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Renee, Keeley and Bruce - Monday webchats; 'the truth about fat' shows why Bodyblade works so well at burning fat!
6 April 2015

pound of fat pound of fat

Blog 150406 b2u renee and keeley elemis webchats; the truth about fat shows why bodyblade works so well at burning fat!

This week – the truth about fat – well almost… Why drink coconut water?... How to make yourself do something if you really don’t want to …

The Truth About Fat… well, some of it! Well I watched it, on BBC iPlayer – and on the whole, well done that presenter! Saleyha Ahsan is an overweight Doctor who seeks out how best to shift body fat, and what fats are good or bad in the latest from this BBC doc series.

On the whole she does a good job – it’s worth a watch – go here to iPlayer (avail only until beginning of May.) I was a bit disappointed that the first half of the programme seems to abhor ‘fat’ per se – like people did in the ‘old days!’ The segments would make a layman think that ANY fat is bad. But regulars to this blog, and anyone with half an eye on the health news for the last year or so, will know there are different fats and they’re NOT all the same. The distinction didn’t come till too far into the show, IMO. For instance we need fat – good fat – so showing that fat enters the bloodstream after a meal, be it burger and chips or healthy salmon and avocado, and makes plasma in a blood sample cloudy, is a bit of a ‘so what.’ Without differentiating, what’s the point? It definitely isn’t a ‘OMG how terrible!’ result, which is what that segment it made it out to be. Then I was disappointed there was such a lack of science involved in the ‘eat only under 1% fat’ foods experiment, given that many would be eating a lot of sugar instead, which also as we found out later in the programme, is made into fat  by the body. If you’re going to watch any of it, do watch the second half.

The best bit was the exercise experiment, showing why High Intensity Interval Training works. (HIIT) (It’s here – watch it soon in case it gets deleted.) And how FAT is actually used up during exercise and WHY HIIT sequences keep the fat-burning effect going for hours after the exercise stops.

So – revelation! – that’s why Bodyblade (item 432954 on works so well in helping you lose weight!

Bodyblade is H.I.I.T!

It is, by definition, high intensity interval training. I’m going to ask Bruce to do a new sequence when he comes back at the start of May – 4th May is when I’ll have a show with him I believe.  ‘High’ being the operative word, by the way. Great news for anyone who wants to get the fat burned off – even up to two and a half hours after exercise stops, you can double the amount of fat you’re burning off.

Do get the Bodyblade – it’s back in stock currently on QVC UK – just click here to get it.

And do join our Bodyblade UK Facebook group, click here to ping a request to join – it’s the vital support system that keeps you going and makes you feel you’re not on your own.

Bruce also held another live webchat this Monday – I summarise it below.

Any other programmes coming on, that you’ve spotted? Do post the links on the groups!


The science bit - What about how exercise helps the body deal with the glucose in your blood stream?

Yet more benefits of exercise. Found this on youtube – thought it was a really good clear explanation. for you to watch. It’s a fab explanation from Dr Brian Walsh, the guy in charge of who here explains WHY exercise is so important for activating the part of the cell responsible for taking glucose out of the blood stream. Really good simple ‘science bit’ – worth a watch. Click here.


Other news –

-          Prof Lustig video – by me! And taking it back to basics – combining exercise with the whole ‘avoid too much sugar if you want to lose weight’ theme, which we return to over and over again (!), here’s an eleven minute segment from a talk I went to by anti-sugar crusader, Prof Robert Lustig – this section is about the all-important hormones which influence our eating - incl insulin, and the other hormones that signal satiety in the body and how sugar disrupts it all. Click here to watch.

-          And another Prof Lustig anti-sugar lecture – ‘Frontiers of Science’ – it’s fab, specially for anyone for whom the long 90 min bio-chemistry video (sugar the bitter truth) is too in depth – do please give this one  a go – it’s brilliant (100 mins) – click here.

-          7 more reasons to drink coconut water well this week the pack from Tiana organic coconut products arrived, including a coconut water. I read this article and immediately drank it! Click here.

-          How To Stay Motivated When You’re Not In The Mood To Do Anything This is quite god! Re making yourself do stuff! Click here

-          Breath Exercise and Mini-mindfulness – nice – and ‘the Mindful Eating Diet’ – that’s TTFLs Freedom Eating Principle number 3 right there! Hoorah! They’re catching up and the word is spreading! Click here.


Three Month Challenge – as the three month challenge reaches over half way through (it ends May 16th) here’s another lovely bit of feedback on Till the Fat Lady Slims group on Facebook –

-          Joan Dickinson “As well as inches off usual places, I've had to have links taken out of my watch, and my bra goes two notches tighter…”

-          Elaine Daniel “l Lost 5lbs and 10 inches xx which is pretty dam good as i struggle to lose weight with my under active thyroid xxxxreally really happy xx”

-          Amy Wall “Another NSV (non-scales victory.) I just put my Vionic sandals on that I haven't worn since last summer and couldn't believe how chubby my feet must have been because I had to tighten ALL the Velcro straps at least an inch and more on a couple of them. Never thought to measure round my feet lol xx”

(Go to the TTFLS tab on this webpage at top, in order to discover more about Freedom Eating and Till the Fat lady Slims 2.0 books and where to get them.)

These are all from people following my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book (item 704285 on QVC) and/or exercising, most using Bodyblade (item 432954 on QVC) – it makes me feel really proud to read comments like this. Not too late to join us if you want to! Just join one of the groups below.



Don’t forget to read below for Renee and Keeley Elemis’s webchat! And for Bodyblade Bruce’s latest pearls of wisdom! In coming weeks we will have –

April 13th – Caroline Sandry talking about her coconut cake recipes and keeping fit! Carla Laszlo tbc.

April 20th – Patrick from Quacker

April 27th – Skechers’ Richard and Sara Hollamby /Judith Williams skincare

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Renee Greenstein – Attitudes by Renee Fashions – Webchat – Monday 6th April 2015


ps Will Gowing's QCam chat with Renee is here - 

Sue Stewart Good evening Renee it's so lovely to have you chat with us today. I have just purchased my first item of your clothes. I got the TSV of the 2 pair pack of Woman in Control range. I had the black/white in the petite size xs. They are perfect in fit and length. They are the best I have found in the pedal pushers style. Will we be able to get just the short length style on its own? Would love a few more pairs of these for the summer xx

Renee Greenstein Sue I am so happy you like my Women with Control TSV! I do have another great set of crop pants in petites.

Sue Stewart Renee these were the TSV that I bought. Do you just do the Capri legging on its own?

Elizabeth Gray Hi Renee one of your wardrobe warriors here what colours is this week Tsv set going to be coming in also got your last woman with control legging/Capri -great xx

Renee Greenstein Elizabeth the New Wardrobe Warrior set is coming in black, coconut brown, navy, sage and berry. Great colours to mix and match! I cannot wait to bring this to you!

Janie Smith Hi what is the weight of the fabric for the TSV? X

Renee Greenstein Janie the weight is the same as all of my como jersey pieces. Perfect for year round wear!

Dawn Robinson Hello Renee  xx

Elizabeth Gray Thanks Renee now I just have to decide what colour or to xx

Renee Greenstein Landed just in time to chat with my UK ladies!! Can’t wait!

Jan Lee Burgess Hi Renee, love your style of clothes, have you ever considered doing larger sizes for us bigger ladies xx

Sue Stewart Renee can you tell us what the TSV is this week and will it be suitable for 5ft tall women and wear an xs or size 8 UK.

Renee Greenstein Jan my collection at the moment goes to a 3 X What size are you looking for?

Sharon Harvey HI Renee thank you for joining us this evening - you travel so much and always look so flawless. What is your secret? X

Renee Greenstein My secret is that I enjoy life! I love to meet wonderful women all over the world and get inspired! I always say life is not a dress rehearsal!

Renee Greenstein Sharon. Thank you for the compliment!

Sharon Harvey Do you get your inspiration from all the beautiful countries you visit? Your colours and designs are so vibrant and beautiful x

Renee Greenstein Sharon one thing I love is when my Wardrobe Warriors share their photos and stories with me!

Renee Greenstein Sharon I have the privilege of living in New York City and there isn’t a place you can go that does not inspire me! Then I get to jump on planes and visit wonderful cities all over the world! The colours, buildings, scents and women inspire me!

Renee Greenstein Sharon I will be arriving in London for my TSV on Friday The minute I get to Heathrow I am inspired!

Jan Lee Burgess Renee possibly a 4x, I have friends that have said the same, the 3x sometimes is big enough depending on the style but a definite 4x would be wonderful xx

Christine Kelly Evening ladies, I am relatively new to Renee’s clothing. My first purchase was the new yours taxi scarf. I love it. NYC is one of my all-time favourite places and wearing the scarf takes me rich back there.

Renee Greenstein Jan one thing I would suggest is to look at my specs on QVC.and see if they work for you;

Christine Kelly Apologies for the mis- spelling! Lol

Jan Lee Burgess I have a couple where the size has been great for me, but need to be able to have others too, but I will, go back and check the specs, thanks for answering my question xx

Renee Greenstein Jan my pleasure I hope you will look at my TSV on Friday!

Kathryn Stewart Evening Renee, I have several pieces and they are always admired. Esp. the TSV from last year, the shark hem pleated tunic. Lovely. Kxx

Jan Lee Burgess I will for sure, I check out all your TSV's xxx

Renee Greenstein Jan thank you - you sound like a true Wardrobe Warrior!

Renee Greenstein Katheryn thank you - I think you will love my new Attitudes by Renee TSV!

Kathryn Stewart Dying to see it, you are so effortlessly elegant. Thank you so much xx

Sue Stewart I just had a peek at the TSV on Will Gowerings blog. The colours are fabulous you've given something for every skin tone. Four fabulous items. Will it be good for the petite 5ft women who wear a UK size 8?

Renee Greenstein Sue Yes you are right it is great!! I think you should be fine with the regular length One think a lot of my wardrobe warrior’s do is belt the dresses!

Renee Greenstein Wardrobe Warrior’s what are you looking for this spring? I am so excited to bring you my new collection

Kathryn Stewart Excellent, I beat Sue by 3ins! Ha ha. X

Kathryn Stewart Easy colours, elegant and easy to wear. Something to brighten our often dull weather. Not too much to ask! Ha ha

Renee Greenstein Angie private message me your address and I will send you an autograph

Sharon Harvey Renee, we follow your Facebook page and watch you on your travels, how do you manage to travel without checking luggage? x

Sue Stewart Are you saying I'm short Kathryn Stewart lol x

Kathryn Stewart and look so fabulous!

Renee Greenstein Sharon that why they call me the wardrobe Warrior!! When you look at my collection you will see that they all work together and everything is packable and washable! I love to mix and match. My new TSV is four pieces that will interchange with so many things in your wardrobe!

Renee Greenstein Sue and Katheryn you both are very funny!

Kathryn Stewart Not at all, a petite wee package! Kxx

Kathryn Stewart It's the surname Renee! Sisters United by a name! Lol Kxx

Renee Greenstein Katheryn I love it!

Renee Greenstein Wardrobe Warriors what are your favourite colours?

Sue Stewart Renee Kathryn Stewart and I have become fb friends. We have the surname but we are not related. We have the same sense of humour x

Kathryn Stewart Had my "colours done" am a spring, need bright colours! X

Sharon Harvey It is amazing how your clothes are so easy to roll and travel with...perfect x

Renee Greenstein Christine so glad you got my scarf! I love them!

Sue Stewart Kathryn you will love this new collection it's right up your colour street x

Renee Greenstein Sharon, clothes should be easy! We are all so busy and need to always look our best. Many of us are working moms. And constantly on the run. Many of us are retired and want to still dress nice!

Kathryn Stewart I thought so in the clip, with Will. Thank you Renee. Can't wait xx

Renee Greenstein Katheryn I have many great bright colours in the new collection. I can’t wait to hear what you think when you see it on Friday!

Amy Wall Hi Renee. I have and love the pleated front tunic. I have two and always get compliments when I wear them. I missed out on the last show with the pleats at the back Grrrr!!!!!! I can't seem to find the sneaky pic on Wills interview of the upcoming TSV. Help needed xx. Somebody has told Debbie Flint to speak to you about packing for her trip to China so she just needs to pack a carry on lol xx

Renee Greenstein Katheryn i have many great bright colours in the new collection. I can’t wait to hear what you think when you see it on Friday!

Renee Greenstein Amy I think QVC is hiding all the goodies for now! You will love them. Packing light is all about mixing and matching.

Renee Greenstein Amy yes I do need to speak to Debbie!

Kathryn Stewart I will definitely let know on your FB page! Not good for my bank balance, but is always value for money. You are a wizard Renee. Thanks so much Kxx

Renee Greenstein Kathryn thank you its hearing from my wardrobe warriors that inspires me!

Kathryn Stewart Can I say what a pleasure it has been to talk with Renee. Love her range and appreciate the time she has given us. Roll on Friday! Woo hoo. Kxx

Renee Greenstein Ladies dont forget to join me on Friday April 10th I am so excited to bring you knew items...and a GREAT TSV!

Amy Wall Can't wait Renee. I'll be there x

Renee Greenstein Kathryn thank you! This has been fun~ we should do it more often! Next time packing tips!

Renee Greenstein Amy please let me know what you think! Let me know on my Facebook Page Renee Greenstein public figure I cannot wait to hear from all of you!

Sue Stewart Thank you Renee so much for joining us tonight. It has been great and I'm looking forward to Friday. Can you just advise me how your clothes are sized? Is it numerical or by letters x

Kathryn Stewart Thank you Renee. Will see you on Friday. Kxx

Renee Greenstein Sue my collection is sized by letters (S M L) we run true to size!

Amy Wall Will do. Thanks for the chat. Really enjoyed it even though my fingers are on fire flipping between Back to you chats and Body blade with Bruce xx

Kathryn Stewart I wear small Sue Kx

Sharon Lets all please, give a huge thank you to Renee Greenstein for rushing in to join our live web chat! Renee, it has been a pleasure, thank you so much for sharing details of your upcoming TSV this Friday! We are so looking forward to seeing you on our Screen! Lots of Love and Hugs! Chat soon! Thank you to everyone who took part this evening, it has been lovely xx

Kathryn Stewart Hear hear Sharon Kx

Renee Greenstein Wardrobe Warriors thank you for inviting me! This was a lot of fun! And remember Style is not about size, it’s about Attitude!

Amy Wall Thanks Sharon too xx

Renee Greenstein Sharon thanks for everything!

Natalie Jarrett So looking forward to Renee's TSV on Fri. Think it will complement my fuller figure. Xx

Amy Wall Yeahhhh just found the sneaky video. Love it. Hope it's on EP xx


Keeley Aydin – elemis – Webchat – Monday 6th April 2015



Sara Mahmoud Hi Keeley, I'm currently using the brightening collection to get rid of marks left by spots however my skin is still coming up in spots. What skin routine would you recommend to calm my skin down whilst still using the brightening collection? Thanks

Sharon Harvey Hi Keeley! How are you? Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Sooooo looking forward to this weekend’s tsv

Dawn Robinson Hello Keeley I must share how delighted I am with my Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment! It was a gift for Mother's Day & I certainly give it a 10/10 xx

Keeley Aydin Hi Sara, the Brightening range would be more for pigmentation marks rather than scaring from breakouts. I would try the Tri Enzyme Wash in the morning and on an evening after cleansing, the Tri Enzyme Night Cream and the Tri Enzyme Mask after Papaya Peel x2 a week and this will also help with the breakouts and maybe slot in a course of Bliss Capsules too x

Keeley Aydin Hello Sharon, yes thank you eaten far too much chocolate that I should not have done as been doing Christianne Wolfe heal thing eating and was doing really well!

Keeley Aydin Hi Dawn I love this product too as so easy to use, light weight but delivers fab results

Sara Mahmoud Thanks Keeley x

Sharon Harvey Oh Keeley! That is funny, don’t worry though it is Easter and eggs are a necessary part of our all honestly, how are you doing on the eating plan? X

Keeley Aydin I was doing fab first two weeks I lost 10lbs!

Sharon Harvey OMG!!!!! Really..... That is amazing! You are tiny anyway.....I bet you feel fabulous! Well done xx

Lynn Parry Hi Keeley am I ok to use the Papaya Enzyme peel before Liquid Gold or is it best to do it on non LG nights? X

Helen Strutynskyj Hi Keeley ~ I have quite a few medical issues for which I am taking a lot of medication. I have recently stopped taking a tablet that controls hormones & my skin has flared up terribly. It has become greasy & spotty with enlarged pores but it also look...See More

Keeley Aydin Hello Lynn, I think I would use it on the non-Liquid Gold evenings as you will then get the most out of both products

Sharon Harvey Dawn, I love love love that product! I have seen amazing results with the Elemis pro collagen advanced eye treatment!! I started seeing a reduction in lines and wrinkles within 10 days I couldn’t believe it! I love Elemis products! I have to say I am sooooo excited about the TSV Keeley has been teasing us all with.....especially looking forward to trying the Total Glow bronzing moisturiser!!!

Yvonne Simpson Hi Keeley you’re looking good glad to see your back can't wait for TSV.

Sharon Harvey ...Oh and Bliss capsules....perfect name for the perfect product.....give a real boost of goodness to my skin x

Lynn Parry The Elemis Pro collagen advanced eye treatment worked instantly for me and reduced puffiness, can I take it over eyelid and up to lash line Keeley? Or just around orbital bone? X

Keeley Aydin Hello Helen , I would say without a doubt to slot in 1-2 mths of Bliss Capsules, it is also important to make sure that you are exfoliating twice a week with a Papaya Peel to keep the skin thoroughly cleansed as this will help with refining the look of the pores too, after Papaya I would use Tri Enzyme Gel Mask and on an evening I would use Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night cream as this is the perfect choice for anyone who's skin is challenged due to illness, watch out this weekend as some of the products will be on offer

Margaret O'Brien I have the same question as Lynn Lynn Parry can I take the pro collagen eye cream over my eyelid or is it only around the orbital bone? Mx

Shaz Brown Hi Keeley Aydin, Nice to have you here. I have quite oily skin that can be prone to breakouts. I find pcm cream is too rich and brings me out in spots. Can you recommend a day moisturiser?

Keeley Aydin Thank you Yvonne really looking forward to been back on air and bringing some great new collections, very pleased that we have 4 easy pay too x

Helen Strutynskyj Thanks so much Keeley. I was wondering if the Bliss Capsules would help so I shall definitely try them. I'll keep an eye out for the products on QVC next weekend although I have a Pro Collagen Night Cream already!  Thanks again. Xx

Sharon Harvey woo hood....TSV....TSV....TSV.... EXCITED X

Sara Mahmoud Will it be possible to have a complete tri enzyme kit available at any time soon Keeley? Thanks

Keeley Aydin Lynn when you first apply the product take a small amount on your ring finger and gently tap around then eye contour area , then massage a small amount onto your finger tips and gently tap over the whole eye area

Margaret O'Brien Thank you Keeley for answering our question. Looking forward to the TSV. Mx

Keeley Aydin Thank You Shaz , the Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser that is in the TSV that just gradually gives a hint of colour on the skin has a lovely light texture so would be worth trying, normally the Pro Collagen does help more oily prone skin as it contains balancing seaweeds but try this one and let me know how you get on

Keeley Aydin Sara we will be having some new collections with the Tri Enzymes in

Sara Mahmoud Thanks Keeley, I think will be spending more than I thought I would this weekend.

Keeley Aydin Sara not sure if they will be in this weekend as not had the show contents but as soon as I know I will post on my Facebook page x

Sharon Harvey Keeley, would the TSV be a great start for an ELEMIS beginner? X

Sara Mahmoud Thanks Keeley x

Sue Foley Looked forward to next week Keeley Aydin

Margaret Rodger Hi Keeley could you please bring a supersize or duo of instant refreshing gel! It’s literally the only thing that helps with aches & pains. I love it x

Keeley Aydin Hi Sharon, I I think it would be an amazing place to start as you have a Cleanser that can also be used as a mask that is multi award winning, a day and night cream for all skin types that will leave even the most neglected of skins glowing and hydrated and h3 of our most indulgent body products bodyydrated and

Keeley Aydin sorry hydrated and 3 of our most indulgent body products x

Carol Gillmore Hi Keeley thank you so much for bringing us fantastic products but what would be the one product you couldn't live without? Xx

Keeley Aydin Sorry my charge finished on iPad so using phone and kept pressing wrong buttons lol

Sharon Harvey Brilliant x

Keeley Aydin Margaret that is a great idea will pass it on!

Shona Robertson Is the tsv suitable for sensitive skin?

Keeley Aydin Carol, has to be Pro Collagen Marine Cream as so versatile to cope with all changes my skin goes through, the flexibility that it can be used day and night and around the eyes. It is hard though to keep it to one as I also adore so many others in the range toI.

Keeley Aydin Sharon, I wished I was that small and yesterday I ate all I had lost in chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Karen Hunt Hi Keeley, got a glimpse of the tsv. I've not tried any of the face products before so are they OK for skin easily prone to breakouts?

Keeley Aydin Shona, yes all the Elemis products are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins but if you are in any doubt patch test under your jaw line first

Keeley Aydin Karen, you will love the Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm as it really is so purifying and deep cleansing on the skin without striping the skin, the Pro Collagen Night Cream is balancing and the Total Glow Moisturiser will keep the skin lightly hydrated with a beautiful glow

Karen Hunt Sold!

Sharon Harvey is a new day......OOOOOOhhhh I love the cleansing balm! I love the feel, the smell it’s beautiful to use and cleanses everything off!! It feels like such a treat to use and leaves me with glowing, hydrated, clean skin...I urge everyone to give it a go! X

Sharon Harvey can’t wait for the total glow moisturiser whoop whoop x

Keeley Aydin Not only does the Total Glow moisturise leave the skin beautifully hydrated, the skin gradually starts to look healthier with a natural tine to it, the green tea balances out any redness and the smell is the aroma of summer in a tube!

Margaret O'Brien Thanks for chatting with us Keeley. Mx

Sharon Harvey Keeley you are such a tease!!! Summer in a tube!!! Yes please x

Sharon Harvey Keeley when should the Total Glow be applied in our routine? X

Lynn Parry Ha-ha Sharon you are not helping with my "I'm not going to be tempted on Sunday " it is almost a given now as I love all the products in it! Except 2 I haven't tried!  Thanks Keeley xxx

Keeley Aydin You can apply your Pro Collagen over the top also if you still want to use Anti-Ageing ingredients

Keeley Aydin Sharon this TSV is so beautiful, the aromas of the Cleansing. Balm hit you as soon as you open the jar, the Frangipani has the ability to transport you too far away shores without even leaving your bathroom, the night cream not only leaves your skin feeling like silk but as you lie in bed the subtle aromas are simply divine .The whole collection is a great for the skin but a pure delight for the senses

Sharon Harvey Lynn Parry you know me by now!!!!!! hahahahahahaha this TSV is a biggie! deffoe must have for the move into spring summer, fresher glowing skin. Yes please lol x

Sharon Harvey ......aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.........beautiful......oh blimey look at the time!!! Keeley!! I was drifting away to foreign shores then!!

Sharon Harvey Ladies please let’s all give big hugs and Thanks to Keeley from Elemis for a fantastic web chat tonight!! Keeley you have been amazing, as usual, we are so looking forward to what sounds to be a gorgeous TSV On 12th - and on 4pay woo hoo! Thank you also to everyone who joined in with the chat tonight, lots of love xx

Keeley Aydin Thank you all so much for chatting with me on here it's be such fun and can't wait to bring the Today's Special Value to you Sunday , please feel free to contact me on this link this is the best page to contact me on and always available to help answer your skin care concerns x

Lynn Parry Thanks Keeley and Sharon x

Carol Gillmore Thank you so much Keeley and Sharon can't wait for Sunday I've been saving hard :-) xx


Debbie Flint whoo hooo! Fab chats on here again as usual Ms Aydin! Keeley Aydin. and gang! Will put transcript of this Q&A in my Back to you blog and post the link on here as well - it'll also have tonight's ones from Renee and from Bruce on his Body blade QVC group! Hugs to you all and good luck those doing the virtual ex class! xx



Bruce’s Bodyblade QVC webchat – Monday 6th April 2015


Sue Stewart Hi Bruce I'm definitely interested in doing short bursts of training then reducing the heart rate then building again. Enjoying the new location excersing x

4 hrs · Like · 3


Lindsey Sweet I'm interested in the short bursts of training as well it's such good fun and I find it an even better workout , catch up later xxx

4 hrs · Like · 1


Tracie Wright Hi Bruce, Many thanks for taking time out of your Easter Break to still do the Monday Question & Answer session and your continued interest in how we are get on with Bodyblade . Absolutely Love the new Video Workouts you did with Debbie and our lovely Anne Keating , have become my new favorites . the High Intensity Interval Training is of great interest to me . look forward to seeing what you have planned for us next time you are back in UK x

4 hrs · Like · 2


Karen Wood Hi Bruce, would love an exercise specifically for the tummy please

4 hrs · Like · 6


Jude Goodier Hi Bruce. I have a question. If I'm looking to stretch out my lower Psoas muscles, which of the Super 6 is best to concentrate on to help this pls? It's an area I have suffered with in the past. Thanks in advance xx

4 hrs · Like · 2


Anne Keating Hi Bruce. I hope you had a good Easter and the chat tonight goes well. We have friends here so I will join you later if I can. I did the video you made with Rosalie Brown last night and found that challenging, to say the least! All sorts of new muscles feeling it today. Bob has asked me to ask you the optimum time of day to do the exercises please. xx

4 hrs · Edited · Like · 3


Madeleine Scola Hi Bruce, I'm a 64 yr old novice but hope that this will be the means to regaining fitness despite quite severe osteoarthritis in knees. What would you recommend please to get started?

4 hrs · Like · 1


Jackie Eagles hi bruce getting the upper body sorted would love an exercise for lower body thanks hopeyou are well x

3 hrs · Like · 2


Lynne Cumming Hi Bruce. I got my cardio blades out of the garage and have started to use them. They originally came with a video which I can not view now. Am I ok to follow routines for the Bodyblade?

3 hrs · Like · 1


Linda Graham Yes I need flat tum too please although still not received mine despatched 29th march hope comes tomorrow

3 hrs · Like · 3


Susan Frost Hi Bruce, I seem to have mislaid my original DVD, is there a way to buy the new one without having to get another body blade , thanks.

3 hrs · Like


Joanne Eveleigh Was Swann I'm so excited to get mine can't wait to work with you Bruce

3 hrs · Like · 1


Carol Butler Flood I love the circuit training video the best . As i can't quite manage the overhead reach and tricep push for very long . So this exercise is great in 10 second bursts . I also do the video with debbie in studio with the variations but find my co ordination isn't good with the last routine . This is the only workout regime i have ever kept up with . Been using my BB for 3 months now and still eager to use it every other day  a big thank you to you

3 hrs · Like · 2


Libby Murdoch Hi Bruce. Checked with my doc, he said go for it! Got my blade today and had my first go this afternoon. Couldn't do much but managed more than I thought I would. Set first goal. Complete full Hampton Court super 6. Thanks.

2 hrs · Like · 5


Lindsey Sweet Well done Libby Murdoch xxx

2 hrs · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Hello Ohana!! I hope all had a wonderful Easter with family. I see many questions thus far today so I will answer them as quickly as possible

2 hrs · Like · 6


Lindsey Sweet Evening Bruce, Hope we find you well ?

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Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce hope you had a great Easter. Had a day off yesterday but now back to normal. Will be doing some of the new workouts later. Since starting using BB have felt better and lost weight. Difference is noticed and am chuffed to bits. The new workouts are great. I tend to do some of the Hampton park ones for longer as I need to get the rhythm of the blade right. I have noticed a difference in my posture. How is it that when bb my back feels fine but as soon as I stop it starts being sore again later. Am I doing something wrong

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Karen. All exercise with Bodyblade will address your tummy or your Core. The Ab Crunch and Hip & Thigh Sculptor are really strong but all will help. Watch the Belly Blaster video on you tube as well.

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Jude, The Psoas is a deep muscle group attaching to the spine and Femur of the leg. The group is a hip flexor muscle and therefore, to stretch, you want to lye on your back, draw your knee to chest on one side, leave the other leg straight. This will help stretch the hip. There are several other great stretches to do as well but this is a good basic stretch. As for Bodyblade execise to assist with stretching, I would say the Back & Shoulder Reach since you must lengthen your body. Hope that helps

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Julia Gathercole Hi Bruce , hope you're enjoying Easter. I've just finished the super six and warm up , still struggling to do a full minute of the hip and thigh. My sister and my son both had a go with my bb, both have now got their own!

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Jude Goodier Thanks Bruce. Will give that a try x

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Anne, I always like to exercise first thing in the morning. Your metabolism is the lowest at that time of day so doing exercise will increase your fat burning and jump start your muscle and blood flow. There is no negative to exercising at any time of the day but Morning is always best.

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Madeleine, Always get the approval of your MD before starting any exercise program. Having said that, start with the Super6 workout and you can do these sitting in a chair. Mix it up by standing when you can and sitting as needed. These exercises don't require jumping or heavy lower body work when standing and if you sit and activate the muscle you are making progress.

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Bruce Hymanson Jackie, the single best lower body exercise is the Hip & Thigh Sculptor. I make a video showing additional lower body exercises too which is on the pinned post for you to enjoy.

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Madeleine Scola I'll follow that advice, thank you!

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Lynne, You can do any of the exercises posted with your Cardioblade. The resistance will be very light and you might wish to move into the Classic at some point. There are several workouts posted on you tube and the newer DVDs as well. Have fun!!

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Amy Wall Hi Bruce. Just completed my first week being back after health issues and have managed the Hampton Court every other day and definitely feel the benefit and enjoy the 10 sec bursts with the stretching as I don't feel that I'm overdoing it. I have just found the belly blasting video and going to give that a go during our virtual workout at 9pm with all the other Bodybladers. Hope you have had a good weekend xx

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Sue Stewart Is the new DVD on its way soon.

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Libby. Glad you got the green light from your MD. The best thing is to get started and make your exercise a perma habit. 21 days later, you will be hooked for life!!!

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Bruce Hymanson Christine, sounds like you are doing so well!! Keep it going one day at at time!

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Kathryn Stewart Hi Bruce, we always nag you about this DVD which us, the original bladers, are desperate for. Tx x

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Anne Keating Hi Lynne I worked out last night to a video Bruce made with Rosalie Brown. Bruce is using a Bodyblade while Rosalie is using two Cardioblades. You might like to check it out. xx

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Julia. Try the circuit 6 as well which is doing each of the Super6 exercises for 10 seconds which is a full minute. Then, repeat six times for a full six minute workout

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Libby Murdoch Hi Bruce. I intend to make it a permanent part of my life. It felt good to take control of my fitness which I haven't been able to for so long due to medical issues. Thank you.

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Tracie Wright Bruce are you going to bring a carry bag for the bodyblade to QVC for us to purchase

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Sue, the new DVD is awaiting approval from

QVC. Once we have that, we need approximately 3 weeks for shipping and it should appear on the website. Fingers crossed.

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Kathryn Stewart We can't wait, can we Sue? X

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Amy Wall No we can't xx

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Kathryn Stewart Evening Bruce. I have low back MSK pain at present. Is there any particular exercise which will strengthen and stretch my back. I get it from time to time, particularly after gardening. Tx. Kx

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Lynne Cumming Thanks Bruce and Anne. will bash on with the cardio blades for now

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Tracie. Yes, I have a carrying bag we sell on the which I hope to sell on the QVC website. It's all a matter of getting approval for packaging and materials. Once we have that, we can sell on the site. I know it is frustrating while we wait for the DVD and other collaterals for Bodyblade but we have to go according to QVC rules and regulations.We'll get there.


Bodyblade® - Bodyblade: The Complete Vibration Training System

The Original Bodyblade® Site: The Bodyblade system...


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Tracie Wright thats fantastic thanks

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Kathryn. It is difficult for me to provide treatment advice without a physical exam. There are many great stretching exercises for the trunk including flexion, rotation and extension. Most people when gardening are bent over for prolonged periods of time. A good solution to this problem is to stand straight intermittently, place your hands on your waist while doing a slight back extension 4-5 times. This will often help to prevent the discomfort of prolonged trunk flexion and spinal flexion. Think about it as giving equal time in extension to balance too much time in flexion

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Julia Gathercole Ok I'll try it Bruce thank you

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Sue Stewart Kathryn Stewart Bruce just answered your question x

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Kathryn Stewart Thank you Bruce. I will try, it's an age thing I am afraid. I appreciate your comments without examination. Thanks again for your time to reply. Kx

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Bruce Hymanson Our key to burning calories is to activate as many muscles in the body at the same time, keep them working as a functional team and gradually increase the work load on them to challenge our progress. This is part of HIIT training which allows us to improve. The only way to grow is to challenge your body. You can maintain but continuing to exercise but to increase your fitness level requires the challenge. Most of you probably do this automatically with Bodyblade.It's all about the "Flex Intensity"!

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Anne Keating Bruce, not that I'll ever reach it, but is there a maximum flex intensity for a Bodyblade? xx

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Tracie Wright I would love to know if you have a american QVC bodyblade group similar to this or are we your special ones

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Kathryn Stewart Boy, if anyone can reach it, it will be you Anne, our super blade woman!

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Amy Wall Of course we re the special ones Tracie Wright xx

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Anne Keating I think not Kathryn ! xx

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Anne, great question. there is a max flex intensity for each blade. It is essentially when the flex in the blade reaches almost )( of approx 24-30 inches depending on the blade. Almost the amount of flex if you took the tips and flexed the blade as though you would place in your suit case. Once the blade reaches that flex and you ae capable of driving the blade at that intensity, you are maxed out. The last 6-8 inches of flex is putting you in the max range so most people can't stay there very long without rapid fatigue.Some exercises are easier to do then others. Chest Press is easier than Ab Crunch or Hip & Thigh Sculptor.

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Zoe Robins hi Bruce Hymanson, please do the new sequences sometime under studio conditions as the picture quality will make it easier to follow, appreciate the extra videos you do though

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Bruce Hymanson Tracie, great question. our QVC group is very special. There is not a QVC U.S. group like this yet. Mostly because of the QVC rules using their name. I would love to have a QVC international group where U.S. and U.K. could chat together. What do you all think about that?

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Amy Wall Yeh that would be great Bruce x

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Bruce Hymanson Hi Zoe, if I can get into the studio for some time, I will definately do that for you

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Christine Grochowina That would be fab

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Kathryn Stewart Great idea Bruce x

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Anne Keating I think that's a great idea Bruce . We had an American girl on here just the other day. xx

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Jude Goodier That's a great idea Bruce

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Chris Jopp Hi Bruce, new to BBing, at the moment I'm using a flexi bar and having problems with the hip and thigh sideways movements. I can get the blade moving in one hand but the minute I add in the other hand it all stops! LOL! I have quite fat wrists and am prone to trapped nerves in them (not carpel tunnel). I'm having fun getting to know the routines and hope to get better at it all and start seeing some difference. Happy Easter

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Tracie Wright Love that idea Bruce, International Bodyblading, we do have our Libby Nunn in Australia who joins us in chat and that is so nice too

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Bruce Hymanson On the subject of face book. I have a facebook page which is simply the regular face book page for Bodyblade from Mad Dogg Athletics. I don't do any chats there but you could check it out to see what might be posted from time to time.  I would also recommend that everyone and sign up to receive my regular newsletter. There is usually a question of the month, exercise of the month, articles etc which you may enjoy. Our Bodyblade QVC group is pretty special and this may just add more for you.

Bodyblade - Bodyblade: The Complete Vibration Training System

The Original Bodyblade Site: The Bodyblade system...


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Sue Stewart Thank you Bruce for your time x

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Zoe Robins Thanks about the studio video Bruce Hymanson, and will Bodyblade define the muscles more in the trunk /abs too for both female and male Bodyblade users , it's good to know what it can do , and which exercises are best for that? sorry if I got this question in to late tonight.

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Kathryn Stewart Thank you, as ever, Bruce Kx

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Anne Keating Thanks for answering our questions Bruce. Speak again next week. xx

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Jude Goodier Ive signed up for the newsletter and bookmarked the website! Thanks Bruce

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Anne Keating I'll be back later for a chat girls (and guys). Enjoy your virtual workout. xx

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Christine Grochowina Off to do my exercises. See you all later

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Tracie Wright thanks for your time Bruce xx

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Bruce Hymanson Another hour has flown by. So many great comments and posts from all of you. I know there are many many people who do not post but attend and learn from our conversations. For those of you who are listening in, I encourage you to ask questions and share your progress with the group. We have a beautiful support for each other to succeed and improve our life. Recently I was asked what single word would I use to describe Bodyblade. For me, its all about what you feel after exercising with Bodyblade so I asked several people what the word was for them. I will ask you the same thing now. I can tell you the answers I received included Joy, peace, happiness, independence, liberating, confidence, self esteem and more. It's clear to me that this is not a fitness training too but a life changer. Have a wonderful week. Be well!!


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Zoe Robins Thanks Bruce Hymanson, will ask my question again next week if I am still wondering, thanks again for your time

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Libby Murdoch Thanks Bruce. I enjoy reading all the questions and your answers. Till next week.

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Carol Butler Flood Thank you Bruce for your time ...

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Debbie Flint fab chat as usual Bruce Hymanson and gang! Will put transcript of this Q&A in my Back to you blog and post the link on here as well - it'll also have tonight's ones from Keeley and from Renee! Hugs to you all and good luck those doing the virtual ex class! xx

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Lindsey Sweet Thanks Bruce, When I have used the bobdyblade I feel energised and happy  chat next week



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