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Fiona decleor, losing inches and Fish Oil Focus
26 March 2015

J K says it how it is J K says it how it is

Well what a brilliant week this has been for healthy living updates on social media! And here are a few of them in case you missed them. Plus lovely Fiona from Decleor’s own advice in her webchat Q&A on Monday, it’s all below – including how to deal with problem skin and which Decleor oils are best for certain conditions. Plus what she uses herself!.


Brownie Blunder

Ooops. You know I always talk about principle 6 being really important as far as Freedom Eating is concerned? Well I’ve been feeling the pressure lately with the upcoming trip to China and the preparations for submitting my next novel. Well, the choc brownies – gluten free – got left in our dressing room from one of the live shows. And I had some. Twice. Both mornings I woke up with my hand aching and looking like someone had slept on my face! Seriously! Many people are fine with cakes, but I’m afraid my body acts like I’ve had alcohol. Well I guess fructose (50% of table sugar) is processed in the liver only, in the same way – so serve me right. Haha! My body doesn't like brownies either, it seems! (see 'other news' for maybe why!) So learn, adjust your choices, and move on. No more for me for a while! Anyway Bruce is back this weekend…


Bruce is back on Saturday 28th – on QVC UK with me at 8pm, (watch it live here) plus three times on Friday (27th). We’re planning to go record another variation on the Bodyblade Super6 if we can find a non-rainy, interesting location – meanwhile Click here to buy yours soon, as it’s back in stock – and it’s sold out nearly every time in the last several visits! Here’s the link to the workout we did in Richmond Park last visit – watch out for the duck… not!


TTFLS results - week 6 of three month challenge.

Some lovely heartwarming reports of how well people are doing on Facebook this week! Thanks all and keep it up! (Join our groups as below.) Lots reporting 'inch loss' (or cm) rather than just weight. We call it the NSV's - non-scales-victories. They are SO worth observing, especially when the muscle may be building once you begin exercising too! Here's a couple - 

Lorna said - 'pulling up my trousers when I found a large lump on my side. Oh my word, what was it? Some sort of growth? Then I realised....... It was my hip bone. I haven't felt that in five years or more!'

Debbie S. B. said - 'managed to drop from a 20 + to a 14 bottom 16 top.'

Lindsey says - 'since joining TTFLS & other groups it's nice to know there are many nice people out there to offer support and advice. Thank you all'

Keep it up girls! The three month challenge is till 16th May! Start anytime! x


Other news – FISH FOCUS!

-          FAB Research Update – my fave website for scientific research about how food affects mood and health have just issued their latest update – go here to read more about Feeding Better Behaviour, Learning and Mood: The Gut, Brain and Nutrition Connection, and also why Fish is nature’s Anti-Depressant – more here.

-          IN FACT, HERE’S THEIR WHOLE LIST! For those who like to research to get their own proof of why it’s so… well, FAB!

-          01 October 2014 - 3BL Media - Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Prevent Some Forms of Depression

-          29 January 2015 - ScienceDaily - Diet, nutrition essential for mental health

-          14 February 2015 - Brisbanetimes - Scientists seeing 'dramatic improvements' in depression pill tests

-          03 March 2015 - Shape - USDA Considers Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Depression

-          11 August 2014 - Huffington Post - Omega 3 - The Missing Component for Health and Weight-Loss?

And hear Capt Joseph Hibbeln speak on this subject on YouTube and in FAB research event casts here:

FAB Research Audio/Video Library

-          2 April 2014 - TelIHMC on YouTube - CAPT Joseph Hibbeln, M.D.: Nutritional Armor -- Brain and Behaviour


Interesting article about sugar in Fruit - CAN you eat too much?

After last week's Fiona Phillips 'truth about sugar' show on BBC1, some people were left thinking they can do an 'all you can eat' on fruit and it's ok. NO IT'S NOT! Fruit is packed with fructose (fruit sugar) and this doesn't make you feel full.

When we eat sugar, our body releases the hormone insulin, which tells the brain we've had enough to eat, explains dietician Ursula Arens of the British Dietetic Association.

'High insulin levels dampen the appetite, but fructose doesn't trigger this insulin response, so the brain doesn't get the message that you are full,' she says.

Essentially, when we eat fruit we bypass this internal 'stop button', which could explain why some of us can absent-mindedly nibble away at slice after slice of melon or munch through a large bunch of grapes.

Read more: 

Webchat – Don’t forget to check out Fiona Decleor’s Q&A below, and look out on Monday 30th at 8-9 for our next one with Ultrasun’s Abi Cleeve – ahead of her Today’s Special Value on QVC on April 2nd! (See Will Gowing’s interview with her via my blog here.)

And as I prepare to go to China for my three week trip – yes three weeks! – in April, to help train QVC presenters there, I’ll be gearing up to do lots of cooking of fresh veggies and lots of walking – after all, the Moonwalk will be two weeks after I get back!

If you’d like to join in on all the Facebook chats, do see the list of groups below and click on the links to come join us.

Best wishes




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WEBCHATS – MONDAY 23rd  MARCH 2015 – Fiona Brackenbury from Decleor

Nb – Decleor range on QVC is here - and will show Saturday’s TSV when activated!


Anoushka Chengadoo Hi Fiona. Can the new Decleor aroma hair, face and body oil be used on clean damp hair before blow drying? Thanks x

helen Murphy Need an eye cream! Just starting wrinkles but definitely have the dark circles! Can you suggest something please Fiona?!


Marie McEwan hello Fiona!!!! will the new 100ml oil have a cumulative effect on the skin or is it just a quick fix?


Samantha Green Hi Fiona I've been using the aromessence sculpt on my body , is this the best one following weight loss? Mainly stomach and top of arms ?

Helen Murphy That's a good question Samantha would love to know that too as part of Debbie Flint's Till the Fat Lady Slims Group I am guessing others will too!


Sian Mills Hi Fiona. I'm 53 &my skin is really dry & dehydrated but is also showing loss of firmness, especially nose to mouth area, and I have pigmentation- age spots- on my cheeks. I'm very fair skinned. I use Hydra Floral Rich & Neroli Aromessence & the Marjolaine balm but feel I should be using something anti ageing as well? X


Dawn Robinson Hello Fiona  ive recently started using this Aroma Night  it's fabulous a little goes a long way, My girls love it too xx


Claire Louise Evening Fiona. I am 46 years old and gave very dry sensitive skin on forehead and mouth area. So bad sometimes my forehead flakes and is left raw underneath please help. Also when will prolegene super size be back in stock . thank you x x

Susan Jones Hi Fiona. Is it ok to use the hair face & body oil daily on your face. Thank you. Xx

Lynn Parry Hi Fiona I am unable to exercise due to health problems but need to firm/tone arms and legs I currently use aroma sculpt, and body lotion mixed could I use prolagene also or would it be too heavy and is daily too much? also could I use the new oil in the same way? Thanks xx

Dawn Robinson This was the very first item i had from QVC with it ever come back ? The Harmonie gel xx




Caroline Butts Hi Fiona, my granddaughters suffer with Eczema ..would Prolegene gel help or is there anything else we could use, both my daughter and myself have been Declor converts now for the last 10 years and was hoping as Declor uses all natural ingredients something from this range may help xx

Angela Hansford Hi Fiona. Can the new 100 ml oil replace the Iris and neroli oils for the face? How does it differ as a face oil from those. Thanks xx


Roxanne Winter Kavanagh Hi Fiona, can you use the Decleor hair face and body oil after shampooing and conditioning and towel drying your hair and leave the oil on your hair like moroccan argan oil, or do you have to rinse it off? Many thanks. xx


Amy Wall Hi Fiona. Welcome and thank you for advice about testing gradual glow for my face. So far so good but if I could make a suggestion. Because I love the results on my arms using this product it means I can't wait to tan my lily white legs but would appreciate it sold by the gallon instead of bottle haha !!!!!! Please, pretty please can we have a bigger bottle or a gradual glow TSV. Thank you xxxx


Amy Wall Do you use it on your face Sharon. I have used nearly every brand of self tan over the years and this is the best for me by far x

Sharon I have not actually, just my body and i love it, how does it look on you - fab i bet x

Fiona Brackenbury Thanks for inviting me to be here with you. i can see lots of questions already so i will get started. Fiona xxx


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Helen Murphy, the best eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles is our 2 in 1 Dark Circle Wrinkle Eraser. It’s brilliant and even better when applied again during the day. Blurs dark circles and has a pop corn effect on lines and wrinkles. I hope this helps Fiona xx


Amy Wall Great on my arms so far but can't see where I tested behind the ear as advised by Fiona but no adverse reaction so will try on face tomorrow xx


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Marie McEwan, yes the frankincense in the new hair face and body oil stimulates collagen and is also very healing and strengthening. Due to all the omegas in the oil it should really lock in moisture so you will notice you need less moisturiser and also you will find your skin is better behaved. Fiona xx


Caroline Butts Thanks Sian ..have you tried Prologene on it as well ? ....will give that a go but also keen to see if Fiona thinks that will help as I have quite a bit of that in  xx


Marion Mcgrath Hi Fiona, on my face I have raised areas on my face what is the best way to smooth my face x


Lynn Parry Sorry another question I have a bottle of neroli oil but it seems very pale as if it has lost its colour is it still ok to use? It hasn't been direct sunlight it has been on top of my draws in a corner? Thanks


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Samantha Green, yes the Aromessence Sculpt is best for weightloss. Fiona x

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Sian Mills, have you tried Aromessence Iris under Hydra Floral it’s the best one for ageing. It’s the one the QVC viewers voted the best anti ageing product last year. Fiona x


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Claire Louise, do you take any supplments I would really recommend omegas especially if your skin is flaking. Fiona xx

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Susan Jones, yeh i have to say i keep using it at night time mixed with various products and it’s brilliant. Fiona x


Claire Louise No I don't never even thought thank you for that advice x x

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Lynn Parry, thats a great combination and no problem to add Gel Prolagene too. You could do the same with the new oil too. Fiona x

Dawn Robinson What would be your top 3 Decleor products if you had to pick xx

Samantha Pike Hi Fiona please help me ive always used the hydra radiance cleansing mouse morning with neroli and hydra floral and the cleanser and toner evening with neroli and balm but I've had a huge breakout all over my forehead and and chin area spots are huge and painful please help me x

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Dawn Robinson, its brilliant isnt it i will let QVC know as it’s such a great product. Fiona x


Sue Longstaff Hi fiona. should i use my iris oil and hydra floral overvthe top of ultrasun face 30 in summer?


Dawn Robinson Ooowww yes please & thank you xx


Sian Mills Fiona you suggested iris oil under my Hydra Floral. Should I also occasional use iris balm instead of the Marjolaine and if so how often please xx


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Caroline Butts, i cant guarantee it will work but i recently had some eczema on my eyes lids and i popped Gel Prolagene on and it worked a treat. Also thomas my little boy had eczema when he was a baby and i used it on him. Its worth trying. Fiona x


Caroline Butts Thank you ..we will xx


fiona Brackenbury Hi Angela Hansford, I am using it as well as, so Iris in the day and the new oil at night and as a mask. You could though if you wanted to. Fiona x


Karen Hunt Hiya Fiona, can I use the hair, face and body oil on washed hair then blow dry?

Karen Hunt Oh and forgot to ask can we have gradual glow in a litre size please

Debbie Flint Have fun Fiona! Am on with u Saturday tsv 4ish I think! X


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Amy Wall, the TSV this weekend has the gradual Glow in and i will suggest to France a bigger bottle as everybody loves this product so much, the colour is gorgeous. Fiona x


Amy Wall Karen Hunt I've asked for a gallon drum so we will see lol xxx


Sharon Harvey Yay a bigger bottle whoop whoop!

Amy Wall Thanks Fiona will see if I would benefit from other items in TSV or just buy another single bottle of gradual glow. Got to have more, more more xx


Helen Murphy Thanks for the advice on the eye cream. My daughter is only 11 and I want her to start on a skincare routine, what would you suggest please?


Karen Hunt Gallon drum even better Amy


Deborah Ioannidi Thomas Hi Fiona ... this past year I have rediscovered my love of all things Decleor (yours was the first brand of proper skincare I ever used and I love the experience as well as the results) ... I am menopausal and my skin was looking amazing with a routine including alternating Aromessence Neroli and Iris, alternating night balms, Prolagene, Prolagene Lift and Hydra Floral and Tenseur serum ... I've just had a little breakout on my chin, any tips?


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Marion Mcgrath, are they like bumps? is your skin dry, oily or do you think they are sensitive raised areas? Fiona x

Sian Mills Fiona you mentioned the Excellence Neck serum is being discontinued. I stockpiled a couple of duos from QVC but will there be a new neck serum coming up? ️Xx


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Lynn Parry, should be OK, whats it smell like? Its 100% natural so should be ok. Fiona x

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Debbie, looking forward to our show together we have a great show planned and we will launch the new 1000 grain exfoliater which is to die for. See you Saturday Fiona xx

Lynn Parry It smells fine just checked it now, thanks will start using it again. Looking forward to trying the gradual glow from TSV not tried that before xx

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Sian Mills, we have so many new products launching this year i think you will be happy. Fiona xx


Marion Mcgrath Yes sensitive raised areas mix skin type parts dry parts oily x

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Sian Mills, we have so many new products launching this year i think you will be happy. Fiona xx

Sharon Harvey 30 minutes of live web chat left. Fiona how do you decide what goes into a TSV? x


Marion Mcgrath Yes sensitive raised areas mix skin type parts dry parts oily x

Roxanne Winter Kavanagh Did my question get answered?

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Lynn Parry, glad it’s OK, colour can quickly as long as the smell is there your still good to use it. You will love the gradual glow as you can see from this page everybody wants it in a gallon bottle. Fiona x


Fiona Brackenbury Lots of you asking about the hair oil, i will try tonight and come back to you regarding using it on wet hair after shampooing. Fiona x


Amy Wall Lynn Parry you really must try the gradual glow. I've tried loads of different ranges but this is by far the most natural looking I have found. Just llloooooovvvveee it xx


Lynn Parry I wasn't going to be good and resist TSV but that thought has gone straight in the bin reading this web chat!!



Karen Hunt Any chance of the hand cream in a supersize?


Helen Murphy Lol know that feeling Lynn!


Sian Mills I've used the new Decleor oil in the dispenser of my Ego hairdryer instead of argan oil. Leaves my hair really shiny and smelling gorgeous x

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Roxanne Winter Kavanagh, sorry i didn a general answer to everybody as many of you are asking the same. I am going to try this out tonight and i will come back to you. Fiona x

Lynn Parry Yes you convinced me Amy Amy Wall just hope I don't miss it and it sells out xx

Karen Hunt Agree Amy. Definitely should get QVC award

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Marion Mcgrath, sorry a few questions how are you cleansing and exfoliating? Fiona x

Karen Hunt Fab Sian, that's exactly what I was hoping I could do


Amy Wall Lynn Parry if you do miss it you can always get the Decleor systems corp gradual glow on the QVC website xx


Marion Mcgrath Aroma cleanse not exfoliating x

Sharon Harvey Fiona what is your night time Decleor routine and do you change it on TSV days as you are awake longer, with less time and so busy etc?


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Claire Louise, yeh it will really help as we need to feed the skin from within. Fiona x

Lynn Parry Is the TSV going to be on Auto Delivery or Easy Pay can you tell us?


Fiona Brackenbury Sorry Lynn Parry Fiona xx


Claire Louise Bless you thank you. Can you please tell me when prolegene gel will be back in stick please x x


Helen Murphy Just found I have the eye cream you recommended from a TSV!

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Karen Hunt, we have requested a supersize hand cream from France. Fingers crossed we get this. Fiona x





Fiona Brackenbury Hi Sian Mills, i was thinking the same when i was on air with the ego hairdryer. Fiona xx

Karen Hunt Yay! Fingers crossed

Samantha Pike Hi Fiona please help I have large red spots on my chin and forehead they are painful. I'm a decleor girl hydra radiance cleansing mouse with neroli oil hydra floral light cream and balm at night x


Karen Hunt Is there going to be a Beauty Product of the Month anytime soon?


Amy Wall Like a gallon of gradual glow do you mean Karen Hunt lol xx


Jacqueline Jackson Hi Fiona I'm really good with my skincare where my face is concerned but am a bit of a lazy pants when it comes to my body. Please can you recommend a quick body routine to get me started. Many thanks. x


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Helen Murphy, the best thing your daughter can do is cleanse with a light cleansing milk and an alcohol free toner and then a moisturiser like Hydra floral which is light and locks in hydration. When she cleanses ensure she uses damp cotton wool. I hope this helps Fiona x


Karen Hunt Yes I do Amy. Do you think if we keep mentioning it we may get our wish. Lol


Sian Mills Best product for cellulite on thighs please Fiona? X


Amy Wall Can but hope Karen Hunt xx


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Lynn Parry, i can confirm it will be on 4 ezy payments. Fiona x


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Claire Louise, i will check for you. Fiona x


Claire Louise X x thank you x


Lynn Parry Sold to the lady with zero willpower

Sharon Harvey Fiona Brackenbury, thank you so much for such an informative hour! You have been brilliant answering our questions and we really appreciate you joining us this evening. We hope you get to put your feet up now hahaha, and look forward to what we believe to be an an amazing TSV at the weekend Thank you xd.


Karen Hunt Any chance of a duo in the hair face and body oil?


Fiona Brackenbury Hi Karen Hunt and Amy Wall, i will try for a gallon perhaps i should start with a litre request. Fiona x

Fiona Brackenbury Hi Sian Mills, Slimm effect ist the best oil really detoxing. Fiona x


Karen Hunt Sold!


Dawn Robinson Thank you Fiona & Sharon


Amy Wall Thanks Fiona will wait in anticipation. Great webchat Fiona & Sharon and all the questions which I found really interesting xx See you at the weekend x



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