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One more week to go, and then the Three Month Challenge Begins!
10 February 2015

oh dear oh dear

Hi there! Such amazing feedback keeps coming through from the Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group and such a fabulous sharing community is the Back to You QVC facebook group. Do come join us, (links are below) and take part in the fun. This week's Monday 8-9pm webchat on B2U was with lovely Samantha, creator of Soapsmith's. Now, their bath products are soooo luxurious that I had one of the most deluxe baths I can remember, in their Bloomsbury Bath Soak. How they make the aromas so powerful I do not know, all I know is that the whole of upstairs is filled with fragrance, when I use it in the bath, and the smell lasts for hours too. It was so lovely I stayed in there until I 'pruned!'

I was so impressed I wrote about it in my latest QVC blog (see blog tab above or go here.

And lovely Sam's chat was a fun-packed and fast one, see bottom of this blog for more info.

Me in 2010 That was me above, having kept off my weight for much of the 2000's I found myself having to eat chocs and sweet stuff as part of a diet plan on which i lost a stone quite quickly like you usuallly do, but then found it was driving me up the wall 'cos if I am told I can't have it, then I want it even more. So the research into healthier eating began and the embryo of TTFLS 2.0 was created. See below for more of that story and the link to videos that can help make you want to eat healthier too. Then read about the new Three Month Challenge - maybe you can transform too. This is me September 2014. And of course, as I recommend, exercise like with Bodyblade helps too...

Bruce Bodylade is Back in town this week too! He's on Tues 9th (10am and 5pm) then midnight with me, then Wed 10th two more shows, midday and 8pm, again with me - yay! I have to say his device is making a huge difference to a massive number of people and his Bodyblade QVC Facebook group now has over 800 members. Well done Bruce! His webchat was short but sweet, go join facebook group to read it - he links up most weeks, usually on a Monday around 8-9pm to tie in with our B2U webchat, and helps reply to queries. He's going to record some more short Youtube clips for the bodybladers to use to make things clearer and more varied - who knows, maybe even a new Supersix somewhere cool with me whilst he's here!


Three Month Challenge - just a week away

Well it's that time of year again, when we're 'so over' our new year's resolutions and summer seems a long way away. Well next week, come join our new Three Month Challenge, where everyone spurs each other on, to eat well (using my Freedom Eating system, via the Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 book, on amazon or on QVC) and to live healthy and to exercise. There will be a Six Step Plan to get participants into the swing of things, or you will be able to follow whatever routine you prefer, but the important thing is to remain in the spirit of a supportive environment and try to check in at least once a week on a special page I'll be setting up shortly. You'll be able to 'like' the page as of Valentine's Day, and the Three Month Challenge will begin on Monday 16th! More info here.

Other News

- But I don't know WHY I'm not losing weight... we hear this all the time. There must be a reason, right? Well if you're eating 'free' fruits, it could be sabotaging your whole effort, since too much fruit will add lots of fat back to your body because of the way the liver processes sugar. Watch 'sugar the bitter truth' - the biochemistry section at about 45 mins in, and you will begin to see how all calories are NOt equal, and that the body definitely does not need added sugar. click here and go to 45 minutes in. Stick with it, if you can, he talks through it in a simple way - I watched it four times to fully understand and realise why my liver felt hard and uncomfortable in my body. Then I gave up sugar completely and found I just didn't want it any more. You may too - give it a chance and don't forget my whole blog about aids to cutting back sugar. (link above). And I looked like I wasn't healthy too - see  top pic above. Sad but true - and it was the sugar addiction info which needed to be added to the whole TTFLS Freedom Eating system to bring it completely up to date and get myself back on track once more. When you watch the bio-chemistry regarding how eating fructose means you are creating fat, you may stop thinking it's ok to eat 'free fruit' and if you're not losing weight and you're eating fruit regularly maybe it's too much. Maybe - you work it out. But at least educate yourself. (it's at around 1:03'30" in.) And if you think you can exercise your way out of it, unless you're a super active athlete, the truth may be at 1:11' (one hour eleven mins in).

The short version - sugar is worse than fat - click here

Do come back next week when you'll see all the info about the new Three Month Challenge! Whoop! And Tova is our Monday webchat on 16th Feb!

best wishes



ps - webchat Q&A's below.



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Webchat Monday 9th February 2015 - Samantha Jameson


 Hi Samantha.....what was your inspiration for this stunning brand x


Samantha Jameson Hi I was really lead by scents, I enjoyed making soap and decided to start professionally, I spent a long time trialing and testing. I live in London so that formed the basis really  x

Jan Pickett Will QVC be getting stock in soon ....mines still on waitlist ,can`t wait to try it x

Samantha Jameson Hi yes, it is due in end of Feb with delivery first week in March  x

Jan Pickett Thank you x


Debbie Rich When's your next show and will you be giving us a wider range of products? I LOVE everything I've tried and can't wait to try some more!  x

Helen Flook Samantha, I have to say I've fallen in love with the body butters, the Lavender Hill one lasted about two weeks! I found it so easy to nod off at bedtime after applying this! Camden Town is also another firm favourite and I suspect my tubs will probably take a trip to Norfolk aftr my mums visit next week!

Cath Purple Hi Samantha, First I want to say that I LOVE your products! I am particularly in love with the body butters and Brick Lane is my favourite! I bought some from your website. Just love the scents and they linger for so long! You need to use so little...See More

Angie Kyriacou I just wanted to say how much I adore your products and can't wait until QVC stock more of your brand! I will definitely be buying more, even my husband loves your range! Xx

Helen Murphy Would love some shower products as I never lie in a bath so haven't bought your kit from QVC yet. Please please bring a kit without bath goodies soon, even just soaps would be fab!!!



Nina Chapman I have only had tasters of the body butters and they are divine. Mine's on wait list .Are there more products than just what qvc group has been talking about?

Samantha Jameson Hi the next show is due to air March 27th at 9pm for the Friday night beauty show x

Samantha Jameson Thanks for the lovely comments about the body butter, it is one of the best sellers we have!

Samantha Jameson With shower product we do not have a wide range but Brick Lane and Bloomsbury will be available in Body Lotion and Body Wash within the next 3 months

Samantha Jameson I am meeting with QVC early March to discuss more products to air

Samantha Jameson I think they really like packages so you can try a bit of everything


Samantha Jameson being a new company, they want to add product they think you will like slowly and surely! I met Debbie and I was blown away with just how pretty and slim she is! She was really friendly just such a kind person!

Sharon Harvey You will have nothing to chat about at 8pm haha x

Samantha Jameson Haha! True Sharon, I was just answering some of the questions above. I can also talk about the Sugar Buff which is due to testing in the next few weeks :-0 x

Samantha Jameson I will come back at 8pm!

Sharon Harvey oooooooooh!!!! leaving us with a teaser.... i love it!! x


Lindsey Sweet Hi Samantha, will there be a TSV coming up soon ?

Sue Stewart Would love some shower products. Will you be looking at this. Need to know about your Sugar Buff x

Samantha Jameson Hi there isnt a TSV planned because we are new and small but if things go well, then there will be a TSV  X

Samantha Jameson We have body wash in Lavender Hill and Camden Town so far, Brick Lane and Bloomsbury are being produced with a launch within the next 3 months max x

Samantha Jameson The Sugar Buff is like a body scrub but when the water hits, it turns into a light lotion which washes off and leaves your skin soft.

Samantha Jameson The scents in Sugar buff are Lavender Hill, Bloomsbury, Marble Arch and Camden Town

Sharon Harvey Brilliant xx

Lindsey Sweet Thanks for answering my question Samantha x


Samantha Jameson The reason I am here is due to the competition QVC ran late last year, it was the find a beauty brand competition.

Samantha Jameson We were at the Beauty Bash

Dawn Robinson Hello Samantha :)) x I love love the sound of the lavender soap  Will you be selling your soaps separately ? Xxx

Samantha Jameson Thanks!! Yes we will be selling them separately on QVC but part of a range, QVC tends to like sets so they can be layered

Jill Dowding-Walker Hi Sam! I am loving the Lavender Hill Body Wash and Body Butter! So relaxing and both leave the skin silky soft. Trying to type while hubby is massaging me with Brick Lane Body Butter and he said, 'this smells nice'!!!

Dawn Robinson Fabulous

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