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My turn in the Webchat Hotseat, post-China! And Bruce's updates. Plus more fab feedback from our groups.
6 May 2015

As the Moonwalk approaches and new testimonials come in every week for my weight loss book (see below), we ask about a couple of key health topics and the webchats this week are with Bodyblade Bruce as usual and… me! See below.

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Live Web-Chat with me! All about China and so on! Monday 4th May 2015

Sue Stewart Hi Debbie it's lovely to have you home again. We've missed you on the Q. What was the highlight of your trip to China and what was the worst moment xx


Carol Gillmore Hi Debs how different was Q in China ? And do they have the same sort of products as us? Lovely to have you back  xx

Tracie Wright welcome home Debbie. what souvenirs did you treat yourself to

Jacqueline Jackson Welcome home Debbie. What did the Pogs do when they saw you after three weeks? Bet they were bouncing off the ceiling! x


Sharon Harvey Hi Debbie! What did you miss most from home? X


adele Clark Hi Debbie Flint, great to have you back. hope you had a fab time. Did you bring any tips back for the Q that China might do different or better?


Kathryn Stewart Yet another huge welcome from the founder of the seance group! Lol. Kxx

Anne Keating Would you go back - for a holiday next time - and if so, what would you like to revisit. Are there any places you missed that you would have liked to have seen? xx


Dawn Robinson Hello  glad to have you back, Ooowww now if they offered you a very good job out there would you go ?? Please say no !! xxx


Lorna Connell Hi Debbie, nice to see you back, I enjoyed following your updates and commenting. Great opportunity for you x


Debbie Flint Hi all okay Sharon the first answer is yes I'm fine quite tired though just come off there and it's 2 AM body clock time


By the way I am dictating this so excuse the punctuation


Ha ha

debbie Flint Off air!


Debbie Flint Sue


Highlight definitely great Wall of China


Worst thing is the smog only two days were over 200 though in terms of pollution you may have seen the blog?


Sue Stewart I loved your blogs Debbie. It gave a great insight to your day's huni xx


Debbie Flint Hi Carol lovely to be back!


QVC in China is called Cnr mall which is china national radio it's a joint-venture...See More


Debbie Flint Tracie

I bought myself a pair of little balls that make a noise - worry ball type things - don't know what the Chinese name is - ever heard of them?


they've got a ying yang symbol on the outside and there in a little box that was my favourite present to myself


Dawn Robinson Are you looking forward to your Birthday xx


Helen Murphy Hi Debbie

Welcome back.


Wow two products an hour that takes some doing. Did you see any products there you would like to see here in UK and what were they? X


debbie Flint Best



Lindsey Sweet Welcome back Debbie, nice to see you on our screens earlier, We've missed ya xx


Tracie Wright I know the ones you mean Hun Baoding Balls or somthing like that my son brought some back last year on his trip xx, Did any of the High proof alchohol you showed us make its way into your suit case Lol x


Marj Wilson Hi Debbie, lovely to see you back home safely, feel like I've done the trip with you with your fab blogs and pics. Xx


Debbie Flint Dogs were ecstatic to see me but soon settled down! Sis and niece dogsat! X



Debbie Flint Sharon-

Fresh air! Plentiful Non greasy non carb food choices in restaurants . Almond milk. Easy access to internet. Speaking without self editing first!

Sharon Harvey Awwww bless them, we have some of those stress balls, had them years and years they twist them around in your hand...yours are very pretty. have pretty stress balls xx


Debbie Flint Adele

Good question


Actually one thing that was really good they used three glasses when selling wine to indicate top notes bottom notes et cetera


A bit like a l'occitane do with fragrance


That was very visual and very effective


Debbie Flint Kathryn

Oh and I missed the seance group on a Monday night ha ha hah!


Dawn Robinson Hahahahah Sharon  xx


adele Clark oh i say lets hope Q start selling wine again i think they did once before that i can remember Debbie Flint.


Debbie Flint Actually I took my body blade and it was a saving grace! i used nearly every day tee hee!


Sharon Harvey .....Dawn? whatever do you mean?


Debbie Flint Anne

Another good question yes the temple of heaven was… Heavenly ha ha


Debbie Flint Dawn

If they offered me a job out there I doubt very much whether I would take it I would miss everyone too much.


I like my life here ha ha


Mari Buckley Hiya Debbie! How did you keep your hair looking nice in 30 degree heat? When I was in Barbados recently it was also 30 degrees and the minute I stepped put the door my hair just flopped in all that humidity lol


Sue Stewart Good girl. We were so good as s group over the time you were away and over the bank holiday weekend. Keeping each other motivated and supporting each other.


Debbie Flint Lorna

I'm so pleased you liked the blogs I did my best every day even when I was completely wiped out


Dawn Hart Welcome home Debbie we all missed you luved your updates while you were in China, you are an inspiration to us all xxxx


Dawn Hart Home just in time for your birthday, card is in the post xxx


Helen Murphy Groups have been wonderful whilst I have been away Debbie especially when I was low and hit crisis point.


Debbie Flint Helen

This took me awhile to think of anything because to be honest we have very similar things to nearly everything I saw them sell


However they did have some very clever ahh bra type lingerie which I think would work here


It had a special strap at the front with three notches that allows it to pull you in a bit better than the standard types


Debbie Flint Set of seven bras different colours guess how much… 250 RMB, around £28!


Debbie Flint Lindsay

Thank hon! X


Tracie Wright did you manage to get to do any of the tea plantation tours, where they get you to taste alsorts of strange blends, my son brought back some really obscure flavours all packages only have Chinese writing on them so pot luck when we are brave enough to make a cupper with them convince one of them has a fish flavour


Debbie Flint Marj

Haha i'm glad! That was my intention!



Andie Stephany Hello you! How are the Pogs? Bet they were pleased to get mum home x


Debbie Flint Tracie-

No it was rocket fuel it nearly blew my head off!...


Debbie Flint Ali Keenan is sitting next to me and says sounds good make mine a double ha ha


Debbie Flint Thanks Sharon


So I have been told



Dawn Hart Ooo hello Ali waves  xxx


Sue Stewart Hi Ali Keenan xx


Carol Gillmore Hugs to Ali  xx


Sharon Harvey supposed to delete those messages before they reach you


Tracie Wright love to Ali


Sue Stewart No leave them Sharon Harvey gives us all a laugh 


Debbie Flint I don't remember but Ali keenan and just said yes she remembers it a while ago when we were in Battersea.


Actually when they sell wine in China they are not allowed to drink it on air - is just one of those rules!


Which is why Ali keenan doesn't work in China she says - ha ha


Anne Keating This is like the Two Ronnies where they are always two answers apart! xx


Helen Murphy Does Ali know if her lovely pendant will be back please? I have a friend with breast cancer and would love one for her.


Dawn Hart Lol Anne Keating xxx

Debbie Flint Mari

Actually I still have a supply of the ojon rub out cleanser which is a dry shampoo


Without that it wouldn't have looked as nice


Plus when it was really hot I just put it up in a little hairgrip and washed my fringe he he


Sharon Harvey Debbie....Stress balls was the shopping/markets out there? x


Debbie Flint Sue

I'm so glad to read that Sue


I didn't really have a chance to read many updates as it was so difficult to get on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube out there


Debbie Flint Dawn bless you guess what I just picked up your letter from December which I had in my dressing room in a pile I was sorting out how ironic


Thank you very much I'll look forward to seeing it


Before anyone asks I am off Thursday to Sunday, we are going to Champneys for the weekend for my birthday on Sunday


Debbie Flint Helen

So glad to hear it. It warms my heart when I read what you girls do to support each other. #Veryproud


Kathryn Stewart It's so good to have you back. What did you eat say, for breakfast and what foods did you miss most? Ps bet pogs very glad to,have mum home, although well looked after its not the same as mum (so my three tell me!) lol


Debbie Flint Tracie

Ha ha ha ha hah....

Dawn Hart Spooky whooky, you may not get the card till you back after weekend, have a lovely relaxing weekend you need it xxx

Debbie Flint Andie

Yes, ecstatic! Luv my pogs!


Debbie Flint Anne

Yes it is and I think it's more like four answers apart now


Kathryn Stewart Forgot to say hello Ali Keenan Kxx


Debbie Flint Ali says thank you to everyone saying hello


Helen yes she's just found out that it will definitely be back around October time the pendant and the ring as well. Whoop


Anne Keating At least!


Kathryn Stewart It's just like the seance group! Woo hoo


Debbie Flint Sharon

The best place for shopping is called the knock knock room.


You find it out the back of the pearl market near Steve's Electronics behind an unmarked door - you can guess what they have there


Helen Murphy That's a shame it's October as that's when my friend finishes her treatments. She said at least that way she can enjoy her Christmas Dinner. Love her positivity.


Debbie Flint Kathryn

Breakfast was the best part of the food out there


Because it's an international restaurant they had all the usual stuff. But for me it was bliss because they also had steamed and fried vegetables so most mornings I had vegetables and egg Yum


Debbie Flint Hah! I caught up!


Mari Buckley Ojon rub out cleanser...will have to look out for that, thanks Debbie. X


Kathryn Stewart Don't sell Ojon on QVC any more


Kathryn Stewart Well done, poor Bruce is in the back burner! All with you Debbie! Ha ha Kxx


Helen Murphy Going to Bruce too


Debbie Flint Which backburner Catherine is he on a plane again somewhere ? I didn't see his update earlier -been on air!

Kathryn Stewart He's in the other line, as it were!


Anne Keating You were looking at the wrong post Kathryn. He's inundated with questions. Not missing Debbie one bit! xx


Debbie Flint anne - ha ha x


Kathryn Stewart What did they make of your Bodyblade? Do they sell it there! Xx


Debbie Flint You know one funny thing when I was out there, we had a Chinese driver who spoke no English. We had to communicate via Google translate. Or I would use we chat which is an app everyone uses out there, and when it was time to meet him if he wasn't at the car I sent him a picture like this


Debbie Flint Kathryn

Actually no they don't sell it there they do things like treadmills still though


Sharon Harvey Bet he ran in the other direction!!


Kathryn Stewart Love the new way to hail your driver! Send a picture! Novel idea! You got,good at the selfies! Ha ha


Debbie Flint Here are some of the hosts-


Sue Stewart Kathryn I sent a driver a picture of Martin when we flew back onto Heathrow last year. He wasn't impressed. But the guy found us hehe x

Helen Murphy Moderator? Is that what they call the hosts?


Sue Stewart The guy looks so serious. The girls look friendly tho.



Debbie Flint Bad translation i think! Presenter trainer didnt know why it said moderator! Lol x


Sue Stewart Do they have Honora. I could imagine the silver fox selling his pearls to the Chinese lol


Kathryn Stewart Yes he looks like the crazy guy who,kept from cupboards in the Pink Panther movies! Ha ha


Dawn Hart Just want to say before time is up good to have you back Debbie & thank you as always Sharon Harvey xxx


Mari Buckley Haha that pic with the car


Debbie Flint Yan fei is the office heart throb! We both took a piss-take pic posing together like in his poster shot! Lol x


Kathryn Stewart Bless. Oh Debbie, you are a tonic, so so good you are back with your extended family! Thanks for taking part in this when you are tired and jet lagged  Kxx


Debbie Flint Sue


Actually they don't have honora but they do have Hagrit Gorali if anyone remembers her Israel jewellery. They have David Seagal jewellery. They have Nina Leonard fashion. And tiana B a very successful visit recently


Debbie Flint Kathryn -



Kathryn Stewart Tirana B are quite short so would suit the more diminutive stature! Don't see Yom Kim doing well! Xx


Debbie Flint Catherine


No problem I must get going shortly though as I have to drive home and currently my body clock feels like it's 3 AM


Sue Nevols Hope you have a good birthday......mine is the same day! Xxx


Sue Stewart I saw the Tiana B where they had the translation going on. My profile pic I'm wearing Tiana B.


Debbie Flint Haha! That face in taxi pic was saying - we are here, where are u, its raining! X


Debbie Flint Sue

A happy birthday in advance then Sue. I won't ask how many years difference there is between us!


Mari Buckley The Chinese presenters kook nice and I love that blue top the last one is wearing


Anne Keating Hubby watching football - asked me if I've managed to track down Debbie and Bruce. My fingers must be moving so fast, he can't see them moving lol. I've got certificates for fast typing but not this fast!!! xx


Kathryn Stewart Drive carefully. Happy birthday and enjoy the spa! Kxx


Sue Stewart Debbie Flint drive carefully. Thanks for your time tonight. Thank you Sharon Harvey for making it fun as always mwaa xx


Debbie Flint Any final questions girls? If i miss any. I will answer them when I get home tonight x


Sharon Harvey ok.....phew.......Thats made my night...well that and the doll 10 bargain hunter lol


Kathryn Stewart Go home to Theo's! Thank you Sharon as well. Kxx


Kathryn Stewart Yeh, racing off to that........

Mari Buckley Goodnight Debbie and thanks for the chat! x


Kathryn Stewart Should say Pogs not Theo's! Hate predict txt!


Helen Murphy Do take care Debbie I know you do work late with TSVs but even so this is mega late and tiring! Thank you to you and the lovely Sharon as always xx


Carol Gillmore Drive safely Debs xx


Sharon Harvey Awwwww Lets all give a great big thank you to Debbie Flint for joining us for a live chat tonight! Debbie we have all missed you and are so pleased you had a fantastic trip and a safe journey home!! Take care and see you on Qvc tomorrow xx


Sue Nevols I think there is two or three years difference in your favour!! Lol!!


Debbie Flint Thanks all it's been my pleasure okay so here is the News - now it's Doris on live with Jilly. Then Ali keenan has that top I was wearing earlier in a range of fashion at 10. Then Jilly is on at midnight with the bamix ba M I X today's special value :-)) x



Debbie Flint Night girls. Don't forget to check out Bruce web chat. It will appear on the update on my blog on my website. Have a nice evening bye for now. xx


Dawn Robinson Thank you Sharon & Debbie    Stress Balls  Lol xx


Sharon Harvey oh Dawn hehehehehehe x


Anne Keating If only you knew Debbie - on Bruce's suggestion, I've now committed myself to a 15 minute Lesley Sansone Walk alternating the Bodyblade between hands. starting now. I think I'll need your stress balls!!! Maybe not. Great hearing from you, and reading your blog from China. xx


Sue Stewart Don't over do it Anne.


Anne Keating Of course not.


Kathryn Stewart You are off your trolleys


Live Web-Chat with Bruce from Bodyblade Monday 4th May 2015

Hello Bodyblade Ohana! I know we all missed our Debbie Flint and welcome her back to the U.K.!! I was planning to chat at 8pm tonight and understand if you will be going back and forth between Debbie and I if Debbie will be on Back to You at 8pm. I am unable to chat later tonight so hopefully, this will be OK with all. Tonight, let's review Perma-habits for our new members and discuss the value of a High Intensity Interval Training workout. This is a very important review of why Bodyblade training is so valuable and successful keeping your body strong, healthy and functional. As always, please post here so I can keep up with all questions for you. See you soon

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    Sharon Harvey, Anne Keating, Michael James Hamlyn and 21 others like this.

    Tracey Ferns Hi Bruce x

    5 May at 02:47 · Like

    Anne Keating Hi Bruce. Just checking in. We've had a good week keeping the motivation going this week - a lot of us are well on the way to a Bodyblade permahabit!

    5 May at 02:48 · Like · 2

    Michele Finney Hi Bruce Hymanson I Have only recently received my body blade and cannot yet do the full 6! Can you tell me if by just doing the super 6 once daily, this would be enough to see some difference in body shape? Thankyou

    5 May at 02:50 · Like · 1

    Tracey Ferns Thats the exact same question I have Michele xx Id also like to know on average how lomg does it take before we may see any changes please Bruce ?

    5 May at 02:52 · Like

    Michele Finney Hi Tracey, I am so struggling with no.6! For the life of me I just cannot do it! Can wobble bottom and hips great, lol, but cannot wobble the blade! X

    5 May at 02:55 · Like · 1

    June M Ward Hi Bruce, I just want to say that I've seen lots of body changes since using my BB. I really love all the encouragement you, Debbie Flint and this group offer. Thanks everyone, let's keep wobbling. X

    5 May at 02:57 · Like · 1

    Emma Harvey Hello I got my body blade on sat and have used it everyday I am very sore should I keep going and go past the pain. Or take it slow ? Thank you

    5 May at 02:58 · Like

    Tracey Ferns Michele I was struggling however if you leave the blade down , just interlock your fingers and move your clasped hands a half an inch side to side quicly that should give you a feel of what the motion should feel like ......add the blade and continue with that movement and youll find it a little easier . I did this and now can get a wobble on the blade and a very slight movement in my hips .xxx

    5 May at 02:59 · Edited · Like · 1

    Libby Murdoch Hi Bruce. Just saying hello. I've got no questions this week. X

    5 May at 03:00 · Like

    Suzi Lince Hi Bruce, I've had a difficult couple of weeks so haven't yet developed a habit of doing the bb. But I'm still motivated, and have started to pick it up again. I figure there was no point doing it when I was really too overtired as I might learn to not enjoy it, and so far I've loved it when I have done it regularly. Only had it 2 weeks!

    5 May at 03:01 · Like

    Michele Finney Thanks Tracey, will keep at it! X

    5 May at 03:01 · Like · 1

    Marion Mcgrath Hi Bruce Anne is keeping us in order and the group has helped with permahabit because we can talk to someone from early morning to late at night , who also wobbles and can bodyblade with you x xx

    5 May at 03:03 · Like · 3

    Alison Pearson Hi Bruce. I've not had my blade long but have done Super 6 twice...I find I'm tense in my shoulders, neck & jaw when I'm say on the DVD to relax the shoulders, do you have any tips on how the achieve a relaxed upper body while still working hard with the blade? Many thanks in advance for your help!x

    5 May at 03:03 · Like · 4

    Wendy Cole Hi Bruce you may recall I asked your advice about using body blade to help get in shape for my sons wedding. Well although I haven't done it every single day, I do it most days and am really happy to report that along with sensible eating I have gone down three sizes. The wedding is next week so I'm happy with my progress. I will continue with it to help me lose more when I get back from my holiday.

    Here is a before & after photo

    Wendy Cole's photo.

    5 May at 03:03 · Like · 18

    Karen Studley Hi Bruce Hymanson, just saying hello

    Been bodyblading for just about two weeks, along with my daughter and we are still wobbling our way fit!

    Feeling positive x

    5 May at 03:05 · Like · 1

    Michele Finney Wow Wendy Cole! You look fantastic! Well done xx

    5 May at 03:06 · Like · 3

    Suzi Lince That's an inspirational post Wendy Cole !

    5 May at 03:07 · Like · 3

    Bruce Hymanson Hi Gang, I see a few great questions about training, How many days a week? How long before I see results etc. There is a plethera of information and resources for all to take advantage of on my website., Debbie Flints website, and the beautiful job Michael has done for us here to view pinned posts, videos and blogs. Please take time to enjoy the many areas of information for you! Also,

    Bodyblade® - Bodyblade: The Complete Vibration Training System

    The Original Bodyblade® Site: The Bodyblade system...

    5 May at 03:08 · Like · 4 · Remove Preview

    Michele Finney Thank you x

    5 May at 03:09 · Like · 2

    Bruce Hymanson I recommend 3-4 days a week training with Bodyblade to see and feel great results. Some of you prefer training even more frequently as long as you don't "over train" which may cause over fatigue and pain in the muscle. It is important to warm up and cool down during each training session. This will help to reduce the lactic acid (waste products) in the muscle and blood stream after exercise. It's important to make sure you receive plenty of Oxygen with nutrients to minimize the pain in the muscle.

    5 May at 03:11 · Like · 5

    Bruce Hymanson If you want to exercise daily, Just keep remember you can pick it up and put it down throughout the day. Bodyblade training is cumulative. If you want to do the workouts for 10minutes as they are designed in the DVD, do those 3-4 days a week.

    5 May at 03:12 · Like · 4

    Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce

    5 May at 03:13 · Like · 2

    Bruce Hymanson Wendy, you look fabulous! Fit and young!!

    5 May at 03:16 · Like · 3

    Karen Studley Well done Wendy Cole, you look amazing! x

    5 May at 03:18 · Like · 3

    Christine Grochowina You look great Wendy keep it up bet you feel fantastic

    5 May at 03:19 · Like · 3

    Bruce Hymanson Perma-habits are all around us in our everyday life. We take it for granted and don't think about them. For example, we all bath, brush our teeth, sleep and work (some differently than others but we all contribute to the house or family). How many of us do many of these things at the same time of day or simply would not let a day go by where we don't brush our teeth. It's second nature. The value of that is to maintain healthy teeth which allow us to chew our food and extract the nutrients we need to stay healthy. Doing something new for approximately 21 days will make it a habit. A good habit is to fit Bodyblade into that 21 day habit. Once you do that, you will automatically include Bodyblade where stopping will be foreign to you.

    5 May at 03:20 · Like · 7

    Bruce Hymanson The key to success in anything we do is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Right!! The more you do, the better your body adapts to the training. Your body is designed to be as economical and efficient as possible. It makes sense that the goal of your body is the expend the least amount of energy to be the most effective. If we were going to design an engine, we would want that engine to be fast, fuel effecient, accurate and most importantly, reliable. Our body is the most sophisticated engine ever designed. So how do we make it even better? The answer is HIIT (high intensity interval training)

    5 May at 03:23 · Like · 5

    Pauline Jackson Thank you Bruce Hymanson

    5 May at 03:23 · Like · 1

    Libby Murdoch I don't know what I would do without my Bodyblade now. I rave about it to anyone who will listen. X

    5 May at 03:27 · Like · 4

    Wendy Cole Thank you Bruce and everyone else, these chats really help me.

    5 May at 03:27 · Like · 2

    Wendy Lawrence Emma Harvey, you will notice on a lot, if not most of Bruce's videos he advises 3 - 4 times a week for a full workout, and a couple of weeks ago on this page he said he has nothing against us using the BB every day but not for a full workout, You will see lots of comments on here also. It's very addictive I know, All the videos are well worth a look as there are lots of variations, some including stretches which I find very good. If you haven't tried Hampton Court that is brilliant. x

    5 May at 03:28 · Like · 3

    Bruce Hymanson In any training, the body adapts. This is known as S.A.I.D. (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands). This simply means that the body gets used to regular aerobic training that doesn't train differently or require more physical demand on the body. Like jogging or walking on a treadmill at the same pace, same distance day after day. Yes, burning some calories and training at an aerobic level but after awhile, the body needs more to grow. You also need more to challenge the body and have a lasting metabolic change AFTER you finish the exercise. Burning those additional calories once you stop exercising is very very important

    5 May at 03:29 · Like · 2

    Helen Murphy Hi Bruce

    Not using BB right now as feeling very fatigued after being unwell and admitted to hospital this week. I want to get back to using it as I love it and think mentally will help too. I talk about it to anyone who will listen. ...See More

    5 May at 03:31 · Like · 3

    Bruce Hymanson The term for higher metabolism and burning more calories after the exercise is EPOC (Excess Post exerciseOxygen Consumption). Meaning that you continue to burn more calories after you stop training. Kind of like turning the car engine off after a drive but the engine is still warm to the touch.

    5 May at 03:32 · Like · 2

    Emma Harvey Thank you Wendy I have not looked at the DVD yet just YouTube I enjoy doing it but think I need to slow down or may hurt my back I suffer with a bad back so will try 3 times this week xxxx

    5 May at 03:33 · Like · 3

    Heather Jones Hi Bruce this is my first time on your chat I bought the BB a few months ago and it sat in the corner until two weeks ago I use it at least twice a day now and look forward to using it I can feel the difference already in my tummy arms and in my legs I just found the video for belly busting and love it with healthy eating and doing the BB I've lost 26lb and have dropped a dress size thank you both (Debbie) for making such a difference to my life I'm hoping to drop another size for my daughters wedding in August

    5 May at 03:36 · Like · 2

    Wendy Lawrence Think thats the way to go Emma, If I take it carefully it helps my back, I do quite often just practice No.6 on my not full workout days and usually a Leslie Sansone walk, also so many of them on You tube, Take care girl x

    5 May at 03:38 · Like · 1

    Kathryn Stewart Hi Bruce, you haven't been forgotten just we missed our Debbie Flint!mm

    5 May at 03:38 · Like · 2

    Bruce Hymanson Using Bodyblade for short powerful intervals of one minute of blading followed by a minute of body movement is exactly what we want to do to maximize burning calories during and after the workout. Plus, we focus on strength, balance, coordination, stabilization, muscle endurance and improving cardiovascular fitness. The bi-product is a more functional, active body capable of doing tasks efficiently and without having to think about it! The body loves this type of exercise because it is not just exercise...It is brain to muscle exercise. The neurological connection from the brain to the motors of your body. It is precise, automatic, adjusting to just you, and allows you to control the pace of the workout. Yes, your goal is to do the workout intensely to grow stronger but still at your own pace. No adaptation here but rather adjusting to the level of work each time

    5 May at 03:39 · Like · 5

    Emma Harvey What's the walk ? Keep seeing this

    5 May at 03:39 · Like · 4

    Debbie Flint Hi all! Just popped over to say hi. I must say having the Bodyblade with me in China was a godsend it fit in the suitcase by bending it, and it was none the worse for wear. Hope you're all well I'm chatting for another 19 minutes over on back to you group hugs to you all and big hug to Bruce x

    5 May at 03:41 · Like · 10

    Christine Grochowina Emma do you mean the Leslie Sansone walk

    5 May at 03:41 · Like · 4

    Anne Keating A lot of us combine the Bodyblade with Lesley Sansone walks - you can find them on YouTube. It's a good mix of exercise for some of us? xx

    5 May at 03:42 · Like · 5

    Emma Harvey Yes Christine

    5 May at 03:42 · Like · 3

    Wendy Lawrence Leslie Sansone, google that and you'll find lots of her walks, they are powerful and great, you can do anything from I think 2 minutes to a few miles, I do a variety of them but the 3 mile one is the most I've done and that's a Heart Association one, they're good, and make you feel good, along with BB it's a win win! x

    5 May at 03:43 · Like · 5

    Emma Harvey Thank you I will look

    5 May at 03:44 · Like · 5

    Bruce Hymanson Hi Debbie....can't wait to see you and catch up! Miss our chats. So good to have you back!!

    5 May at 03:45 · Like · 6

    Helen Murphy Bruce you need to get to China as Debs just said they don't have the BB

    5 May at 03:45 · Like · 4

    Christine Grochowina As Anne says go on YouTube type in lesie sansom and a lot of her walks will come up

    5 May at 03:45 · Like · 3

    Anne Keating Bruce what are your thoughts on combining the BB with walks like the power walking Lesley Sansone does? xx

    5 May at 03:46 · Like · 5

    Bruce Hymanson Welcome Heather!! We have an exception group of people here and they have so much to offer based on their own success too. Initially, follow the DVD, watch the LEARN section, watch the abundant video and read blogs but most importantly, get started on your permahabits and daily success!!

    5 May at 03:46 · Like · 7

    Christine Grochowina Good question Anne

    5 May at 03:46 · Like · 2

    Bruce Hymanson BTW, Leslie is a wonderful lady and a friend for may years. Walk and take your blade with you to burn extra calories on your walk.

    5 May at 03:47 · Like · 9

    Anne Keating Eek!See Translation

    5 May at 03:48 · Like · 3

    Helen Murphy Now there's an idea for next DVD a walking BB one with Bruce and Lesley

    5 May at 03:49 · Like · 5

    Wendy Lawrence Good grief Bruce, What are you trying to do to us!!!

    5 May at 03:50 · Like · 3

    Emma Harvey Looks fun will give it a try tomorrow

    5 May at 03:51 · Like · 3

    Christine Grochowina Me too curious

    5 May at 03:51 · Like · 3

    Wendy Lawrence Enjoy Emma x

    5 May at 03:51 · Like · 4

    Chris Jopp I managed to do the Super 6 mobility today, first full work out I've done for a week as I've had a cold but have picked up the BB on and off every day to do the Super 6 for 10-15secs on each bit. Feeling better now so onwards and upwards LOL!

    5 May at 03:52 · Like · 4

    Bruce Hymanson Hi Anne! Taking your Bodyblade on a walk is fantastic! Not only do you have a little extra weight in your hand just holding it but every couple of minutes, put the blade out to the side in a Jab position and drive the blade for about 30-60 seconds. Switch hands and do the same on the opposite side. This will raise your heartrate, require more balance and Core participation during those 60 seconds and enhance the training effect. Raising the heartrate and increasing the physical challenge will also burn more calories, move you out of the low level aerobic work and into a High Intensity Interval Training workout which is more effective. Good choice and perfect match

    5 May at 03:52 · Like · 6

    Bruce Hymanson Hi Chris, glad you are feeling better and great job too!!

    5 May at 03:53 · Like · 5

    Chris Jopp Thanks Bruce, liking exercise is all new to me! LOL! I've always hated any sort of exercise except swimming (which I don't do often enough) but since I got my BB my husband has said how proud of me he is because I'm working at it every day. Today the Super 6 mobility, tomorrow a "rest" day with just picking it up on and off throughout the day, then I'll do the LA Beach workout on Wednesday.

    5 May at 03:56 · Like · 5

    Christine Grochowina Thanks for all the helpful advice Bruce off to do a bit of bb. See you all later

    5 May at 03:56 · Like · 3

    Helen Murphy Thank you Bruce and Chris you have inspired me to give it a wobble tomorrow again.

    5 May at 03:59 · Like · 4

    Chris Jopp Hope you're feeling a bit brighter Helen xx

    5 May at 03:59 · Like · 1

    Lindsey Sweet Great tips & advice as usual Bruce Thanks. Will try the bb and a ls walk tomorrow

    5 May at 04:00 · Like · 1

    Anne Keating Thanks Bruce - I'll try that in my workout after our chat! And thanks for all your help and advice as usual. We really do appreciate it. xx

    5 May at 04:01 · Like · 3

    Lindsey Sweet I've just done the HCC & Richmond BB. I'm calling it an early night all. Will catchup tomorrow - sorry i'm shattered. Take care everyone Night all xxx

    5 May at 04:03 · Like · 2

    Wendy Lawrence Let me know how you get on with that one then Anne! We will await the video! x

    5 May at 04:04 · Like · 5

    Bruce Hymanson Have a wonderful week everyone and stay with the program and don't judge yourself if you have an off day. This is normal and part of what we all feel from time to time. Be patient with yourself, make exercise with Bodyblade a perma-habit and hopefully, I have helped you understand how valuable HIIT training is for your growth. We are all in this together and thank you for continued support for all those listening in each week. I will continue to review and answer questions throughout the week. Until next time, be well!

    5 May at 04:04 · Like · 10

    Libby Murdoch Good night and thanks for your time. X

    5 May at 04:06 · Like · 3

    Chris Jopp Night Bruce, thanks for your help and support. x

    5 May at 04:06 · Like · 3

    Tracie Wright Thankyou Bruce , wishing you a wonderful positive week too , Night Lindsey well done on getting you excercise done , i am off to do some BB and a Leslie Sansone Booster walk xx



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