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How's the 3 Month challenge going? Take the lard test? And Abi Ultrasun, Ali Keenan and Bruce on webchat.
4 March 2015

brain chemistry brain chemistry

Great week for updates on TTFLS group as week 2 of the Three Month challenge concluded. Many more fab updates coming through about how well the members are doing. Read back in the archives – bottom left of this page – for more info about it, or go to to ‘like’ page, read updates, and join in! Also on Till the Fat Lady Slims (TTFLS) group too, where we were discussing the lard test. Links at bottom of page.

Now this is where, as you lose the pounds, you put its equivalent of lard in the fridge and take a pic every so often holding the lard on a tray, or piled up next to you if you can’t hold it anymore! Some had lost much more than could be held on a tray so we’re currently coming up with alternatives! A small Labrador?...!

Plus I spoke to Rosa from Yankee candles who is just in the process of reading my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book (item 704285 click here to see it on QVC UK) beginning to do Freedom Eating and she said she finds it hard to focus just on the food, having always done other things at the same time – sometimes more than two. Her tip? Close her eyes as she’s eating – great idea! What’s yours? Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And thanks to Pearly Petal for this latest review on QVC –

"What a fabulous book this is! I needed to lose about a stone and a half to get back to my ideal weight,so 4 weeks ago I bought Debbie's book. It has changed my eating habits. Turned them upside down, as I was a choccy ,sugar fanatic. Anything sweet and I would be there. That was until I read 1-6 in the book! I watched the video on sugar,and that had an effect on me I could never have imagined. Eating the way Debbie states ,I have lost 10lbs in weight and along with the body blade I feel so much better not to mention looking good too. Cannot thank Debbie enough, so if you're on the fence about this book, just try it and see. You have nothing to lose, only weight! " review on 704285, March 2015.

Giving up sugar is indeed crucial to be able to listen to your body’s signals and the video links I include in my book definitely help. So how much sugar in a month? How much in a year? By giving up three spoons of sugar per day, in three cups of tea, one lady worked out she is saving over 12,000 calories a year – amazing! Just think what it can do for you and go here to my aids for cutting back on sugar if you’d like to read up on all the info and watch the crucial videos on youtube which can help your mindset if you’re finding it hard.

Other news

-          4 limiting beliefs that keep you from living your Dream Life – do you agree? click here.

-          Just in case you are unaware, google ‘aspartame’ and you may want to avoid it somewhat!

 Stevia is possibly the best sugar alternative if you HAVE to have it - but maybe just wean yourself off it and develop a much less sweet tooth - you'll be surprised how it changes if you give it a chance.

Joining the groups


Lots of people are posting on the new Three Month Challenge page here. All info is there. ‘Like’ the page to take part in the three months and follow the guidelines there. It’s an open page.


Closed groups are best for more personal shares and updates –

Till the Fat Lady Slims group (nb the page is also a good one to follow for daily updates)

Break the Habit Btu group (offshoot from Back to You QVC group, set up for my QVC show)

Also - Bodyblade QVC group for bodybladers


My page And of course my own page for my personal news and QVC updates, book announcement and freebies etc – click ‘like’ on Debbie Flint page here.

Good luck and keep us informed! See below for the Q&A from the webchats from Ultrasun Abi and Ali Keenan, as well as Bruce Bodyblade! Next week it’s king of the bloopers Axel Ruth amongst others!

best wishes




Back To You Qvc Live Web Chat Abi Cleeve 2nd March 2015


Sue Stewart What is the shelf life on Ultra Sun. I had some last September. Can I use it this year please.

Tracie-Jane Bath do your products sink into the skin completely as i cant stand the feel of tacky skin.

June M Ward Hi Abi, If I do need to reapply Ultrasun, do i need to shower first or can it just be reapplied. Thanks

Andie Stephany Hi Abi - I know we can use the hypo allergenic UltraSun on animals, but it would be a great idea to package and market one especially for animals. I have a white cat and he needs sunscreen on his ears. I know lots of people at the BB were saying that too x

Sarah Richmond Will it stop my pigmentation coming through on my face

Dianne Murphy Hi Abi, have been using ultrasun face for a while now. However I've recently changed my skin care regime and have ben using AlphaH moisturisers which has factor 50 included. Do you advise that this is ok for my face or do you suggest that I should revert to ultrasun? I use ultrasun for the rest of my body and love it. Thanks x

Christine Evans Hi Abi could we have a supersize face 30 as I use this all year round, thanks x. The overnight Summer skin I had as a demo of is great when is coming to air please. X

Sue Stewart Hi Sharon. Hope you're well. Ready for the mayhem eh!

Sue  love it x

Abi Cleeve Am so excited to be here Sharon Harvey- thank you for having me. xx

Sharon Harvey Welcome as always Abi  hope you have had a great day x

Abi Cleeve Always a great day when I get to talk about sun protection being a sun nut job! x

Sharon Harvey Hahahahaha! Especially now the Sun is well and truly on its way, although i know we should wear it during sunlight of anykind, but now its very important. x

Abi Cleeve Absolutely! xx

Dawn Robinson Hello Abi  Im new to Ultrasun & definitely going to try it this year, my question is can i still put foundation on top of the product ? Xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi Sue Stewartt, you absolutely can use your Ultrasun from last year this year. Ultrasun has a shelf life of 24 months after being opened and 36 month unopened. Its why you can stock up on TSVs! Xxx

Abi Cleeve Hi Tracie-Jane Bath the unique lipsome technology that is in the ultrasun products means that they are fast-absorbing and just glide onto your skin so you don’t have that sticky, gloopy feeling. The try me kit 207278 is a great way to see which ultrasun product is for you.xx

Abi Cleeve Hi June M Ward and Dawn Robinson,Ultrasun needs to be applied to clean, dry skin. I always say cleanse, tone ultrasun! You need to make sure that ultrasun can bind with your skin, you can just reapply, unless of course you have put an oil based product on after your ultrasun as this would cause a barrier. Dawn Robinson our face products are a great primer for under make-up xx

Abi Cleeve Hi Andie Stephany, Great idea. Vets actually prescribe ultrasun for white eared cats and dogs and even pigs!!! Yes they get skin cancer too and we can't tell them to get in the shade. With no parabens or fragrance and because it lasts all day and won't be licked off it's perfect for our 4 legged friends! Xxxx

Sarah Bennett Hi Abi, when will we have a TSV, and what will be in it!

Sharon Harvey Great!! My little puppy Ruby, west Highland Terrier is pure white so will be bathing her in Ultrasun x

Abi Cleeve Hi Sarah Richmond Ultrasun Face 50+ Anti-pigmentation has been developed to reduce the intensity of existing pigmentation whilst protecting against future skin ageing. The hero ingredient is ectoin, a revoluntionary and rare enzymne that protects the skin from the damage that can be caused by UVA. Try is you have a 30 day return with QVC!xxx

Debi-Lea Barker Hi Abi. My dad has just had open heart surgery, so he has a huge scar down his chest and the length of his lower leg. My parents go to their holiday home, in Turkey, in May for the summer, which product would be the best for protection for him.

Dawn Robinson Thank you xx

Abi Cleeve Hi Dianne Murphy, as far as I know the AlphaH moisturiser SPF 50 + doesn't contain UVA. The single most important ingredient in your day cream will be a UVA and UVB filter. The UVA rays penetrate far deeper, right down to the subcutaneous layers.

Dianne Murphy Thanks Abi. x

Abi Cleeve Hi Christine Evans, ooooh yes the face formulas are soon to be launched in supersizes - watch this space as you’ll see it on QVC first. So excited about our brand new Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask!! Thank you for taking the time to trial it.

Sarah Richmond Thank you Abi x guess I'll be buying some of that lol x

Debbie Flint abiiii!! Ps dont forget to mention the moonwalk sponsorship site and date etc! ENjoy the chat everyone! ps i got my fab set of ultrasun mini's this week - great for handbag! x

Sue Foley was lucky enough to trail the recovery mask abi, in fact have been using it as a serum, it makes yr skin so soft and hydrated really lovely.

Sue Foley any hints on the april tsv?

Abi Cleeve Hi Sarah Bennett Next TSV is April 2nd. Two strengths: Medium/High and High/High so chose what is right for you, no sports gel though. Heads up! 500ml Sports Clear liquid and Family 30 are going out of production. QVC have bought all stock there will be no more when its gone its gone! I’ll be on air on Wednesday at 1pm item numbers 229546 (sports) 226286 (Family)xx

Abi Cleeve Sue Foley The TSV on April 2nd will be around £35 and will be the best value of the year! Thanks for try the mask xx

Sharon Harvey no family 30????????? WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTT? x

Abi Cleeve Hi Debbie Flint How could i forget! We are walking the walk ( on May 16th A great charity my fundraising page is xx

Sarah Bennett Thanks Abi.

Abi Cleeve Sharon Harvey nooooooo I didn't say NO family 30 just not in a 500ml. We are introducing a new slender 400ml with a much better lockable plump no more leakages in you luggage or losing the lid! 400ml will also be available for Glimmer SPF 20, Sports Clear Gel SPF 20 and Extreme SPF50+

Sharon Harvey oh PHEW!!!!!!! Panic over!!!!!! x


Debbie Clout Abi, what would you recommend for a babies sunscreen. I'm due in two weeks and love the idea of applying once a day on little one and knowing they are protected? X

Abi Cleeve Hi Debi-Lea Barker we always recommend to use the Extreme 50+ on any scar area, your Dad's skin tone may be used to a lower SPF but after surgery the areas are very sensitive. Extreme SPF50+ is a once a day application so going in and out the water is fine as long as the sun smart rules are followed. Shade breaks, not being in the sun in peak times, drinking water. xx

Jan Penn Abi are you going to be bringing a sports clear gel SPF 30 soon pleeeease?? Xx

Abi Cleeve Hi Debbie Clout no baby under 6 months should ever be in direct sunlight but for your own peace of mind. We recommend ultrasun SPF50+. Once a day application so much easier with those wiggling tots! xx

Loraine Elkins Hi Abbi, I always use Ultrasun face from around March/April, but not sure about applying. If I want to use a tan accelerator as well when would I slot that in the makeup routine for the face / body? Would you put ultrasun on first and then the rest.

Abi Cleeve Hi Jan Penn Yes Sports Gel SPF 30 is currently in production, watch this space. QVC will have it first in the next couple of months x x

Sharon Harvey So many lovely products and configurations to look forward to!

Abi Cleeve Hi Loraine Elkins Ultrasun always goes on first! Before tan accelerator/make up or fake tan. Ultrasun needs to bind with your skin to give you long lasting protection all day. DO NOT worry Sports Gel SPF 20 isn't out of production it is only the size that is changing you will be able to buy it in 125ml, 200ml and 400ml. xxx

Abi Cleeve Wow there are sparks coming off my keyboard thanks for all the great questions! xx

Sharon Harvey i can imagine! You are doing amazing thank you!! I think you can tell how loved the brand is...the Discovery set is fabulous for Newbies to try. I love the small sizes as i keep them everywhere!!

Loraine Elkins It is a really loved brand I know I would not use anything else other than Ultrasun now.

Loraine Elkins Abbi - thanks for your reply but if you have already applied fake tan (obviously it stays on for several days) is it ok to put Ultrasun over it every day?? Will it still protect you? Thank you x

 Abi Cleeve Thank you Loraine Elkins. The Discovery kit is great if you ever want to convince someone else who may think differently about Ultrasun and you get a full size ultralip too! xx

Janie Smith Sure it's been asked before but do the creams have other skincare benefits too? X

Loraine Elkins I have already converted several friends to Ultrasun and they love it too

Sue Stewart Love the Ultra lip. It's the best on the market. It's stopped me getting sun blisters.

Loraine Elkins I love Ultralip too use it several times a day and also got my grown up son using it as he suffers from dreadfully dry lips, we love it I have a draw full!! Could not bear to run out of it!!

Sue Foley ultralip is a must

Sue Stewart More power to Ultralip

Abi Cleeve Hi Janie Smith where do I start! All of our face range contain Ectoin which is a great anti-ageing enzyme. They also contain Boron Nitride (the science of softness) which will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and they plump and reduce the loss ...See More

Christine Evans Thanks Abi, look forward to the face 30 supersize that's brilliant news so I can stock up, and the overnight recovery will be a certain purchase Oh free P & P heaven. X

Janie Smith Sounds fabulous and thank you for the info. So I could use it in place of moisturiser too?

Abi Cleeve Hi Janie Smith yes you absolutely can use it in place of your daily moisturiser. Many make up artists use it as a primer before they apply make up. xx

Janie Smith Excellent

Abi Cleeve Hi Loraine Elkins Ultrasun needs to be applied to clean, dry skin. If fake tan has been applied you need to make sure it has been fully absorbed by your skin and there is no oil residue for example as that will create a barrier on your skin to the liposomes in ultrasun. Fake tan obviously won't protect you so def put Ultrasun on top. Hope that helps xx

Sharon Harvey Back to You Members, please give a big Thank you to Abi Cleeve for being brilliant!! Abi, you have given us so much fantastic information and lots of "Heads up" too! Thank you for joining us this evening and we look forward to your Hour long show on wed.

Dawn Robinson Thank you Abi & Sharon

Abi Cleeve Thanks for having me. Better make sure the kids have actually done their homework now!! xxx

Sue Foley thanks abi and sharon

Loraine Elkins A big thank you to you ladies Abi & Sharon xx



Alison Keenan Live Back To You Qvc Web Chat  - 2nd March 2015



Christina Bowden Alison we have spoken before about the charity medical detection dogs and I would love for you to meet the charity and see the work they are doing on detecting breast cancer from breath samples. X


Sinead Major Railton It's not a question , just wanted to say that I think Ali is one of the most lovely inspirational people I have come across in years. Such a generous spirit, a thoroughly gorgeous human being x

Alison Keenan Poised and ready to go - mug of tea and piece of cake at the ready! x

Sharon Harvey woo Hoo!! Hi Alison how are you? Hope the sun was shining where you are today!! isnt Spring lovely!!! cold still....but lovely x

Dawn Robinson Hello Alison  can i ask a cheeky question please ? What hair products do you use ? Your hair always looks beautiful

Christina Bowden Alison what is the one beauty product you can't live without

Alison Keenan Christina, I do remember speaking with you, and if at all possible I would love to meet the charity. Perhaps I could have a separate address to contact you with? Or you could write to me at QVC x

Alison Keenan Sinead, bless you for that  Have a lovely evening, Ali xx

Alison Keenan Hi Sharon, the sun was indeed shining and I managed to get out and walk 6k in the sunshine. This is the beginning of my training for the Moonwalk! xx

Alison Keenan Dawn, not cheeky at all. I use the Philip Body Building Shampoo and Volumising conditioner, and also their Elasticizer and Styling products. No oil Hair Oil by Percy and Reed is also great. Richard Ward's brush helps with the styling, and I use the Ego Pod heated rollers! xx


Alison Keenan Oooh Christina that is a VERY difficult question.. Just one product?! Probably my Sub D Cold Plasma from Perricone x



Dawn Robinson Thank you xx

Sharon Harvey Alison what do you like to do when you are not busy working at Qvc? x


Tracey Ferns Ali !How lovely that you ve joined us here ...I have a haircare question ....Im suffering with exceptionally oily hair (I suspect due to hormonal changes )at the moment and would love to invest in Philip Kingsley ...what shampoo /conditioner would you recommend ? Your hair always looks fab xxxx

Georgina Bancroft Hi Alison, lovely to see you here my Q is how often do you find yourself 'tapping the app' during shows lol???

Sharon Harvey Hahahaha Georgina!


Christina Bowden And if you only had one disc to take to a dessert island with your pericone what would it be?

Alison Keenan good question Sharon.. I enjoy a great many things - spending time with Colin and my children friends and family are probably top of the list, but I love walking/running, writing and answering my blog, gardening, cooking and driving - preferably to somewhere nice! xx


Debbie Flint Enjoy the tea, enjoy the cake, enjoy the chat Alison Keenan !! hugs xx

Helen Murphy Hi Alison don't know if you can answer this but do you know if your Hope pendant is coming back? Am on Waitlist for it for a friend who is battling breast cancer

Debbie Flint ps dont forget to mention the moonwalk! x

Debbie Flint going to find Axel to say hi - sorry am not on with him tonight. Have a great chat all! x


Alison Keenan Hi there Tracey, nice to have you with us! I think remembering back to my hour with Sinead from Philip Kingsley at the weekend, she would recommend the Moisture Balancing Shampoo and conditioner - Its item no 200967. Good luck and let us know how you get on xx

Sharon Harvey oooohh fab love yankee.....might have to sneak off.....dont think anyone will notice,,,, x

Alison Keenan Big hug back to you dear Deb - Loved the photo of you with the Nails inc colours - I would KILL for your jawline!! xx

Alison Keenan My dear Helen, I am not certain it will be just yet - sometimes they re-order closer to October, but I will definitely look into it for you xx



Tracey Ferns Thankyou Ali much appreciated . ps I think you re just amazing xxx


Alison Keenan um I think I would Sharon!!!!


Alison Keenan Georgina, I'll be honest I'm much more of a qvcuk girl - more often than not I'm buying on line with the speed buy button - my eyesight isn't so good with my iPhone! xx

Alison Keenan Me too! and the TSV is great! x

Jacqueline Jackson Hi Alison just wanted to pop on and say how much I enjoy your diamonique shows. You describe everything so beautifully, you're a joy to watch. X

Georgina Bancroft I like your presenting style it a fun career to have or is it really hard work having someone talking in your ear and having to speak at the same time?


Christina Bowden I totally agree Jacqueline x

Sharon Harvey Oh Yes Jacqueline!!! me too! x


Amanda Lindberg Hi Alison Keenan..just to say you always look lovely xx

Alison Keenan Hi there Jacqueline, and thanks so much for your kind words. I genuinely love the range, and am always staggered by the value for money, especially when you see the amount of work that goes into each piece. I enjoy the challenge of trying to find different ways to describe the jewellery  xx


Alison Keenan Georgina, it is definitely fun, and our producers and directors are very good and only give me the information I need in my ear. If I'm tired I sometimes find it quite difficult to concentrate, or when I have a hot flush! Mind you they're very good at providing me with a fan  x

Alison Keenan Amanda that is very kind of you to say so  x


Sharon Harvey You have lots of fans here....boom boom!

Chris Forrester Hi Alison you always look so lovely I just wondered if you use anyone special hair product as your hair always looks so soft and bouncy ?


Jacqueline Jackson Ha ha Sharon you beat me to it lol.x

Alison Keenan Hee Hee Sharon - nice one!


Sharon Harvey hahahahahaha x


Alison Keenan Hi there Chris, and thanks for the compliment. I use mainly Philip Kingsley Hair Products including their elasticised, shampoo and conditioner. Lulu's strong hold hairspray keeps the style in, and yet it still looks soft, which is a bonus! xSandra Gregory Hi Ali, so pleased to see you back on QVC. It is obvious that you love your job, as you are genuinely loving the products you talk about. You explain the products so well. I love your shows with Charlie, you both have great fun and make me laugh so much. Xxx

Kate Angus I totally agree too! I am a huge diamonique fan! I have drawers full of all styles! I so look forward to my Wednesday night now Alison is back! Alison do you have a favourite piece or style of diamonique? xx

Jacqueline Jackson I often buy diamonique jewellery as presents for my Mum and sister (and myself lol) as you can't go wrong. We all love anything that sparkles and as you say the value is fab. x


Alison Keenan Sandra, it's great to be back, and I genuinely love the job, and consider myself very fortunate to work for the company. I've learned a great deal over the last 14 years, and been introduced to some great products. I have to say though that the hours...See More


Alison Keenan Hi there Kate - I hope it's Thursday night's you're going to be watching!  Diamonique has so many brilliant styles, but I think my favourite would have to be the single stone stud earrings from the eternal range. They are just so chic and simple to wear x

Alison Keenan Glad to hear that Jacqueline.. I have been buying Diamonique not just for myself but for pretty much all my family and close friends too. They love it as much as I do. xx


Chris Forrester II love P K products but thanks for the tip on the Lulu hairspray must give it a try you certainly are a great advert for all the beauty and hair products

Helen Murphy Oooo how about adding some Diamonique to a special piece for BCC this year??! Would be fantastic!

Joan Scott Hello Alison, what is your favourite holiday destination? X

Alison Keenan Do try it Chris, and if it's volume you're after, I would really recommend Lulu's Operation Glam Larger than life shampoo and conditioner! Thanks for your sweet words X

Helen Murphy Volume has been my goal Ali so thank you for the tip!


Alison Keenan Hi there Helen, Last year Charlie and I designed a beautiful pendant in the shape of a sunflower that had a pink diamonique stone in the middle of it. It was for sale in October in memory of our four colleagues who had died the year before that... I think it would be a great idea though to make something new this year with the stones in it. Thank you! xx

Alison Keenan Oooh Joan, I would say any one of the Greek Islands - particularly Zante, but i would very much like to travel through the south of Italy and visit Naples one day  How about you? x


Kate Angus Oh Alison what a boob to make!! Yes Thursday my days are so mixed up! I love your choice. I have your watch and it is much admired! Will you be doing more pieces in the future? x



Alison Keenan I think we all like big hair Helen! Give it a go! x

Gay Bulley Hi Ali it's lovely to see you back , I'm new to diamonique I bough my first piece last November , and my second piece last week can't wait for it to arrive , I love watching your show as you do them with such passion and love , could we have some diamonique brooches x

Helen Murphy Ha ha yes the 80s were great for big hair!


Chris Forrester I will give Lulus range a try if it makes my hair look as good as yours Ali

Amy Wall Chris Forrester I use Lulus larger than life and would highly recommend it x

Alison Keenan Hi there Gay, and I'm delighted that you have joined the ever increasing Diamonique family, and glad to know that already your collection is growing! I will certainly mention to the buyers that you like the idea of brooches - it's been a while since I saw one in the range. Butler and Wilson though have plenty if you wanted to have a look online! I'll look forward to your company this Thursday at 9pm xx


Joan Scott I love the Greek Islands too......Santorini and I also love Orkney........different climates though!!!!


Chris Forrester Thanks for that Amy


Alison Keenan Kate, easily done!! My watch is Diamonique too - it's the one I designed the year before last. Keeps perfect time, and I bought my sister one for Christmas 2013 and she's never taken it off! x

Alison Keenan Indeed they were Helen, but the products weren't as good!! x


Alison Keenan There you go Chris, Amy is in agreement - got to be worth a try. x

Chris Forrester Certainly has ladies


Alison Keenan Crikey very different climates Joan. I visited Santorini in 1979 and I can still remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday. I've never been to Orkney though, so perhaps I should add that to my bucket list?!  x


Alison Keenan A pleasure  x


Janie Smith I got married in Corfu I love the sun.

Emily Brown Butler Hi Alison. No question, just wanted to say how well you look and how much I enjoy watching your (and Debbie's) hours on QVC! Wishing you lots of health and best wishes for your big day in June  x


Helen Murphy For those who want big hair

Karen Williams Alison which faux tan is your favourite? You always look fabulous!

Alison Keenan Hi there Janie! What a beautiful place to get married! I was there with Kathy Tayler last August and we had a brilliant time. Infact I've actually been there three times, and the weather has never let us down. Love the food, the people and the sunshine like you  xx

Alison Keenan Emily, very many thanks! Yes, not too long to wait for the wedding now! But Lucy's baby comes first - end of April. Sooooo looking forward to being a grandmother x


Emily Brown Butler Ah that's wonderful. Lots of lovely times ahead for you this year  x


Amy Wall Yes Alison you will be able to enter all the glamorous granny competitions lol xxx

Janie Smith Kalami? We married in the old Ionian building and then sailed over to the rocks by the White House to do our personal vows and then round to koloura. I think kathy likes Thomas Place in Kalami. Blooming love it and stay there often.


Alison Keenan Hi there Karen - Now this is a difficult one because I actually favour two products! Decleor's Gradual Body Glow Milk 226 640, but then Elemis introduced their brilliant Total Glow range, and the bronzing body lotion is delicious, very realistic and smells nice too! xx

Alison Keenan Emily, indeed there are. x


Maureen Green Hello Alison not q related I live in Shrewsbury and used to listen to you on Radip Shropshire many years ago. Lovely to see you on QVC and hope you have a lovely 2015 with a wedding and grandchild to look forward too. Xx


Alison Keenan Janie, you got it in one! It was indeed Kalami - such a beautiful bay, and perfect for a wedding. Yes Kathy and I love Thomas Place - we ate there several times, and hired our boat from the White House. I hope you have a holiday planned for this year too xx


Alison Keenan Ooh there's a thought Amy!

Natalie Jarrett Hi Alison. Welcome to you.  Love watching you on Q. Love how explain the products. Love it when present Diamonique. (Apologise for the spelling) xx 

Karen Williams Thanks Alison I have the decleor one but I don't look nearly as tanned as you. Must persevere! Perhaps I should use every day! Thanks v much xx


Janie Smith Will be back in LA this year so may not get to Kalami this year. Have you tried Toulas in Agni? It's soooo delicious


Alison Keenan Oh and Karen I should say, that I never use any tanning products unless I've exfoliated first! Love Leighton Denny's Sunbelievable Instant tan too x


Chris Forrester Grandchild on the way you don't look old enough whatever it is you are using please don't keep it a secret



Karen Williams Thanks Alison. Do you use these on face as well btw?


Debbie Flint Look who I've found ! Axel Ruth says hi! He is up for next weeks webchat.! Xx

Alison Keenan I use the Elemis sometimes, but actually James Reed's tanning night mask is excellent! x


Alison Keenan Karen I'd definitely use it every day! x I do wear bronzer for work though


Alison Keenan Oooh there's a treat!  x


Karen Williams Bril thanks for the tips!

Alison Keenan Chris you flatterer you, no secret just good products and a good man! xx


Amy Wall Oh Debbie what a difficult job you have but I suppose somebody has to do it. Hi Axel xxx

Alison Keenan Enjoy LA Janie and yes I've tried Toulas in Agni but prefer the one on the right - name escapes me! x

Chris Forrester I wish you all the luck in the world Ali

Karen Williams Alison I am a bronzer lover! And haven't found any better than Laura geller bronze n brighten either! Although tomorrow's TSV is calling to me!


Alison Keenan Thank you Chris and to you too x

Alison Keenan Karen I think Ive just got enough time to tell you about my must have bronzer from Laura but it's not the bronze and brighten it has Tahitian in the title, but not in stock so i can't find it online for you! Sorry!  x

Sharon Harvey Back to You Members, please give a big Thank you to Alison Keenan for being so brilliant!! Alison thank you so much for sharing part of your evening with us tonight! We look forward to seeing you on Qvc tomorrow at 2pm, 4pm and 5pm with Auroa and Bare ...See More


Alison Keenan The pleasure was all mine - thanks to you all, and as always to Sharon and Deb xx

Karen Williams I have that as well  thanks so much x

Dawn Robinson Thank you Alison & Sharon


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you Alison for chatting. Good health and lots of happiness for your exciting year. x

Chris Forrester Thank you ladies a great hour


Jacqueline Jackson Thank you too Sharon x

Alison Keenan Maureen just seen I missed your comment and am so sorry, as it's always lovely to hear from those who knew me way back when. They are good times on BBC Radio Shropshire, when the children were little and I was just starting my TV work. Happy days. Thanks for your good wishes, love Ali xx

Gay Bulley Thank you Alison and Sharon and best wishes for a great year ahead x



Bruce from Bodyblade – webchat on the Bodyblade QVC Facebook group – 2/3/15

Bruce - I am thrilled that so many of you have started and are maintaining your exercise programs! Consistency is the key. Permahabits and finding the time to devote to yourself translates to health and wellness for life.

Jacqueline Jackson Hi Bruce hope you are well. We are always telling you how often we use the Bodyblade I just wondered what your own routine is? As you are our guru I hope you don't mind me asking.

Bruce Hymanson well stated Sue! So true so true. There was a famous Football coach who always had a winning season year after year. Reporters asked him what his secret was. His reply was simply this.....Practice, Practice, Practice.... Nuff said

Bruce Hymanson 1,000 members strong is such a short time. This is a tribute to Debbie Flint, Sharon Harvey, Michael James Hamlyn, Mark and all of you for supporting Bodyblade. Warms my heart!!

Sue Stewart Exactly Bruce nuff said. I feel fitter now than I did ten years ago. All due to Bodyblade and my walking with Leslie Sansone.

Amy Wall Hi Bruce. Got the go ahead from Physio to continue and didn't realise how much missing 3 weeks would affect my stamina. Can only manage 30secs on each of the super 6 now but building up slowly is my target now. So good to be back xx

Bruce Hymanson Hi Jacqueline. Love to share my workout. I like to do 30 minutes of Bodyblade non stop. I focus on flex intensity and when the workout calls for a particular exercise (like chest press rotating left and right) I will try to do that more intensely. Also...See More

Bruce Hymanson I forgot to say, 4 times a week is what I strive to achieve.

Bruce Hymanson Amy, great that you are back in business! 30 seconds is OK and perfect. I have days where I do better than others and its OK. For whatever reason, lack of sleep, nutrition, stress we may perform better some days. The key is to be consistent and not judgemental about yourself. I do like the idea of keeping an exercise log because I believe that helps you stay engaged.

Jacqueline Jackson Wow well done you! We have a lot to live up to don't we!

Sue Stewart Thought I was being a bit fanatical writing down what I do on a calendar each day. Glad it's just not me that keeps a diary.

Amy Wall Thanks Bruce and all for the continued encouragement xx

Sue Stewart Agree Amy. It's good of Bruce to give up his free time. Goodness knows what time of the day it is in the USA where he is.

Bruce Hymanson Anyone doing the new DVD workout with the Super 6 / Power 10

Sandra Stallwood Is the Power 10 on Youtube please?

Lisa Maxwell Hi Bruce, I have a Jawbone UP24 and am not sure what to log my bodyblade workouts under. Is it cardio? Cross training? Or other? As it's do unique, perhaps you could talk to those lovely Jawbone people and ask them to include Bodyblade as a whole new exercise form?!

Sue Stewart No Bruce waiting with bated breath for the new dvd we might get. Any update on that please x

Lisa Maxwell Also, please please please can we have the super 6 / power 10 dvd to buy individually on QVC?

Bruce Hymanson Power 10 is not on you tube yet but at some point we may up load. The problem is the length so we'd have to post a bunch of shorts like we did with the Super6

Julia Gathercole Hi Bruce, my daughter came home for the weekend, she said my tummy and arms are looking more toned . She's home again in 4 weeks so hopefully she'll see a bigger difference

Bruce Hymanson How many of you saw the post on Back to You asking what the first word you saw was? A great riddle right?

Anne Ward I do the super 6 but have not tried the power 10 only had B/B a few weeks loving it

Amy Wall Yeh how clever were you to get it x

Sue Stewart Yes what did you see. I saw Intelligence for some reason.

Bruce Hymanson Hi Julia, how great is that!!! Not only do you look better but I know that also translates to moving better, feeling better, doing more things in life and more SMILES

Bruce Hymanson Anne Ward, happy to have you join the Ohana. A pleasure to have you. The Power 10 is designed to be more advanced then the Super 6 because we get you on the floor and doing serious plank work too.

Henny Coe I've had my Bodyblade 1 month now and I'm seeing my progress from week to week. I couldn't do exercise 6 hip and thigh at all at first and now I can not only very nearly do the whole of Super 6 without stopping but I can also do 30 seconds of the hip a...See More

Bruce Hymanson the definiive answer to the riddle question is "Which". Nothing to do with the box with letters and words below.

Anne Ward Hi Bruce think I might get on the floor for the power 10 and not get up again

Bruce Hymanson Hi Henny! Fantastic results. Yes, a diary or exercise log gives you something to reference and a goal to maintain. It's a way of keeping score too.

Bruce Hymanson Anne, if you don't want to get on the floor yet, try doing the floor exercises from your bed. Allows you to get flat and simulate the work on the floor. Actually, might be harder to do on a softer bed?

Anne Ward I have lost a few inches and some pounds in the few weeks doing the super 6

Christine Grochowina Hi Bruce is it ok to do the super six workout two or three times a day varying exercises. I also use the legmaster

Bruce Hymanson Didn't you all find my comment about conditioning being a better predictor of someone's life expectancy over health history? Goes to show that using the body, the joints, blood, heart, lungs and brain translate to wellness.

Maxine Sullivan hi im looking for bodyblade groups in essex?

Bruce Hymanson Hi Christine, you can do the workouts multiple times each day if you are doing the exercises more lightly. Otherwise, doing the Super6 once with more flex intensity would suffice. The key to to be consistent and have fun. As long as you feel good doing the Super 6 twice daily, it's OK.

Christine Grochowina thanks

Kirsty Chalmers Where can I buy the Power 10 workout please?

Craig Coupar I haven't received my Bodyblade yet as I order it on advanced orders. Looking forward to receiving and trying it out. I like the idea that I can do it sitting down as I can't stand

Sue Stewart Welcome Craig Coupar to the sometimes Mad House of the Bodybladers

Bruce Hymanson Hi Kristy, we are going through the process of Q/A for QVC website which will take a few more weeks. Once we have that done, we will be offering the DVD on QVC UK website. We also sell on the website and we're trying to get the freight charge eliminated to simply reflect postage.


Lisa Maxwell Hi Bruce, any suggestions ref my question above? Thanks

Kirsty Chalmers Fantastic I will keep an eye out for it. Thanks Bruce

Zoe Robins I love noting my exercise, it's encouraging, don't know why but I find floor exercise work very unappealing, I always think it will be harder on the back and easier to pull something.

Sue Stewart Me too Kirsty Chalmers.

Maxine Sullivan do you know of any b/b classes in essex

Zoe Robins Bruce, is resistance training good for the bones like weights are?

Lolly Lou Wood Hi Bruce, finally something that is fun to do and gets you fit. Still quite a newbie and struggling to do a full minute on the Super6 just hope I have the stamina soon! You make it look so easy lol.

Bruce Hymanson Hi Lisa, sorry, I see that I did overlook your question. I agree, Jawbone and Fitbit should include Bodyblade as a unique category. Meanwhile, I believe cardio could work but there is a resistance component too which may be better considered cross training

Sue Stewart I don't like laying flat on the floor even on an exercise mat. It makes me feel a little sick and dizzy. I do have Meniers in my right ear which I know doesn't help. Can I do the floor exercises using a pillow under my head?

Bruce Hymanson Hi Maxine, I am not aware of any studios doing Bodyblade classes in Essex. Perhaps you should go in and show them what to do. Maybe start a community class and be the instructor!!!

Lisa Maxwell Thanks Bruce. Maybe I'll log it as cardio one day and cross training the next to cover all bases!

Sue Stewart Libby Nunn you need to do this. I know your probably in bed asleep because of time difference in Australia. But hope you read this x

Bruce Hymanson Hi Zoe, resistance training is weight training and weight training is resistance training. Push ups are also resistance training. Any activity that applies "stress" to the bones and muscles is resistance training. Walking is also resistance training to...See More

Anne Keating I'm back. And I've just noticed we have 1000 MEMBERS. Woo hoo.

Christine Grochowina Welcome back Anne hope you had a good journey

Bruce Hymanson Hi Lolly, just keep doing what you are doing and you will get better each day. The human body is an incredible machine!! We're with you.

Sue Stewart Hi Anne Keating just in time. X

Bruce Hymanson Well, another hour has flown by and it is time for everyone to virtually go their exercise program

Christine Grochowina Bye Bruce speak soon and take care

Lisa Maxwell Thanks again for your time and advice Bruce!

Christine Grochowina Right Anne exercise time.

Lolly Lou Wood It's my arms, they pack in and ache so much, will keep trying! Lol. Thank you.

Jacqueline Jackson Thanks Bruce for the chat.

Anne Keating So now for the virtual workout. And 10 pm for the webchat! xx

Lolly Lou Wood Here goes BB to the ready

Bruce Hymanson Have a wonderful week and I look forward to catching up again in 7 short days   Be well

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