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Two Week Kick Start Anyone? How Meditation can Change Everything. Plus Q&A with bodyblade Bruce, Kipling and Judith Williams skincare.
2 June 2015

Hi once again! What an amazing week for Back to You – with over a hundred and fifty brand new members! Welcome if you’re one of them! (link to Facebook group is below, do join if not*)

Have just got back from a practically sell out show with Tarte Cosmetics and it reminded me to say that making yourself look nice is one of the best ways to lift your spirits, if you find you feel better when the mirror looks less like your mother. Actually, if you’re me and you put makeup on and look better, you end up looking MORE like your mother, since mine looks so damn young! But that’s another story… Tons of goodies still online if you want to revamp your makeup bag without costing the earth. Ditto with skincare – and Judith Williams’s new Today’s special Value, from the FutureSkin range with two new products, is about to happen. (Tuesday night at midnight, 2nd June.) Or even just changing your health routine to be a bit more focussed can be the lift you need.

I was chatting to one of our lovely models tonight, whom I will call Grace, a slightly older lady who was concerned about her current lifestyle choices, and we found ourselves saying this –

If you need a lift in your current lifestyle routine, make these choices instead – for just TWO WEEKS –

-       Cut right back on sugar, gradually – a tiny bit less each day (like a quarter teaspoon of sugar less each cup of tea or coffee) till it’s practically gone from your diet – for TWO WEEKS

-       Give your body a break from the things you KNOW it finds hard to deal with – for Grace it’s eggs, for me (I  love eggs!) it’s dairy, but I also don’t really eat meat, or wheat as first choice for my body – for TWO WEEKs

-       Do a specific exercise, even for ONE MINUTE every day – eg exercise number 6 from the Super6 on Bodyblade – for TWO WEEKs

-       Drink hottish (not boiling) water with a squeeze of lemon (a squeeze – not so it takes the surface off your teeth!) every day instead of your breakfast cuppa – FOR TWO WEEKS

-       And practise forgiveness – instead of mulling over things you can’t change – because if you can’t change it, there’s no point worrying over it, and if you CAN change it, just do it – there’s no point worrying over it! This way you can start getting your head sorted out too.

-       So are you up for the TWO WEEK lifestyle kick?

-       If you want to go the whole hog, do it alongside Freedom Eating (see links to my TTFLS book below) – giving you a better outline of what to do around food, and act llike a slim person – FOR TWO WEEKS

-       Finally be prepared to go public – tell someone you’re doing it – if that tactic makes you more likely to stick to it. If not, keep schtum and do it just for you – FOR TWO WEEKS!

Let me know how you get on!

On my Till the Fat Lady Slims group, (TTFLS) many are taking the second THREE MONTH CHALLENGE and already seeing good results again. But remember that ups and downs are part of the progress. Realising that they are normal and not to be panicked over is the first step.

And just look at this – made me well proud! -

Great Results.

Here are some more fab comments that have gone up on the groups I run this week – what’s yours? Do tell us on one of them! (links are below)

And this from QVC UK item 704285 - “" I have lost three and a half stone with slimming world and one thing I've found is the necessity to keep reviewing what I'm doing as my weight loss continues, otherwise complacency creeps in and my weight creeps up! This book has made me think carefully about when and how much I eat and I noticed that I eat at mealtimes whether hungry or not, and I finish my plate even if I was satisfied much earlier. So I tweaked these things this week and lost three pounds. I was also really interested in what the book says about the effects of sugar...I was really impressed by Debbie's detailed references for further reading. Her book has encouraged me to think of my weight loss as a project and be less passive and more proactive about understanding what's going on in the process. Sorry, I'm going on and on, but I was surprised by how much I got from this.”

How lovely – it’s reviews like this that make my hard work maintaining the groups and devoting so much time replying and posting, worthwhile. Thank you so much for such a lovely review.

NB hardback is still available on QVC item 704285. £10 incl p&p x


Webchats – this week Bruce talked about the Bodyblade... Also on Back to You QVC group, Sara Hollamby for Judith Williams skincare – launching the Futureskin TSV tonight/tomorrow (2nd/3rd)! And the lovely Marie-Francoise from Kipling gives an insight into the upcoming new TSV bag (7th). Their Q&A are at the bottom of this blog if you missed them. We also had a surprise visit from the fabulous Leigh from Tarte cosmetics during my time with her at QVC, in between the two shows I did. The replies were quite spread out so we’ve invited her back in time for her next shows in August. In the next few weeks it’ll be as follows –

June 8th – Abi Cleeve / Ultrasun PLUS top natural body care beauty range A’kin.

… to come – Marv our African Caribbean presenter on QVC talking about her fab new video for darker skins, Ali K, who gets married end of June!, and even – somehow – Alison Young…

PLUS - July 6th – Tom Ogden & Michelle / Alpha H

More Back to You next week – and remember to check in on the TTFLs page for more tips of the day to keep you going! (link below).

Other news –

-          Smoking ban in all public places in Beijing – again! – One of the worst things about Beijing, I found out in my QVC related trip in April, was the smog. Added to by people smoking – even still in some restaurants. There’s nothing more vile, in my opinion, especially in a city where most days you can’t see the sun. About time – but why did it fail the first time? More here

-          Just 4 days on meditation can improve your attention spaand a 48% reduction in risk for heart attack or stroke? Worth a read? more here.

 -          Can’t lose weight? The 5 internal Factors that rule your metabolism interesting stuff more here.


Best wishes for a fab week!

luv Debs x


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Monday 1st June 2015 

Sarah Hollamby for Judith Williams (TSV futureskin launching 3rd)


Welcome to Back To You QVC Sara! We are so pleased to have you here ahead of an amazing Judith Williams TSV XX

Sue Stewart Hi Sara it's so lovely to have you back again. I hope you are keeping well. I'm so looking forward to the TSV this week. Finished the moisturiser and the eye cream. Have a little serum left. Love this range perfect for the summer months. Can't wait to see the new product. What other goodies are you bringing x


Sarah Ness Hi Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I am a huge fan of Judith Williams products and I have been using them for Four years now, its really changed my skin, so a huge thank you! Also I would like to ask you, will there be any new Judith Williams skin care ranges coming to qvc? I would love to try the vitamin C range, will that be coming to Qvc this year? Many thanks. X


Denise Skerman Hi Sara I'm fairly new to Judith Williams range, I have seen noticeable changes to my skin since I've been using the Phytomineral all in one day and night cream & intensive eye cream. I'm thinking of getting the TSV but is it anti ageing and beneficial for over 60's please. X

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