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30 March 2015

Hampton Court Bodyblading! Hampton Court Bodyblading!


What a fabulous week, including spending time with lovely Bruce from Bodyblade when we went to record our latest new routine at Hampton Court and stopped off for a nice cuppa afterwards with one of our lovely ladies, Anne Keating. And then doing another full hour with him on QVC UK on Saturday night. It was a great example of reaching the tipping point.

The Bodyblade QVC facebook group now topped 1200 members, Back to You QVC group has over 3080 and Till the Fat Lady Slims group another 620 or more. It means there are some superb supportive environments for us all to make use of to keep on track and not feel alone in the quest to get healthy. (links to all are at bottom of page)

Below you will see the webchats with Bruce from tonight – Monday 30th March. And Abi Cleeve from Ultrasun takes the stage with advice on combining her genius once a day sun protection with other products and shares her own beauty routines too.


Bruce explains all

Tonight Bruce said this about why Bodyblade works so well –

“OK, so How can a airplane that weighs 112 tons, or 348,000 kilograms actually fly. The answer is all in the physics. It's called Bernoulli"s Principles. Has to do with fluid dynamics and "Lift". The shape of the wing creates lift so the pressure under the wing is greater than the top of the wing so it pushes the plane up. You can't see it with the naked eye yet we see these monster aircraft take off and fly in the sky. Bodyblade looks like a flapping stick but the flex in the blade and the physics involved are every bit as real as those that make a plane fly. They are the laws of Inertia from Sir Issac Newton.”

So the next time your cynical loved one says ‘how can that stick really be doing any good’ tell them that! And then get them to do the hip and thigh No6 exercise – for a full minute! Lol!


Hampton Court circuits, sequence, coffee and catch up.

I must say growing up, Hampton Court was one of my favourite places to be, and from Merton it didn’t take too long to get there. So when we were considering which venue to use for the next variation video, it was a simple choice. Shame it was so cold but at least the sun came out for the second one. I like the look of the second one – I think we’ll have to do it to music at some point! Anne Keating one of our lovely Back to You regulars kindly came down with an extra Bodyblade for Bruce and joined in. Anyway I’ve put the whole lot – every current top youtube clip from Bruce and me, and from Bruce solo, into one blog – on this website, and you can get to it from the home page too, if you ever forget how to access them.

Click here to see all the bodyblade videos.


TTFLS Results and a Typical Update.

Am loving how many more people are finding out the benefits of Freedom Eating combined with , eg, Bodyblade nowadays, with the guidance of the Facebook groups (all listed below.) Here’s another wonderful testimonial – from Anne herself – what a star she is – that she kindly posted on our Three Month Challenge page (3MCFeb) as we reached the half way mark. Do come join in and do share your experiences! There’s always someone there to give support and feedback and show you’re not the only one going through what you’re going through. Here’s Anne’s lowdown - a diary style entry – to share what’s been going on in her life including how she’s lost more weight! She put it on our open ‘page’ ‘3MCFeb’ on Facebook. (link below.)


Getting ready for China

I’m less than two weeks away now, from jetting off to help train QVC China presenters for three weeks, and am thinking about all the things I’m going to have to take with me! I’ve promised Gatineau to do a full trial on a complete Defilift skincare routine, and will of course take all my gadgets I use regularly, plus a stack of cold medicines, vitamins etc, in case the Beijing smog attacks me! Hope it won’t! I’m planning to do tons of walking too so the case will be a full one! Yes I’ll be seeing the sights at some point too before I come back around 2nd May. Gladly my Bodyblade will fit in my suitcase too – I just hope the security scanner doesn’t go off in wonderment! Lol!

Other news

-          Another disappointing ‘Truth About’ programme from the BBC. I was going to link to last week’s truth about calories but my heart sank when I saw it was being presented by the awful doctor they keep using who just doesn’t seem to be up to date or comprehensive enough to make his programmes worth watching. Your thoughts echoed this too – ‘didn’t learn anything new’ was the most common reaction. It’s on iPlayer so search it if you’re interested, but if not, maybe we should all email the producer in BBC Scotland and request that they get Marlene on to talk some sense about health and food eh!

-          Fifty years of women’s fitness video – from stretches to Zumba – fab video – wonder if you too did all of the ones in your own era? I’d have liked to see Callanetics in there too – end of 80s? click here

-          (but of course nothing beats the original Youtube sensation ‘History of Dance! With 290m views! If you’ve never seen it, Click here. And if you HAVE seen it, here’s the genius sequel #2 – click here to see it!


If you’d like to join in on all the Facebook chats, do see the list of groups below and click on the links to come join us.

Best wishes




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Abi Cleeve – Ultrasun webchat – Monday 30th March 2015


Lorna Connell Hi Abi, hope you're well. Can you tell us what will be in the TSV? Thanks x

Marie McEwan hi there Abi, which items would you reccomend for extremely sensitive adult skin and 2 year old fair skin? Cheers!


Glenys Phillips Hi Abi. If you have put all your skin care on first thing in the morning. Then about 2 hours later you realise you have to go out do you have to cleanse your skin again before applying Ultrasun? Thank you.xx


Chris Dig N Doug Hi Abi. Quick question. Should I use my Decleor iris oil before or after my face 30 ? xx


Vanessa Bond Hi Abi how many tubes of Ultra sun do you recommend for a one week stay in Spain in August for two children who love swimming thanks x


Sue Foley hi abi looking forward to the tsv and pick of the month which ive tried and its fab


Sara Mahmoud Hi Abi, how often should we use the new overnight treatment? And I am looking forward to tsv so much on Thursday, I never miss an ultrasun tsv.


Lynn Parry Hi Abi where would you put this in your daily skincare routine after serum and moisturiser or before? Thanks x


Carol Gillmore Hi Abi do ultrasun do a tan accelerator? Xx

Lindsey Sweet Hi Abi, I am new to Ultrasun could you please tell me if you apply it before or after moisturiser or if using a face serum do you put Ultrasun on before it or after serum. I will be buying the TSV on Thursday for sure and will get the spf50+. Thanks

Dawn Robinson Hello Abi  i was going to ask the same as Carol, if Ultrasun do a tan accelerator xx


Abi Cleeve Hi everyone – so lovely to be here. Thank you for having me! So excited about this week but must admit struggling to sleep! I will go through your questions and please feel free to ask away!!! Xxx





Abi Cleeve Right then Lorna Connell – the TSV is available in two strengths – medium/high and high/very high.The med has supersize (quarter of a litre – yes I appreciate it’s 250ml but quarter of a litre sounds EVEN BIGGER!) of the Glimmer and standard size Family 30 and supersize aftersun, lip and full size anti ageing face 30.The high has supersize (quarter of a litre – yes 250ml) of the Family 30 and standard size Extreme 50+ and supersize aftersun, lip and full size anti ageing face 50+.All adds up to over £110 for hmmm for…a lot less. Actually whole pack is cheaper than buying the supersize on its own!


Sharon Harvey Hi Abi so lovely to welcome you here tonight, thank you for popping onto the page and keeping an eye on our Sun protection! Cannot wait for the TSv, you must be so excited?x


Abi Cleeve Yes Sharon Harvey - you and Debbie Flint know what I'm like. I could pop! I absolutely love what I do but honestly the best bit is that people love Ultrasun once they've found it and that makes my smile even bigger! xxx My kids call me a "suncare nut job!" xxx


Sharon Harvey Better than just being "nut job"


Abi Cleeve Hi Marie McEwan – definitely the Extreme 50+ for little ones and for you to start with then maybe step down to the family 30. Keep a 2 year old on the Extreme 50+ please.Sounds like the high/very high TSV is perfect for you. xxx

Dawn Robinson Also what would you say are your top 3 beauty products


Abi Cleeve Very true - not just a nutjob a SUNCARE nut job! ought to be my tagline. xxx


Lindsey Sweet Welcome Abi x


Jill Dowding-Walker Hi Abi! x


Sue Foley hi abi


Sharon Harvey I would honestly like to thank you because, i would like to hope that we all have a knowledge of Suncare protection, at least at the very basic level, but you and Ultrasun have managed to educate, inform and glamourise Suncare protection so much ( by adding shimmer ) that it is automatically a part of my day to day rountine. Thank you! x


Abi Cleeve Now then I’m going to address the big before or after debate. Because Ultrasun is once-a-day. I do need to get it on to clean dry skin. The way it works is that we place the sun filters into liposome jackets. This encapsulation process protects the filters and allows the skin to absorb it right into the skincell. It is naturally released 8-10 hours later, hence the protection lasts so long and is water resistant. It also means it is photostable so won’t break down under the sun’s rays. This means I need a clear canvass to make sure it absorbs properly. You can put your skincare over the top and you are not wasting it. xxx


Christine Kelly Hi ladies. I always have ultra sun in stock. I use on myself (( despite being Afro carribean) and insist that my fairer skin daughters and husband use it to. Highly recommended and love the after sun too


Jill Dowding-Walker I get dry corners of my mouth and the Ultrasun Face seems to 'bleed' into them, even if I slather on the lip balm as a barrier. I am not keen on the taste!  Any ideas how I can still be protected (especially on the filtrum) but not fed on Ultrasun please?


Lynn Cheeseman Hi Abi. Quick question how much protection does the hair protector give a gents scalp. The sport got in hubs eyes and stung, but the family 30 is great but a makes his fine hair very messy. Would the hair protector help?


Lesley Fletcher Hi Abi Cleeve, will beauty product of the month be the new overnight treatment or the product featured in the Sun yesterday, the 50+ Anti ageing/anti pigmentation?


Abi Cleeve Hello Glenys Phillips - no you wouldn't need to cleanse first after about 20 minutes your skincare would have sunk in and Ultrasun will still get a great application. So this is an alternative way to apply. You could apply Ultrasun about 20 minutes plus after skincare but please do wait for everything to sink in. xxx


Abi Cleeve My honest advice would be with facial protection - try and get that on as part of your normal routine. When on hols - first thing in the morning. We have always done that in hotel room, apartment or more laughable in a tent! Then by the time I have fed my little monkeys - I know they are good to go. xxx


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Abi do we still get vit D absorption whilst using Ultrasun? My OH is vit D deficient and refuses to be protected. I'd love to prove him wrong lol x


Lesley Fletcher Can moisturiser be applied immediately after Ultrasun or is it best to leave a while before applying?


Abi Cleeve Hi Vanessa Bond I would say for a beach holiday - work on 100ml per child per week and 150ml for an adult. A little goes a long way. xxx

Linda M Evans Hi Abi I use Decleor Aromessence do I put this on before or after

Abi Cleeve OK on Pick of the Month - my goodness me this is ground breaking stuff and I am so very proud of the Swiss formulators on all they do but this is special. We now know that your skin goes through 3 stages of recovery at night...triage/assessment, repair and hydration. Unless you want to set your alarm clock every 3-4 hours you need the right ingredients at the right time. The Overnight mask is a very light texture - sinks in really beautifully and has a system of hyaluronic cages (very technical) that are differing thicknesses so they melt at different times feeding the skin what it needs. xxx


Abi Cleeve We now know that the "genetics" part of ageing is actually how genetically good we are at repairing daily damage. Now we can support it and clinicals and feedback been amazing.


Anne-Marie Mason Hi Abi, great to have you on here again. Just realised how much of a stalker I must be as I seem to know what you'll say to alot of these questions! I'm an ultrasunaholic I think. Please please remind me if it's this week that the eye cream is coming, if so, I won't buy other things coz I really can't miss it. x


Abi Cleeve I am not trying to say you need this every night - no I am sure we all have a fave routine that we won't be separated from (well til the next amazing TSV anyway) but this is a must for holidays or very hot days here. xx


Claire Horgan wow the overnight mask sounds fricking amazing...I need to get sun protection for my 2 babies they are both under 3,I assume the high/very high tsv would be the one to go for?


Abi Cleeve You know when you've packed for him, you've packed for them and you end up with the luxury of about 10 minutes to pack for yourself. Have you ever stepped into the bathroom and grabbed a randon selection of skincare or whatever's running out so you don't have to bring it back? Well just remember your hols is the most traumatic time for your skin where you will put it under the most pressure. This mask is your one-stop solution to that trauma. Oh and 2 years shelf life so as its 50ml (about 2-3month) might last you 2 years worth of holidays? xx


Claire Horgan wow does everything have 2 year shelf life?


Abi Cleeve Hi sara and Lynn Parry just use it once at night - last thing if you can because of the time release. I would say 3-4 pumps. Thanks Sue Foley glad you liked it. xxx

Sue Foley the overnight make's yr skin very soft and hydrated loved it abi and looking forward to trying it in the sun x


Sharon Harvey The Overnight Recovery mask is absolutely beautiful! You literally wake up with hydrated, plum, dewy glowing looking skin that feels clean and healthy....such a brilliant product!!


Claire Horgan omg that overnight mask sounds incredible ladies


Denise Skerman Hi Abi have you got a protection cream for around the eyes please?


Abi Cleeve Yes we do a tan accelerator - it is 205895. Our aftersun is also a tan accelerator - yes it really is! You can use it for a week or more if you can before going away and it does everything you would expect - preps the skin for sun exposure, helps reduce that risk of skin trauma (prickly heat). The tan accelerator has doule the concentration of ingredients like super oxide dismutase and tanositol which get that tan coming through even faster. I would say if you haven't tan-accelerated (think I made up a new phrase there!) before, use the aftersun. That's why we put the supersize (250ml) in the TSV. xx

Sharon Harvey The Suncare Nut JOb just told us to Tan Accelerate ..........hehehehe


Abi Cleeve Just a quick word on the aftersun. Please don't underestimate its power or think it is just an add-on to bulk up the TSV. It is a very special formula and even used in medical environments. It is the first thing I reach for on a thermal burn (daughter helping with ironing). It cools and reduces the over activity in skin cells caused by UV radiation and is genuinely your defence against the ageing and damaging effects of the sun. Bodies age too! xxx

Sharon Harvey wow


Sharon Harvey So Abi......where is your favourite place in the world to use Ultrasun? x


Carol Gillmore Thankyou Abi will try the after sun xx


Abi Cleeve Aha yes I did Sharon Harvey but it is so important that you do because...if you see that tan nice and early I know you are less likely to take risks. Anyone ever compared their tan lines to hubby or best friend and then maybe said "that's it, I'm stepping down to a lower factor and gonna be out there all day!!!" Yes that is when we do horrendous shocking damage so I would much rather you saw your tan, felt confident and enjoyed it rather than took extra risks. We are all human xxx


Claire Horgan thats good to know about the after sun..really cooling and conditioning so

Anne-Marie Mason Ooh, and I've always wondered, where do you get your jewellery from Abi? x


Abi Cleeve Hi Dawn Robinson oooh fave 3...not including ultrasun of course. Would have to be Judith Williams Future skin - am loving that and have heard there's a TSV so saving up for that one. (Have to mention that I have known Judith for a while and I really admire her so I am biased), I do love prolegene (sorry about spelling) as my skin flares and Fiona told me that was the one...and it is. Also I am a bare minerals girl...and A'kin rosehip oil is great for redness and older skin damage - oops that's 4 sorry. xxx


Abi Cleeve Hi Jill Dowding-Walker which face product are you using? I would say try the anti pigmentation if you can. It is our newest formula and was designed to not only dramatically reduce pigmentation but to be kind on very dry skin - even specialist conditions. xxx


Lynn Parry Sorry Abi I meant the daytime ultrasun face cream could you still use usual moisturiser and would you apply before or after? Many thanks x


Sharon Harvey dawn robinson bet you are dancing on the spot right now xx


Dawn Robinson Ooowww i  Judith too !!!! Thank you Abi  xx


Dawn Robinson I am, you know me to well Sharon yayyyyyyy  xx


Abi Cleeve Hi Lynn Cheeseman the hair protector is an SPF 30. We don't put it on the packaging as we can't claim SPF for a non skin specific product. As it is designed for hair you cannot claim a specific SPF. I know a few people have commented that it doesn't have SPF but it does it does. Really important to protect partings and scalps xxx


Sharon Harvey Oh did i miss the hair product?? As a natural blonde... very fair that is something i am always concerned about, also my children, protecting their hair in the sun... ThankS Lynn & Abi, will try that xx


Abi Cleeve Thank you Christine Kelly - so important. Although black and darker skin tones are less susceptible and therefore lower numbers of serious damage - unfortunately the diagnosis is often very late (harder to detect changes) and therefore we are really working to support this education so our black and asian youngsters are aware that they do need to protect. xxx


Anne Keating Hi Abi. I used the hair protector on holiday in January. It was very hot and I have very little, fine, baby soft. With the hair protector and with Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer, my hair has never looked so good! Really pleased. Thank you. xx


Lynn Cheeseman Thanks Abi. Just to add I used to have to avoid sun until ultrasun, it's no fun being prawn coloured with prickly heat. Now I can spend time outside with my lovely horse or in my garden and know I am protected. Xxx


Abi Cleeve Hi Lesley Fletcher it is the Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask - was featured in The Sun as well at the weekend and The Metro in the week. xxx but you are right they also covered the anti-pigmentation face formula xxx

Lesley Fletcher Thanks Abi, will definitely be getting that along with the tsv xx


Sharon Harvey Abi.....i know, i know Ultrasun must go on first....but are there any skincare products across any ranges that MUST go on before Ultrasun? Any exceptions to the rule? xx

Abi Cleeve Hi jacqueline jackson - yes you do but at a slower rate depending on what formula you are using. Supplements are always a good idea. We are looking at ways to get vit D into Ultrasun but the absorption is not yet good enough. We don't want it to be a marketing ploy - it has to actually work xxx


Abi Cleeve Hi Lesley Fletcher and Linda M Evans - yes decleor after please - 20 minute gap would be my ideal please xxx


Debbie Flint abi hi hon! Enjoy the chat everyone! am flitting between this and Bruce over on Bodyblade QVC till 9! Abi - i put a pic of the TSV on my blog - will link it below. Will also link the tan accelerator you mentioned. x


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Abi .x


Sara Mahmoud Hi Abi, is the ultrasun hair product only for blond and fine hair? Or does it protect normal dark hair too? Thanks

Abi Cleeve Hi Anne-Marie Mason you are not a stalker - you are my very dear friend and I appreciate all your questions and interest. No the eye cream is STILL under testing. The guys in Switzerland are amazing but slow! Because of eye proximity we do a huge amount of testing - we have done it with all formulas. There are products out there that can with over use lead to issues and your eyes are just too precious - well all of you is really xxx


Debbie Flint Abi - question from me - you know my skin - am going to China for three weeks soon (as you know, training QVC presenters there.) And want to tan accelerate - I have several but am curious about using yours this time as it may be warm (hopefully not hot!) out there. Maybe with my photosensitive skin i should just go straight for the tan accelerator rather than the after sun? x


Abi Cleeve I meant Hi Claire Horgan!


Abi Cleeve Yes the high TSV would be perfect and yes everything has a 2 year shelf life AFTER opening xxx

Abi Cleeve Yes Denise Skerman eye cream is coming xxx


Anne-Marie Mason Aw, thank you, love you too Abi! I love all you've done for me and others on here. I'm happy using the lip balm on my eyes and will now defo be able to buy the mask this week! I know how nervous you sometimes are on fb so thank you for doing this for us all. x

Abi Cleeve Anne-Marie Mason you have asked me probably the most embarressing question of the night (so far) jewellery is from a range of exclusive boutiques such as Asda, Matalan and Primark - oooh I am just pure class! xxx


Sharon Harvey Yesssss!!!!!!!! Love Pri-Marni Jewellery


Anne-Marie Mason Ha, I asked because you always look fab! I've wondered for ages but always forget to ask you. x


Denise Skerman Thank you Abi.


Sharon Harvey Oh Abi i love love Ultralip by the way and currently have a stonking cold, we all use it around the sore flaky skin on our noses and it works a treat x


Sue Foley do we know the price of the tsv?


Claire Horgan 2 years after thats fab ill be sure to mention that aswell xx


Alexandra Sayce Hi Abi Thanks for chatting with everyone I love how you always have time to answer our questions. Are we ever going to see any supersizes on the hair or sports sprays? I know I always ask about "kids kits" but have become evangelical over the years about Ultrasun and couldn't be without it, and now especially the hair protector for the girls weekly swim lessons.

Abi Cleeve Oh Debbie Flint you are such a busy bee - thank you for popping in and yes for you with your photo sensitivity take it straight to the max girlfriend. More for actual strong support - straight to tan accelerator xxx


Anne-Marie Mason Bless, poor you Debbie, I think you should start layering it on now in preparation. x


Debbie Flint ta hon x


Anne-Marie Mason Ooh yes, not sure I could spray with bigger bottles of the sports but would love more duo's of them please. x


Glenys Phillips Thank you Abi. Have enjoyed reading all the questions and your replies which have been very helpful! xx


Abi Cleeve Hi Alexandra Sayce there isn't a supersize planned of sports spray but I will ask and when I say ask I do actually mean demand! xxx


Abi Cleeve Hi Sara Mahmoud NO the hair protector is for all hair types and colours - it is genuinely sooooper - yes I appreciate I am biased but I have thin, fine, dry ended, over treated hair and it is heaven to use. xxx


Abi Cleeve Yes Anne-Marie Mason duos, I can definitely promise xxx


Sharon Harvey Thats good to know x


Sharon Harvey Please, please join me in saying a huge thank you to the Original "Tan accelerated, Suncare Nut Job"!!! Abi thank you as always, for your fast and precise answers, we appreciate how you keep us all safe! So Looking forward to the Amazing Beauty Pick of the Month and The fabulous value in the Tsv!! See you on our Tv This week, yay!!! Thank you everyone for taking part xx


Anne-Marie Mason Ha, get us the sports sprays in one of those garden sprayer things that you have to pump up! x


Sara Mahmoud Thanks Abi x


Alexandra Sayce That's why you are so fab Abi, I can't get enough of it! I've just read your comments on the after sun and it never crossed my mind to use it on iron burns, I have a four year old that likes to "help" which invariably means I iron part of myself!


Dawn Robinson Thank you Sharon & Abi for another lovely evening xxx

Georgina Bancroft Does the hair protector protect the scalp underneath from burning Abi? My husband always burns on his parting at the back of his head.


Anne-Marie Mason Yeah, thank you loads to our fab suncare nut job, you did great! x


Lesley Fletcher Thanks Abi, really useful reading all your replies xx

Sharon Harvey Its my pleasure x


Alexandra Sayce Like your thinking Anne-Marie Mason! I'd buy that

Abi Cleeve Bless you all - thank you so much. I just don't know where the time has gone! Please look after yourselves and your loved ones. Too much sadness in the world. We all need to be around for our famillies (even if it just to nag them!) Thank you again I really appreciate your support, questions and this wonderful group xxx


Abi Cleeve And yes Georgina Bancroft it does xxx


Anne-Marie Mason Yes, thank you too Sharon. x


Claire Horgan Abi thanks for all the info i can use a lot of it 


Sue Foley thanks abi

Jacqueline Jackson Good night Abi thank you and thanks to Sharon too. x

Sharon Harvey Awwwww My pleasure, thank you for joing us x



Bruce Hymanson Bodyblade Webchat  - Monday 30th March 2015


Sandra Stallwood Hi Bruce Ohana!

57 mins · Like · 1


Helen Murphy Hi Bruce

Done my first Bodyblade work out today!

56 mins · Like · 2


Dianne Murphy Hi Bruce, glad to see you.

56 mins · Like · 1


Amy Wall Hi Bruce. Before it gets hectic on here glad you are home safely after your visit. Bet you are thrilled with the success of the BB this trip. I know we have had so many new ones join our fabulous group and want to say another big thank you for bringing us this amazing piece of equipment. Love doing the latest videos with you, Debbie and of course our very own Anne Keating xxxxx

54 mins · Like · 5


Lindsey Sweet Yay, Hi Bruce, how are you ?

54 mins · Like · 1


Lorraine Simpson Hi Bruce, just thought I'd let you know that my golf swing has improved a great deal and I'm pretty sure that it's down to my using the Bodyblade. It's increased the strength in my arms which means I can hit the ball further. Woo hoo and thank you

53 mins · Like · 1


Lindsey Sweet Ditto Amy, thanks Bruce Hymanson xxx

53 mins · Like · 1


Bruce Hymanson How did you all do with the new workouts we shot with Anne on Friday? The circuit 6 moves quickly

53 mins · Like · 4


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce thank you for the new workouts, just brilliant. Although I really need to work on my balance for the willow tree workout. Am a bit wobbly but I'll get there.

52 mins · Like · 2


Lindsey Sweet very quick but good fun !

52 mins · Like


Jude Goodier Hi Bruce. Another friend ordered. Came for dinner Sat night and she had a go at mine so we ended up watching the 8pm show haha another convert!

52 mins · Like · 2


Amy Wall Love them both xxx

52 mins · Like · 2


Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce

52 mins · Like


Anne Keating Hi Bruce - we thought you'd forgotten that we'd altered the clocks lol. xx

52 mins · Like · 2


Zoe Robins Hello Bruce! what's your fave of some of the best foods to eat after a Bodyblade/and cardio session? and do you take a mind body spirit approach to health like myself

51 mins · Edited · Like · 2


Helen Murphy Only done the one on DVD as mine arrived today. Daughter and husband have their eyes on mine now.

51 mins · Like · 1


Christine Grochowina Great new workouts with you, Debbie and Anne

50 mins · Like · 1


Sue Stewart Hi Bruce glad to see you are home safe and sound x

50 mins · Like · 4


Wendy Cole Hi Bruce i don't report in often but still trying to shape up for my sons wedding in Cuba 43 days from today. So far seeing good results but would like to do better. X

50 mins · Like · 2


Bruce Hymanson Lorraine, great to hear your golf has improved. I work with the best golfers in the world.....wish I could tell you their names but you can guess. The secret is the core strength, brain to muscle about putting the club in the right place over and over and club head speed.

49 mins · Unlike · 2


Carol Butler Flood Love the Hampton court circuit video . Going to do it every morning ..

48 mins · Unlike · 2


Bruce Hymanson Funny thing about what I eat after a workout. I try to stay consistent with a good balance of protein and carbs, minimal fat, lots of veggies and limit my red meat. Have to admit however, Saturday night after my show with Debbie, I had the most incredible calzone in the world...!!!! I love Italian food and every once in a while you have to reward yourself.


Lorraine Simpson I've only been playing for nearly a year and today I actually managed to par a hole. I was so thrilled, and that was on an extremely windy, cold, course. Wonderful. I also like your new video's that you did with Debbie and Anne and will use them tomorrow for my workout.

43 mins · Like · 1


Anne Keating Someone asked if we should warm up before a BB workout. Would it have helped especially as it was so cold and windy on Saturday. I did feel a little achy in my shoulders yesterday!

43 mins · Like · 1


Bruce Hymanson Hi Wendy. Congrats on your son's wedding. My daughter was married in Nov and it was incredible. I know you will look great too. Here's the key. Exercise regularly and pay attention to your "Flex Intensity". This makes all the difference between just a workout and pushing yourself to improve each time. If you are not sure what Flex Intensity is, let me know

43 mins · Like · 4


Lynne Sneddon Hi Bruce, I love my BB, I have spoken about it several times at my slimming class and last week took it in to give a demonstration and to encourage others to give it a go. doing my best to spread the word about all th good things you can benefit from using BB.

42 mins · Unlike · 6


Bruce Hymanson Hampton court and Willow workout are both great! The circuit 6 can be expanded to 20 seconds on each exercise and before you know it, you are doing a 12 minute workout. The progression or scalability of Bodyblade training is really simple. This is all about muscle endurance and flex intensity. These are the two parameters you have control of in your workout.

41 mins · Like · 4


Debbie Flint Hi Bruce! Yes that Italian in Richmond was lovely! Glad they didn't mind my weird requests including spinach and salad! Do let everyone know about your own daily training routine that helps to keep you in good shape too! Maybe one day we could have an ...See More

40 mins · Like · 13


Marion Mcgrath Thanks Bruce , debbie for making working fun and varied , and can't forget anne cheers xx

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