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ONE MONTH DOWN, TWO TO GO! Plus Mally and Yankee Steven on webchat. And more help to cut back on sugar.
17 March 2015

Week four – we’re one month in to the Three Month Challenge and what a lovely review I got this week on the QVC hardback of my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book (704285) – see below. How have you been doing?

Just out of interest, the indoor skydiving again this week (see QVC blog this Friday 20th) gave my muscles a right good work out and my botom feels even smaller! Also the instructor looked me up and down and then gave me a much smaller suit than i got given last time! Whoop! There's a video of myself and QVC guest Gill Gauntlett and my sis Linda and brother Glenn all at the place - fab fun!

Also this week, the webchats were with lovely Mally herself! And Steven from Yankee Candles. See bottom to find out more.

Hope you had a good week. One of the big things I’ve been doing is trying to get people to think about their sugar intake and this week was a great example of someone just not realising the effect of fructose – even within fruit. A lady at work was telling me how she’s put on tummy fat over the last six months and I asked her about her fruit intake – a banana, couple of satsumas and grapes – every day. How long for? I asked. About six months… she said, and a dawning realisation overcame her face. She’s a skinny so she’s never had issues – till now. So no, fruit is NOT ‘free’ if you want to avoid even a tiny bit of sugar addiction and you fancy starting to listen to your body and do Freedom Eating. Do check out the review below to see if it helps you make up your mind then buy the book off QVC (hardback with bonus material 704285) or ebook on Amazon here. It’d be great to hear from you about your story too – come join us on Facebook group Till the Fat Lady Slims, (links below) or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


From 704285 book on QVC – Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet strikes again!

 Best Book EVER!!!

" I have always been on a diet since around the age of 8 and nothing has ever been successful for me. After having 7 children I never thought I'd even get chance to try and lose weight and get a bit of me back again. So after reading many reviews and taking advice I bought this book and I have and will never look back. Just 3 weeks in and I have lost inches as well as 9 1/4lbs just changing the way I look at the food I eat!! This is the first time I have lost weight without being on a restricted diet. thanx to Debbie, I am working my way back to being me again and enjoying it every step of the way!
Another thing is if you join Debbie's Back To You QVC Facebook page, the support on there is AMAZING! Not only from other members but from Debbie herself who takes the time to give you advice and talk to you.”


Yay! Warms the cockles of my heart!

Other news – links to help with your sugar addiction, because I believe that more info makes you make better choices.

Webchats with Mally and Steven from yankee are below – enjoy!

Best wishes





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DAWN : Hello Mally  you always bring so much joy & love to qvc !  my question is if you could only take 3 of your products on an island  what would they be ? 

Dawn Robinson My Poreless Face Defender is starting to run low  So i will be ordering another one soon  Nothing else like it on the beauty market 10/10 xx

Marilyn Clark From one Mally to another, hi! xx

Sara Mahmoud Hi mally, I love all your make up. Is it possible you could bring us a tsv with the primer and foundation in it? Please !!!

Lynn Parry Hi Mally loving the last TSV is there going to be a Mally Beauty Product of the month this year and any clues what it will be?? Xx

Janie Smith I love the poreless face defender. My question is can I use it to set the pencil eyeliner as it's not bulletproof on me x

Sharon Hi Mally, you are always so happy and lively with so much passion for what you do. What drives you on ? x


Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas I love your make up mally. Your primers are amazing! But are you going to bring out any eyeshadow pallet collections?


Janie Smith Dawn Robinson I love PFD too. Mines in about the same place as yours!


Dawn Robinson Your hair always looks fabulous too  what's your secret ?? x


Helen Murphy Hi there

Just wanted to say I adore your pencil eye liners and just love the purple! Have dark brown eyes other then black or brown what other colours would look good please and do you do a navy please?


Dawn Robinson I call it the panic stage Janie  xx



Chrissy Lapworth Mally please bring back the Skin Finisher, really need it as I cannot get l with the face defender and your lovely perfume.



Claire Horgan Hi Mally... girl you are the bomb  just started a blog and can't wait to blog about your products..I LOVE the poreless face defender and the lipglossbut i need to try more how you are always so upbeat


Mally Roncal Hi My Loves! I'm so excited to be here and answer all of your questions! Let's get started!!


Mally Roncal Sara Mahmoud we may have something in the works sometime this year that has both of these products! Stay tuned, My Love! XXX


Sharon Awww Mally i just said i bet Mally's first words are " Hi my Loves"! brilliant!! xx

Sara Mahmoud Wow thanks mally I will be waiting. X


Claire Evans Hi my lovely mally soooooo excited you are here.get ready to be bombarded lol. Do you have plans to do a tsv with the beautiful highlighter in you once brought us .I use it everyday x x


Lizzy Savage Hi Mally you crazy chick, love all your fact dont think there is any item of your makeup i do not own. xxxx Will there be any more colours in the bullet proof eye liners eg purples, navy Thank you darling Mally Roncal xxxx

Nikki Hollern Hi Mally

My Twin sister and I love your amazing products.


Please can you bring your shimmer, shape and glow palette and your believable bronzer palette to qvcuk xxx



Mally Roncal Janie Smith I would not recommend using the Face Defender on your eyes! Have you tried an eye shadow base with your liner? Also, I have a great product launching in July that will help with this problem! Stay tuned!





Mally Roncal Dawn Robinson if I could only take three products with me it would be my Poreless Face Defender, My Volumizing Mascara and a High Shine Liquid Lipstick! Don't leave home with out them


Janie Smith Cool thank you. Xxxxx


Claire Louise Mall what is the best concealer to cover black moles on face area x x


Mally Roncal Lynn Parry I can't tell but we are working on bringing you something fierce!


Sharon Harvey oooooooh excited already for the new products yay x

Janie Smith I think they would be my desert island products too


Mally Roncal Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas we will be bringing some beautiful palettes with Gorgois colors. Coming this Fall!!!!


Dawn Robinson Thank you Mally xoxoxo


Sharon Fabulous x


Mally Roncal Helen Murphy have you tried my 5 pc In the Buff Starlight Liner collection? The Lucky Penny shade would be beautiful on you and Bronze shade can be used to lighten and brighten! Keep an eye out for navy liner! I have a beautiful shade called Sailor that you may find in a future kit!

Sue Hickman Malty your mascara & eye sticks are just the best & stay put! I wore them for my daughters wedding & did not have to retouch at all. Thank you xxx


Natalie Hollern Hi Mally Roncal would it be possible to get some of the age rebel shadow stick sets like qvc America have. I love the shadow sticks. X



Mally Roncal Claire Evans I have an amazing Luminizer coming out this month! I think you'll love it!



Mally Roncal Lizzy Savage I have a new assortment of Starlight Liners coming out this month for my shows on 4/29 and 4/30. They are the colors you want with a little twist!


Claire Evans Oooooooh yes would love a shadow stick library with 3000 colours.cant get enough x x


Mally Roncal Nikki Hollern Thank you so much, My Love! I will see what I can do


Sharon oh about a body bronzer? x


Claire Evans Yay thanks miss mally. thrilled to the moon and back x x


Sharon Mally, you are always so busy, how do you like to unwind x


Mally Roncal Claire Louise my Cancellation Concealer System would work best for dark moles! It's full coverage and completely bulletproof! Have you tried it?

Mally Cancellation Concealer System |



Chrissy Lapworth Mally please are you bringing the skin finisher back and your perfume !!


Mally Roncal Sue Hickman aren't they amazing?! Thank you for the love! xxx


Nikki Hollern Thank you Mally Roncal, i'm saving up my pennies for your next visit, cant wait xx


Mally Roncal Natalie Hollern aren't they amazois?! I will see what I can do, My Love!


Mally Roncal Chrissy Lapworth Thanks for you love of Mally Beauty I will definitely work it!


Claire Louise No mally but am going to thank you x x .


Mally Roncal Sharon My show at the end of the month has a little body bronzer in it that you will love!


Mally Roncal Sharon Harvey The love of my Mallynistas is my number 1 driving passion! And English chocolate!


Sharon Harvey woooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo x

Mally Roncal Dawn Robinson I use lots of different products. I use Wen, Oribe and Serge Normant. I’m guinea pig and love to play with all different kinds of products.

Sharon Harvey hahahahahahaha, i see you tweet pics of your sweet Stash...what is your favourite uk chocolate? x

Mally Roncal Sharon Harvey I love doing yoga and pilates to unwind and of course hanging out with my husband and babies! xxx


Gill Sargisson Hello Mally, I adore your makeup range and your cancellation concealer duo with the setting powder in the palest one is AMAZING! Thank u so much xx


Dawn Robinson When bringing out a new product do you sit round the table for hours or is it a bingo moment xx

Mally Roncal Claire Horgan The love of my Mallynistas is my number 1 driving passion! And English chocolate!

Sharon Harvey perfect


Chrissy Lapworth Thank you Mally. Love love your make up


Claire Horgan in Ireland ill send you some of our chocolate it will blow your socks off lol


Alison Felstead Please please can you bring back Instant Impact Mascara to the UK. Had it in a TSV but never been seen since - absolutely the best.


Mally Roncal Chrissy Lapworth Thank you, My Love! Love, love you!


Helen Murphy Wow lots of things to look forward to!


Mally Roncal Alison Felstead isn't it amazois! Let me see what I can do!


Helen Murphy Can you tell me are your mascaras suitable for sensitive eyes please?

Janie Smith Here here Alison Felstead!


Mally Roncal Helen Murphy yes, they are all suitable for sensitive eyes! Have you tried my Volumizing Mascara?


Gill Sargisson Yes it's one of the best I've tried x


Mally Roncal Gill Sargisson xxx! Thank you!!

Linda Kelly Mally I adore your make up but I struggle with the eye liner what is the best way to put this on to open your eyes up x


sara Mahmoud I use the volumising mascara everyday


Sharon Harvey Mally what is your Inspiration behind your Brand, what motivates you each day?


Natalie Hollern When is the next tsv? Also I really loved your book, found my self in tears in places but think you are an inspirational women x please say hi to teeny as it was lovely to meet her at the Beauty Bash xx


Claire Evans Mally make up and cadburys chocolate, my favourite combination! X


Kirsty Chalmers I love watching your shows Mally. I absolutely adore Face Defender. Bought one a year ago and just run out. That's value for money x


Mally Roncal Linda Kelly use a dark liner on the top and a light color on the bottom and bury it as close to the lash line as you can! This will open your eyes and not look too harsh!


Sharon Harvey oooh Natalie you have just reminded me i must read Mally's book x


Mally Roncal Natalie Hollern isn't Teenie wonderful?! Thank you so much, Mama! Teenie and I will both be coming to you with a TSV at the end of May! Will you be watching?! xxx


Michael James Hamlyn Mally!!!! Hey boo, everyone knows I'm a Qvc saddo.... But even my Robbie loves watching your hours with me!!! You are just amazing to watch. Hilarious!

Thank you thank you thank you for poreless defender. Forget the ladies every man should have one!!!


mally Roncal Kirsty Chalmers that is amazing, My Love! We need to get you another one!


Kirsty Chalmers I had a new one ready to go Mally lol


Natalie Hollern Of course me and NikkiHollern will be , wouldn't miss it. Your make up cheers me up and makes me feel better when I'm having a bad day. X


Sharon Harvey Oh Fantastic cannot wait! in the mean time here is the link to all of Mally's qvcuk products x


Mally Roncal Sharon Harvey yes, we need to bring Love, Lashes, and Lipstick to the UK!


Claire Louise Pls pls more eyeshadow stick in more colours pls pls x x


Sharon Harvey Deffo, signed - perfect!!! yes please :-)]


Linda Kelly I got asked if I had Botox as I was looking good that's the magic of your make up lol x

Zoe Muggeson Heath Will you be coming to the QVC Beauty Bash in person. Your girls did you proud the last 2 years but it's still not quite the same as having YOU in person!

Mally Roncal Claire Louise We are working on this for you! In the meantime, have you tried my Matte Shadow Sticks? They can be used as a shadow or a liner!


Nikki Hollern SharonHarvey we loved reading Mally's book, we think she is a truly inspirational person inside and out. She really does deserve all her success xxx


Claire Horgan My 2 year loves you too...she says oohh mama lovely make up lady on the tv


Mally Roncal Nikki Hollern Thank you so much, mama! My mallynistas inspire me everyday! Thank you for your love! xxx


Sharon Harvey ooooh i MUST read it now x

Mally Roncal Claire Horgan OMG, I just love that! Thank you, Mama!


Claire Evans My mother's day card my 10 year old made at school was covered in mally sayings and phrases.i loved it! He knows my passion well x


Claire Horgan We are big fans in this house xxx


Julie Barry Love Mally! Brow crayon is the best one ever !!x


mally Roncal Sharon Harvey I am motivated by Mallynistas and find great joy by education them with my tips and tricks. My mission in life is to help women discover and embrace their unique beauty!


Sharon Harvey Back To You Qvc Members please send a huge Cyber Hug to Mally Roncal and thank her for joining us tonight!! Mally, it has been an absolute Joy and pleasure chatting with you this evening, such an inspiration..we look forward to your infectious laugh and fabulous products back at Qvc next Month!! Lots of Love and Thank you xxxx


Mally Roncal Thank you so much, My Loves! This was so amazing! You are all so fierce! See you at the end of the month! Tune into my shows at the end of the month on 3/29 and 3/30, I'm bring you lot's of new products!


Nikki Hollern Thank you Mally Roncal. Can't wait for your next visit xxx


Sharon Harvey Looking forward to it Mally Thank you so much xx thank you Everyone for joining us xx


Dawn Robinson Thank you Mally & Sharon


Steven yankee to come.


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