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China Wall, Skechers, Judith Williams and Bruce bodyblade!
29 April 2015

Have been walking a heck of a lot in a touristy-way, here in Beijing – we did the Great Wall on Sunday and boy was it rigorous! But with that and bodyblade am hoping it won’t be too hard to get into my usual routine again when I get home!

The webchats this week are with lovely Sara from Judith Williams skincare as well as Richard from Skechers plus of course another round of answers from our fave bodyblader, Bruce.

Back to normal soon!





May 11th – Caroline Sandry all about coconut oil products and recipes!

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Live Web-Chat with Richard from Skechers Monday 27th April 2015


Nicola Brigden I brought the 'gowalk' and the wedge sandals last time. They are both sooooooooooo comfy. Highly recommended

Anne Keating OMG. Splitting myself in three at 8 pm! Getting my fast typing fingers at the ready! xx


Tania Chisholm My feet need sorting out at present thinking of sketches for later


Sandra Taylor It's Skechers  no t


Maggie Buxey The best and most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever had love them xx


Sandra Taylor Only know as I got it wrong before


Sandra Taylor Maggie and me . Have lost count how many I have. Superb footwear


Vanessa Bond Are they true to size ? Please


Sandra Taylor But not this Sandra Taylor have one pair and give me blisters everytime I wear them.


Sandra Taylor Question for Richard. Could you bring more colours. Like purple and red


Sarah Richmond I loved the shape ups they were ideal for work, but can't seem to find plain black have you stopped making them?


Marissa Francis i'm loving the memory foam sketchers. everyone in my family has got one.


Maggie Buxey I have also got my husband wearing these now x

Jan Lee Burgess Hi Richard, is there any way you could bring ladies size 9's to QVC please, thanks xx


Mandy Holmes can you please bring the half sizes to Q, that Skechers do. I, for example, take a size 7 in a laced trainer but its too big in a slip on style, as then I need a 6.5. Thank you.

Sharon Harvey Apologise for rushing! Sorry x

Richard Parker Looking forward to catching up with you all tonight. Chat tonight between 8-9pm


Mandy Holmes Hi Richard, please excuse my bonkers'ness today as I have a bad head, but are you selling Skechers tonight on air too, its just my TV Guide says Richard Jacksons Garden on at 8pm. There are several pairs I am after but they all show on waitlist

Maggie Buxey I also thought that x


Jan Clark Sketchers are great. Just wish they realised women can have a shoe size bigger than an 8. All my sketchers are from their men's range! Come on Sketchers. We like pink too!


Jane McIlwraith Hi Richard. So pleased to be able to ask you a question here as I have put in a complaint through QVC Customer Services, but they said they will only get back to me if they hear back from Sketchers. Sorry to be so negative, as I adore Sketchers shoes and have many, many pairs, as does my husband. However, item no.109451, the Go Walk 2 slip on's, have let me down. I bought them back in February 2014, but haven't worn them very much as I have so many other pairs of Sketchers on the go, but the stitching at the seams has started to come adrift and I wondered if there was a design fault with that particular shoe? I actually have another pair in my wardrobe, completely unworn, that I bought in a sale as I was so impressed with them, but I'm worried the same thing will happen again. Hope you can help. Many thanks.


Carol Gillmore Hi Richard just had to mention the fact that our beloved Hornets are once again in the premiership  whoop whoop great atmosphere here on Saturday xx


Anne Keating Hi Richard. No questions - I'd just like to say thank you. I love, love, love Skechers. And I can wear comfortable shoes that are fashionable and don't show my age! I have boots, shoes, trainers - everything. I like my Shape up boots, my Tone ups, my Go walk. So comfortable from the first day i get them and wear them. Bliss! xx


Valerie Wall Lovely comfy shoes I have 3pairs and will be watching tonight

Chris Jopp Hi Richard, I'm a size 7, EEE/EEEE width with a high instep and fallen arches! I did buy a pair of Skechers a few years ago but they are still a bit too tight (white ones that look like ballet pumps). Do you do anything that would fit me?


Tania Chisholm Lol thanks didn't see my spelling mistake


Maggie Buxey so what time is it on tv tonight x


Anne Keating Webchat is on here (this actual post) with Richard from Skechers at 8 pm. If you have any questions add a comment below with the question. xx


Helen Macklin I work 12 hour shifts and these have saved my feet.


Sue Poole Hi Richard I love sketchers, I have lots of different styles including boots. I got these from qvc recently would loves some more colour , bright colours would be lovely got the natural and navy x


Jackie Eagles hi richard could you tell me when the go walk premier leather mesh slip on trainer will be back in stock please been on waitlist for ages thanks


Pauline Frost Hi Richard, I bought a pair of Bobs a few years back. Have loved them and would like more. They were sort of cream/gold pumps. Thanks.


Sandra Jane Hiokin Next show looks like 10th May when they are the Tsv


Susan Buckland Hi Richard Parker May I ask you if sketches are going to do more of the go walk move flip flop in more colours as I have the black and white ones and the blue and white ones where the soles is white they are the best thing for my pain full feet and I were them all year they have helped my feet a lot thank you Skechers

Richard Parker Hi everyone thanks for all the questions. I will get through as many as i can in the next hour.


Sharon Harvey hi Richard, thanks for joining us :0)

Richard Parker Sandra Jane Hiokin yes thats right 10th May we will be doing a TSV heres a sneak peak.... she Mums the word. lots of colours. I love the navy which has the silver sparkle thread running through the elasticated upper. Customise fit for everyone!



Richard Parker Hi Pauline Frost I love our Bobs collection as with every pair we sell we donate a pair to a child in need across the world. So far we have donated over 10 million pairs which is great.


Sharon Harvey oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh these look fab!!! Thanks for sharing

Susan Buckland Nice I will have to try them Sharon


Richard Parker Hi Jackie Eagles Go Walk has been phenomenal for Skechers. We have been developing lots of different designs. Stocks have become limited but i think the best thing would be to wait until the 10th May and see what exciting shoes we have on offer then as we have a day of Skechers then which I'm sure you will find something that works for you.


Richard Parker Hi Sue Poole We do have other colours of the they come in Navy and also in black.


Richard Parker Hi Chris Jopp thanks for your question we do have a wide fitting range and we are looking at introducing this for 2016 so stay tuned for updates on th shows about this. I think the best thing would be to wait for this.


Richard Parker Hi Anne Keating thanks for your lovely comments I'm glad you feel good in your Skechers


Richard Parker For Carol Gillmore COYH - I went to watch the game at Brighton - Been a fan all my life ...Booo Bournemouth have just scored! I may post a video later to show you me when i was 8


Valerie Cady Love the TSV Oh please remind us Sharon Harvey x


Richard Parker Hi Jane McIlwraith I will PM you on this


Sharon Harvey of course valerie x


Richard Parker Jane McIlwraith we will sort your issue for you as Quality and Comfort is at the heart of what we do.


Jane McIlwraith Thanks so much Richard, that is much appreciated.


Carol Gillmore Oh yes please Richard  yeah me too my grandad used to take me on Saturday since I was 10 many moons ago  just heard that they will be doing a open topped bus parade through the town ending up in cassiobury park on bank holiday Monday Yay  xx

Carol Gillmore Btw Richard I'm a big sketchers fan too  xx


Richard Parker Hi Jan Clark We have so many Pink shoes in the collection. This ones coming on the 10th !!! now thats 2 sneak peaks. Also we have Womes sizes going up to size 9 in a number of styles and i along with the team have been looking to add more SIZE 9s into the future shows as well as HALF SIZES. Look out for them coming up soon.


Richard Parker Hi Maggie Buxey Glad to here you've got your husband wearing them too. they really are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn


Sharon Harvey can you believe i am having so much fun reaading these posts i have not once reminded you of the time!!! 15 Minutes of live chat left!!

Richard Parker Hi Marissa Francis you really just can't beat our Memory foam trainers. So comfortable. We keep updating the memory foam too with fresh new innovations to ensure we are ahead of our competition. I love our new kids memory foam ad

Sharon Harvey Here is the link to all the fab Skechers products currently on the Qvc website, some fabulous choices!


Susan Buckland Wow Sharon Harvey the time as so fast I would just like to say thanks to Richard for chatting to us tonight I'll say good night


Richard Parker Hi Sarah Richmond We are relaunching our Shape Ups this Autumn as the demand for them even 4 years later is still very strong. Just shows how popular they are. Heres a sneak peak of some of the collection. Not on sale in the UK yet but coming for AW15


Anne Keating I love my shape ups and tone ups. Had trouble with the black long suede boots to begin with and with the trainers (kept toppling over) but although I bought them a couple of years ago, I still wear them! xx


Mandy Holmes Hi Richard, me again. Do you think you will be able to stock the half sizes on Q? Thank you.

Sharon Harvey Back to you Qvc members please join me in thanking Richard Parker for joining us for his first Web chat here! Richard it has been brilliant listening and sharing with you and your fantastic range. when can we next see you on Qvc? Thank you again and thank you everyone for joining us xx


Carol Gillmore Thankyou Richard and up the HORNS  xx


Sue Poole Thank you Richard Parker. I have them was hope for some brighter colours at some point


Valerie Cady Thankyou Richard Parker All excited for May TSV


Richard Parker Hi guys I'm happy to hang around for another half hour as there loads of questions coming through


Marissa Francis My daughter has memory foam too


Richard Parker Hi Vanessa Bond Its the one question that i get asked the most...Are Skechers true to size? The simple answer here is they do vary style to style. Feet are very different person to person too so what fits one person may not fit another as we are all different  . I/We always try to give the best fitting guide but i also would refer you to the reviews that you all give on the QVC pages as they can be really helpful!


Sandra Jane Hiokin Will the tsv be on ez pay?


Valerie Cady And how many colours ?


Richard Parker Hi Sandra Jane Hiokin Im not sure on that but it will be great value as always! there will be 5 colours Valerie Cady


Sandra Jane Hiokin Date on my calendar now Richard Parkerwill be great for my holiday in July. Thank you x

Valerie Cady Oh I m all excited . I already want the navy and the red . Thanks for sharing


Richard Parker Sue Poole - We do have lots of bright colours but the buying team tend to want to stick to the softer colours as there tend to be what we sell the most of. I will let them know the feedback


Richard Parker If any of you are going to be tuning in for the TSV on the 10th of May. I would suggest getting in early as every TSV for the last 2 years has sold out early even though the stock numbers have been increasing each time. You will love the fit of them. The have a stretch weave upper which will mould around your foot and will move with every step...Ultimate fit and comfort

Sharon Harvey ......suppose i should make my first purchase then!!!! Will get in early with the Tsv as it looks amazing!! I will keep reminding everyone xx

Anne Keating Thanks Richard - looking forward to the TSV. Of to do a Bodyblade workout now. X


Richard Parker Have fun


Alison Claxton Hi Richard, I love skechers, my favs are from the premiere range 8 years old now, I'm looking for new ones now, what range is similar to them


Richard Parker Well I think thats a wrap for tonight everyone. Thanks for all the questions and making my first web chat interesting. Its great to chat with you all. I'm happy to chat again another evening so look out for the posts. Have a good evening!!! See you on the 10th May for our TSV shows. Feel free to follow and tweet me @qvcukrp


Richard Parker Hi Alison Claxton we have a Heritage Collection launching for SS16 heres a couple of sneak Peaks



Sharon Harvey Thank you for being so generous with your time Richard, you have been amazing! Looking forward to the tsv may ! Many Thanks x


Richard Parker Thanks Goodnight all


Sharon Harvey Goodnight


Live Web-Chat with Sara from Judith Williams, Monday 27th April 2015


Back To You Qvc Web Chat Sara Hollamby – Judith Williams 26/04/2015

Alison Claxton Hi Sara, I have sensitive yet oily skin which products are best for me? Thanks


Sue Stewart Hi Sara it's so lovely to have you on the BTU fb page. Looking forward to the shows and I understand some anniversary prices. That's fantastic. Love the way Judith brings something to the party. Tried lots of Judith's ranges but must say my favourite is the Life Long Beauty Range, the Rose Oil and the hand cream. Would love a smaller tube of the hand cream to go in my bag or on holiday with me. I know Judith is very generous with her sizes but any chance?


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Sara welcome. I have the rose oil which is lovely and I wondered in which order to use it. I'm using up a serum from another range and would like to know is it serum, oil, moisturiser or oil, serum, moisturiser? I won't carry on with the permutations as we'll be here all day lol, but I'd be grateful for your advice. Many thanks.


Anne Keating That's what I'd like to know too Jacqueline - and what do I do when it comes to Ultrasun Face? And gels like SBC Collagen etc. I'd like similar advice please Sara . xx


Lesley Ann Willis I think with Ultrasun you apply to cleansed skin first then add serum/moisturiser on top.......Rose oil goes on top of any moisturiser to seal in the moisture?? .........correct me if I'm wrong anyone x


Anne Keating Thanks Lesley - it's a bit of a nightmare isn't it! Be interesting to hear what Sara Sara has to say. xx




Dawn Robinson Hello Sara  Im really looking forward to the Anniversary shows ! I've already ordered the new bronzer can't wait for it to arrive, be lovely to see more of you on qvc


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Helloooooooo ladies!!! How are you all so lovely to chat to you all tonight, please let me know all your questions whatever they are, I'm looking forward to hearing from you all. xxx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Alison for oily skin, believe it or not the Rose Oil might be really good for you, simply because treating oily skin with oil neutralizes it. Try putting it on at night and see how you go. The Rose in it is also good for calming sensitive skin


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Sue Stewart, Judith is very generous, and whether she’ll do a small size hand cream I don’t know, nothing that I know of. Why don’t you go into Boots or Primark and get some of their little pots to decant some into and pop in your handbag. That’s what I do!! Love Saraxx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Jacqueline Jackson – that’s a really good question, and one I’m asked loads. And Lesley Ann Willis you’ve got it right! Think about putting the lightest weight products on first, apart from Ultrasun. That definitely goes on first. I usually leave mine for a few minutes to sink in and ‘dry’. Then goes the serum, or SBC gel, or whatever you want, then the eye cream, then the moisturizer and certainly at night, seal it all in with our delicious Rose Oil – a recipe for lovely soft, dewy, plump skin!Hope that helps you all, it is hard to know what goes where, I know! Xxxxx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hi Dawn Robinson, lovely of you to chat, I want to be on QVC more, just a difficult time at QVC they’ve been so busy, but hopefully soon. Judith has some lovely things for you tomorrow and Wednesday though, and I’ll be there in the studio (just not on air). The bronzer you will LOVE! xxxxx


Sharon Harvey Hi Sara, Thank you for joining us tonight! i have to say, the new bronzer and blusher look absolutely stunning! As a huge fan of judith's Magic Make Up Range, i just know these will be as fabulous!


Anne Keating Hi Sara - I have a problem in what order to apply Ultrasun, gel, rose oil, serum and moisturiser - at 72 my skin needs all the help it can get. Although I must admit I do have good skin and always have done. Never used much on it til now. Help please? xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams There are 6 lines that are going to be only 6p&p too, to celebrate 6 years at QVC. Amongst them is the Rose Oil Alison Claxton, also the Magic Make Up trio, and the Future Skins Cell Booster!!!!


Dawn Robinson My daughter has been working nights & the air conditioning really dries her skin out ! So she took some of my JW body butter in small pot, all her friends loved it & said they would be ordering


Sharon Harvey Ooooohhhh Cell booster is amazing...i love the fresh green smell and the way it brightens our skin!! So many fans of it on here Sara! x

Alison Claxton Thanks for your help Sara, I'll try the rose oil x

Dawn Robinson Ooowww im so excited i really can't wait xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams That was very kind of you Dawn, what does she do? The body butter is gorgeous and it goes and lasts until you wash it off. Thats what I love about it. The air con is very drying for your skin. As are computers too. She might like to try some Rose Oil on her face especially half way through the night.....It'll give her a lovely glow!


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Yes Alison great time to try with 6p p&p. Put it on after your serum and moisturiser at night. You can use it on its own as well, especially if your skin is oily, you might not need anything else. Let me know how you get on. xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Hahahah, I'm glad you're excited Dawn, so am I. There are some great things coming up. x


Sharon Harvey it is going to be a wonderful visit, cannot wait!! Please tell Judith we all said hello x


Dawn Robinson Thank you i'll pass that lovely tip on x she works in "Forever21" Visual Merchandising xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams You know Sharon, the Future Skins is one of my favourites at the moment, everyone keeps complimenting me on how well I look. My sister in law thought I'd had a face lift!!!! It is brilliant, especially with the Cell Booster - that's the key.


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Anyone tried the Neck & Decolette Cream?


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams Tomorrow there's a 100ml duo coming up x2 for £26. Bargain!


Sharon Harvey me!! me!!! I even took some photos..somewhere...i was using the phytomineral dec cream and was thrilled and then back in February started using th LLB neck and dec....i adore the smell, but the texture is smooth, almost silk like, my neck was beautiful

Dawn Robinson Gosh tomorrow is going to be busy ! Yippee  xx


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams There were some comments about the Magic Make Up. There's a trio coming up too for £39. That'll last ages. It can be whatever coverage you want. Can be very light, almost like a tinted moisturiser. Put a little more on for a medium coverage,

Sharon Harvey Here is my before and after picture of the Lifelong beauty neck cream before on the left... Only slight change at first but that was after only two weeks I think!


Sara Hollamby-JudithWilliams I'll certainly tell Judith all about your comments. She loves to hear exactly what you are all asking. She's flying in right now as we speak, her plane touches down at 9.45. I'll see her tomorrow morning. She's going to be on at 9 for the Morning Show.


Debi-Lea Barker Hi Sara! I have a few questions for sensitive skins, firstly for my mom: I've finally persuaded her to start using a skincare regime

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