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Smog blog! pics like a sci-fi movie... And Red Carpet Manicure's Linda Bignell, my sis, on webchat.
15 April 2015

beijing bad air beijing bad air

OMG! Just posted a long China Diary update on my page here - click link and 'like' for links to show up in your timeline in future. Lots of pics today and you won't believe some of them, it's like a sci fi movie. Click here. Go there till end April for daily updates and lots of pics.

Smog blog

So the smog finally settled in after a few days of less pollution, and what a shocker - this is what it's like from the inside out, here in Beijing.
(see pic of traffic and buildings on the facebook page) Pals may have laughed but never am I more grateful to have brought those industrial masks with me. I wear them on the hour cab journey (passenger seat is on right remember,) there and back.
But even so, the back of my nose is still dry as a bone and getting awful congestion in my nasal passageways (to put it politely) if i leave the mask off outside. And this is only moderately polluted! It would be 25 degrees if no smog - cant see the sun through it all.Scary stuff. Imagine living here amongst it? However, have had some superb food here so far - and the breakfasts are wonderful - including med veg!

I yearn for my perfectly fresh Surrey country air I must admit, and I've got another 17 nights to go! And I’m missing the poggies! Glad niece Steph is there to doggysit tho.

Super Updates on TTFLS as 3 Month Challenge continues

We are now almost exactly two months through - a third still to go, and a month is a long time to make some changes. Here's another lovely post on our facebook group (join us via the links below) and if you need company on your journey, just check in - some great chats each night. And more varied shares too.



See Bruce's weekly webchat transcript at bottom of this blog in case you missed it! (all the links to the facebook groups and blogs with bodyblade content are below too.)

Other news -

- the coregasm – why strengthening your core can do more than keep you fit! More here.

- Britain’s Favourite Foods – re they Good for You? BBC 2 show this week – some urprises the girls on TTFLs group on Facebook said. More here.


Below – Bruce’s latest, plus Lin my sis (RCM). To come -

April 20th – Patrick from Quacker

April 27th – Skechers’ Richard and Sara Hollamby /Judith Williams skincare

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Linda Bignell – Red Carpet Manicure – Monday 13th April.


 Hi Linda, have already bought two sets from RCM in the past,so don't need another lamp, but would have loved to buy the gorgeous pink that was in the Cinderella collection. Unfortunately not available on its own. Will it be in future please. Love my RCM AND DON't use any other. Many thanks xx


Dawn Robinson Hello Linda  firstly you always look beautiful like your Sister & your smile is amazing ! Can i ask what your favourite QVC beauty products are


Susan King Joan, you can buy the individual Cinderella polishes direct from red carpet manicure. The pinks are "well, aren't we lovely" (bright pink) and "courageous kind of girl" (the paler pink).


Susan King Hi Linda, I've seen a beautiful black with glitter called "an evening to remember" but can't see it on the RCM website, is it discontinued?


Carol Gillmore Hi Linda I have been thinking of purchasing RCM for a while now as I love nails and mine as I've gotten older just arnt the same anymore:-(, having tried loads of treatments etc with no real difference, but I was lucky to have a Jel manicure for my s...See More


Joan Dickinson Thanks Susan will take a look XX


Linda Bignell On my way home lovely ladies ! Can't wait to join you at 8! Whoop x


Tracy King Hi Linda Bignell my pro lamp arrived on Saturday I collected it from mums today so going to try it out tonight il let you know how I get on, mum used hers last night and said it's fab! Watch this space! Tx


Deborah Ingram Hi Linda, following all the advice and recommendations from the lovely 'back to you' ladies I git the Cinderella collection. Yesterday i did my first RCM. Played safe and went for the light pink from the buttons.& bows colours. it was so easy to apply ...See More


Christine Brignall Hi Linda! Will we be getting many new colour sets without the lamp? I would also like your opinion on the pro lamp and what difference it make to application. Thanks for your help. You and Debbie always make me giggle and I love RCM


Sharon Harvey Hi Linda, thank you so much for rushing back to join us... how are you? x


Linda Bignell Hi sharon I'm so well great to be here x


Linda Bignell I will start answering some of these fab questions


Sharon Harvey okidoke x


Linda Bignell Joan Dickinson! Hi, good point and yes like Susan king says call RCM direct they will help you, they are a great team x


Andie Stephany Hey Lindy. I'm still painting my knuckles, the dressing table and the cat, so when you coming over for a gallon of wine and a nail painting tutorial?? xxx


Linda Bignell Hi Dawn Robinson! You are TOO kind! Where do I begin! Because of Debbie Flint I'm rather addicted to Q and like many of us buy Far too much! So I love ultra sun and elemis got my TSV just in time! Decleor and lulu G but only have 1 bag!!! Liz Earle Tiana B Ronnie Nicole Laura G omg I'm addicted xx


Linda Bignell Hi lovely Andie Stephany! Yes we should do organise a girls night in !! X


Linda Bignell Susan king Hi! If the colour not on web site call up! America may have some hon x


Deborah Ingram Ha ha Andie, i'm sure a gallon of wine will def steady your hand!

If your sending out invites count me in!!

Andie Stephany As soon as the weary traveller returns! xx


Linda Bignell Hi Cathy Hoth, how are you ? X


Sharon Harvey Linda what are your favourite colours to wear? Brights? Darks? Pastels? x




Linda Bignell Christine B , I really hope Q get more colour collections too! I will keep you posted ! x


Linda Bignell Hi Tracy King, you will love it x


Linda Bignell Deborah Ingram ! Well done you! It still amazes me how my RCM stays shiney and glossy. Do soak off! Never pick and you will love it forever x

Christine Brignall Which is your favourite shade Linda? X


Linda Bignell Hi Carole, read some of the reviews! It's much easier than you can imagine! Ali Young always says the first time line everything up and follow the instructions ! Thumbs separately remember! Always in box me I will help x


Linda Bignell Christine I love sparkles and dark shades so........ Bourgeois babe! And my latest fav is life's short wear a Tiara! But adore my classics like Glitz and glamour x


Linda Bignell The one Debs been wearing is well aren't we lovely! It's a hot cherry pink and I can't wait to try it! If she ever gives it back! Lol x


Christine Brignall So many to choose from I need a bigger container to hold my collection yet I'm still looking for more! RCM addict x


Deborah Ingram I will follow your advice to the letter!

 I had a gel manicure done a few years.ago and it lifted off. Now I have learnt.from you Linda Bignell to paint the tip to seal the polish, I'm sure that wasnt done at the time so expect thats why it lifted.


Linda Bignell Yes Deborah! And always clean hands first! Never apply to wet hands though! Don't paint cuticles ! Thin thin coats x


Dawn Robinson Thank you Linda  Some of my favourites there too


Carol Gillmore Thanks Linda will do:-) xx




Tracy King I'm typing with my knuckles as I'm soaking off the life is short wear a tiara. I'm going to try the amethyst one from the gem collection and my new pro lamp, il put a pic up when finished and do a review of lamp tx


Linda Bignell I've just been PM'd ! Do you think it would be a good idea to record a master class for you tube ? Maybe with Tanya the model and Deb ? Tanya is soooooo funny and a keen RCM fan! She loves caramel moments(soft nude with a hint of caramel ) works as a model x


Linda Bignell Ooooooh Tracy! That rocks my world!!! Yes please post pic after x


Deborah Ingram I must admit I was a little worried at first as.I've never really liked my nails. But I followed the advice and tips from your presentations and the group ladies. I lined up the bottles in order of use and just followed each step, dont know now why i was worried! I'm hoping now the more colours. I try the better my nails will get.



Dawn Robinson My daughter just asked me to ask you a question  can you use the LED Lamp for your toes ? xx


Sharon Harvey Hahahahaha! You nutter and yes it would be a fabulous idea please!! X


Tracy King Yes please Linda Bignell that would be great caramel moments is my mums fave tx


Linda Bignell Deborah !! Brilliant you must be so so pleased x


Sharon Harvey Sorry Dawn that is for Linda Bignell x


Deborah Ingram Just need to work on my cuticles now!


Linda Bignell Yes you can do Pedis Dawn! Place lamp over foot! Do in 2 halves if nec! And if you have bendy little toes make sure the light is in contact x



Christine Brignall It gets easier and quicker the more u do it Deborah. They look great

Linda Bignell Use the cuticle oil daily or any cuticle oil you love x


Linda Bignell I agree Christine !

Corinne Fitzgerald I would love a Masterclass You Tube video Linda! I ordered the Cinderella kit yesterday. x


Linda Bignell Thought this would make you laugh as I was asked which Q products are my favs x


Dawn Robinson Just saw that Sharon x


Linda Bignell Hi Corinne, I promise to get on it as soon as Deb gets back from China x


Dawn Robinson Fantastic collection


Deborah Ingram I was using avoplex but since i ran out i've been using the Judith Wiiliams rose oil. I've always suffered with dry nails and cuticles.


Linda Bignell Is it fab! I love love love my magic make up ! X


Carol Gillmore Ha ha Linda that is some collection  have to ask you for advice on a product as it looks like you hot them all xx


Carol Gillmore Got even


Sharon Harvey That's what we like to see Linda Bignell a nice, organised dressing table

Linda Bignell I've been watching for far too long and love the beauty products so much! x


Sharon Harvey Can't think who that reminds me of...?


Jill Dowding-Walker Hi girls!


Linda Bignell It's a bit messy hey Sharon! Runs in the fam!! X

Linda Bignell Snap!!!


Linda Bignell Hi Jill, x


Christine Brignall I have really bendy nails and find no matter what type of normal polish I use or how expensive it chips. Love RCM. No chipping no smudging no dry time! Love it.


Linda Bignell Jill are you still loving your pinks and purples x


Deborah Ingram Ha ha, this is like an AA support name is, and i'm a QVC addict!


Corinne Fitzgerald Thanks Linda. x

Jill Dowding-Walker Totally! May I just reiterate one bit of advice? Don't pick the RCM off. I did - once - never again!


Linda Bignell I know! I was training staff in a high end department store today! And when the young girls say they've never heard of Q I'm like???? NO WAY Haha


Carol Gillmore I've just ordered a collection and used my easter Ep:-) will let you know how I get on excited xx


Linda Bignell That's handy Carol, sure you'll love it! Ask if you need any help! I love a bit of EZP! x


Susan King Can I paint over my manicure with another RCM polish once I've top coated?


Christine Brignall I've been watching QVC since I was in primary school! I still have the first thing I pestered my Mam into ordering for me! Where else can you try beauty products and return if not suitable? Fool proof shopping x


Jill Dowding-Walker Yes Susan.



Tracy King Will u ever come to that high end dept store in Edinburgh Linda Bignell? Meet and greet! Tx

Linda Bignell Susan if you do you have to re texturise the surface and start from scratch! The only problem it may build in thickness and take longer to remove x


Deborah Ingram I spoke to a friend this evening who is moving house, he saud he would prepare the spate room for me to stay, with NN bedding and yankee candles and elemis in the bathroom. I'll never go home!


Linda Bignell Tracy I'd love too


Tracy King Get that in the suggestion box then! Tx


Linda Bignell Rcm are growing week by week! You honestly get SAME formulations as the professional range! Exactly the same! x


Linda Bignell Sounds wonderful Deborah x


Tracy King Right old polish off I'm away to play with my new lamp, don't go anywhere! Tx


Linda Bignell Wait til it lights up!!! Ha


Linda Bignell Put your glasses on


Sharon Harvey linda, have you ever been Star struck by any Qvc guest and how does it feel to be recognised when you sre out? hahaha xx

Linda Bignell sharon you are funny!! Yes Lulu!! And John Barrowman! Like seriously star stuck ! But I missed out on Donny Osmond! X


Linda Bignell I've been recognised 3 times! And the lovely people usually ask what Debbie Flint is like!!! Haha x


Sharon Harvey Oh Really! Wow.....i bet its fab wandering the halls of Qvc with all the special guest in, yourself included! x


Jill Dowding-Walker What RCM colours are your favourites Linda? You look great in brights!


Sharon Harvey Hahaha Thats funny, you should say " well she is about 5"3.5, red hair and talks like me" or tell them some crazy story about childhood xx


Linda Bignell Well apart from the sparkles and darks I do also wear Mimossa by the pool! Did my pedi earlier with it Jill


Sharon Harvey Please join me in Thanking the gorgeous Linda Bignell of Red Carpet Manicure, for joining us this evening for a live chat, Linda it had been brilliant having you here, we do so love this range and the colours are absolutely stunning! We look forward to seeing you on Qvc soon!


Linda Bignell It's gonna be hot this week girls and when summer arrives the brights are fab x


Jill Dowding-Walker Aha! Fab colour for you! Can't reach my toes, lol! Will have to bribe my daughter to do them!


Dawn Robinson Thank you Linda & Sharon


Linda Bignell Enjoyed it and thanks to everyone ! Will keep you all posted about new colours ! Keep sending me those pics xx


Jill Dowding-Walker Thank you Linda and Sharon!  x x x


Jill Dowding-Walker Will post new pics later this week! x


Linda Bignell Thanks Sharon Harvey for having me  mwah xx


Sharon Harvey lots of love everyone and thank you! xx Please join us for a live web chat next week when my guest will be The fabulous, Quacktastic Patrick Hoy! Don’t forget to also Like Debbie Flints Page for her daily china diary, lots of love and thank you for joining us xx


Corinne Fitzgerald Thank you Linda. xx

Jill Dowding-Walker In parting, I must say that RCM is the only failsafe way for me to grow my nails up - otherwise they are weak like tissue paper!


Sharon Harvey Always welcome Linda Bignell, thank you everyone x


Susan King Thanks Linda xXx


Tracy King Sorry I'm late Linda Bignell I was playing! Lamp fantastic so quick and brilliant that you can do thumbs at the same time and not have to go back and do them! Like the guide for proper hand placement and thumb markers! This colour is the amethyst from the power of the gems collection it's mighty purty! Thanks for chatting tonight luv tx


Linda Bignell Oh wow!!! Fab colour Tracy! Love it x


Tracy King It's rather gorgeous eh? Tx


Jill Dowding-Walker Love that colour Tracy! Delicious!


Deborah Ingram Wow Tracy King, your nails look fabulous!



Bruce's webchat - 13th April 2015

Carolyn Holder Bruce, can you tell me how to stand to get the maximum from the exercises, Anne mentioned tucking your belly button in and tilting your hips forward!! I have been doing this and trying to squat more.

13 April at 16:53 · Like · 2

Barbara Marks Love the Bodyblade Bruce just have a little trouble when I put it behind my back any tips for me

13 April at 16:55 · Like · 4

Kelly Daniel Should my whole body wiggle/shake when mainly doing no6 hip/thigh and the belly buster? I watch the dvd and no one elses seems to, am i getting the blade movement wrong?

13 April at 16:59 · Edited · Like · 6

Michele Finney Finally got mine but struggling with technique, especially body wiggle. More practice needed I think x

13 April at 16:58 · Like · 2

Nancy Hammond Hi Bruce, I have an issue with my left IT band being very sore, it has become much worse since using BB, what am I doing wrong?

13 April at 16:59 · Like · 3

Tracie-Jane Bath Barbara Marks,i have heard bruce suggest an answer to this before and its the only way i can do that it in front of the mirror.a full length one of course,lol.xx

13 April at 16:59 · Like · 3

Barbara Marks Did try that Hun just can't keep it moving x

13 April at 17:01 · Like · 4

Tracie-Jane Bath hopefully bruce will have some further help for you then Barbara Marks.xx

13 April at 17:02 · Like · 4

Shirley Brown I am having difficult get the blade to vertical in front of me anytips please.

13 April at 17:03 · Like · 5

Barbara Marks I hope so , thanks Tracie-Jane Bath x

13 April at 17:03 · Like · 3

Jemma Collins Hi I've just ordered my BB... I can't walk or stand though- what's the best way to use it from my electric wheelchair? My arms aren't as strong as normal (I have a muscle weakness called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type 3) so I wouldn't be able to do anything above my head etc. Thanks

13 April at 17:04 · Like · 4

Karen Garner Think I must be gripping too tight as when I've finished the exercises I have the veins in my hands and wrists stood out prominent ,also a little neck ache but think that's due to old neck & rotary cuff injury ..think bb is brilliant as for first time in a long while I have more movement without glad I was off that day and channel hopping ...sorry won't be able to see the chat as at work tonight also for future reference how and where do you do the chats?

13 April at 17:12 · Edited · Like · 3

Sue Stewart Hi Bruce hope you're well. Just along for the chat tonight. No specific questions from me x

13 April at 17:09 · Like · 4

Maureen Green I struggle doing hip/ thigh one too can move the blade with just right hand but struggle with two hands. I'm new tho so will keep at it!!!! Xx

13 April at 17:10 · Like · 5

Diane Gray Yes hip/thigh one tricky ... can do left and right hand individually but not much momentum with both hands

13 April at 17:14 · Like · 4

Maureen Green Glad it's not just me I'm sure it will come!!

13 April at 17:15 · Like · 5

Karen McPhillips I can only do the hip/thigh one handed too! Glad it's not just me! Any tips will be appreciated x

13 April at 17:15 · Like · 5

Karen Kamudu Im another newbie bruce.

Again struggling keeing blade moving im sure partly as i need to relax more. Hold access skin and fat and when do hip and thigh get whole body wobble but again its keeping blade moving throws me x

13 April at 17:16 · Like · 3

Diane Gray I used to find exercise behind the back tricky but that seems to have righted itself with practice ... hopefully this one too !

13 April at 17:16 · Like · 5

Chris Jopp I'm another one handed hip and thigh person lol! Just can't get the knack.

13 April at 17:19 · Like · 3

Libby Murdoch Hi Bruce. I've used the blade for a week now. I've noticed that I'm getting a bit more feeling in my left leg, I had a stroke. Is this just because of the type of exercise or is it just my imagination? I'm loving using the blade and my jeans are not as tight after only the week.

13 April at 17:40 · Edited · Like · 6

Sara Brown Is it best when getting started to focus on super 6 or rotate through different work out options. I loved the speed and change of Hampton Court video.


I've been using for one week and can't resist having a play each time I walk past it. Even had my ten year old niece doing super 6 yesterday.

13 April at 17:26 · Edited · Like · 2

Amy Wall Hi Bruce. Like Sue Stewart I'm just observing tonight as I think you have lots of newbies that need your help. Still loving the BB and it's more a permahabit now. Enjoy the chat xx

13 April at 17:29 · Like · 6

Lisa Maxwell Hi Bruce, I really want to work on my pecs, to try to hold off on 'the girls' moving south for as long as possible! Is there an exercise that will concentrate work on the supporting muscles for that area?

13 April at 17:29 · Like · 5

Annabel Burns Hi Bruce. I have used the blade on and off for the last few years. Now I need to use it properly. I especially would love to shift tummy after having three C Sections to large babies. One was ten pounds and five ounces. Even if youngest is 18 years of age. Waiting for viral infection to shift at present before working out with the blade. x

13 April at 17:38 · Like · 4

Marion Mcgrath I am struggling with the technique of no 4 , any suggestions xx

13 April at 17:42 · Like · 3

Wendy Lawrence Hi Bruce, my 1st time here, big thanks for inventing 'My' BB love it! so much I want to ask for me but maybe next time. Husband just had 1st Physio for Anterior Deltoid, muscle (I think) detatched completely in Rotator cuff. Lot of pain! 2 things please - 1. As we seem to live in the town that time forgot is there any good info I can print off for him to give to interested therapist. 2. which exercise if any would be best for him to try please. Thanks so much x

13 April at 17:48 · Like · 3

Arline Jackson Hello Bruce, my question is....having used the BB for about 2 months now I have noticed an improvement in my bladder! Are my meds kicking in or could it be the BB strengthening my pelvic floor??

13 April at 17:52 · Like · 9

Tracie-Jane Bath hi bruce,could a young teenager (13 years old) with a spine curvature use the bodyblade? also could an adult who has had a stroke leaving one side of the body very weak use one? xx

13 April at 17:54 · Like · 4

Anne Keating Hi Bruce. Lots of newbies on here with questions tonight and a few still waiting for their BBs unfortunately. Any tips for them? xx

13 April at 17:57 · Like · 6

Gwenn Wilson Hi Bruce I have a flexibar but should I be investing in the bodyblade for better results? ??

13 April at 18:10 · Like · 2

Jane Battersby I've only had my BB since last Thursday and have used it every day. Have been trying out different videos on YouTube but like the Hampton Court one best at the moment. It is helping me get the routine memorised. Like others I find No 6 the hardest but today I tried holding the blade lower in front of me (so my hands were about level with my belly button) and I think it was a little easier! Has anyone else found this?

13 April at 18:15 · Like · 4

Helen Murphy Hi Bruce won't be around at 8 as have to go out. Possibly someone else can answer such as Anne but should I feel muscle ache after using the BB just I am wondering if I am working hard enough?! Still new to this.

13 April at 18:19 · Like · 3

Michelle Allen Hi Bruce!! I will be around tonight I'm new to BB well had it a year and been in bag but Anne keeps a check on me now!!! And it's out and getting use!

13 April at 18:44 · Like · 4

Linda Graham Mmm like the sound of the pelvic floor whats the exercise for that one as i have prolapse bladder but wont operate as I have an aortic aneurysm that is being watched/monitored so exercise for pelvic appreciated thanks.

13 April at 18:49 · Like · 4

Michele Finney Just done the super 6! OMG can I feel it, especially in my neck and chest, so not sure I am doing it right at all? Cannot get the hang of the body shake one!!

13 April at 19:02 · Like · 2

Lindsey Sweet Hi Bruce, Would just like to say Ihave always had a problem with my lower back (for the last 14 years) and following an MRI scan I was diagnosed with bulging discs across my back, following several steroid injections and back surgery I have not been able to do much exercice due to the pain. Since having the bodyblade which I have had since 12th March this year I have been noticed my posture is alot better and I have been toning up and actually loosing some weight finally. Some days I can do more bb than others, I just do what I can when I can. I mentioned it to my chiropractor and she said she had heard about the good results people do get from it and said I should give it a go The bb does not increase my pain, what I have found is that on the days that I do not use the bb I am alot more stiffer. I love the bb because it's fun to use and it doesn't feel like exercise. No more monthly memberships. A bodyblade is for life! I would recommend everyone to give it a go what do you have to loose? I have found the results come quickly. I thank you for bringing the bodyblade to the UK and for the great support we all get from you and the gang on here

13 April at 19:05 · Like · 6

Sandra Della I can't get the hang of hip and thigh one, move hips but not blade x

13 April at 19:06 · Like · 5

Michele Finney Same here Sandra Della, it's frustrating! X

13 April at 19:08 · Like · 1

Sandra Della It is,looks easy, can manage the others ok lol x

13 April at 19:09 · Like · 2

Michele Finney I have just been laughed at shaking my hips but blade doesn't move! At least am entertainment ! Xx

13 April at 19:11 · Like · 3

Amy Wall We were all like that girls in the beginning but it does happen just stick at it, relax, light grip and I find the lace grip beneficial with No 6 xx

13 April at 19:14 · Like · 4

Sandra Della I bet it is Michele, we should manage it soon hopefully. X

13 April at 19:15 · Like · 2

Lindsey Sweet I end up laughing when doing the hip and thigh one ! can't help it xx

13 April at 19:15 · Like · 3

Kathryn Stewart I find the overhead the hardest. Any tips? Thanks Bruce x

13 April at 19:15 · Like · 1

Arline Jackson Squatting helps me with hip and thigh one

13 April at 19:16 · Like · 1

Beverley Roberts I a newbee wondering if Im doing it right.and what to follow.or is it a case of doing different workout to get maximum benefit..try to tone up especially around midsection many thanks

13 April at 19:23 · Like · 1

Kathryn Stewart I was having trouble til went back to the DVD and Bruce's clear instructions. Still waiting in anticipation for the new one!

13 April at 19:27 · Like · 2

Sandra Della Will try it again later Amy x

13 April at 19:29 · Like · 2

Sue Stewart Yes me to and Libby Nunn.

13 April at 19:29 · Like · 2

Dorothy Morrison Hi Bruce I am very interested in the BB but I had Cervical spinal fusion on my neck 5 years ago, do you think using the BB will effect this or could it make my neck stronger

13 April at 19:42 · Like · 2

Sandra Hipkin I have the flexi bar and am thinking of getting the bb what is the difference or are they technically the same?

13 April at 19:57 · Like · 4

Amy Wall Wow Bruce Hymanson I hope you have oiled your fingers for tonight's webchat. So many newbies. Did you ever imagine your webchat would be so popular ? Xxxx

13 April at 20:00 · Like · 6

Bruce Hymanson Hello Bodyblade Ohana and welcome to all of our new members! You have a fantastic support team in this group. They are the most wonderful people and willing to help whenever you have a question. Tonight, I have read through most everyone's posts and have put together answers for hopefully all of them. Not individual answers but answers to all questions from many of you.

13 April at 20:05 · Like · 18

Christine Grochowina I find it hard to relax my shoulders on some of the exercises, the upper one especially am I doing something wrong or will it disappear.

13 April at 20:06 · Like · 2

Chris Jopp Hi Bruce and everyone else.

13 April at 20:07 · Like · 4

Michelle Allen Where do we chat?

13 April at 20:08 · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Before I answer an specific questions, let me remind everyone that there are several posted workouts on You Tube as well as Debbie Flint's site. Additionally, I suggest everyone watch the LEARN section of the Super6/Power10 DVD where I go over all the important points about using Bodyblade correctly. If you do not have that DVD, Most of the information is easily accessible at .


Transform Your Body with Bodyblade® With Bodyblade you are using your core muscles for every exercise...

13 April at 20:09 · Like · 11 · Remove Preview

Amy Wall On here Michelle Allen x

13 April at 20:10 · Like · 2

Rosemary Jemphrey I can't get the hip and thigh one either, about 5-6 secs and I have lost it ;(

13 April at 20:10 · Like · 1

Chris Jopp I can't even get that far lol! Oh tell a lie, I managed about 2 secs and then lost it. Currently doing it one handed - I have a flexi bar so I think the technique may be a bit different.

13 April at 20:12 · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson It is important to hold the blade properly, stand or sit correctly, drive the blade accurately and pay close attention to the "common Driving errors" Most of the questions tonight can be answered and understood better if you watch these chapters where I provide tips and education. consider them resources for you so you can refer to them, watch them and practice as often as you like. Having said that, here we go with answers for tonight.

13 April at 20:12 · Like · 7

Amy Wall Go Bruce go!!!!!!! X

13 April at 20:13 · Like · 6

Bruce Hymanson Let's start with stance. Frequent question. Regardless of the exercise, when standing, stand in a partial squat which will better activate the hips, core and lower body. Now, you will burn more calories, add to the benefit of the workout and you body as a whole will respond better as a team because you connect you lower body to the upper body through the Core. So, next time you do the Chest Press or Back and Shoulder Reach, don't just stand there with straight legs, get into a partial squat

13 April at 20:16 · Like · 11

Chris Jopp That makes sense to me, will try that after the chat.

13 April at 20:18 · Like · 4

Bruce Hymanson Having trouble behind the back or doing the Tricep Push? Part of that is because you are turning your brain upside down and the arms are not sure what to do back there. Get to know the feel of your hands around the handle. Notice (by feel) where the ridge down the center of the handle is located. This will help you drive the blade correctly toward a 45 degree angle to the floor. You can also stand in front of a mirror and look at your self sideways to see the action of the blade. Remember, practice and feel will make the difference

13 April at 20:19 · Like · 11

Annabel Burns Is this where we chat? x

13 April at 20:20 · Like · 6

Rosemary Jemphrey I've had a microdiscectomy and want to build strength. BBing can irritate my back but I am hoping slow and steady should work...

13 April at 20:20 · Like · 2

Sandra Hipkin Yes Annabel Burns

13 April at 20:21 · Like · 1

Annabel Burns Thanks sandra x

13 April at 20:22 · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Trouble with #6? Hip & Thigh Sculptor? I have posted several instructional and Tips oriented videos. Watch them so you can see and hear what I am saying. Sometimes, visual learners benefit so much more from seeing as well as reading or hearing. I am a huge visual learner so give that a try. The key is quickness not brutt strength. Moving quickly and not more than a inch in either direction is important. Some of you commented that you can do better with one hand. Do that even though you are holding with two hands. Make one hand work harder at first until you can do both together. Remember, I don't want you to wiggle your body just to wiggle. That will not get this exercise for you

13 April at 20:23 · Like · 6

Chris Jopp I find that as soon as I put my 2nd hand on the blade (once I've got it moving!) the whole thing goes to pot LOL! Will have a look at the videos later and keep trying.

13 April at 20:24 · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson My fingers are smoking now!!!

13 April at 20:24 · Like · 11

Sue Stewart

13 April at 20:25 · Like · 6

Sue Stewart Is this you Bruce x

13 April at 20:26 · Like · 5

Michelle Allen Thank you for your words of wisdom Bruce!!

13 April at 20:26 · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson Some of you have mentioned that you are either recovering from injury or must exercise from a seated position or from a wheel chair. All Bodyblade exercises can be started or completely done from a chair. If you have difficulty going overhead, don't worry about that. Do the exercise lower down or at chest height until you progress. Everything is to be done at your own pace. No wrong way to do this. Since we are not weight training or needing to fit into some machine, we don't worry about it. We train the body and allow the body to improve on it's own gradually and safely

13 April at 20:28 · Like · 7

Bruce Hymanson Hi Sue, Haha, yes, I have large ears but my posture looks better while I sit at my computer!!!!

13 April at 20:30 · Like · 7

Christine Grochowina Thanks for the tip Bruce

13 April at 20:30 · Like · 1

Chris Jopp That's one thing I've noticed Bruce, I may not be as good at it as I hope to become, but my posture is improving and people are beginning to notice that.

13 April at 20:31 · Like · 5

Bruce Hymanson Jemma, hope my answer regarding sitting and or training from a wheel chair helped you. If not, ask more

13 April at 20:32 · Like · 4

Sue Stewart Funny Bruce. Welcome to the British sence of humour.

13 April at 20:32 · Like · 4

Jemma Collins Thank you Bruce Hymanson, I'm really looking forward to getting my bodyblade

13 April at 20:33 · Like · 3

Sandra Hipkin I have the flexi bar and am thinking of getting the bb what is the difference or are they technically the same?

13 April at 20:34 · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Proper Grip. LIGHT GRIP everyone! Like holding a raw egg or a little baby's wrist. Let your pinky finger (almost like drinking tea) come away from the blade to give you the light feel. Of course, you have to hold on while driving the blade but the response needs to come from the core, not the forearms and wrist. They are just the connector to the blade. let your body do all the work and build your body from the center out.

13 April at 20:35 · Like · 4

Sue Stewart Your posture must be good at your pc as you Bodyblade hehe.

13 April at 20:36 · Like · 3

Chris Jopp I think that's where a lot of us go wrong, as we try to intensify the exercise we grip tighter in case we drop it lol!

13 April at 20:36 · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson I always recommend starting with the Super 6 workout because it includes flexibility and strengthening for the entire body. the various workouts we've done are also excellent to do. Any workout is OK to do at any time. If you are enjoying yourself with the Hampton Court, do the Hampton Court. It is a great circuit of the Super6 and will give you great results. Even, taking just one exercise to start, do that throughout the day, little by little, you will add another and another until you are ready for a full workout. Even then, you know what I always say, start and stop as you need to. Progress at your own pace. This is your workout!!!

13 April at 20:38 · Like · 12

Anne Keating I find if I only use one hand out to the side and drive the Bodyblade, my right hand is fine, but in my left hand the BB is useless. And I'm lefthanded! Why is this Bruce? xx

13 April at 20:41 · Edited · Like · 5

Sue Stewart I like owning my workouts. It means I'm in control.

13 April at 20:41 · Like · 5

Chris Jopp That's what I like about it Bruce, I'm not at all fit and have hated exercise of any kind, but I've taken to this and pick up the flexi bar that a member here (Dianne Murphy) gave me (saving up for a blade), when I pass it. I do at least 2 sets of the Super 6 in the morning and then throughout the day I may do a few 10 sec goes. Its sort of addictive!

13 April at 20:42 · Like · 1

Karen Hunt Hi Bruce, just to say have found my overall strength has improved. This time of the year I can be heard frequently moaning of 'seizing up' following some heavy duty digging in the garden. Also to top it all, went clothes shopping with my mum as its my birthday and discovered have dropped a dress size. Lovin' my exercise routine

13 April at 20:43 · Like · 8

Lindsey Sweet Thanks for all your advice, going to start warming up for my workout. Take care

13 April at 20:46 · Like · 7

Bruce Hymanson A few people have stated they have a copycat product to the Bodyblade. I won't mention the name (because there are a couple) but will say. The inferior design, poor weight distribution, stiffness and inability to control the movement (because it goes in circles) is not in line with my design of the bodyblade, how it interacts with the nervous system and the benefits to our joints and muscles. Round rods do not accomplish what a flat linear blade will do. Hopefully, this will answer your questions. If not, please ask more

13 April at 20:47 · Like · 7

Lindsey Sweet Chat later everyone xxx

13 April at 20:47 · Like · 3

Bruce Hymanson Hi Karen, thank you for sharing!!

13 April at 20:47 · Like · 2

Chris Jopp Thanks Bruce, I'm definitely going to save up (I know its on easy pay but I only have my pension coming in!)

13 April at 20:50 · Edited · Like · 2

Gwenn Wilson Thank you Bruce x my flexibar will go to my neighbour and I will put my order in for the Bodyblade tonight x

13 April at 20:48 · Like · 3

Bruce Hymanson Lisa asked about Chest, pecs and supporting exercises. Chest Press, Back and Shoulder Reach, Hip & Thigh and Ab Crunch are really great for the Chest. Many others too but start with those.

13 April at 20:49 · Like · 4

Christine Grochowina Night Bruce. Off to do exercises will be back later

13 April at 20:50 · Like · 3

Sandra Hipkin Now ordered the bb as it's back on 3 ez pays at the mo

13 April at 20:52 · Like · 4

Kathryn Stewart Boy Bruce you have typed your digits off! This group has grown. Thanks, for your time again. Much appreciated Kx

13 April at 20:53 · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Pelvic Floor! Bodyblade is great for the Pelvic floor. You've all heard me say "the Core is everything from the neck to the Pelvic Floor". The deep postural, hip flexors, abdominal and pelvic muscles all interact and must participate when doing Bodyblade. You don;t even have to think about it and you are strengthening the deep pelvic muscles

13 April at 20:55 · Like · 6

Wendy Lawrence Left a question for Bruce earlier was I supposed to ask again? new and don't know.

13 April at 20:55 · Like · 1

Amy Wall Yeh Wendy try now. He has had so many tonight x

13 April at 20:55 · Like · 1

Sue Stewart What was your question Wendy Lawrence

13 April at 20:55 · Like · 1

Sara Brown Thank you Bruce for addressing my query.

13 April at 20:56 · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Sometimes, muscles will ache after exercise. Since we are not weight training, you are not tearing down muscle tissue microscopically but to some degree, any time you strengthen muscle, you are doing that. Also, technique, nutrition, hydration and proper warm up and coo down contribute to muscle soreness. Consider all aspects of training

13 April at 20:57 · Like · 3

Gwenn Wilson Yes thank you Bruce x

13 April at 20:57 · Like · 1

Sue Stewart Hi Bruce, my 1st time here, big thanks for inventing 'My' BB love it! so much I want to ask for me but maybe next time. Husband just had 1st Physio for Anterior Deltoid, muscle (I think) detatched completely in Rotator cuff. Lot of pain! 2 things please - 1. As we seem to live in the town that time forgot is there any good info I can print off for him to give to interested therapist. 2. which exercise if any would be best for him to try please. Thanks so much x

13 April at 20:57 · Like · 2

Wendy Lawrence Hi Sue Stewart asked about rotator cuff for Husband x

13 April at 20:57 · Like · 1

Bruce Hymanson Lindsey, thank you for your beautiful testimonial. So much appreciated. Perhaps post on QVC website to help someone else who might wonder if Bodyblade can help them too

13 April at 20:58 · Like · 3

Sue Stewart Bruce I've re posted va question for Wendy Lawrence can you look please

13 April at 20:58 · Like · 1

Kathryn Stewart Boy Sue, you confused me there! X

13 April at 20:58 · Like · 2

Sue Stewart Re posted for you Wendy Lawrence

13 April at 20:58 · Like · 1

Barbara Marks Great tips thanks Bruce Hymanson

13 April at 21:00 · Like · 1

Amy Wall Thanks again for your time to answer so many ?s Bruce. Missed our Debbie popping in occasionally but hopefully she is in the land of nod now. Off to virtual workout now. Take care xxx

13 April at 21:01 · Like · 2

Anne Keating Thank you Bruce for a great webchat this evening. We all appreciate your time with us on Mondays. And although we do our best to answer the questions from new members, it so much more encouraging for them to hear from you. Most members of the group have their Bodyblades now and we hope that the few who haven't receive them very soon and can join in with the group. You and Debbie make it so much fun to exercise. Have a good week. xx

13 April at 21:01 · Like · 9

Anne Keating See you later after a Supersix or a Bellyblaster everyone! xx

13 April at 21:02 · Like · 5

Chris Jopp Thanks Bruce, great chat. x

13 April at 21:03 · Like · 2

Bruce Hymanson A few of you have asked medical questions which I can not fully address since I can't examine you to evaluate your condition. My best advice is to take your blade to the MD or Physio, show them what you can do and allow them to give you the OK. Having said that, I would say, a 13 year old with a curvature can use the blade to strengthen the entire body. A stroke patient with weakness can benefit tremendously using Bodyblade not only on the strong side but often on the involved side as well. Remember, get the ultimate approval from your medical professional

13 April at 21:03 · Like · 6

Gwenn Wilson Thank you Anne Keating x

13 April at 21:03 · Like · 2

Sandra Hipkin Thank you Bruce Hymanson

13 April at 21:05 · Like · 2

Michelle Allen Thank you for your tips help and advice Bruce it is greatly appreciated!!

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