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3MC is nearly up - how have people done? Plus Tom from Alpha H Q&A, and fitness expert and 'coconut chef' Caroline Sandry too!
11 May 2015

Baloo on my bd! Baloo on my bd!

One more week until the Moonwalk! This time next week I’ll have done it – or else I’ll be laying under a table somewhere flaked out! Haha! And the Three Month well being Challenge is nearly up – what did you get out of it?

The webchats this week are with Bodyblade Bruce as usual, whose live chat online also happens most Mondays 8-9pm, but on his ‘Bodyblade QVC’ Facebook group – links below – and also this week, we were joined on my Back to You QVC group by Tom from Alpha H and also Caroline Sandry, fitness expert and guest for the coconut products on QVC!

Yet more great results with the members of the groups – I was thrilled to read more ‘NSV’s – an NSV is a non-scales-victory – they’re more important than losing or gaining half a pound, as you’ll see if you come join us on the TTFLs group on Facebook (links below). And the           Three Month Challenge is up next week!  –  can’t believe three months has gone so fast. Here’s one update -


Other news –

-          More reasons why junk food makes us fat – it kills off the healthy ‘stay thin gut bacteria’ – what a great reason to get shot of the burgers! more here – worth a read!

-          Whilst at the spa I had reflexology  - I won’t go into details what she said about the intricate parts of my feet! But suffice to say it was looooovely! Here’s a little youtube clip helping you to learn some simple movements which help you relax – get someone to do it! more here






May 18th – the Bare Minerals girls Lee and SJ join us for a live chat!

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Live Web-Chat with Tom Ogden from Alpha H - Monday 11th May 2015

Sharon Harvey Hi Tom, How are you? What fabulous things have you been up to and can you share any exciting news with us about Alpha-h? x

Dawn Robinson Hello Tom  can i have your advice please ? What product would you say is the best to start off with ? Im new to Alpha-h, ive heard some wonderful feed back about this range xxx


Tom Ogden Hi Sharon! I'm exceedingly well thank you. Just had a little holiday and now itching to get back into Alpha-H-land. Michelle is due into London tomorrow so we can get ourselves psyched up for the shows on Wednesday. You'll be able to catch us at 10.00 and 17.00 for full hours and at 9.00, 13.00 and 20.00 for a cameo or three

Tom Ogden As for news about Alpha-H, I've been trialling a brand new eye product launching soon…


Shaz Brown Hi Tom, is there a tsv planned anytime soon ?


Sharon Harvey Oh Fantastic!! So Lovely to see Michelle as always and pleased you have your Liquid Gold Glow about you!!


Tom Ogden Hi Dawn! Tell me a little more about your skin. My crystal ball is fuzzy  Txx


Dawn Robinson Looking forward to the shows xx


Tom Ogden Hi Shaz! Yes indeedy - we have a stonking TSV due over the summer. I can't tell you exactly what's in it, but it's the first time we've ever done a TSV which has two different options, depending on your skin type


Shaz Brown Woohooo cant wait, i have problem skin but its 98% better using Alpha h xx


Tom Ogden Thanks Sharon! I shall be 'Liquid Golding' later and I always use our Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask the night before QVC shows  Tx



Tom Ogden That's fabulous Shaz! Tell me what changes you've seen in your skin? Txx


Sharon Harvey Fantastic! so tell us about this eye product you cannot tell us about? No ones listening.......? sssshhhhhhhh


Tom Ogden I think Sharon's been on the Sherry


Tom Ogden Well Sharon…seeing as it's you…  We're talking exciting new Peptides and anti-ageing ingredients, plus a special applicator  Can't wait to bring it to QVC! It'll be an exclusive launch!! Tx


Shaz Brown A lot less breakouts, skin is smooth and pores look smaller, iv been told i glow.....much better than looking like a spotty teenager. Liquid gold is my hero product and i wouldnt be without it xx


Dawn Robinson My skin is pretty good ! i love to take good care of it. However i have noticed a few changes the last year a little dry at times and feel the need to take my makeup off earlier in the day xx


Tom Ogden That's fantastic Shaz! Outside of Liquid Gold, what are your other favourite products (I'm so nosey  ) Txx


Sharon Harvey Now you know WE LOVE exclusive launches here!! That sounds amazing, thank you Tom!! xx


Sharon Harvey NO Sherry, just Green Tea for me x


Shaz Brown liquid gold reginerating night serum and alpha h instant facial. I struggle to find a moisturiser to suit my oily combination skin so im using Ren at the minute xx


Tom Ogden A little bit of exfoliation would certainly help to reduce the surface dehydration Dawn. I'd recommend you slot our Liquid Gold into your evening routine three nights a week. It smoothes, tightens and refines, whilst improving your make-up application the following day. Also, look to your cleansing routine. Try and avoid anything foaming or astringent; these types of products can upset the balance of the skin. TomXX



Tom Ogden Have you tried the Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ Shaz? Tx


Sharon Harvey sorry shaz brown i keep going to answer as my freinds call me shaz too!! lol x


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Tom I've been using the liquid laser concentrate and the eye complex ( apologies if I got the name wrong) and I have really seen great results. My skin looks clearer and fresher and best of all I haven't had any millia around my eyes which I've been...See More


Tom Ogden I have to also mention that we're launching a new Supersize Vitamin C serum on QVC at 10.00 on Wednesday  It's a fantastic skin brightener, firmer and environmental shield that you can slot into your morning routine. You just apply a few drops after cleansing, before you apply your sunscreen moisturiser  Oh and it's also refillable so it saves you money  Tx


Dawn Robinson Thank you very much Tom xx


Shaz Brown Yes i did try it Tom Ogden, i found it made my face a little oily, so i passed it over to my mum and she loves it lol xx


Tom Ogden Hi Jacqueline! Great to hear about your results. I also love those two products; the eye complex in particular is my morning eye-bag flattener  I even keep it in the fridge so it's extra cooling and tightening. I'd suggest you try our Liquid Laser Super Anti Ageing Balm which will be featuring in the shows this week. It's wonderfully moisturising, plus it contains 10% Vitamin C which helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity. You can use it on the face, neck, décolletage and bust area. Apply it over your Liquid Laser Concentrate at night  Tx


Sharon Harvey Wow, refillable too, now that is brilliant, love a burst of vitamin C so good for the skin. How will this protect us from the elements Tom? x


Tom Ogden You're very welcome Dawn. Please keep us posted on your results  Tx


Tom Ogden Shaz, is your Ren product a gel or lotion? X


Shaz Brown Its the evercalm global protection day cream x


Jacqueline Jackson Ooh that sounds fabulous thank you. 


Lynn Parry Hi Tom I have dull lacklustre skin due to medication I am menopausal and have visible pores on cheeks and uneven skin on chin area, I use LG and Balancing cleanser on LG days is there anything else I could try not noticing much difference with LG. Thanks x


Tom Ogden Vitamin C is a really powerful antioxidant Sharon. Now - every day when we go out into the environment (and sunlight) our skin is bombarded by oxidising chemicals in the atmosphere, which can make the complexion look dull. Vitamin C helps to combat this effect, but the great thing with our formulation is that you can even use it on a very sensitive skin. Most Vitamin C-based serums are too acidic so they can cause irritation, but we work with a very stable Vitamin C, which you can even apply on fragile skin. The serum also contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid (which the skin itself actually produces) so the product also helps to combat dehydration. Oh and did I mention that Vitamin C also helps reduce hyper pigmentation? So if you tend to get darker patches during the warmer months of the year then it's a must have  Tx


Tom Ogden Phew!! I'm on fast type mode tonight  X


Sharon Harvey Go Tom Go!!!


Tom Ogden Hi Lynn! I would really recommend you try our Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum. If your skin is being a little resistant to the original Liquid Gold formula then the more concentrated serum version would be more appropriate. In addition to Glycolic, it also contains Vitamin A and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which are both great for uneven skin tone and signs of ageing. You can use it in conjunction with the regular Liquid Gold - just alternate between the two. I also think you'd like Micro Cleanse (our bi-weekly scrub) which would just love to demolish those visible pores  If you try one or either, let us know how you get on! We have the Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum on easy pay in the 17.00 show  X


Tom Ogden Interesting Shaz. I just googled that product and I believe the closest Alpha-H equivalent would be our Essential Hydration Cream (Debbie Flint is a fan!) which is more of a gel-cream consistency. It's very hydrating, but light as a feather - plus, it has a matte finish so no shiny Shaz  Tx


Lynn Parry Thanks Tom if I am using an oil at night would the serum go under the oil? I use Elemis papaya peel on non LG nights but will try what you have suggested thank you x


Shaz Brown Fab thank you Tom Ogden, i will look it up xx


Tom Ogden By the way everyone, we're also launching a brand new duo on Wednesday, containing the Absolute Eye Complex and our fabulous Instant Facial. Has anyone tried Instant Facial yet? It's becoming something of a cult product for mornings  X


Tom Ogden Hi Lynn! You should find the balm is more than enough moisture on it's own, but if you wanted to use an oil in conjunction with it, then I would suggest you apply the balm first and then use the oil on top to seal in the goodness  Tx


Jacqueline Jackson The instant facial sounds interesting how would that fit into my routine? x


Tom Ogden Does anyone have any suggestions for new Alpha-H items on QVC? Maybe there's a duo you'd like to see or even a product that you think is missing from our current selection? Don't be shy  Tx


Dawn Robinson I really love it when products are on easy payments Tom  hint hint 


Sharon Harvey Would you consider body products? Exfoliators etc?


Jacqueline Jackson Sorry me again. Is the liquid laser refill available this time please? x


Shaz Brown For me it was a day cream i couldnt find to suit but i will be sure to try the essential hydration cream. I also would love more easy pays

Tom Ogden You can use it in the morning Jacqueline instead of cleansing/toning and exfoliating; it actually does all three whilst also boosting the moisture content of the skin. So if you want a lazy girl morning with minimum time in the bathroom then Instant Facial is great. It actually has a spritzer so you can mist it onto a cotton pad to wipe over the face and neck, but it also means you can spritz it on the body - say if you want to smooth and freshen up the skin or save time on exfoliating elbows, knees and ankles before you self tan  Tx


Sharon Harvey brilliant!


Tom Ogden Hi Jacqueline! It should be available on the QVC Alpha-H brand shop on Wednesday. I shall also ask if the production team can put the details on screen during the live shows  Tx


Jacqueline Jackson My shopping list is getting longer by the second lol but as the products are so multitasking it's well worth it. x


Tom Ogden Hi Sharon! Our most popular body product on QVC is our Age Delay Hand & Cuticle Cream. Has anyone tried it? It won the award in the Anti Ageing Beauty Bible this year for best anti-ageing hand cream!! We do also have a Firming Body Cream and a cute little Cleansing Cube (a handmade gentle cleansing bar with shea butter and coconut oil) which you can find out there on t'interweb  Tx


Tom Ogden Haha! I hear ya Dawn  Tx


Dianne Murphy Hello Tom, Ive been using Alpha H for about nine months now and initially had excellent results. But over recent weeks I've been getting quite a few spots which do not seem to want to go. Can you suggest a miracle for me?


Tom Ogden That's definitely something we specialise in Jacqueline. Michelle is a very busy lady - three kids (four if you count her husband - lol!) and a business to run; so yep - we like multi-tasking products! Xx


Tom Ogden Hi Dianne! Which Alpha-H products are you currently using? I'll put on my miracle cape for you  Tx


Tom Ogden Look out for Supersize Cleansers and some fab duos on Wednesday too. (Sorry - I'm not trying to burn a hole in your credit card) hehe Tx


Sharon Harvey aaaahhhhh Thanks Tom, Just noticed its not on Qvc but will check Alpha H site, and just quickly is this the one for teenage breakouts? Sons sitting his Gcse's and also doing lots of training in the gym so his skin needs some extra


Dianne Murphy I use balancing cleanser (and use the exfoliater in the morning), moisturise with the daily essential, use liquid gold three nights a week and LG rejuvinating cream on the other nights. Ive also got the blemish gel.


Tom Ogden Triple Action Cleanser is fab for teenage skin Sharon! We'll have the Supersize of it on Wednesday. Back in stock from last August I believe?! (Where does the time go??!) Tx


Sharon Harvey  dont make me cry im a nervous wreck at the moment hahaha!!! Ok will get supersize, will be great value and will post the links on here too. Thank you Tom xx


Tom Ogden That's interesting Dianne. It could be a hormonal issue. Where are the spots located? Are they on the chin/jawline? X


Dianne Murphy They're on my forehead, and sa couple of them look quite nasty. They just will not go. Feeling depressed.


Tom Ogden Dianne, there is some research to suggest that spots on the forehead relate to the digestive system so it's worth upping your water intake. Try and avoid sugary drinks and snacks if you can. If you need more personalised advice just drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tx


Tom Ogden I hope I didn't miss anyone's questions? If I did, please do text in during the shows on Wednesday! X


Dianne Murphy Thanks for your help Tom. You're a star. x


Tom Ogden I'd better go and get my beauty sleep now Sharon  Tx


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Tom will be tuning in to your shows x


Dawn Robinson Thank you Sharon & Tom


Tom Ogden You're v welcome Dianne. I've had acne so I know how it can get you down. Hope it gets better soon  Tx


Sharon Harvey Back To You Qvc Members, please join me in thanking Tom Ogden For Joining us this evening! Tom we are so looking forward to the shows, thank you for sharing some sneaky peeks with us tonight! We really appreciate all your input xx


Tom Ogden Night everybody!!! Tx


Sharon Harvey Tom, you dont need beauty sleep, you are already gorgeous x


Tom Ogden If I get in trouble, I'll just deny everything Sharon! X


Tom Ogden Haha! Thanks Sharon! The cheques in the post  Tx

Jacqueline Jackson Thanks Sharon x


Sharon Harvey if i didnt see didnt happen......



Live Back to You QVC group Web-Chat with Caroline Sandry, fitness expert and cook, Monday 11th May 2015

Margaret O'Brien Wellcome to the group Caroline,I remember u when u were a model on QVC and then a presenter. Hope u enjoy our lovely group. Mx


Julie Osborne Hi Caroline I too remember you from your modelling days at QVC esp with Simon on the Butler & Wilson shows. I knew your sister-in law Tracy quite a few years ago and she told me you had a wedding business do you still run this aswell? x


Karen Clarke Thought I recognised her. Beautiful lady xx


Christine Lynne Davey Welcome


Suzanne Way I also remember her there. Caroline you still look good x


Debi-Lea Barker Howdee-Doodee Caroline!

I love your brand of coconut oil, I use it every single day & I recently bought some of your coconut flour so would love some healthy recipes, hints and tips!

I use the coconut oil for so many uses, including to cook with,


Dawn Robinson Hello Caroline, you always look fabulous ! What are your favourite beauty tips ?  xx


Caroline Sandry Hi Dawn Robinson! Thank you! Fave beauty tips - eat well, drink well and be as natural as you can with you put inside and outside of yourself!


Caroline Sandry Hi Debi-Lea Barker! Wow - you have some good uses for Tiana coconut oil going on! Its incredible stuff isnt it! I used it to massage Elsa when she was tiny too... I'll be posting some great recipes for you soon


Sharon Harvey Hi Caroline, thank you for joining us this evening! So exciting, what can you tell us about your fabulous brand? x



Caroline Sandry Hi Sharon Harvey! So nice to be here! I'm so excited about being brand ambassador for Tiana as I strongly believe in their products and their ethos. Everything they produce is as pure and natural as possible, so its much easier for the body to utilise. I strongly believe that the more natural a food is, the better for your health and this will reflect in your weight, your digestion, your skin, hair, nails and energy levels!


Debi-Lea Barker I nearly forgot Caroline, it's also brilliant for dogs dry noses! Looking forward to the recipes! X


Sharon Harvey Fantastic Caroline! I am absolutely a believer in coconut oil and have been drinking Coconut water everyday for two years for the Potassium! More than a banana and i need extra so this is fab x


Caroline Sandry Let me tell you a bit about Tiana's extra virgin coconut oil: Its so pure and delicate tasting, that I use it to cook pretty much all of my food, and it's much more heat stable than other oils, so won't turn into a nasty trans-fat.


Valerie Cady Love coconut water and just started experimenting with coconut oil / milk / flour . Looking forward to your shows x


Caroline Sandry Hi Valerie Cady. So glad you like the coconut water. Have you tried Tiana's yet? As Sharon Harvey said, its really rich in potassium, so great for hydrating you. That's one thing that is super important as we age - staying hydrated, and you can really notice the difference in your skin . One tip with the flour is that it's very absorbant, so you need less than a traditional flour.


Caroline Sandry PS - Our next live show with Tiana is next Monday 18th at 7pm. Any special requests that you'd like me to (try to) make?


valerie Cady Haven t tried Tiana yet . I scout round the health shops do looking forward to your shows for advice .


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Caroline welcome. I'm really interested in baking with coconut products as I often bake cakes for my family and I wondered if you could explain how it's healthier than the ordinary way. Thank you. x


caroline Sandry Valerie Cady We'll have a discovery pack which has a little bit of everything in it, including the Tiana coconut water, so check it out!


Dawn Robinson Yes i have a terrible habit of taking good care of my outside more than my inside- I  am trying to be more healthier xx


Valerie Cady Coconut chocolate brownies please x


Valerie Cady I read coconut can slow symptoms of Alziemers disease ??

Certainly worth a mention

Caroline Sandry Hi Jacqueline Jackson! Tiana coconut oil is incredibly heat stable, so much better for cooking & baking at high temperatures (marg, butter, extra virgin olive oil etc turn into bad fats when heated. It is a short chain fat, which means that the body can use it for energy, rather than storing it for fat. That;s why many people eat a spoonful a day, to boost their metabolism.  The coconut flour is very pure and totally gluten free. It's not classed as a grain, so preferred by those following a Paleo diet or just wanting to eat less refined grains.


Valerie Cady Caroline have you written a book ? Currently following 2 popular Australian books / social media x


Caroline Sandry Yes Valerie Cady, there are some amazing claims about the powers of coconut! I have several books at home which discuss the anti-viral powers, weight loss benefits and many other incredible things! When it tastes so great it'd be crazy not to eat it! I'll definitely do the chocolate coconut brownies next week then x


Caroline Sandry Dawn Robinson Good that you're trying. The way you treat your insides makes a big difference to your outside too!


Caroline Sandry Jacqueline Jackson Sorry I meant its a medium chain fatty acid, not short chain (distracted by the sound of my toddler crying upstairs!). Tiana's coconut oil is mostly composed of MCA's (medium chain fatty acids) which are easier to digest too.


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you for explaining Caroline, I knew they were good for you but I need to convince my family lol. x


Caroline Sandry Valerie Cady I have written 3 books but all about fitness. I'd love to write one about general health and healthy eating though!


Caroline Sandry Did you know, that Tiana extra virgin, organic coconut oil also contains lauric acid? This is known for being anti-viral, and is present in breast milk. There are very few ways to get this in your diet (unless you are a baby!!)


Jacqueline Jackson A general health and healthy eating book would be great, I'd buy it definitely. x


Valerie Cady I d def buy a book Caroline . Love experimenting but like it to be easy lol X A B C


Dawn Robinson Thank you Caroline xx


Valerie Cady Yes thanks Caroline

Lovely to chat and looking forward to your demonstrations x


Caroline Sandry Another reason to love Tiana is that their brand is superior to others. Many coconut oils out there are actually made from desiccated coconut, and clever wording on the packaging makes it look like its pure. Tiana's is made fresh from the best (hand selected for them) organic coconuts in the Philipines. The quality and taste is by far the best, and many top nutritionists would agree with me


Sharon Harvey My son started his GCSE's today and he started the morning with a huge class of coconut water for extra brain hydration! He is so into his health and fitness he is brilliant. How did you get into nutrition Caroline?


Caroline Sandry Ok ladies, so I'll get my pen and paper out and start thinking about a book! I've certainly got the enthusiasm, now I just need a few extra hours in the day! Ha


Jacqueline Jackson When will you be on air Caroline? x


Caroline Sandry Jacqueline Jackson We are on next Monday (18th) at 7pm x


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you I'll set a reminder on my TV so I don't miss you. x


Dawn Robinson Me too xx




Caroline Sandry Sharon Harvey - Thats great - being hydrated will definitely help him focus. I've always been fascinated by health and fitness and used to devour books and dvds in my teens. I preferred cycling & making flapjacks to partying! I wanted a career that would inspire me every day, and I'm so lucky that I do this. I love talking about health and fitness, and when I'm with clients or at QVC the time just whizzes by in a blur!


Jacqueline Jackson I think you have one of the most important jobs going, teaching us how to look after ourselves better. x


Dawn Robinson That's brilliant Sharon x


Caroline Sandry Yes Jacqueline Jackson - I always say that its a pity they don't put this kind of thing on the school curicculem. If kids and teens understood about their health and did classes such as Pilates, I'm sure they would carry it through to adulthood and be healthier for life!


Caroline Sandry Here are a few top tips for better health:


Jacqueline Jackson Totally agree with that and I also love Pilates as it keeps my back problems under control ( sciatica). Don't know what I'd do without it. x


Tom Ogden Pilates is indeed great

Caroline Sandry Move more! Replace your cooking oil with Tiana organic coconut oil! Drink plenty of water and some coconut water every day!! Do Pilates!! Stop what you are doing and take deep breaths for a moment every day!! Leave the car behind whenever you can!! Make healthy treats form scratch using Tiana coconut oil, coconut nectar and flour, and that way you still have a treat but one thats good for you!! Make your diet as pure and natural as possible!! Drop the processed food!! A little of what you fancy is fine, but a lot is not!!!


Jacqueline Jackson Lol Tom now you're multi-tasking! x 


Caroline Sandry Tom Ogden Pilates is absolutely flipping brilliant!! Not the most exciting activity in the world, but oh-so-good for you!!


Jacqueline Jackson Pilates really relaxes me too, great to unwind with. x


Sharon Harvey Back To You Qvc members, please join me in saying a huge Thank you to Caroline for joining us this evening! Caroline, you have been brilliant, very informative thank you. We so look forward to seeing your upcoming shows on Qvc and enjoying your recipes! Take care xxxx


Caroline Sandry Oh, and drink a smoothie a day! I swear by my daily green smoothie, with a mix of spinach, Tiana coconut oil and raw coconut goodness, cucumber, parsley, avocado, vanilla protein powder, kale, pear and oat milk. Its really filling, contains at least 5 of my 5-a-day and gives me so much energy. Even when I was up all night, every night with my baby I made this every morning and still had energy!


Caroline Sandry Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed talking to you and look forward to seeing you next Monday 'In the kitchen!" xx


Dawn Robinson Thank you Sharon & Caroline


Sharon Harvey Now thats sounds fab!!! Feel free to post to the page anytime Caroline, thank you so much xx


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Caroline loved the chat


Live Web-Chat with Bruce from Bodyblade Monday 11th May 2015

Bruce Hymanson Good evening to all. As you know, we have had several wonderful, life changing testimonials this week (and other weeks too) which are so amazing that at first (and some of you have asked) you wonder how this is possible? I'd like to explore that question and other important considerations about fitness and training this evening


Bruce Hymanson Amanda, good eve to you.. Visit our website and they should be able to connect you to our European office for assistance.

Amanda Partington Oh wow! Bruce Hymanson that's awesome! Thanks so much! It will be my birthday pressie! Fab! X


Bruce Hymanson Exercise concepts and fitness regimens haven't changed much over the years using "a traditional" approach to training. You know, do three sets of 10 reps and isolate this or that body part. This is suposed to strengthen you and make a "fitter" you......Really? Is that what it does? How about quickness, balance, coordination, stabilization, joint health, posture, wellness, circulation. What about that?

Carolyn Fenton Hi Bruce will this help stretch the ITB band in my leg. Apparently mine isn't stretchy enough. Thanks

Christine Grochowina Am going to Physio on Friday with back problems. Will tell them about bodyblade and how it has helped with some ease on movements.


Sue Stewart Hi Bruce


Sarah Hills I'm under physiotherapy right now and their exercises are not really helping as they are so specific and can just be for one side of the body - made me very lopsided and now my other side has problems!I find Body blade is much better as it attends to both sided of the body


Bruce Hymanson Hi Carolyn, The ITband can be tight for a variety of reasons and since I can't personally assess your posture, gait, muscle strength and ROM, I can't say for sure if Bodyblade will alone, increase your ITB mobility. I will say that Bodyblade combined with a good stretching program can work well to improve your ITB and most likely your patellar femoral joint function. Perhaps seek the advice of your MD or Physio if you wish a more details assessment. Hope that helps.


christine Grochowina Sarah been to Physio before and found the same my legs just would not go the way they were expected too and my back was very painful. In the end I gave up because it was not helping don't know why they sent me again if I am going to get the same results. Had better results since using bb


Vikki Mcleod Hi Bruce. I'm on week 3. 1st week 3 sessions, 2nd week 4 sessions, so aiming for 5 this week. I am finding that on consecutive days, I get tired around 40secs. Do you recommend a day off in between work outs? Thank you


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce hope you're well. Just a quick question. When I do the side jab my back often clicks, do you think it's a kind of reset or should I avoid doing that exercise? It doesn't hurt at all just 'clicky'. Thank you.


Sarah Hills Yes I have been gently blading now for months. Still can't do continuous 30 seconds of all 6 but do it bit by bit and am finding I feel better Christine Grochowina


Carolyn Fenton I am starting physio shortly for it so will just keep bb until my appointment. Thanks bruce


Bruce Hymanson How is it possible that Bodyblade helps improve "function"? Wellness, strength and all the other bi-products associated with it? The Bodyblade is not an exercise device...I know, crazy to say that right? It's true. Bodyblade is a vehicle which transforms your body into the exercise machine. When you think about Bodyblade communicating with the body at a very deep level, starting with the brain, then the muscles and nervous system, it takes on a different roll and meaning


Bruce Hymanson Hi Vikki, take a day off in between workouts if you are going to push yourself. 3-5 days a week is great! Good job!!


vikki Mcleod Thanks Bruce, I will. Hoping one day I can do super 6 everyday! Might as well aim high! Hope you are well!


Bruce Hymanson A day of rest is a good thing Vikki. If you are going to train hard, allow your body to recover on those off days. Now, you can pick up the blade and drive it gently for 1-15 seconds throughout the day on days off. Keeps you connected to your blade and always improving muscle memory and brain to muscle activity.


Bruce Hymanson for those of you going to see your physio, take the blade with you to show them what you are doing. If they are not familiar with Bodyblade, they will have a better understanding of the exercise system that you are using!

Doreen Harrison Love love love my bodyblade-found it quite hard at first but giving it loads know-the best thing for me is posture I fell and walk taller and my shoulders look great cant wait for the vest tops-thanks again-your sooooo right bruce you need to push yourself -great just greathristine Grochowina Ditto


Bruce Hymanson back to exercise training. Bodyblade was designed to activate the human body. To increase joint stability on a very deep level. To restore function and mobility by activating the deep dynamic stabilizers in the body, then, building layer by layer to the next level until you reach the surface muscles. All the time, connecting the brain with the receptors in the muscles, joints and ligaments which say "where am I in space"?. The brain asks the questions and the muscles, joints and ligaments give the answer. There is a constant conversation going on up and down the spine with the brain and body. We are training more then just one repetition, two repetition. Millions of connections every second.


Susan Buckland Hi Bruce I would like to say a big thank you for bringing the bodyblade to us all and are you going to bring smaller bodyblade sometime our is that just in the US Bruce


Lindsey Sweet Thanks for all your great tips and advice as always Bruce. You explain things in a very 'easy to understand' way.


Marion Mcgrath Lots to think about Bruce x


Libby Murdoch Bruce does that mean if the normal connection is broken for whatever reason, it is making a new connection because of the way it works with the body?


Anne Keating Hi Bruce - checking in from beautiful Cornwall while we have our after dinner coffee. We've had a good week motivating each other this week. Xx


Bruce Hymanson I wish I could tell you the exact reason why Tracie-Jane has feeling in her leg now after years of numbness and decreased function. I would have to study her entire medical history and confer with her MDs to be more educated about what might constitute the change. But for the sake of discussion, perhaps a group of changes contribute to the functional progress. Perhaps mobilizing tissue which may have been unreachable. Improved circulation to deep tissue that was difficult before, Some form of joint mobilization as well. The key is that there is more function today and Tracie-Jane has communicated with her Doctor and he approves of what she is doing. When you ask the body to do the right thing, it will adapt and learn how to do it better. My career as a Physical Therapist has been dedicated to helping people have a better life. This is a blessing to know that together, we are making progress.Thank you again Tracie-Jane for sharing

Mary Skeemer Yes, thank you Bruce for giving up your time to support and educate us. We really do appreciate it.


Vikki Mcleod I love the science behind it and your knowledge Bruce is inspiring! Just done a super 6 and feel good now! Love the idea of shorter bursts on the days off too! Finally an exercise that fits In with my lifestyle! Thank you!


Bruce Hymanson Hi Susan, probably won't have the smaller blade on QVC U.K.. It is available via the website but honestly, you are good with the Classic


Christine Grochowina Thanks for all the info Bruce. Off to do exercises. See you all later


Bruce Hymanson Hi Libby, Not to say normal connection is broken but, it is difficult for people to consciously train certain body parts. If we can activate them through our nervous system at the spinal level (subconsciously) we often re-connect and start to use areas of the body that were neglected.

Libby Murdoch Thanks for that. I think I am beginning to understand why my leg has feeling now



Bruce Hymanson All of you know more about exercise than many so called experts. It is not about simply weight training, walking, running, swimming etc. it is about doing these activities and activating the body to perform better. To move better, more economically, efficiently requires the brain to muscle. Athletes are most always in great shape. So if that is true, why so many injuries? The body may look good and be strong and have a high level of cardiovascular fitness but will it work well as a functional unit. This is where Bodyblade ties into the whole spectrum.


Bruce Hymanson So much to talk about but we make progress on a daily basis. It's important to have fun, share with others and I will continue to do my best to create and support each of you. Remember the simple daily routine. Eat well, be respectful of your body, practice permahabits, and most of all, let your body be the greatest exercise machine on the planet.


Sue Stewart Bruce I still have tennis elbow. Is any one of excersise better or worse for helping it to heal. I am taking it very gently.



Bruce Hymanson Have a wonderful week and I look forward to chatting again. Please take advantage of our many video posts and blogs available here and on Debbie's website. Bye for now


Libby Murdoch Bye Bruce. Thanks again for your time and support. X


Bruce Hymanson Hi Sue. Hard to advise you over the internet. I would suggest keeping a very light grip (like holding a toddler's wrist), Perhaps do shorter workouts when you feel more tenderness and if you haven't checked with your MD or Physio, please contact them for advice.


Bruce Hymanson Sue, one final word. Watch the videos posted on which describe proper grips and describe wide side and narrow side exercise. Try to avoid narrow side exercise directly in front of you or out to the side. Watch those videos and we can chat again


Sue Stewart Thanks Bruce x


Rachel Rowett Hi Bruce. Am new to bodyblade, I can do 5 out of 6 of super 6, but the last one I can't get blade to wobble. have tried tips given by others I wobble but blade doesn't. any tips?


Debbie Flint Fab live chat once more, team! Well done Bruce Hymanson - excellent as ever! Will write up the new back to u blog inc bruce's Q&a as well as Caroline and tom from alpha h- all will be available soon. Hugs to all! X


Debbie Flint Rachel Rowett have you watched bruce's video on that exercise hon? Links are on the pinned post at top if page - baby steps but everyone gets it in the end! Welcome! X


Susan Buckland Ok Bruce thank you I will keep with the classic


Marion Mcgrath Thanks Bruce have a good week x


Rachel Rowett Debbie Flint yes I have been watching but I still struggling with that last one


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