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The Three Month Challenge Begins! Monday 16th February is D day.
10 February 2015

Ok here's the plan for the Three Months. Welcome to everyone taking part! Just by 'liking' this page, you hav registered your intention to do the challenge! How will you use this page and what does the challenge consist of? Read below. There's also a back up page on my website, link below. Good luck all!

There is already, and should continue to be, much sharing on the individual specific groups and that will continue
- like bodyblade QVC group;
- or Till the Fat Lady Slims group for everyone wanting to learn Freedom Eating using my book (704285, back in stock on QVC) on its own or by using the 'When' diet part of Freedom Eating which you can use alongside ANY traditional diet (ANY);
- or Back to You QVC group for general health based shares and questions.
- THIS page is for weekly updates and support and anything you feel like putting on here but it's NOT a closed group, it's a page.
- THere is another closed group which is more intimate if you'd like to go there too - search 'Break the Habit BTU - and that's where this time last year, many individuals shared more personal info and put out more personal requests for help. Just search it and ping to join it.

Lovely Sharon is my fabulous admin helping to run this thang, so she or I will always respond to PMs etc as and when we can, usually within a day. BUT others may reply to you more quickly.

this is what to do - EVEN IF YOU JOIN LATE:

I'd like you to take your measurements, and weight (if you want to) but DEFINITELY take a pic of you in an outfit you'll use again as you progress through the three months, eg once every two weeks if you're seeing good results, or even just once at start and once at end. BUT a before and after is a great motivator.

Write a list of things you want to stick to - this is up to you. Mine are below, to give you an idea. Feel free to post yours on this post as a statement of intent. This statement can be just yours, or you can share it, but history shows that those who declare their intentions publically have more success due to more committment. This section is where you put specifically all the things you aim to do - from sleep to meditation to drinking more water to spending more family time (or less!) to type of food plan to type and frequency of exercise plan - the more detailed you get the better at this point - try to leave nothing out.
- BUT you dont have to do it all, all the time. The THREE MONTH CHALLENGE (3MCFeb) will be to do 80 per cent of your list 80 percent of the time. If you manage the extra 20-20 then cool. BUT being more human about it means for many of us that it's easier this way, to keep going and stick to the whole three months and not beat yourself up if you miss out one thing one day. Add lots of stuff that makes you feel good, that you dont get time to do as much as you'd like, so it's not just 'lose three stone by mid May', and it's easier to feel like you're progressing if you can do other things than just one mountainous task. But include the method you'll achieve the mountainous task too!
SO this is your blueprint and it'll be like a reference tool, in a bullet point form or a list.

If the above blueprint is what you tell others, I need you to do a contract with yourself too. One that will make this time different to all the other times when you have given up and not made it through. This will involve a written letter to yourself, and must include why you need to change. It may or may not get emotional, but just sit down and give yourself some private time to get it all out on paper. Then use that info to write a list of promises to yourself about how you will behave during the 3MCFeb period. Write things you would tell your best friend about how to behave during the challenge. Mine would include things like -
- do NOT beat yourself up or give up if you come off the rails slightly during the 3MCFeb. It's what you do 80% of the time that matters, as long as the 20% is not self-sabotage. You deserve this change - don't be scared of it. etc
- you may want to include - Do NOT have last suppers - it's human to be imperfect. Be kind to yourself. etc
- STOP eating at satisfied as it's only three months and after all , that's the way the body is meant to be. etc
This is your own personal contract and it will be peppered with emotional reasons to make things happen. (Lots of info about how to do this type of thing is online. If anyone finds links, do post them.) Otherwise just sit and write as if you're writing to an old friend who knows you well.
Try to do this before you start, and have a specific date in mind when you will aim to take your 'after' pic and measurements etc - it could be a special event or birthday (mine's 10th May for that reason it's a three month challenge!). Know you can continue it afterwards too.

This is not homework, this is not someone outside of yourself, this is you choosing to give yourself the best gift in the world. Your own contract will be all your own work. If someone tells me not to eat that, i want to eat it, even if i didn't want to before. Therefore remember that this is something you're doing because you've signed up to it.
- you can drop out at any time, and 'unlike' the page. BUT if you stay listed as one of the hundreds of 'likes', you are IN IT TO WIN IT!
- then if you'd like to follow the BASIC 3MC OUTLINE below, which I and lots of other members of the #team3MC will be doing, please feel free! Here it is -
a. if you follow Freedom Eating (preferably most of you will) you should please aim to stop at satisfied, and wait till you're properly hungry (6 on hunger scale) before eating (all the guidleines are in the book Till the Fat Lady Slims on amazon and on QVC)
b. drink water - lots - every day - most will be drinking hot water with lemon in, which many find helps against sugar addiction. it's also one of the lynchpins of good health. (obviously other substitutes are acceptable - you choose but this is the main one.)
c. create a permahabit of exercise - with a device like bodyblade if you want, eg have it next to the kettle and do it AT LEAST one minute per day. If you start with one minute and build up, EVERYONE can do that - even if you dont do anything else in the day you can do that. Then the rest of the exercise contracts/promises you make can follow - but at least do one minute a day on SOMETHING! The one minute challenge is resurrected! (Usually doing one minute will get you going and you'll do some more!) NB I find that doing something that makes my belly feel flatter afterwards (like bodyblade hip and Thigh scupltor No6) really makes me walk taller and feel more like continuing not to overeat.
d. pay attention to your sleep, do all you can to improve your sleep.
e. diet - this will differ person to person, but mine will include this (and you can too if you want to) - every day have miso soup, some probiotic fremented veggies like sauerkraut or pickled beetroot etc, and lots of fresh veg and salads. (minimal fruit for me personally, a little but not loads.)
f. increase your knowledge. If you haven't watched the videos i've recommended, please do - it's vital to understand how fructose works in the body.Countless times people say 'i have plateaud and dont know why etc' - it's often too much fruit/sugar/'treats'; also read 'Fat Burning Simplified' on marlene watson tara .com. These videos are listed in TTFLS book and on my website on the 'Aids to Cutting Back on Sugar' blog.
g. cut back on sugar. Within the restrictions of any health requirements, this is vital for a healthier you. Some of our strongest proponents of getting off sugar addiction were ladies who initially thought they were exceptions to the rule and could carry on with their regular daily 'treats' - till they became aware of how tired they were as a result of them. Being off sugar is a wonderful thing and it enables you to do Freedom Eating properly.
h. do Freedom Eating - either full or the 'when' diet part of it which can be used alongside any traditional plan - ANY.
i. report back here weekly - either with a public post (remember it's a public page not a closed one) or one that just says 'just posted my update on TTFLS group / Break the Habit group (which are closed)' or at the VERY MINIMUM if you're shy, just 'like' my post which i will post every Monday with my new 3MCFeb Blog. OK?

is that ok?

Do feel free to post or repost your own basic committment below, and let's do this thing! Starting Monday 16th Feb, continuing till mid May. Let's do it girls/ guys!




original post -

Three Month Challenge – 16th February onwards – join ‘3MCFeb’ on Facebook to participate!

Ok so by the time you read this, for most, the Facebook page ‘3MC’ will be up and running. Here’s what’s happening – it’s very simple! I’m committing to a period of time to make time for me, for my health and for my well-being. Would you like to, too?

-          from mid Feb (16th) till Mid May – just after my birthday on 10th – I am doing a three month challenge to live healthily and I’d like you to join me!

-          it will involve you choosing your best combination of food / exercise / drinking water/ eating miso soup / meditation / deep breathing / stretching / having lots of veg / plus whatever works for you – for many it will be Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book and Freedom Eating – that’s what I will major on, cos that’s what works for me. Plus I will be choosing Bodyblade, Leg Master etc. You choose what works for you – walking DVD’s, spingym, dancing on the spot – your choice. ALL the info will be listed on the new Facebook page being specially set up, but if you’re not on Facebook you can subscribe to my newsletter on and put that you want to take part in the Three Month Challenge (3MCFeb). Or just come back here to my QVC blog each week, add a comment below that you’d like to be counted, and post weekly your own progress! Most people will use the new 3MCFeb page though.

-          pic of page 3MCFeb

-          to ‘register’ so I know who’s ‘in’ – just go here and ‘like’ the page, then, please! It’ll be my landing page for posting info and updates and the place where I’d like you to add your own comment or ‘like’ to my regular Monday Update post. See? Not much to do unless you want to! Go here – facebook page ‘3MCFeb’ – and ‘like it – then you’re registered! Simples!

-          Then from Monday 16th, just be prepared to keep yourself on track, for three months!

-          There will be lots of regular support and input and feedback on all the above groups too, as usual. The page is just for people to ‘like’ it to register their interest in being counted.

-          Finally – write down your plan, your promise to yourself and take a before pic. if you’re brave you can post it but you don’t have to post it, you just have to take one. We’re all in it together and every week on my blog from now on, I’ll post an update on how I’m doing – and you can too, below!

They say that a supportive environment is one of the main ways people keep going who would otherwise give up. So this next three months, keep me going, keep yourself going, and let’s do it!

Support System.

Bodyblade is key, for me, and for many of you, so Bruce and I headed off to Richmond Park this week to record another twist on a classic – a new Bodyblade Workout – the Bellyblaster! (NB the blade itself sold so well it's not on line at the mo. Just Keep the item number 432954 for when it’s back in stock – Bruce is due back 23rd/24th March I think, and meanwhile read the many reviews on this Bodyblade link, and the many Q&A’s. Plus join Bruce’s Facebook group. Here’s the little shorter ‘superthree’ we did, just for the tums. Enjoy! And prepare for the Three Month Challenge!

Bruce – park video - click here for a four min blast for your abs!


My Book is Back in Stock!

Just as Bruce’s Bodyblade sells out, Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet, item 704285 comes back in! Go here to order yours now. Anyone not yet ordered, you can do so for immediate dispatch. BUT only 800 are left out of the 3000 I signed ready for QVC, in this initial print run. And it’d be 12 weeks or more before it comes back. It differs from the purple eBook in that this aqua one is hardback, signed, and includes extra chapters and links to bonus material , item 704285, so get yours asap. Plus join the facebook group and of course ‘like’ the facebook page. Then you’re ready for the big challenge!


keep in touch! 

best wishes



ps check out hte archive to the bottom left of this page for more Back to You blogs! x

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