv would be good for this please - I have to admit that I am still a little sceptical about the ranges versus the premium brands on Q and get a little nervous changing - I am sure this is due to the lower price of Judiths ranges and I do understand the reason why they are cheaper - but somehow I find it difficult to switch . I did use the Phytomineral regeneration and loved it . I do need skincare that provides hydration as my skin is dry and can look dehydrated. I do use rose oil smile emoticon xx


Dawn Robinson Hello Sara im so looking forward to Wednesday ! it's so exciting  my hubby was saying today "" ive got an obsession"" however i would call it a passion for great skincare !! it will be great to see you on QVC too xoxoxo


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hello Everyone, thanks so much for joining me tonight! I’m really thrilled about the TSV on Wednesday, I’ll be at QVC and will bring it to you on the 9am show, Judith will be with you for all the others….First let me clarify the different ranges….. The Phytomineral (Purple packaging) is for all skin types. This is for anyone who is happy with their skin as it is, and wants to use serious skin care to maintain the healthy look, and prevent lines and wrinkles for as long as possible. The Life Long Beauty Range (Pink) is anti-aging, for all skin types – although it might be too rich for oily skin, apart from the Rose Oil), and is all about lifting and firming with a rich, creamy, luxurious consistency. Beauty Institute is Judith’s professional range, anti-aging for all skin types and used in her Treatment Salon in Munich. Everything is luxurious, potent and a little more expensive.Future Skins (Dark Turquoise) is anti-aging, using state of the art technology, so a very modern range. It is suitable for all skin types due to the lightweight texture across the range. This is particularly effective for significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hope this helps!!!!!

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sarah Ness, I’m so glad you love Judith’s products too, I can’t believe the results and such good value. Like you, it’s changed my skin too, I’m getting so many compliments!!! (Not complaining about that!) I believe there will be a Vitamin C range coming, but I really don’t know too much about it at the moment. In the meantime, do try the Future Skins….IT IS DIVINE! I thoroughly recommend it if you want something anti-aging, light, modern and visibly…significantly…reduces lines and wrinkles!

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Denise Skerman welcome to the webchat! So nice to hear from you. PM is a lovely range, so glad you’ve enjoyed using it. I would definitely recommend the Future Skins as a step up on your anti-aging skincare. Even though its very lightweight it really packs a punch and you’ll see a visible difference in your lines and wrinkles within a week. Its also very moisturizing and full of anti-oxidents soooo good for your skin!

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hello Lorri Vick thanks for joining me tonight. I understand…it’s so difficult to choose when there are so many lovely brands available. All I can say is that I’m very fussy with my skincare, always have been, and since I’ve been working with Judith I am more and more impressed with her ranges, and how my skin looks having used it for over a year. Her ingredients are always rated ‘best’, and she uses top cosmetologists and scientists in Italy (from the University of Ferrar) for her research and development of new products. She can only keep her prices down because of the huge quantity she sells primarily in Germany, also Switzerland and Austria, as well as the UK. As you know, she doesn’t advertise, use celebrity endorsements, or have expensive retail outlets….hence the brilliant value. You really should try Future Skins if you want something rather special - it gives outstanding results! My laughter lines hardly show, my jowls have tightened up, my skin is brighter, softer, smooth and hydrated. I also love the Rose Oil, and will use it over the top of everything at night, especially if I’ve been in air con all day….

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn Robinson glad you've joined me tonight....if you're going to have any obsession surely beautiful skin is the best one to have!!! Look as young as you can for as long as you can is my motto. I'm so glad you like JW - I love them. You'll love the Future means your skin looks so fresh and youthful you won't need to pile on the make up this summer. xxx

Chris Calvert Hi Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams i have tried the phytomineral hydrating mask and absolutely adore the texture, will this be featured more on QVC UK soon? Also is there any plans to bring some more male fragrances also is there any plans to make a matching body wash to the Man fragrance at all?

Chris Calvert i would also be interested to try the vitamin ampules to see how they compare with the likes of the skin bliss capsules will they be coming to qvc Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Chris Calvert so nice to have a man joining us. The TSV Future Skin range is great for men also, as its very lightweight and smells beautifully fresh. Only thing is you don't look old you have wrinkles? You'll love the cleansing crea...See More

Sharon Harvay The future skin range is amazing, and i absolutely love it. I really would recommend that people concern with fine lines and wrinkles, and wanting that gorgeous lightweight, anti-ageing feel, give it a go

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Not sure if our ampoules are returning atm.


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Thanks Sharon, so glad you like it, I absolutely love it....hooked!


Debbie Green Hi Sara would the tsv be suitable for me I am 48 with slackening nose to mouth lines and jaw but still suffer with oily congested skin with own pores please help as I have tried some of the range but not sure which would be best, thanks

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Stewart I saw a question of yours earlier this evening...You’ll like the new Future Skins products in the TSV, the most fabulous Night Cell Shot, and Decollete Fluid Concentrate, both very lightweight and sinks straight into your skin leaving it soft and smooth. My neck has never looked so good…seriously!!! Atm the Future Skins range is my absolute favourite, perfect for summer and getting your skin looking lovely so you don’t have to plaster on the foundation.


Chris Calvert Sounds fab Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams i do like a very fresh feeling cleanser on my skin, luv the tip about applying it as a mask before rinsing off too. Yeah i do have the odd line here and there creeping in so i always like to make sure i am topped up with many layers of skin care

Lorri Vick Thank you Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams - is the future skin range hydrating too smile emoticon xx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Lorri Vick it certainly is. There's a plant stem cell in it that strengthens your skin's natural barrier to prevent moisture loss. Plus there's avocado oil, aloe vera, glycerin and hyaluronic acid, all to moisturise and hydrate. I'm sure you'll love it.


Lorri Vick I am definitely going to try it


Sharon Harvay Sara, do you have a competition running on your page currently to win a tsv? x


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Debbie Green thanks for joining. Yes it would certainly be suitable for you as it will firm up you nose to jaw line as there's a different plant stem cell to improve the elasticity in your skin, as well as another one to support your collagen, giving you the bounce and density back. It will also smooth your skin and refine your open pores. As an addition, the Rose Oil is also really good for clearing congested pores and refining them. Hope that helps. x

Dawn Robinson Ooowww Sara do you think we will ever get a JW shampoo & conditioner ? X


Kathryn Stewart Thank you Sarah for clarifying all of the range. I didn't get on with the pink as I found it too sweet smelling perhaps the turquoise is more for me x


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sharon, yes I have my own competition running in this hour only, you can visit my webpage Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams share the TSV photo and join us here with some chat, for a chance to win. I'll announce the winner at 9pm.


Lynn Parry Hi Sara I am looking at something to specifically target the décolleté which cream would you recommend it's not dry as such but starting to show signs of ageing x


Dawn Robinson Fingers crossed for the competition everyone  xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Don't worry Kathryn Stewart I'll answer to anything!!! Yes, the smell is very different, its a fabulous smell, hard to describe, but fresh and light and certainly not sweet. Everyone I know loves the smell before they've even tried it.

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Lynn Parry. Definitely definitely definitely the TSV. There's the NEW décolleté fluid concentrate which is a very light lotion with a brush so you can paint it on your neck and decollate and you will just see the necklace lines and vertical décolleté lines just melt away. My neck hasn't looked this good for years!

Lorri Vick Cant wait to try 1 hr • Like • 1

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn Robinson Unfortunately its unlikely although JW does them (in Germany), QVC don't want it here as they have many other ranges. Shame isn't it. x


Sarah Ness Thank you Sara for answering my question. X

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sarah Ness I saw one of your questions earlier....I’m so glad you love Judith’s products too, I can’t believe the results and such good value. Like you, it’s changed my skin too, I’m getting so many compliments!!! (Not complaining about that!) I believe there will be a Vitamin C range coming, but I really don’t know too much about it at the moment. In the meantime, do try the Future Skins….IT IS DIVINE! I thoroughly recommend it if you want something anti-aging, light, modern and visibly…significantly…reduces lines and wrinkles!

Sharon Harvay Sara, i love to dip into the various ranges that Judith does depending on time of the year, month and what my skin needs at the time. I find her complete range very prescriptive, i think for that its fantastic and that i why i recommend it to everyone x


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Who got freezing cold today? I had to put my heating back on!!!


Sharon Harvay me!!!!!


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I'm so glad you like it Sharon. And yes its good to ring the changes, you can usually tell when your skin wants a change of scenery. Well we all like a holiday, don't we?


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams My trouble is, the results from the Future Skins is so good, I don't want to stop using it.....


Sarah Ness Yes me too, I thought I was the only one who had the heating on! He he! X


Dawn Robinson I have about 3mls left of my Rose Oil it's making me feel anxious Hahahaha  xx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sarah Ness did I answer your question OK?

Sharon Harvay i know!! I am back on it these past few month as i went a bit richier in deepest winter, however i continued with my Cell booster from Future skin as im slightly obsessed with it x

Sarah Ness Yes perfectly. Thank you so much Sara. X

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes if you want a fresh lightweight range this is perfect. It really packs a punch though, I noticed a huge difference within 3 days. I was on holiday at the time trying it out, and I thought there must be something in the water. The difference was very noticeable. Its just perfect for this time of year, when you don't want anything too rich and heavy.

Debbie Green Thanks Sara this helps a lot, do you know how much it will be and will it be on easy pay


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn Robinson don't worry, we've got some Rose Oil coming up on Wednesday....hahaha don't want you to be without it!


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Debbie Green it won't be on easy pay, BUT its only £39.90 for all 4 full size (50ml and 15ml for the eye cream), that the Night Cell Shot, Eye Cream, 24hr cream, and the Decollete Fluid Concentrate....that makes it less than £10 per item. The whole lot is worth £105, so its such a brilliant price.

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Anyone going anywhere nice on holiday? I want to think sunshine and warm weather.....?????

Sharon Harvay Dont forget to look online ladies as products are available when not on air x

Sharon Harvay and gents, sorry xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes its nice to have men looking after their skin and taking an interest isn't it. After all, we have to look at them!!!


Debbie Flint Hey sara! I'm Looking forward to launching the new JW TSV ! X


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Has anyone tried the Cell Booster?


Kathryn Stewart Debbie gets ALL the good jobs! Helps being the resident night owl!


Debbie Green Thanks and yes really good value as is all JW products.

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Debbie Flint yes I think it'll be good. Judith will be here to launch at midnight, although I'll be there too. I'm on for the 9am. Really looking forward!

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahaha yes Kathryn Stewart she does, but she is great to work with, one of my favourite presenters. I've known Debbie for years....


i love cell booster as i mentioned above Sara, i ALWAYS use it, it just cleans my skin, lmost polishing it and resurfacing it hahaha healthy glow and just gives a fantastic boost!! i swear by it all year round! i think Sue Stewart loves it too x

Kathryn Stewart May just be tempted to try....third time lucky! I am a sucker for a beauty bargain and you are all raving.....could start a shop with my beauty products. Will look with interest. Kxx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams The Cell Booster has the highest concentration of the plant stem cells, plus the Neuro-peptide complex called Neuro Botomix 5, plus hyaluronic that you can get. No wonder your wrinkles are hard to see after using it.

Anne Keating Sorry to be a latecomer at the Judith Williams Ball - I've been on the Bodyblade and Kipling webchats! Just wanted to say that I've been using the JW products for the last few months and I must remember to look to see if Sharon has posted the information on the different ranges on the Back to Beauty page. Definitely my must have products from now on! xx

Sharon Harvay yep! Wrinkle free please x

Sue Stewart I do Sharon Harvay. My pot is empty. I've had to go back to my Life Long Beauty Range for now. I love the Future Skin range. All of it and I'm looking forward to trying the latest addition to the range x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Lynn Parry If you haven't tried any JW before, Wednesday's TSV might be the time to go for it. Its great value, but you'll love the results you get.


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahaha Sharon, I can't promise miracles, you might not be wrinkle FREE, but hugely improved, more than anything else I've tried.


Sue Foley enjoyed using the future range last year when it was launched, great to have a tsv smile emoticon

Sharon Harvay deffo sue especially with new items x


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I saw earlier Sharon that Jacqueline Jackson was talking about body exfoliation... - yes probably once a week. A body brush is good, also using a flannel in the bath and shower helps, but for extra smoothness and softness, you could try our LLB Rose Butter Decollete Peel. This has very fine beads to slough away dead skin, and is very gentleyou’re your décolleté. You can also use on your body and even on your face (although I recommend you ‘press it’ gently onto your face, not rub), smooth it over your skin then rinse off in the bath or shower. Follow with the Rose Body Butter, you’ll smell divine and your skin with be as smooth as silk. For cellulite have you tried our Beauty Institute Superfirm Serum. I haven’t used it, but I’ve heard nothing but brilliant things about it, and its what Judith uses in her treatment salon in Munich.

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Foley thanks for joining us. Glad you liked it last year, its had so many fabulous reviews..... I think you'll love the TSV on Wednesday, 2 new products.....the Night Cell Shot and the Decollete Fluid Concentrate plus the Eye Cream and the 24hr Cream. Such a fabulous set for £39.90. Crazy price.


Sue Stewart I'm taking mine to Lake Garda with me Sara. All of it.


Sarah Ness It Would be lovely to have a Judith Williams beauty salon in the UK! X

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Stewart the TSV is just in time then.....phew!

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Oooh Lake Garda how lovely, its perfect for the Italian sunshine. Thats where I tried mine last year, never looked back! Have a wonderful time. x

Sue Foley sounds great sara,such a brilliant range

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Sarah really need to get into a good body routine x

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams You know Sarah Ness it would be good, if ever you're in Munich you must have a look, its just off the 'Bond St' of Munich called Maximillan St, very posh, and really nice.

Sue Stewart Thanks. Everyone says my skin is good and it's all due to Judith's products. Thanks you to both of you. I'm excited for Wednesday xx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams You know ladies, I've so enjoyed chatting with you all tonight thank you all for taking the time to join me.....


Kathryn Stewart What's the addition Sue? X

Lorri Vick Thank you so much for taking time to chat to us all. Roll on weds. Its our Future! smile emoticon xx

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Are you all still here because I'm about to announce the winner of my competition........

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Its.......


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Dawn Robinson

Sarah Ness I get married n September and told my fiance that I would like a honeymoon in Germany so I can go to Judith Williams salon and be pampered! He he! X



Sue Foley congrats dawn enjoy

Sue Stewart Well done Dawn Robinson. X

Lorri Vick Congrats Dawn xx

Sharon Harvay Congratulations dawn x

Kathryn Stewart Thank you Sara. Will be tuning in to the TSV and may succumb! Kxx

Jacqueline Jackson Yay Dawn well done! x

Sarah Ness Congratulations Dawn! X

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Sara and thank you Sharon x

Dawn Robinson Thank you so much !!!! I can't believe it

Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Congratulations Dawn, let us know your address and we'll send it to you. I only wish there was a prize for everyone tonight, you've all been lovely!!! Next time! See you on Wednesday morning everyone 9 am. Thank you! xxxxxxxxx




 Welcome to Back To You QVC Marie Francoise We are so pleased to have you here ahead of an amazing Kipling TSV


Marie Miskelly Really looking forward to Sunday, think its gonna be a pink day

Laura Galek Can you request a monkey name? I would like a Mo please. xxx

Laura Galek I've noticed over the last few years Kipling on QVC has been getting more expensive, has there been a change to the material or anything like that. Thanks. xxx

Jacqueline Jackson Hi Marie -Francoise welcome. Just wanted to ask if the fairfax bag will be coming back at all? Haven't seen it for a long while and I love the organisation of it. Many thanks x

Melissa Lane No question but just wanted to say that I adore watching you on the Kipling shows and I love Kipling. Xxx

Dawn Robinson Hello Marie  firstly my girls often say they love your outfits  also you always look flawless ! what are your top QVC beauty products you use ? Xx

Yvonne Woodhouse Just wondering if the Morrisey bag will come bag at all - My FAVOURITE bag grin emoticon Also is there a YVONNE monkey out there at all x

Marie-Françoise Wolff Laura Galek hello smile emoticon fabric is still the same, a few years back production costs went up! Kipling does have exceptional deals on QVC- keep watching out for them xxx

Marie-Françoise Wolff Thank you Melissa Lane xx

Marie-Françoise Wolff Dawn Robinson thank you!!! (Its not qvc but I know they sell a similar one because Debbie Flint has one-I swear by the diva pod i bought from Sally's it heats up each roller in seconds and sets my hair) from QVC I've just bought a load of Tarte product...See More



Marie-Françoise Wolff Yvonne Woodhouse I know!! What a classic! Unfortunately not at the moment but I shall ask the designers. We have had Yvonne! If you friend request me I have a notes section and its listed under there from a few years back! x


Sharon Harvay Hi Marie-Marie-Françoise Wolff thank you for joining us this evening! so what exciting things can you share with us about the June TSV? xx






Yvonne Woodhouse Thank you grin emoticon I loved it - Got quite a few in the Breezer/Brownie at the moment (I daren't count as I'll have to own up to being addicted to Kipling wink emoticon ) Think I've already have you on friends so will go and check x

Marie-Françoise Wolff Thank you Sharon Harvay! Has the video appeared?! Its going to be under £55 xxx


Sharon Harvay oooohhh Fab sneaky peek Video posted to this page!!! Woo Hoo TSV ALERT LADIES XX

Sharon Harvay INDEED it has on this page xx

Claire Louise Hi Marie-Françoise Wolff can u pls bring some more basic cross body bags pls x x especially in navy or black many thanks x x

Dawn Robinson Ooowww some of my favourites too thank you xxx

Marie-Françoise Wolff So you can keep up to date with colours and prints this is the current can see special QVC prints and colours here too

Cath Purple Hi Marie-Francoise, would you call the TSV bag medium or large? Loving the flower prints! Xx

Marie-Françoise Wolff Medium to large! Its bigger than Defea

Marie-Françoise Wolff fits a4

Cath Purple Thank you, possibly too large for me then!

Sharon Harvay Cath have you seen the video? Marie-francois can you post it within this thread too?

Cath Purple Are there any smaller bags in the same prints? X



Michelle Coley Will it be on easy pay please? X


Cath Purple Yes, I've seen it, which is why I wondered! Xx


Marie-Françoise Wolff It will only let me post pics!


Marie-Françoise Wolff Have a little look at video Cath Purple xx


Sharon Harvay Marie-Françoise Wolff you are always travelling, how do you decide which bags to use and when hahaha x

Cath Purple I have seen that Marie- Francoise, I thought it looked large! Xx

Kirsty Allen So me and the twins are now home from hospital just today used my new kipling changing bag do you know if we will be getting any more new colours in them as its a fab bag also maybe they could do a larger one for the twins triplets ect with more bottle holding sections x

Marie-Françoise Wolff Sorry my computer is slightly delayed! Sharon Harvay I take a few!!! Very attached to the cabin size teagan, art m, love kip to travel with x

Sharon Harvay .....and what are your favourite for storing make-up? Particularly stage make-up!!! You star you!!! congratulations on the play you are in x

Lorri Vick Congratulations on your twins Kirsty xxxx

Marie-Françoise Wolff congrats Kirsty Allen!! I just bought my friend the Camama its my favourite it has a little dummy pouch and insulated bottle holder. Each season new colours so yes new colours for sure. Which one do you have? I think Camama is the biggest x

Marie-Françoise Wolff Sharon Harvay thank you! I have ikea storage boxes for hair things/ makeup in the fabric wardrobe organiser with draws!

Kirsty Allen Camama as needed large size and good to hear they will carry on with the new colours in this be fab if qvc would bring them in a exclusive print.and thank you was super excited to use the bag and new pushchair and even more excuses to buy more bags hehe xx

Marie-Françoise Wolff Kirsty Allen I have just been asking the Kipling VP to do just that! Great minds. I think baby bags should be on qvc they are amazing!

Marie-Françoise Wolff If anyone wants to know about a particular bag/accessory I have lists beside me on whats coming up wink emoticon xxx

Kirsty Allen They are essential and as much as i love my kipling bags the extra mesh pockets are super useful. Be great if they do and im sure loads of other mums and people who would buy one for a gift for a mum to be would also agree

Claire Louise More scarfs . Do you have any ideas about cross body bags x thank you x

Sharon Harvay Marie-Françoise Wolff what accessories are coming up


Pauline Harvey Carr Can you get the camama bag now or is it a new one


Marie-Françoise Wolff Claire Louise scarfs are a definite, new ones in Monkey Mania, lots of cross body bags coming up you have a favourite style?

Marie-Françoise Wolff Pauline Harvey Carr yes you can buy on x


Anne Keating Hi Marie-Françoise - I've just popped over from the Bodyblade group webchat with Bruce Hymanson. I've quite a few Kipling bags and I especially love my back pack - it's really useful for days out as it folds down to nothing when it's empty. I didn't know Kipling did baby bags though. I like that idea - a great solution for presents and I'd love to see them on QVC. xx.

Claire Louise I like the zip top with zip compartment at the back x x

Pauline Harvey Carr Thank you xx

Marie-Françoise Wolff Sharon Harvay we have new pixi purse in flower waves/ black emboss/tile pink smile emoticon the umbrella in blue flower/oriental and marine pr. We also have a necklace and bracelet in silver with stylish 'jump monkey'. The digii sleeve in blue flower and banana. Sunglass Rivier. Tops is on in pop floral. Other cute accessories are Walan,Vecka, Iaka and Efia Lea xxx

Claire Louise Do you still do the scarf that Craig Rowe TvPresenter likes forgive me I don't know name of print x x

Marie-Françoise Wolff the stripe print! I don't think so! Might be worth checking on qvc website x

Leisa Goodall Marie-Françoise Wolff are the shoulder straps long enough to go on shoulder - I don't use the long straps

Debbie Flint Hey lovely lady! Well done for getting the tarte tsv early! Lol x

Cath Purple I've not come across a Cath monkey, has there been one that I have missed? X

Susan Buckland Hi Marie-Francoise Wolff can you please help can you tell me what the pink bag was for the breast cancer evening as I got that that one in pink but I would like it in a black one can you help

Claire Louise Can we have a claire monkey x x

Marie-Françoise Wolff Cath I'm sure there was one years ago on the Kipling Vintage range might still be in my notes section!

Marie-Françoise Wolff Leisa Goodall hello smile emoticon very much long enough xx


Michelle Coley Marie-Françoise Wolff a 'Harrison' monkey would be fantastic!! Pleeeeeaaassse xx

Leisa Goodall Thanks Marie-Françoise Wolff

Cath Purple Thank you for answering my questions - greatly appreciated! If you find a Cath monkey can you let me know please? Xx


Marie-Françoise Wolff Leisa Goodall blue flower is the true blue tone with white xxxx


Susan Buckland Hi Marie how about doing surnames for the monkeys

Leisa Goodall Oh I am the true blue queen I do venture towards prints as well but my first love is TB


Marie-Françoise Wolff Yes!!! I'm sure she had a little mohawk i will have a look x





Michelle Tirrell What's the efia lea please

Susan Buckland Marie do you remember the pink bag you did for the breast cancer evening that little pink bag I would like it in black can they do in black please Marie

Marie-Françoise Wolff Michelle I don't have a pic! I'm not sure! Will have to let you know x


Marie-Françoise Wolff Just as a heads up for Fall 15 we have a very cute halloween monkey and a lunch bag, more jewellery, new keychain, umbrella's and in the stores Teddy bag will be back xx

Marie-Françoise Wolff I will also be designing a new bag so keep in touch with your likes and dislikes its always appreciated xxx

Sarah Bennett Love the Seoul backpack, great for travelling wish qvc would have this for a tsv!

Susan Buckland Marie I have been looking for a black bag For sometime now I'm not big bag person sorry Marie

Sarah Bennett Love Kipling

Marie-Françoise Wolff the tsv will be in black susan xx

Sharon Harvay Please join me in saying a huge thank you to the gorgoeus Marie-Françoise Wolff for joing us this evening! Marie-Françoise Wolff you have really spoilt us tonight will lots of sneaky peeks and information!! We are so looking forward to the Tsv on June 7th! Thank you everyone it has been fantastic xx

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Marie-Francoise x

Marie-Françoise Wolff Susan Buckland Beatrix is going to be back not sure if its coming in black yet!

Susan Buckland It was lovely talking to you tonight Maria I'll say good night


Marie-Françoise Wolff Thank you Sharon Harvay for inviting me its been fab xx


Cath Purple Thank you! X


Jacqueline Jackson Thanks Sharon x


Susan Buckland Please make the Beatrix in black and I will buy a couple of them if you do it in the black


Sue Kelly What about a Sue or Susan monkey


Hello Ohana. June 1 and summer is upon us. Does this mean we get out to the parks and take more walks to enjoy the outdoors? I certainly hope that is on all of your goal lists. Let's chat about enjoying what life has to offer through fitness and wellness. Let's make sure Bodyblade training is focused on a better more functional lifestyle. This and anything else on your mind will be discussed today. Look forward to chatting in 30 minutes!

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Wendy Lawrence Hi Bruce, hope you're well. Not a good day for out walking here, black skies, rain and strong winds all day! It's a day to stay in and Bodyblade and walk! x

1 June at 20:35 · Like · 4


Marion Mcgrath Hi Bruce , hope this finds you well . Premhabits are on going  inside and out . X

1 June at 20:41 · Like · 3


Beckie Gaughran Hi Bruce Hymanson, I really want to get rid of the little flabby bits by my armpits. The bits that look unsightly when I wear a top with straps- hopefully you know what I mean?! Any recommendations for an exercise using the BB? Many thanks x

1 June at 20:47 · Like · 2


Beckie Gaughran Hi Bruce Hymanson, I really want to get rid of the little flabby bits by my armpits. The bits that look unsightly when I wear a top with straps- hopefully you know what I mean?! Any recommendations for an exercise using the BB? Many thanks x

1 June at 20:47 · Like · 2


Beckie Gaughran Hi Bruce Hymanson, I really want to get rid of the little flabby bits by my armpits. The bits that look unsightly when I wear a top with straps- hopefully you know what I mean?! Any recommendations for an exercise using the BB? Many thanks x

1 June at 20:48 · Like · 2


Amy Wall Hi Bruce. Glad summer has arrived with you but alas it's the weather for ducks here. Chucking it down and blowing a gale. Unbelievable with it being the 1st June so really pleased I don't have to go out to get exercise. Just started again Bodyblading after a few weeks not being able to use it, and I've really missed it. Hope you are well and have a good webchat xx

1 June at 21:04 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce weather wet and windy here too. Heating on have to do exercises inside near heat

1 June at 21:05 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Gang! Sorry about the weather. I see that it's a very blustery day in London. So, we do our beach workout and HC workouts from inside. Hope all is well with you

1 June at 21:08 · Like · 4


Lindsey Sweet Hi Bruce, Like the other girls have been saying a typical british day here so cold and windy, wet everything apart from snow for us in the South of the Country, I am loving the new permahabits and seeing inches coming off but I am having fun whilst exercising and the beach workout is definitely a good one for us today. I'm also doing some bellyblasting and some of the advanced techniques for belly blasting. Thanks so much for you time and continued support smile emoticon

1 June at 21:11 · Edited · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence Lots of us did the LA Beach this morning so we escaped the bad weather for a while!

1 June at 21:09 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Hi Beckie, All of the Bodyblade workouts we do will help tone and firm your arms and the area around your shoulder and armpits. You can also add the Jab exercise as well to your workouts because it is a very versatile exercise for the entire upper body. the key is consistency and working on increasing your time and intensity.

1 June at 21:10 · Like · 4


Beckie Gaughran Thanks Bruce x

1 June at 21:11 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson I read through a few posts yesterday regarding the training days and what exercises to do in sequence so let me review for everyone. The Super 6 workout should be done in order because it is designed to add flexibility to your upper body at the same time. The exercises are 1) Chest Press, 2) Back & Shoulder Reach, 3) Ab Crunch, 4) Tricep Push, 5) Bicep Tricep Trimmer and 6) Hip & Thigh Sculptor. Will it hurt you if you do them out of order? No, but there is a method to my madness for the order. Let me know if you have additional questions about that.

1 June at 21:14 · Like · 8


Bruce Hymanson The other question that pops up frequently is "How often do I workout". My recommendation is to train 3-4 times a week. If you are doing the Super 6 or any of our workouts and you are doing your best to increase your time and flex intensity (in other words, training hard and doing your best, not just picking it up and driving for 5-10 seconds at a time). This will give you a day of rest in between.

1 June at 21:17 · Like · 9


Karen Hunt Oops, gonna have to change my order. Variety is the spice of life!

1 June at 21:17 · Like · 3


Anne Keating Hi Bruce I hope you are well. Something that's cropped up today - we seem to be getting confused over the names of the Supersix. 1. Chest press. 2. Overhead shoulder reach. 3. Ab crunch. 4. Bicep tricep trimmer. 5. Ab curl. 6. Hip and Thigh Sculpture. Could you check if these are the correct names for the LA and HCC workouts please. I have a feeling that the DVD does them in a different order and we were really getting confused earlier on. The other matter is - the gang are doing an anti-rain BB dance today as Sarah Hills and I are going to a Garden Party at the other Palace (Buckingham!) tomorrow and we don't want the rain to spoil our posh frocks and hats! I've been asked to take photos and try and smuggle my Bodyblade in but neither are allowed I'm afraid. . We've had a good week with lots of virtual workouts and Zoe Robins asked us to join her at 10.30 this morning and quite a few of us did. We're still waiting for Marverine Cole to do her promised Bodyblade Challenge 2015 video! oh no, ignore the first point - you've just answered it! Thanks. xx

1 June at 21:18 · Like · 7


Bruce Hymanson If you are interested in training more frequently then 3-4 times a week, that is OK too as long as the off days are not for heavy training but rather to simply practice or pick it up and put it down throughout the day. Please let me know if this is confusing

1 June at 21:18 · Like · 5


Kathryn Stewart Hi Bruce, I find finding time to do a whole routine at once difficult. Could I pick it up every time I go past the blade? Also what is the best for that stubborn tummy. Don't aspire to six pack! Lol Kxx

1 June at 21:19 · Like · 5


Wendy Lawrence Just one other thing Bruce if I may, is it ok to do more than one 6 min workout on each of the 3-4 Bodyblade session days if we feel able or is that pushing too far? That I'm afraid sounds confusing

1 June at 21:19 · Like · 3


Wendy Lawrence Sorry I meant what I just wrote sounds confusing, your comment was completely clear thank you

1 June at 21:21 · Like · 3


Marion Mcgrath In a couple of the Web charts it has been mention that some of our busts have become larger ., mine included . What other exercises can we or I do so we can still bodyblade but not make them larger . ( their are big enough thanks ) x

1 June at 21:22 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Anne! Wow, Buckingham Palace, I would love to be there with you. Can you imagine a BP Garden workout with the Queen!!!! Once can only dream. Who knows, she may already use Bodyblade in the privacy of her own palace. I'm sending positive thoughts for a warm and beautiful day!

1 June at 21:26 · Like · 8


Bruce Hymanson Oh, BTW Anne, I posted just ahead of yours the correct names and order for the Super 6 exercises and workout. Hope that helps.

1 June at 21:27 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Wendy. Yes, you can do more than a six minute workout on the days that you train. For example, if you are stronger and have more endurance to do more than a six minute workout, try adding a few additional exercises or repeat the Super 6 a second time for two sets and a longer workout. I personally do 30 minutes of training in a session. Hope that makes sense. Final note. If you are training that hard, make sure you allow for a day of rest in between

1 June at 21:30 · Like · 7


Wendy Lawrence Thank you Bruce, appreciate that, unfortunately probably will never be able to do what you do, after all you have been doing it a tad longer!! If ever you would like to swap stomachs just let me know ha ha!

1 June at 21:33 · Like · 4


Susan Buckland Hi Bruce I do the chest one then the overhead one and the arm one for some time now and my arm is no longer in pain and on top of that I do the bingo Wings and it's helped me a lot thought I'd let you know Bruce

1 June at 21:36 · Like · 4


Anne Keating Thanks Bruce - I noticed as soon as I'd commented that you'd answered the question - thanks. I think all I can do is imagine as it's no cameras and definitely no Bodyblade unless I disguise it as an umbrella or shooting stick! And it's Camilla - not the Queen unfortunately. But a great chance to see the gardens behind the Palace. xx

1 June at 21:36 · Like · 6


Sarah Hills Bruce if I can find Anne I'll get some pictures of her outside the gates. however there si about 8,000 of us there tomorrow. Anne I'll be looking for you! I am still blading but only short amount each time but many times a day.

1 June at 21:38 · Like · 6


Bruce Hymanson Hi Marion. Breast size itself will not increase because the breast tissue is not muscle and does not have the capability of growing. The chest muscle below the breast tissue (Pectoralis Major and Minor) will become more toned which will can provide more support to the breast tissue and lift the breast. I suppose this may make them appear larger. The other comment last week was why do some get larger or smaller after weeks of exercise. The answer there is that some women when they lose fat, lose breast fat and others lose from the hips or tummy first. I would hope that a firmer bust and stronger, leaner muscle underneath will look better even if they appear larger.

1 June at 21:39 · Like · 5


Bruce Hymanson Wendy, you would be surprised how your body will respond with regular challenges and exercise. Keep in mind, I am beat at the end of my 30 minutes. It's not a walk in the park smile emoticon . We'll get there together.

1 June at 21:41 · Like · 3


Debbie Flint Bruce hi! Just heard I will be doing the Sunday night show when you're over at the end of June. Put it in your diaries gang! Bruce maybe you could mention why even one minute every day is going to make a difference compare it with doing nothing? And big hugs to all from me,i'm at work! X

1 June at 21:41 · Like · 8


Kathryn Stewart Where's the DVD!! Hint hint hint! Kxx

1 June at 21:42 · Like · 4


Julia Gathercole Hi Bruce, I've been doing the super six circuit workout and really enjoy it, also added belly blaster one day and the willow Tree another day. Will i get the same results doing the circuits as I would if I did the super six?

1 June at 21:42 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson Hi Susan, great to hear from you and I am happy you continue to do well and are experiencing less pain!!! smile emoticon

1 June at 21:43 · Like · 3


Marion Mcgrath Cheers Bruce x

1 June at 21:43 · Like · 3


Julia Gathercole Don't work too hard Debbie! Hugs x

1 June at 21:43 · Unlike · 4


Bruce Hymanson Last week we discussed partners and partnering up with some fellow bladers to keep track of your virtual workouts. Has anyone started that yet?

1 June at 21:45 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Hi Julia, great variety, great job!!

1 June at 21:47 · Like · 3


Susan Buckland Thank you Bruce I am getting there slowly and losing weight and I love my bodyblade thank you Bruce

1 June at 21:49 · Like · 3


Julia Gathercole Thanks Bruce,it's the first exercise equipment I've ever stuck to, miss it if I don't do it, I've got the habit!

1 June at 21:49 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Perma-habits is so important in everything we do. Regular daily attention to our health and wellness is the key to longevity and happiness. You don't have to train like an Olympic athlete. When I say to do Bodyblade 3-4 times a week, that doesn't mean that you can't walk on the same day or on off days as well. You might like stretching on the same or off days as well. As long as you are giving yourself a rest from one group of exercises doesn't mean you have to just sit around on the off days. Hope that makes sense and inspires you to enjoy walking, breathing and stretching too

1 June at 21:51 · Like · 5


Anne Keating I've done a chart for the group the workouts Bruce but I think I need to redo it in view of your comments on the order of the exercises. I'll have to check that it's right. I've put the six exercises along the top and six weeks of Monday to Sunday down the side. I think some of us were going to start today.

1 June at 21:52 · Like · 5


Sarah Hills Well you have motivated me - am off to have a short wobble now!

1 June at 21:52 · Like · 3


Chris Jopp Hi everyone, I'm trying to get up a bit earlier every morning this week and doing a workout, either BB or Leslie Sansone. I didn't manage it today as I've had the grandchildren but starting tomorrow! I try to do the full Super 6 with the mobility moves at least 2 or 3 times a week and manage to do it all with just a couple of stops. However, if I try to do it without watching the video on You Tube (or the QVC one on my TIVO) I find that I lose concentration and don't seem to work as hard. Does anyone else have that happen?


Also, I am very lucky in that I'm quite flexible (despite my weight and age lol) and can do the wind down one where you put the blade behind your head and then lower down your back. No idea how I do it but am proud of myself for doing it! LOL!

1 June at 21:55 · Like · 4


Kathryn Stewart Sorry Bruce but you missed my questions. Kxx

1 June at 21:56 · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Yes I prefer to do exercises with company.

1 June at 21:58 · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Will say bye for now Bruce. Take care. off to exercise

1 June at 21:59 · Like · 3


Denise Large How can you strengthen weak ankles, Bruce Hymanson, any tips.

1 June at 22:01 · Edited · Like · 5


Anne Keating Chris - you know where I mouth to Debbie 'Noooo' when we're taking the blade behind our neck and Debbie and Bruce manage to get it all the way down? Well, like you, I can now do it!!! Well done you and me! xx

1 June at 22:03 · Like · 7


Tracie Wright thanks Bruce for your continuing help and support of our wonderful group you really help keep us motivated , i am now off to do the Hampton Court Super Six workout with Anne, Debbie & Bruce hope lots of you will join in and keep me company


Bodyblade uk Hampton Court super6 CIRCUITS routine

March 1015 10 s each position, x 6


1 June at 22:03 · Like · 5 · Remove Preview


Wendy Lawrence Yes I started with the chart today Anne xx

1 June at 22:04 · Like · 2


Chris Jopp I didn't think I could do it but when I did, wow! Way to go us Anne!

1 June at 22:05 · Like · 3


Bruce Hymanson Sorry guys, lost my connection for awhile. Hi Kathryn, I see your question now. I am working on getting the approval from QVC. Once we have that, we will ship them in so they can be purchased from the website. Hopefully by the end of the month but unfortunately, it is out of my control. Thanks for asking. I will keep everone posted

1 June at 22:07 · Like · 8


Anne Keating Well done Wendy. (I've just looked at it and 4 needs to be Tricep Push and 5. Bicep Tricep Trimmer. I'll alter it and repost) . xx

1 June at 22:07 · Like · 4


Bruce Hymanson One final post today. First, hello Debbie!! Last comment on the value of doing something every day in terms of movement, exercise, walking etc. The body needs to be stimulated. If you regularly ask the body to perform, the body will remain alert and ready to take action. If you remain sedentary, the body won't be ready for action because it doesn't believe you when you say "now let's go". The body wants proof that you mean what you say. Keep active and your body will respond. Be inconsistent and the body says "why should I believe you?" Have a wonderful week and as always, I will keep reading posts for questions and comments. Cheers!

1 June at 22:11 · Unlike · 11


Wendy Lawrence Sorry Bruce internet went yet again for ages, Thank you for all your time and help again tonight

1 June at 22:21 · Like · 2


Anne Keating Thanks Bruce. I've posted the link to the updated chart on the BB page for those of you who want to use it. xx

1 June at 22:28 · Like · 3


Christine Grochowina Anne where have you posted it

1 June at 22:40 · Like · 1


Wendy Lawrence Oh Tracie, if the internet hadn't gone again I would have seen you asking for buddies, but only just got it back again, be gone again in a moment no doubt! Hope you had a good wobble xx grin emoticon

1 June at 22:40 · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence Will try to see your chart tomorrow Anne and hope internet won't be as annoying as tonight, won't let me click link at the moment. Shouldn't you be getting your beauty sleep after all it's one very big day tomorrow xx kiki emoticon

1 June at 22:44 · Like · 2


Lindsey Sweet Had a hc wobble now off for shower and rest before physio tomorrow. Anne & Sarah - Enjoy your days at the Palace tomorrow, hope the weather holds for you. Take care. Night night ladies and gents I'm gonna rest up now. Catchup tomorrow night. xxxxx

1 June at 22:47 · Like · 3


Tracie Wright my internet has been bit iffy last few days ,  sure we are being spied on lol phone always makes clicky noises  big brother is watching us bodyblade lol . I managed to get the HC Supersix done and a 5 min LS booster walk done for virtual class tonight . quite tired tonight as did the shopping , cut the lawns back and front & trimmed the laurel hedges earlier on . xx

1 June at 22:53 · Edited · Like · 1


Tracie Wright well done Lindsey , Night Night Hun hope all goes well with Physio tomorrow xx

1 June at 22:52 · Like · 1


Christine Grochowina Night Lindsey good luck tomorrow

1 June at 22:58 · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Did ls 5 min walk and bb this morning.

1 June at 23:07 · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence Hope you have a great day tomorrow too Sarah, be nice if you and Anne can spot one another. xx

1 June at 23:11 · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Yes Sarah have a great day. Rain stop sun out

1 June at 23:16 · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Off to bed too. Taking mum shopping tomorrow and hope weather is good. Night all, sleep tight

1 June at 23:45 · Like · 2


Wendy Lawrence Night night Christine and all, hope you get on well tomorrow Lindsey, take care xx

2 June at 00:06 · Like · 1


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