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Stacey from yBF takes the chair on live webchat; plus Nono (new TSV Sun 1st); And more Non-Scales Victories in 3MC!
26 February 2015

Dehydration Ugly Dehydration Ugly

Fab updates again!

Had some lovely shares this week on Facebook group 3MCFeb, supporting our three month challenge which began when the latest Back to You shows in January ended on QVC. Plus our Monday webchats continue weekly at 8-9pm, and lovely Stacey from YBF took the chair, fresh from her latest sell out successes on QVC. She was really popular! Plus if you have hair removal issues, the Nono is back on QVC this Sunday (1st) and Selin the guest also joined in the wbchats as did Bruce - you can find them all below.

I was chuffed to go to Rik the Chiropractor's this week, the only place i occasionally weigh myself, and found I was half a stone lighter on his scales, than last summer! I rarely weigh, so knew I'd lost inches, but now I can report I've also lost pounds! Yay Rik at Balanced Chiropractic!

Plus the updates posted by 3MCFeb/Back to You members included some fabulous ones - do check them out online! (links to join in are below.)

Helen Murphy made me 'well proud' today - 

"I did it I did it I DID IT!!!! I got to my lunch break at work, heated up my soup, got to point I wasn't enjoying it and actually left some PLUS I didn't then go on to eat my apple! Been drinking lots of water and realise the hunger pangs that seem to strike me at around 6pm causing me to scoff anything in sight aren't hunger pangs at all as tonight when I went to collect my daughter drank my lemon water and felt fine! Definitely hunger now though so my lovely husband is cooking some lemon lentil pasta and my mouth is watering at the thought! Oh and just to show I am NOT perfect I did take a piece of cup cake from the bakery in work (there were there for sampling) and ate it! Won't do again though cause it was far too sweet YUCK! Lesson learnt there though so a positive step showing even my sweet tooth can be tamed!"

When I asked her more, she said this -

" I have analysed why it worked and realised I was not doing anything else except sitting there thinking about what was going in my mouth, last night at dinner I did same, ate slowly and was actually the last to finish my meal. I wasn't satisfied and wanted yogurt. Got the fruit one one, had a teaspoon and put it aside as was too sweet! Went for natural with a sprinkle of Museli and for first time ever I didn't want to pick in the evening, went to bed feeling great in myself and also not thinking about food. I feel as if I have finally been set free! I was reading your book and Wayne Dyer's comment, "they'll get over it" (or similar) and realised this small comment is going to change things for me as been having a rough time at work with a new boss settling in, but hey guess what? "He'll got over it". New broom sweeping clean right now, I do a good job and get the best results on his area so why do I need to worry??? There's only one me, I have a choice in what I do, my choice now is to make the very best I can of me and I am not going to let others make me miserable. I love your book Debbie, so many many comments ring true for me, guess like a lot of people on here I thought I was the only one so so glad you were brave enough to share the best and more importantly for us all, the worst times. Large family that was me. Eat all on plate or no pudding? Same. My low point? Being afraid of eating around my Nan who I adored, I know she criticised my eating out of love but resulted in me eating a McDonalds on the way home before eating my dinner as I knew I couldn't eat as much as I usually could and certainly couldn't eat any "treats" in the evening. I was so worried about not having food I went to the other extreme and stuffed myself. If anyone else wants to share their low points and set themselves free I am certain others here would love to hear them if you can. Love you all and big hugs and thanks, especially to you Debbie xx " Helen Murphy, Facebook TTFLS group 26th Feb 2015

And the responses came in from others - great group, right?! - 

Val Cady - Facebook, TTFLs group, 26th Feb 2015 - "Helen murpby I couldn't believe and still can t believe I was not liking chocolate ???? I buy cacao nibs now from h and b and nibble on a few of these : very nutritious. Can't over indulge on them x"

Debbie Sinclair Bunn (my cover girl from QVC hardback!) - Facebook, TTFLS group, 26th Feb '15 - "Well Done Helen , its a great feeling when the puzzle pieces start to drop into place, Freedom Eating not being a 'diet' for me was the answer - and I was the low fat everything including diet meals ... you should be feeling proud."

Anne Keating - Facebook, TTFLS Group, 26-2-15 - " The more I drink, the less I eat. I bought a bar of Lindt 90% cocoa yesterday and when I eat a square (one square? I used to eat a box!), whereas it used to taste bitter, it now tastes quite nice. xx"

Lesley Young - Facebook, TTFLS Group, 26-2-15 - "I did it at breakfast - I had the full English and I had my eggs and the bacon, but then I was good and didn't eat the sausage. And I didn;t eat again for another eight hours because that was it - I had had plenty. Last night I had the halibut and I just had two of the new potatoes and some veg, and felt perfectly satidfied. Didn't feel any need at all to finish everything they brought me (or hubby's chips) or have a pud. It's so nice just feeling "just right" and not just eating for the sake of it, or because everyone else is, or because I've paid for it."


Other News

- What's in our food - and labels explained - a Guardian article lifting the lid on some surprising ingredients. more here.

Too little versus too much protein -  a Daily Mail eye opener - worth a read, specially if you know someone doing the Paleo meat-heavy diet. more here.



Lots of people are posting on the new Three Month Challenge page here. All info is there. ‘Like’ the page to take part in the three months and follow the guidelines there. It’s an open page.


Closed groups are best for more personal shares and updates –

Till the Fat Lady Slims group (nb the page is also a good one to follow for daily updates)

Break the Habit Btu group (offshoot from Back to You QVC group, set up for my QVC show)

Also - Bodyblade QVC group for bodybladers


My page And of course my own page for my personal news and QVC updates, book announcement and freebies etc – click ‘like’ on Debbie Flint page here.

Good luck and keep us informed! See below for the Q&A from the webchats from Stacey YBF, Nono, as well as Bruce Bodyblade! Next week join us again at 8-9pm on Monday - it may be skechers!

best wishes






I have the No No Pro and still struggle to remove the strong chin hairs. How often can I use it. I feel that if I use it too often my chin feels like it's been burned. Thanks x

Jules Fay When using the No No Pro on my chin do I glide across or up and down? Taking a long time - I do have red hair - is this a factor? Thanks x

Sue Stewart My chin hair is corse in a couple of places. I've been using the No No for over a year and in the end I pluck them. Look forward to some tips please. Also if the wire doesn't break how do you know when to replace the head please.

Loraine Elkins I have had my No No for many many years now and am never sure if you can roll it over your moles or not? could you tell me the answer please - many thanks

Jane McIlwraith I have two No No's and two questions! Firstly, the very first No No you produced is still going strong, but I am finding it difficult to get the blades for them. Can you help? Also, my newer No No has been replaced/repaired three times now - each time the little rubber band becomes loose and it doesn't glide over the skin properly. Before I buy yet another one, can you assure me that this defect has been rectified? I should be hair free by now, but by using the No No I only have to shave once a week.

Dawn Robinson Hello Selin  my question is how long should you use your No No for before you are hair free ?  x

Sue Stewart How long should you use No No each time you use it. Say you were just doing your face would you use it for 5, 10 15? Minutes at a time.

Selin Taylor Hi Everyone! I am here with Amy, we are sitting in a pub having dinner ready to reply to all of your questions!  so Fire away!


Dawn Robinson Ooowww enjoy your meal  x



Sharon Harvey Hi Selin & Amy there are some questions above to get you started

Selin Taylor June M Ward We completely understand that it might be difficult to grow your chin hairs in order to treat them. However, keep in mind that tweezing them will only encourage further growth. So if you can NoNo the hairs enough to weaken them and then use the buffer to remove the treated hair, this would lead to a great result in just a matter of months. Also remember to pass over the hairs only a couple of times to avoid irritation. Hope this helps.


Sue Stewart What are the chips like yum yum x


Selin Taylor Hi Jules Fay. Thanks for your question. The No!No! works on all hair colours, so it will work on your red hair. You can glide up or down or across...whatever feels more natural. However, perhaps try keeping the No!No! in one place and moving your head right to left and/or up and down. We will demonstrate during our TSV on Sunday. Please try and tune in! Also, feel free to call in with any further questions or concerns.  x


Amy Wall Hi Selin & Amy. Hope you're enjoying your meal. I haven't got any questions but following chat just in case I pick up any more tips. Still thrilled with my no no xx

Dawn Robinson You always look lovely what are your beauty tips x

Jules Fay Thanks Selin will bear that in mind - am loving my No No and def does not hurt! 


Selin Taylor Hi Sue Stewart. Thanls for your message!! Be persistent about your usage and make sure to buff the chin hairs once you've treated them as when the hairs have been treated, they are in a weakened state, so it's easier to buff them off. Try not to pluck them. Your no!no! is super intuitive and will flash red and will show up the thermicon status icon, to say the tip has run out, it really is that easy! I'll get a pic for you to see exactly what it looks like.  x


Selin Taylor hope that helps Sue Stewart


Selin Taylor Hi Loraine Elkins - thanks for your message and taking the time to speak with us! Don't use over raised moles - but flat ones are fine to use no problem  the no!no! uses heat not light so you should have no skin issues x


Selin Taylor Hi Jane McIlwraith you can still get the classic tips from Sorry you've had trouble with the newer version - please send me a private message and i'll look into it further - you shouldn't really be having that issue!


Selin Taylor Hey Dawn Robinson! We are having portobello mushrroom salad and chips! yummy! In terms of how long you should use your No!No! until you're hair free, we want to stress that no hair removal system is permanent. However, you should see the hair grown back thinner and finer within the first 3 months of usage. The more you use the No!No!, the less you'll have to use it:) be consistent with your usage and persevere! You'll get there! x


Selin Taylor So happy you are loving it jules!  we are loving that!


Selin Taylor Amy Anzel She's loving your questions too!



Amy Wall Dry white wine please x

Selin Taylor Sue Stewart Each time you use the No!No! on the face for example, you should go over the area you want to treat a few times until you see the hairs ball up and then use your buffer pad to remove the hairs. For the face, this should take no more than a few minutes.

Sue Stewart Thanks Selin.

Dawn Robinson Thank you & Ooowww that looks a lovely bar -cheers xx

Selin Taylor We should have a no!no! Bar group


Sue Stewart Will you be selling the replacement heads and buffer's. I only use the small one's on my face is that correct or could you use the large one's.

Selin Taylor Sue Stewart You can use either size tip on the face, but we recommend the narrow tip as it helps to get around the contours of the face (ie chin, upper lip).  We will be selling replacement tips and buffers on Sunday although they're the same price everyday including the TSV.


Sue Stewart Great Selin. X


Loraine Elkins Just one more question Selin, my No No could be old enough to be the original one from QVC too, I am still using the same large head, how can that be?? It still flashes with the blue light so I am assuming it is working, seems to be!!

Amy Wall Great news about replacement tips and buffers on Sunday. Will be tuned in x


Jules Fay No No Bar Group - sounds fun! 


Selin Taylor Can't wait for Sunday Amy! Call or tweet us if you can


Selin Taylor Loraine Elkins How long have you had your No!No!? It is surprising that the Thermicon tip hasn't been used up and thus needs replacing after an extended period of time. How often are you using it?


Amy Wall Will do if I don't bottle it xx

Selin Taylor We'd love to hear from all of you on Sunday, so please call in:) We'll be gentle! x


Sue Stewart Yes should you use it once a week twice more and can I use my normal moisturiser after. I didn't like the cream that came with the No No it wasn't very good for my skin.

Selin Taylor You can use it many times per week. We recommend 2-3 times/ week. When you see the hair grow back and poke out of the skin, that's when it's time to No!No! again. Sorry you didn't like the cream that came with the No!No!. Feel free to use any other cream to replenish the moisture after your treatment.


Selin Taylor We are still here if there's anything else!

 Amy Wall Just giving you time to fetch refills haha !!!!!!!

Sue Stewart Are you both having a pudding and if so what

Amy Anzel No sadly. We're trying to do the no sugar thing a la @debbieflint. x

 Amy Wall Well done both x

 Sue Stewart Amy Anzel I was going to # jealous if you were. Just watching Debbie Flint talking about her big wrist to the lovely Simon from Butler and Wilson. Love that you're up for the challenge x will be with you Sunday xx hugs

Selin Taylor No sugar has been tough but get past 2 weeks and if you try something a little sugary it tastes sooo sugary and puts you off! 5 weeks in and have lost half a stone :))

 Amy Wall Well done you x


Selin Taylor I looked so fat on screen it spurred me on! That was my "moment" did anyone else have a "moment"? X x x wishing you all good luck with any healthy eating plans


Sue Stewart I always try. X


Jill Dowding-Walker Thanks Selin, Amy and Sharon! x x x


Sharon Harvey You really don't Selin you are gorgeous. X


Sharon Harvey Big thanks to Selin Taylor & Amy for messaging us whilst eating haha! It has been a great chat and we are so pleased you joined us! We look forward to seeing you on Qvc on Sunday!

Members the live chat is finished but feel free to keep chatting and l

posting to the group x thank you for taking part x


Dawn Robinson Thank you Selin, Amy & Sharon 


Debbie Flint Wow what a fab webchat! Well done all! Hope some of u managed to watch the butler & Wilson special at 8 on Q too! 10pm Gatineau inc OTO bargain! And 11pm trinny n susannah, inc my dress. Nb next week webchat - we are trying to get Mally! Xx



Sue Stewart How's your big wrist Debbie Flint. Simon is such a sweet heart. Love Butler and Wilson.

haha! it's fine ta Sue! Debs x


 Bruce Bodyblade group webchat - 23rd Feb 2015 


Bruce Hymanson Anyone signed up for the three month Challenge with Debs/


23 February at 20:10 · Like




Julia Gathercole Hi, struggled on Friday doing the super 6, found it painful so I had two days off, just finished it tonight and found it much better even number 6 is getting there

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