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Patrick Hoy webchat, Bodyblade Bruce update and interesting news about Brown Fat.
24 April 2015

Week two commences in Beijing, on my training trip to help QVC China hosts with their telly selly techniques, and I must admit to eating some stuff I haven’t eaten for a while. There was a bit of fatty pork in one of the dishes I had one lunchtime – not many vegetarian options out here that’s for sure! But most of the stir fry food is delish. Abbe the lady from QVC US who I hang out with here, took me to a lovely café in the Sanlitun district – the café is ‘Moka Brothers’ – it’s pretty westernised. Made a nice change to get a salad – a reaaaally good one at that! I’m still keeping up my supplements, taking my regular green drink each day, and managing to do my Super6 bodyblade routine pretty well. Been eating some cr*p tho’ – gonna tighten up this week.

Super Updates on TTFLS as 3 Month Challenge continues

So how proud was I to read on Facebook group ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ where several ladies have posted pics this week. And great stories. Here’s one from Karen –

If you need company on your journey, just check in - some great chats each night. And lots of shares lately from people doing well with their determination to ‘do it this time.’


As there is on Bodyblade group! So Bruce’s May slots have been postponed due to selling so much stock they’ve had to reorder for June! Do go on waitlist though and soon as you know his dates do chase your order if you don’t get an email. See Bruce's weekly webchat transcript at bottom of this blog in case you missed it! (all the links to the facebook groups and blogs with bodyblade content are below too.) Do join the hugely supportive group for some fab motivational posts from others.

Other news -

- yes but WHICH vitamins? If Study ‘says vitamins do more harm than good’  or so blazed the front page headlines this week. Turns out they studied beta-carotene, folic acid and vitamin E. Not the others. I wish these scare mongers would stop misleading people! It is often a very specific study group which uses a very specific methodology – yet generalising and extrapolating produces these sweeping statements that get picked up and passed on as if they’re gospel. I hate that. Don’t be a sheep. Always seek first to understand and delve into headlines you feel must be wrong – like this one is.

- Added sugar versus natural sugar! That Sugar Film is still making its way across the world from Oz and whilst it does, More here.

- Brown fat keeps you slim There was an article in this week’s New Scientist about brown fat – I read about this years ago. There’s not really any suggestion of how to use it to actively promote weight loss but there’s a good free article here (the NS one isn’t!) More here.


Below – Bruce’s latest, plus Patrick Hoy from Quacker takes the stage just ahead of his mini series wed-fri afternoons. To come -

April 27th – Skechers’ Richard and Sara Hollamby /Judith Williams skincare

May 4th

May 11th – Caroline Sandry all about coconut oil products and recipes!

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Back To You Qvc – Live Web-Chat with Patrick How of Quacker Factory 20th April 2015

Debbie Flint Have fun with our lovely ladies, Patrick! Have a fun web chat everyone! X

Amy Wall Thanks Sharon Harvey and Debbie Flint I'm sure Patrick will love the chat and promise to look after him. Xx

 Amy Wall Hi Patrick. Welcome back and I hope you enjoy your time with us. I guess you know what my question is going to be. Any leggings this trip as they are QUACK-tabulous xxx

Sue Stewart Hi Patrick it's quacktastic to have you back with us again. As Amy Wall says any leggings this trip and if so what colours and the smallest size you do please. Quack quack xx

Jacqueline Jackson Hi Patrick welcome. You always have such fun during your shows it's great to watch. I'm looking for some white jeans but am vertically challenged as I'm only 5 feet tall, do you have shorter leg lengths? Many thanks x

Patrick Hoy Thanks everyone - keep the questions coming - I will be answering them tonight starting at 8pm - can't wait to be with you all!!!!  xxx

Jill Dowding-Walker I've got to tell you I LOVE all the Quacker Factory clothes I have purchased throughout the last 2 decades! The only problem is...they NEVER WEAR OUT!!! So I have 2 large wardrobes full to busting with all the gorgeous items!!!  x x x

Amy Wall Won't be long now xx looking forward to the mini-series this week

Sharon Harvey Also make sure you check out the amazing Competition Patrick and Quaker are running! X

Shirley Brown any jeans this visit and can we have long lengths please I need a 33 leg

Sharon Harvey Hi Patrick! How are you? Thank you for joining us this evening, so looking forward to your Mini-series! My questions is... if someone is new to Quacker Factory Fashions....where would you suggest they start? X

Patrick Hoy Hello everyone! I'm so glad to be back here with you all - I'm very grateful that you've asked me to join you again - especially before our Quacker Factory Mini-Series begins this week on Wed, Thurs. & Friday each day at 17:00!!! Get ready for some fun and fashion!!!! Xxx

Patrick Hoy GREAT question Sharon Harvey! I honestly believe that our BEST item is any of the DreamJeannes! They really are 'dreamy' and the fit is perfect for just about EVERY size body. They have 96% cotton - and then we put in 4% elastane to give you an amazing comfy fit!

Sharon Harvey OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh.....can I confess.....I still need to try these, there are so many amazing reviews that I really have no excuse not to! Thanks Patrick x

Patrick Hoy Shirley Brown - I do have some DreamJeannes this visit - in fact, several pairs! Most of them will be Capri length to help you all get ready for spring and summer. The great thing about the capris length is that you DON'T have to do any altering as they fit every height. The inseam is 19". I'm also working with the wonderful QVC UK Buying team to get our regular DreamJeannes in both Long & Short lengths in addition to our Regular length - so watch this space!  Xx

Patrick Hoy Thanks Sharon Harvey - and YES, the reviews on line for ALL of the DreamJeannes are incredible - thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write about them - I really appreciate that - and I know your fellow QVC viewers do as well. Xx

Sharon Harvey Fantastic x

Patrick Hoy Amy Wall - I won't have any DreamJeanne leggings this visit - but I will definitely be bringing them back in the future. Because its spring and summer now on QVC UK, we're concentrating on the styles for this time of year - so get ready for some really pretty capris in several new colours - including Bleached/Light Denim. In fact, I think I might even have a Hot Pick to kick off the mini-series on Wednesday at 17:00!!!  Xx

Dawn Robinson Hello Patrick you're always an absolute joy to watch! You cheer everyone up my question is what are your favourite vac beauty products? Xx

Sue Stewart Love Capri length. Hope they will be ok for xs (UK size 8) and 5ft tall. Do you have an item number Patrick please x

Patrick Hoy Jacqueline Jackson - I DO have some white DreamJeannes this visit! And they are in a Capri 19" inseam - so you won't have to worry about altering them at all!  Plus, the Quacker Factory DreamJeanne white material is NOT see- through - which I know is loved by everyone - our design team has worked really hard to make sure that they are not see- through!

Amy Wall Thanks Patrick will look out for them. I have my Capris from last year ready and waiting to make an appearance very soon xx

Patrick Hoy Ha - I LOVE your 'review' Jill Dowding-Walker!! I'm VERY glad to hear that your Quacker items have lasted many years! We use the best materials in the market place, in my opinion - so that you can keep your favourite pieces year after year! Thanks again for the lovely comment!!!! Xxx

Patrick Hoy Thanks Sue Stewart - my mother LOVES the Capri length as well - she said that they are VERY slimming on her. We've got xs - so you'll be set for sure! And since they are 19' inseam, they are going to fit your body length.  Xxx

Sharon Harvey Patrick....any cheeky Prices this visit to make us smile

Patrick Hoy Dawn Robinson - yes, I do have some favourite QVC beauty products that I use. I'm a HUGE Wen fan - I use the fig formulation/scent - it's perfect for my thick and dry hair. I've been using it for over 2 years now and LOVE it!!!!!!!! I know it's a bit more expensive than other hair cleansing products, but I honestly feel it's worth it and does what it says it will do. I have also been using the Alpha H micro cleanser for over a year - and it is the BEST in my opinion - it comes in packs of two, so I ALWAYS have one of the bottles in my travel bag and it has been around the world with me! Xx

Sue Stewart that’s perfect Patrick. It's sometimes just as difficult to get clothes to fit us '-little ladies'. I love the material of DreamJeanne it's so soft and not see through. Brilliant.

Sharon Harvey Lots of Alpha H fans here too! Tom Ogden will be pleased!

Anne Keating I agree with Jill - I have lovely Christmas tops which the grandchildren love and which come out every year and other tops as well, and I have a grey tracksuit with pearls and I'm wearing the black and pink with the diamanté zip. They really do last well. And I love them for travelling - so comfortable. Xx

Patrick Hoy I'll also be sharing another style of Capris on Wednesday - and the beautiful turquoise colour is back in stock after selling out the last time I brought them!

Sharon Harvey Love Turquoise x

Dawn Robinson Wonderful products Patrick thank you xx

Patrick Hoy Awe, thank you Anne Keating!! My mother’s favourite things to travel in these days are any of her DreamJeannes - and also one of her hoodies. She said she just has to be careful not to set off the airport scanners with all of her Quacker bling!!!!  Xx

Gay Bulley I have a pack of 3 Christmas tops which came in a bag, will you being doing anything like that again, as a set of 3 with or without a bag?

Sue Stewart Anne Keating I bought the Christmas decorations last year. They are cute little sweaters on hangers to go on the tree. Lots of guests made lovely comments about them. Any more of this sort of thing to come later in the year Patrick. X

Patrick Hoy Thank you Dawn Robinson and Sharon Harvey! Xx

Patrick Hoy Hello Gay Bulley - I remember that set very well! We did a set with a bag in the States last year and it went really well. I JUST spoke to my wonderful Buyer at QVC UK the other day when I was at the studios for a meeting with her - and I suggested that she have us do another bag with shirts - so watch this space!  Xxx

Patrick Hoy Just so that you are all aware, I've got over 8 NEW items with me for our Mini-Series this week! That includes new tops, bottoms and a new adorable casual jacket!

Patrick Hoy I've also got several returning favourites that have sold out in the past back with me - WITH NEW colours - so I think this is really going to be a fun mini-series.!

Gay Bulley Great I love them, the set I have has kept both their colours and shape even after a good number of years

Julie Smith Looking forward to seeing the new items Patrick!

Sharon Harvey Oh wow.....Looking forward to the new items x

Amy Wall Will be watching. Don't want to miss anything x

Sue Stewart Can you give us any item numbers so we can take a sneaky peak x

Patrick Hoy I'm also working on having Will Gowing join us on set on Wednesday to be answering your live Tweets and Facebook messages. That isn't confirmed 100% yet - but I'm really hoping that his schedule will allow it - because I LOVE hearing from you all while our shows are in progress. So please do join in!

Sue Stewart We will. Thanks for the invite

Sarah Hills Got my red Capri leggings from your last visit - they are just great. Your clothes fit all shapes and we bottichelli babes just love them. Any fun designs on tops this visit?

Patrick Hoy Sue Stewart - I will be sending out sneak peak emails tomorrow night, Wednesday night and Thursday night that will have at least ONE item in them - WITH the opportunity to buy those items BEFORE we show them the next day on air - while all sizes and colours are in stock. Here is the link to sign up for those sneak peak emails:

Sharon Harvey Ooooooh lala fabulous thanks Patrick x

Patrick Hoy I LOVE your description Sarah Hills!!!!!!  Yes, I definitely have some GREAT new designs that are fun. I think the one I'm most excited about is a Polo Style top that has embroidery on it - any of you who like flowers and gardening are going to LOVE this top. Everyone has been asking us for years to do a polo style top - well, I've got it with me this Wednesday! xxx

Sue Stewart I'm signed up and ready to go.

Patrick Hoy I'm also excited about having a new scalloped daisy top with me - it's VERY feminine and when we showed it in the States last week, it sold out.

Sarah Hills I will be glued to the TV watching and have signed up for the alerts! Am at Eastbourne line dancing from Friday so will be online looking then! Looking for some great new top but maybe just a Capri pant or two as well?!

Sharon Harvey That sounds beautiful Patrick...

Sue Stewart Glad you kept some for us gal's in the UK. Think my bank balance will be hit this week.

Patrick Hoy Have you all signed up for our contest this week???? The prize is this Quacker Factory tote bag and goodies - including one of Jeanne Bice’s books and a cd narrated by her. And on top of that, if you are the winner, and if you want me to, I will personally deliver it to you - AND take you out for a really nice cream tea!!!! Here's the link to enter:

Sarah Hills Oh I've already entered!

Patrick Hoy Hee, Hee Sue Stewart!!! The polo shirt I was mentioning above also sold out last week in the States when I was there - and they honestly tried to get me to give them some of our UK supply - I said NO WAY - my gals in the UK are counting on me to bring this over!!!!!!!

Dawn Robinson I love that bag! It's so cute

Patrick Hoy Sarah Hills - my mother does line dancing as well!!! And one of our Quackers in the USA who I've become great friends with on our Quacker Cruises and also our live audience’s cruises is an avid line dancer as well - she even wears her DreamJeannes to line dancing nights because they are so comfy!!! 

Sarah Hills As do I your jeans are really sooooooo comfortable I wear them most of the time. I line dance in your Capri’s in summer.

Sue Stewart I love the ducks. Now Patrick who wouldn't want you to take them out for cream tea. I've entered. My fingers toes and eyes are crossed.

Patrick Hoy Thank you Dawn Robinson!!!! It was designed by our incredible design team. Jeanne Bice, who founded Quacker Factory LOVED totes bags when she was alive - so we will always continue to make them in honour of her.  x 

Patrick Hoy Awe, thank you Sue Stewart!!!!! One day I'll have to take a picture of all of the rubber ducks I have - I've shelves and shelves of them!!!!

Sharon Harvey hahahaha x

Patrick Hoy So I have a question for all of you! If you could have our design team do any design you wanted on one of our tops, what would it be??????

Dawn Robinson That's lovely god bless Jeanne

Jill Dowding-Walker I have a polo style top in white and turquoise stripes, with 3 lime green turtles across the front, to go with a pair of turquoise Capri pants - they are as vibrant today as when I got them!

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Patrick will definitely be buying some white dream Jeannes. Great to know they're not see through. Fabulous. x

Jill Dowding-Walker I would like a hummingbird design on a long sleeved, v-neck top in colours of turquoise, purple, pink...

Patrick Hoy OMG - I forgot to let you all know that on Wednesday I have a clearance priced item as well!!!!! And I'm working on trying to get them to add one for one of the other shows as well! (My mother is ALWAYS telling me to make sure to bring a clearance priced item!!!!)

Sarah Hills I foster unwanted kittens and pregnant mums so I would want something with a cat on. However any animal would always be appreciated.

Sharon Harvey OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH something whimsical or with Angel wings x

Patrick Hoy I LIKE that suggestion Jill Dowding-Walker! We did a top with a hummingbird recently and it was very close to selling out. And I LOVE your colour choices, so I will definitely share that with our design team - and our QVC UK Buying team - thank you!!! xx

Jill Dowding-Walker I'll try to take some pics and send them in to you Patrick! x

Patrick Hoy Please do Jill Dowding-Walker! Xx

Patrick Hoy Sarah Hills - we will DEFINITELY be doing some more kitty and cat tops - so watch this space. Jeanne Bice and her daughter Lee LOVED animals - and so do everyone on our Quacker Team. I think we have all 'rescued' cats and dogs - so we love putting animals in our designs. Thanks for fostering - it's so important!!!! xx

Sarah Hills do you do anything with sea horses on? That would be great for the summer.

Anne Keating And I adore tigers Patrick, and owls. Browns, and creams and oranges. xx

Patrick Hoy Sharon Harvey - GREAT idea regarding angel wings!!!! We have done some in the past in the USA - so I will pass your request on to our Buying team in the UK. xxx

Jill Dowding-Walker I would also like a forget-me-not blue design. I have a pair of black capris with turquoise seahorses on and would love a top to complement them Sarah! X

Sharon Harvey Oh that would be fantastic! They mean a lot to me x

Patrick Hoy Anne Keating - we have done owls in the past - a really cute top that was very popular. My mother collects anything with owls on it as well - they are so cute - and wise! I will definitely pass on your request for tigers - I don't think we've used them in our designs before - great idea! I know we've done a tiger print before a lot of times, but not an actual tiger - thank you! Xx

Sarah Hills Jill I need those Capri’s!

Sharon Harvey 10 minutes of live web chat xx

Kathryn Stewart Evening Patrick. Coming in the last gasp! Any more tunics with dogs? I have a lovely cerise one from years ago which is much admired thanks Ki

Patrick Hoy Sarah Hills - we have done sea horses in the past - but it's been WAY too long since we had any in the UK - so I will contact Susan and our team tonight about that - thank you! Xx

Sue Stewart Aren't people coming up with some great ideas x

Sarah Hills So a question for you Patrick you have tomorrow to enjoy before your shows are you planning to go anywhere?

Patrick Hoy Hello Kathryn Stewart - welcome to the Facebook party!!!!!! I will definitely be bringing some more tunics back in the next few months - but with some other designs. However, we will definitely be doing some cuter doggie and dog tops soon. Jeanne Bice's daughter Lee always had rescue dogs when she was alive.  xxx

Sharon Harvey we are a great design team lol x

Patrick Hoy Yes, Sue Stewart - these really are FANTASTIC and Quack-Tastic ideas!!! Thank you all - I'm so glad I thought to ask you all!!!!! You're the best!!! Xxx

Jacqueline Jackson Love sea horses too. Silver and gold on white would be gorgeous ooh and how about a sparkling sunrise out of an ocean? x

Angela Ginnery Hi Patrick Hoy. Bought red capris with diamanté zip and it's my first purchase. They are fantastic. Gave 5 stars. Thank you and what a lovely guy you are

Kathryn Stewart Poor Patrick! Overwhelmed with ideas!

Patrick Hoy Great question Sarah Hills - and thank you for asking! The weather is supposed to be great tomorrow, so I plan on doing my prep work for the shows in the morning - and then I'm going to take a really nice walk around London in the afternoon when it's supposed to be sunny and warm. And I'll stop by the Design Museum on the South Bank of London - I haven't been there for years - and it really is an inspiring place! xx

Patrick Hoy Yes, Sharon Harvey - you are all a GREAT design Team!!!!!!!!! I better tell Susan, our head designer, to look out for you all!!!!

Patrick Hoy YAY - Angela Gennery - I'm SO glad that you like them - and that you took the time to review them - thank YOU!!!!!!! xxx

Patrick Hoy I LOVE the ideas Kathryn Stewart - they are all so good! We meet with Quackers in the USA after our live audience shows and do 'focus groups' with them asking them what they want on designs - so this is GREAT to find out what you all want in the UK!!! xx

Patrick Hoy Cute, cute, cute Jill Dowding-Walker!!!!!!!!!!! And look at the embroidery work of the turtles - really nice!!!!

Jill Dowding-Walker An angel wings one would be adorable for Christmas!

Kathryn Stewart What a fab idea with focus groups but everything is always based in England! Too far for us in the north eg Scotland! X

Sarah Hills The clothes though do last and last. I get so many lovely comments about mine whenever I wear them. Want sea horses definitely now!

Jacqueline Jackson When are your shows Patrick? x

Jill Dowding-Walker Yes, Patrick - it is STILL perfect!

Patrick Hoy Also, I hope you take the time to watch this wonderful video that Will Gowing TV put together for our mini-series this week - I think he did a GREAT job - and it was filmed earlier this month at QVC USA when Will came to visit us on our TSV day on the 1st of April: Click here to see it:

Sue Stewart Live audience. Do QVC do that in the UK

Patrick Hoy Jacqueline Jackson - my shows are this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 17:00 each day. Thanks for asking!  xxx

Sharon Harvey Wow! It is such a shame to end this chat as it has been fast, furious and fabulous!! Please join me in thanking the brilliant Patrick Hoy for taking the time to join us this evening! Patrick we have had so much fun tonight and are so looking forward to joining you for your mini-series, 5pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Cannot wait to see the 8 new products as well. Would love to remind everyone to sign up to Patrick’s Emails for exclusive sneaky peaks, and to also enter his fantastic Competition xx Thank you everyone for joining us x

Anne Keating I’ve just realised I'm also wearing a black polo with pink collar and pineapples. Also got long sleeved striped top and black capris to match. I've had that for years - forgot it was QF!!

Kathryn Stewart Thank you Patrick. Kx

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you will be watching ( and buying lol) x

Gay Bulley Thank you

Sarah Hills Thank you so much Patrick and enjoy your day tomorrow. I'll be watching the shows. When will the competition be drawn?

Patrick Hoy Unfortunately QVC UK do not do that Sue Stewart - but only because the new studio doesn't have a set for live audiences. I wish they did - but I love that we have groups like this that allow me to keep in touch with you all!!!! And if you haven't 'liked' my Facebook page, please do - I LOVE keeping up with all of you between shows and my travels!

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you so much Patrick for spending time with us, you're so lovely.

Patrick Hoy I LOVE that Anne Keating!!!!!

Dawn Robinson Thank you Patrick & Sharon

Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you Patrick and Sharon!

Sharon Harvey Thank you lovelies xx

Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Sharon x

Patrick Hoy Thank YOU all SO much for having me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always enjoy these chats - and I look forward to the next one!!! Please make sure to call in during our shows this week and say hello!!! And make sure to follow me on Twitter as well if you are on that.

Patrick H. Hoy (@PatrickHHoy) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Patrick H. Hoy (@PatrickHHoy). TV Presenter and Bon Vivant who REALLY enjoys life...

Sue Stewart Thank you Patrick for your time this evening. Looking forward to the mini-series. Quack quack

Sue Stewart Thanks Sharon xx

Patrick Hoy Quack, Quack - and sweet dreams!!! And as Jeanne Bice, who founded Quacker Factory, always said - Make sure to wear a cute pair of pjs to bed tonight - you never know who you're going to meet in your dreams!!!!!!  xxxx

Sarah Hills Thanks Sharon that was great.

Julie Smith If it's someone nice Patrick I'd rather not be in my pjs!

Jacqueline Jackson Lol Julie! x

Kathryn Stewart Thanks Sharon x

Patrick Hoy That's HYTERICAL Julie Smith!!!!!! xxx

Sharon Harvey Awwwww thanks Patrick Hoy! You know the pleasure is all mine, i thoroughly enjoyed this evening! Cheered me up whilst being under the weather xx

Patrick Hoy Get well soon Sharon Harvey - and thanks again!!!! Xxx

Wow! What an uplifting, fun chat

Bodyblade Bruce Monday 20th April

Sue Stewart
Ohana Bruce I know that you have lots of new bodyblade people who may want to address points. So I'm in this to support tonight. Hope your fingertips are ready for the burn x
Like · 8 · More · Apr 20 at 6:52pm

Wendy Lawrence
Hi Bruce I BB 3-4 pw and could do 1 - 5 with 'relative' ease (still trying to master 6!) This wk I can't do Ab crunch for more than max 20 seconds before arms ache so badly I have to stop. I keep a light grip. Don't understand - Any help please. Thank you x
Like · 5 · More · Apr 20 at 6:57pm

Libby Murdoch
Hi Bruce. When are you back over here?x
Like · 3 · More · Apr 20 at 7:16pm

Kathryn Stewart
Ha ha you said that last week Sue but I saw your post sneak in!! Ha ha. Kxx
Like · 3 · More · Apr 20 at 7:24pm

Christine Grochowina
Hi Bruce hope you are well and raring to go.
Like · 2 · More · Apr 20 at 7:33pm

Karen Studley
Since I am one of those newbies, along with my 15 year old daughter, we thought we should firstly say 'Hello Bruce Hymanson'
I posted today for the first time and had such a wonderful welcome from everyone, thank you x
I am 43, some health problems that prevent me from strenuous exercise and my daughter has some issues with core strength due to problems with her feet, legs and hips from birth. Which she had physio for.
I want to say I am very proud of my daughter who has achieved so much even with these issues and over the eighteen months lost 2 stone in weight which has helped her too!
Is there any specific exercises my daughter can do that will help strengthen her core and improve her balance more?
Particularly the lower ab's and muffin top for me
After our first tries at Bodyblade today we love it already!

Thank you and sorry that was long x
Like · 6 · More · Apr 20 at 7:36pm

Sharon Harvey
Looking forward to it Bruce x
Like · 3 · More · Apr 20 at 7:37pm

Jacqueline Jackson
Hi Bruce I suppose id be classed as a veteran since I've been doing this since September, and so to anybody new I can say it definitely works if you do it regularly. I've lost 2 inches from my waist and have toned up all over too. Best thing I ever did was buy my Bodyblade. Thanks Bruce.
Like · 8 · More · Apr 20 at 7:50pm

Anne Keating
Hi Bruce. xx
Like · 4 · More · Apr 20 at 7:57pm

Lindsey Sweet
Hi Bruce Hymanson, how are you this evening ?
Like · 2 · More · Apr 20 at 8:03pm

Hazel Settle
Hello Bruce and everyone. I'm a newbie who suffers with Fibromyalgia and after listening and watching the bodyblade I'm hoping it will help my condition x I am here to watch listen and learn xxx
Like · 8 · More · Apr 20 at 8:07pm

Lindsey Sweet
Welcome newbies & veterans xxxx
Edited · Like · 5 · More · Apr 20 at 8:07pm

Hazel Settle
Hi x day 2 for me
Like · 4 · More · Apr 20 at 8:08pm

Suzi Lince
Hi Day 1 from me!
Like · 5 · More · Apr 20 at 8:08pm

Marion Mcgrath
This group is so good at supporting each other which is good for long lasting exercising, xx how do you Bruce overcome not being motivated x
Like · 2 · More · Apr 20 at 8:08pm

Bruce Hymanson
Hello Ohana. Sorry for the late arrival. I'm hopping from one meeting to another today. I hope all are well. I will review comments thus far
Like · 7 · More · Apr 20 at 8:09pm

Maggie Burns
Hi Bruce! Nice to meet you. so to speah! xxx
Like · 4 · More · Apr 20 at 8:10pm

Sandra Murray
Hi Bruce...hope your well. And thank you for always being here for us. Xx
Like · 5 · More · Apr 20 at 8:10pm

Bruce Hymanson
How exciting that we have so many new people joining us. We have the very best group of people not only for support but great sense of humor, lively attractive people enjoying life!
Like · 8 · More · Apr 20 at 8:15pm

Bruce Hymanson
Many of you have said hello and I'm sure many are also just listening in which is also great
Like · 7 · More · Apr 20 at 8:16pm

Trasi Louise Coghlan
Like · 3 · More · Apr 20 at 8:16pm

Valerie Cady
Hi Bruce . Just like to say . I felt really sluggish today after two rest days . However I decided to do the Hamden court instead of the super 6 as my routine . Loved it and the twinges of backache / sluggishness seemed so much better after . It's great to have so many routines now to choose from . Some days I can give it more wellie than others x

Like · 7 · More · Apr 20 at 8:17pm

Hazel Settle
I'm really excited for the bodyblade as it seems to be fun and the way forward x
Like · 3 · More · Apr 20 at 8:17pm

Bruce Hymanson
How to use Bodyblade correctly is so important because that will insure you receive the best results. I'm going to go over key points now but if you look at all the posts and videos on Debbie Flints website, you will have tons to catch up on as well. Not to mention you tube as well
Like · 4 · More · Apr 20 at 8:18pm

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