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Back to You Returns! New Year Overhaul. Bodyblade is back in stock. Why do we procrastinate? Monday Essay – Go Sugar Free with Davina. Webchat – Ruth from Perfect Formula and Tom from Alpha-H#3!
7 January 2015

new year new you! new year new you!

Happy New wotsit and hope your determination has kicked in! My QVC Show Back to You kicked off with a flying start – well more of a walking one actually! Lesley Sansone’s walking DVD’s were the key hot pick and the new One Minute Challenge was on the Leg Master, (click here, as of 7th Jan the video on this link is the one minute challenge on the leg master! ) – it’s back at last, cheaper! And in purple.

As mentioned, the amazing Bodyblade is also back in stock and on next week’s show Bruce from Bodyblade will be back again taking pole position on my 9pm Monday show (12th). Can’t wait! Meanwhile here’s the link to –

-          the famous ‘beach Super6 video’ in Marina Del Ray, LA. Click here God that was a lovely day!

Plus my own big news is that later in the month it’s the long awaited arrival of my signed hardback limited special edition Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet, will go on sale on QVC. Hoorah! There will be more bonus material and special links taking you through to additional content on a secret part of this site. I share the things that happened to me in the interim years, that aren’t listed elsewhere. And of course all the hints and tips that make this ‘natural eating’ method so successful for so many, and make being around food so much easier to do.

Did you see the show? If so do email me or let me know on facebook/twitter (contact links are below.) If you didn’t, the link to watch the complete hour all over again is coming soon – check back here.

Now I have to admit to having had one too many mince pies too, over Christmas. I think sugar got a bit of a hold again. But if I can get back to Freedom Eating fully again, showing it's a journey full of ups and downs, so don't be scared of the downs, I know it'll work again.

Apart from some of my lovely Freedom Eating ladies and gents of course! Some of the stories about people not gaining any or much weight and feeling much more free over Xmas were heart-warming. Join that group too if you’d like to really get your weight sorted once and for all (links below for TTFLs as well as Bodyblade and back to you groups). As we say on the group – nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

The webchat this Monday just gone featured Ruth from Perfect Formula and lovely Tom from Alpha H, fresh from their recent Today’s Special Values on QVC – the transcripts are below if you missed them. Next week it’s Bruce! It’s always 8-9pm Mondays, join the ‘Back to You QVC’ group now in time to participate. Others being lined up include Marjolein from Pilates Reformer fame and Judith Williams’ team as well as an extra webchat on Thursday 15th with Christianne Wolff whose brilliant Body Rescue plan was what Catherine Huntley so diligently stuck to for her superb transformation. It’s a sensible regime, not allowed anything bad and lots of exercise and well worth a look. BUT you have to do it to make it work of course.

If you struggle with staying on diet plans longer than two weeks (or less) and resort to the ‘start again tomorrow’ philosophy, then don’t forget Freedom Eating principles almost entirely can be used alongside ANY other traditional diet plan like Body Rescue. Or like the other book QVC had on air this week, from

TTFLS Update

Lorraine Simpson on the Till the Fat Lady Slims group, posted this this week – it warmed my heart!

“I have managed to have a lovely Christmas and New Year with family and friends without putting any weight on. Debbie Flint asked me to post how this felt. Well, I found it much easier than I thought it was going to be and it was a lovely feeling to not feel podged after my Christmas dinner. I love mince pies, but if I felt one winking at me I asked myself did I really want one and usually the answer was no - so I didn't. I never thought that just reading a book would give me the encouragement I needed to not eat something just because it looked or smelled nice. It's shown me how to question myself as to "do I really need this". I also love chocolate and over the years I've tried to tell myself that I'm allergic to them to stop me from eating them. Do you know, I can count on one hand how many I've had over Christmas and New Year - 2. Normally if I've had a chocolate it's led to another and then another .... you know what it's like. This time, I had one on Christmas day and one on New Year's eve and didn't think twice about wanting another one. I knew I could have one if I wanted - I just didn't want. I think it's brilliant. Some years ago, my daughter managed to stop smoking after reading a book, which she eventually let her brother have and he also stopped. At the time I remember thinking how ridiculous it was that just by reading this book she had managed to stop doing something that she'd found difficult to do before, how can a book stop you doing that!!! Well, TTFLS has done the same for me with food. If I don't feel hungry at breakfast - I don't eat until I do. Unheard of at our house, we've always had 3 set meals, but my husband is now getting used to me eating at different times to him occasionally. It's also lovely to see my little grandsons freedom eating naturally as they've never been pressed to finish their plates and eat up. Long may this continue.” Lorraine Simpson, Till the Fat Lady Slims facebook group, 5th January 2015

There’s an information overload right now regarding New Year New you programmes. Stick with a programme and you know it will work – just look at Katie Hopkins on her TLc documentary about gaining weight then losing it again. Funny – some people asked whether she’d been reading my Till the Fat Lady Slims book! Anyway, that and the Davina info or the Christianne system seem sensible choices to me. And with Any and ALL of it, you can do Freedom Eating, as in TTFLs, alongside. Keep me informed how you get on! There’s a Monday update every week on here. Do let us know how you are doing on the facebook group too.

Buy the current book here meanwhile – and you can read the first bit for free there too! : click on

Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – The ‘When’ Diet


Other interesting links –

-          Katie Hopkins’ show about the simplicity of losing weight – although it didn’t really address the emotional compulsions that stop people doing what we know makes sense. More here.

-          Davina McCall Plan and her Sunday ‘You’ magazine pull out, related to her new book about cutting right down on toxic sugar in your diet – very worth while doing this. I advocate it in order to properly hear and trust the signals in your body. Well done Davina! More here about ‘Five Weeks to Sugar Free’.

 -          Christianne’s Body Rescue Plan – 9am on 16th, and she’s on webchat on 15th 8-9pm. So see if you can stick to it – if you can you will feel so much healthier – it ain’t brain surgery. But maybe this will do it for you just like Catherine! Here’s what to expect -


 Extract from the Mirror, Nov ’14 –

 Your diet plan

-          The first two weeks of this six-week plan are detox weeks. After that, you can add from the food lists below to your meals each week.

Week 1


-          Dairy, alcohol, white carbohydrates, sugar, red meat, caffeine or anything packaged.

-          Eat…

-          As much white meat, fish, eggs and shellfish as you want (if you’re vegetarian, all pulses and beans are fine).

-          As much fruit and veg as you want, except bananas and white potatoes, but aim for more veg than fruit.

-          One handful of nuts and seeds and one handful of dried fruit a day.

-          Drink...

-          2-3 litres of water a day.

-          Other drinks: Herbal teas, coconut water, fresh juices or water only.

Week 2

-          Same as week 1 but add one handful of oats, couscous, brown rice, wholemeal pasta or potatoes, plus 2 tbsp of coconut oil or 1 tbsp of olive oil per day. You can also eat natural yoghurt.

Week 3

-          As per week 2, but you can add… one matchbox-sized piece of cheese or two matchbox-sized pieces of goats’ cheese a day.

Weeks 4, 5 and 6

-          As above, plus you may now also add... 1 tbsp a day of natural sugar in the form of either Xylitol, Stevia, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar or agave nectar.

-          Coming to QVC 16thAnd well done Catherine Huntley.


Other News – course it’s not just about weight. What else might be bothering you?

-          The Procrastinating Caveman – apparently our ancestors did it, but why?click here to read it.

-          The 6 Mental Steps I Took to Manifest A 6-Figure Salary – if it’s money mindset you need to change, try what this person did – more here.

-          10 Spiritual Guidelines to Live your Best Life – if it’s this area you’re concerned about, how about this – more here.



So do join the groups now.

‘Back to You QVC’ group – click here to join

Bodyblade QVC’ group – click here to join

‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ group – click here to join

‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ PAGE – click here to ‘like’ – anyone can see – incl tips of the day.

Debbie Flint page on Facebook – anyone can see – incl news of my novels, QVC deals, etc – sign up for newsletter. Writing, Back to You weekly Blog, TTFLS tab etc


Don’t forget to read below for webchat comments to Ruth from Perfect Formula and Tom from Alpha H on our lovely Back to You group on Facebook.

NB Also below, the Monday Essay about the importance of giving up sugar as a new permahabit.

Next week – Bruce is back and on 12th 9pm we will do a full six minute regime with gaps, as our six minute challenge! Remember, 9pm Mondays in January on QVC UK!

Have a great week!






We talk often on Bodyblade QVC group and on Back to You QVC facebook group about ‘Permahabits.’ Well, here’s some food for thought – change is only change until is becomes the norm. Permahabits are the little things you do each day which make so much difference to your life. Have a think about what you do EVERY DAY that are complete MUSTS.

-          Brush teeth

-          Wash

-          Check facebook… lol

Well apparently they say it takes about four weeks for a new behaviour to become the norm and a new habit to be fixed. So here’s a suggestion for January. Make something happen that’s different to what you know, make something change and make it change every day. BUT make it something small.

Davina MacCall had a complete pull out in You Magazine at the weekend about giving up sugar and how you can cook differently to accommodate cutting down the white stuff. Lots of knowledge, and suggestions, and for some, that’s all they need. Well done Davina! More here about ‘Five Weeks to Sugar Free’.

BUT what about you? Could you adopt her suggestions, or that of the countless other January well being books , DVD’s and online articles, straight away? All this info is great, isn’t it? It’s not like we don’t ‘know what to do.’ How do you adapt when it’s time to tweak your daily habits? Swot up then just do it? Well if you can’t do it intellectually, you’re amongst the millions of people who know what to do BUT you just can’t ‘do what you know.’ Maybe you have to approach your inner Chimp a bit differently to gain a different end result. (See my previous blog about The Chimp Paradox – brilliant book! Click here.) In which case, try Till the Fat Lady Slims too. In it I discuss giving up sugar and the things that help me – namely watching the powerful videos which make me not want to eat sugar. Here they are –

-          Sugar the Bitter Truth – an hour and a half of a university lecture in 2004 by Professor Robert Lustig the anti-sugar campaigner who is changing the world one click at a time. I watched this FOUR times before I ate no sugar at all for a month, and lost a stone. So worth while. If getting the info affects your physiology when you think about eating certain things, then go for it. And keep watching more till you find it easier to leave the dangerous white stuff alone. The video clip on youtube is here.

-          Toxic Sugar – ABC news report – gret for beginners - 18 mins long – click here

-          Is sugar Toxic (the Sixty Minute show) – 14 mins long – click here

-          Plus Watch out for Fed up! the US sensation, and ‘That Sugar Film’, by an Aussie reporter, and starring Steven Fry. ( )

-          And if you have a brave stomach, watch this about FATTY LIVER, bleaurgh!

So all in all, get off the habits of choosing the sweeter stuff every day. For me it’s about NOT REACHING FOR SOMETHING SWEET AFTER EVERY MEAL. And the info above is what helps me do that. Hope it helps you too. Good luck!




Looking forward to chatting later tonight! Perfect Formula TSV was on 30th December and it sold out! So if you have any questions about nails / the range, please do ask and I will see you on here very soon! xxx


Jackie Springett My nails are terrible since going through the menopause I am in my 50's. They keep flaking the top layer peeling off all the time very frustrating. Have used perfect Formula and loved it especially in the various colours. Just been using once a week, then taking off and putting on again. Helped loads but they seem to be going through a bad patch again flaking badly. Any suggestions can I use 2 coats would that help or not. Or just to persist with the one cost weekly. Any help would be appreciated. Missed the new clouds in the tsv hope you will be doing them again thanks Jackie xx

Lynn Parry I have tried this previously but found it peeled off was I doing something wrong or are my nails too oily maybe? Also like Jackie menopausal and nails are very weak and always peel at the tips any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks x


Dawn Robinson Hello Ruth  Ive never tried this product but im going to treat myself & my question is if i use the Perfect Formlua how long can i leave it on before i should remove it ? xx P.s your hair is absolutely fabulous xx

Lorri Vick When i first tried Perfect formula i too had the same probs as those above and I gave up on it. Sometime later, I tried again and kept using it and hey presto gorgeous, strong, long nails - it is ALWAYS on my nails - I use the clear gel as my base when using other makes of polish . Is there any chance we could have the colours sold individually? xx

Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas How do you stop perfect formula from chipping. I don't know if I'm applying it wrong or my nails are too bad for it.

Lorri Vick I use Seche vite top coat - find it the best ever and dries in seconds. Very important to use the oil too xx



Deborah Ingram I absolutely love Perfect Formula and cannot ever be without it. I have very thin bendy nails with a small nail plate. They used to look awful if i grew them past the tips of my fingers as they bent under. With Perfect Formula i am able to grow them without them bending and they appear thicker and stronger. Since using the pink gel coat I have received lots of compliments and some people have asked if they are acrylics!

My question is, are there any plans to sell the colours seperatley? I'm not keen on the 'creamy' colours but would love the cherry and cerise.


Lorri Vick I have asked same question Deborah Ingram as I like the opposite colours to you - the paler ones - although liking the look of the new pink in the next drop of tsv. I dont want to be buying a whole tsv every time i need a new colour though x

Jackie Springett Yes would be ideal if sold them separately or in pairs x


Deborah Ingram I.agree Lorri Vick, i just couldnt justify the tsv just for the colour as i have a stash of the pink gel coat. Will keep an eye out for future sets and maybe we could do 'swaps' if they contain a colour we each want.

Lorri Vick Definitely up for swaps Deborah x



Amy Wall Used to have bendy peeling nails also but thanks to PF I'm so pleased with them now. Thank you so much xx

Amy Wall Been there to Jackie I'm in my sixties now. I use nail envy under the fab PF weekly and have recommended it to lots of friends. Stick at it xx


Lorri Vick I always use 2 coats if just using PF and the clear gel as a top coat Jackie Springett -one coat didnt do much for mine but now they look very similar to Amys as I shortened them at weekend xx

Jackie Springett Thanks was thinking maybe use more coats. Really want nice nails x

Tracy Clark I think I will try this soon. Ruth I have very weak nails due to iron deficiency. Would this just be a temporary fix or should I keep using to keep my nails in condition. Also is is quick to use as a carer I don't have a lot of time


h Frances Beer Good evening all! Right, lets start at the top and work through as I want to make sure I get back to all of you. Thanks for welcoming me in tonght, my first evening with you on Back to You QVC! Jackie Springett I would definitely recommend you DO use 2 coats, I always do and I have found that's best for me. I, like yourself, have peeling nails and PF has really helped to prevent the nail from beginning the peel at the tip. What I will suggest as well though, is a cuticle oil (like the Perfect Formula Daily Moisture, no longer available as an item on QVC UK but I will ask if the buyers would consider getting it back in) another oil that can nourish your cuticles and don't forget the ends of your nails, could help to stop the flaking at this time of year when the cold and central heating plays havoc with our nails and skin! x

Lynne Sneddon Hi Ruth Frances Beer, Is it possible for the daily moisture to be brought to QVC as either a single or duo pack please ?Lorri Vick Welcome Ruth Frances Beer  xx



Jackie Springett Thanks Ruth that was helpful and am using a cuticle oil just need to use more than once a day maybe. X




Ruth Frances Beer Lynn Parry, hello! Ok, so maybe try to put 2 coats of pink or clear gel coat on once per week, and when you are using your nail polish remover, make sure you wash it off well as some of them contain oils and moisturisers. It's possible you have oily nail beds if you are finding all nail products are peeling off? But good luck and I hope it works for you. x


Lorri Vick I use oil every day - over the nail and under xx

Chris Jopp Hi, got my TSV today. Have used PF before but didn't seem to have much success so trying it again. My nails are very flaky and bendy and have tried several other treatments from QVC. Will try and make sure that I give PF a better try this time. Loving the colours.


Tom Ogden Hello Ruth  Lovely to see you yesterday! Txx

Anna Kelley Hello  Ruth


Ruth Frances Beer Dawn Robinson, hi there. Great to hear you want to try PF! It's changed my nails and strengthened them so much! I hope you find the same. It's best if you remove Perfect Formula every week and then reapply. Make sure your nails are clean and dry and free from all acetone / remover. (PS thanks for your compliment, very kind of you :-)) x

Lynn Parry Hi Ruth yes all nail polishes peel off from tips after 1 day 2 maximum, should I not use oil then or should I use it sparingly? Many thanks xxChris Jopp The only time my nails looked good was when I was using my RCM kit but even then my nails peeled underneath  I had thought it was only 1 coat was needed of PF but will try Ruth Frances Beer's recommendation of two coats when I reapply at the end of the week.


Ruth Frances Beer Lorri Vick and Deborah Ingram THANK YOU ladies for your lovely comments about Perfect Formula, so glad you love the products. And great feedback for me to take back to PF and QVC about your wishes to see the colours available separately. I totally appreciate that you don't always want to buy the whole TSV to get the new colours - however the value is always so good you could always give your pink gel coat to friends to try (if you have a big stash :-)) - cheeky way to get more people to try PF I know, but I will feed back your suggestions and you may see me on your screens with individual colour gel coats! xx

Lorri Vick I am a qualified nail tech Chris Jopp although dont do nails anymore and after many years of acrylics, i switched to RCM but found it time consuming removing it - my nails were weakened by it too so i had my second try of PFand not looked back and lovely long nails with no enhancements - i always use two coats if just PF - if am using other makes i use clear as a base, then colour, then clear as a top coat or if i am in a hurry Seche vite as it literally dries it all in seconds and its a gel consistency too - hope this helps - I do use oil every day xx



Ruth Frances Beer Lynne Sneddon hello! I would love to get Daily Moisture back so leave it with me  x

Chris Jopp THanks Lorri Vick, good to know that. I will use RCM when I go on hols so I don't have to change the colour at the end of the week LOL but use PF the rest of the time. x

Lorri Vick Thanks Ruth Frances Beer - be amazing if you were able to sort individual colours or even duos  xx


Ruth Frances Beer Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas - sorry to hear you've found PF chips on your nails. A great top coat is a good idea Lorri Vick thank you, I would love to be able to sell you the PF top coat as it is phenomenal! However, it's not available on QVC UK (at the moment) but if you are finding your colours are chipping, perhaps do 2 thinner coats of the gel coat and then use the PF clear or pink gel coat over the top. Does that help? x

Lorri Vick Good idea Chris Jopp and you are welcome xx

Lynne Sneddon Thanks Ruth Frances Beer


Ruth Frances Beer Amy Wall Wooooooowwwweeeee! Look at your nails! They look fantastic! You could be one of my hand and nail models with those! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your pic xx

Dawn Robinson Thank you Ruth x

Amanda Marie Jayne Thomas Thank you Ruth Frances Beer Im going to have to give that a go


Sharon Harvey Hi Ruth, which QVC products aside from PF do you use regularly? It must be great working there

Jackie Springett Painted 2 coats of PF on just now feels stronger already there is a definite difference to the one coat xx


Helen Robinson My nails after using Perfect Formula!! I have used it for about 18mts now but saw vast improvement to my flakey splitting nails in a short lenght of time, love it!!xx




Debbie Flint hey all! Have fun! see you on air 9pm! grat line up for back to yo!



Ruth Frances Beer Tracy Clark hello! Ok, so Perfect Formula once dried is like a SUIT OF ARMOUR on your nails! It hardens, protects, seals, allows flexibility and ultimately strengthens. But it is a coating, so you need to use it going forward like I do - never go without! Its really easy and quick to apply - just like regular nail polish and it should last up to a week before you remove it with normal remover and reapply. So I just make sure that when I remove it, I always put on another 2 coats of my favourite gel coat (usually pink or one of the paler gel coat colours) and that's my routine. Hope this helps. You will love the look of your natural nails. As a carer, perhaps the clear or pink gel coat will be best for you at work? x


Ruth Frances Beer Hello Tom Ogden - was lovely to see you yesterday! Hope you are feeling rested today after your fab TSV! x


Ruth Frances Beer Hello Anna Kelley x

Ruth Frances Beer Lynn Parry - are you using your oil only after your PF has dried? x

Tom Ogden Thanks Ruth! I'm feeling chipper! We had such a great day yesterday! X

Michael James Hamlyn Hi Ruth! Not sure if you remember, but a while ago on one of your shows Julia Roberts read out my tweet about a matt or more male appropriate perfect formula... You said something along the lines it was being looked into... Any news on this?!

Many thanks xxx

Jill Dowding-Walker I was using PF since the middle of December and my nails were looking longer and stronger - until yesterday when I caught my finger in a metal zip which ripped off one nail - just one - right down to the quick! Drat!!! Back to the drawing board...

Ruth Frances Beer Helen Robinson wow your nails are faaaabbbbbbullloooouuus! haha Im making up new long words tonight! Thanks for sharing your pic! They look incredible x

Jackie Springett Do you put the oil on the after your PF has dried then. Sometimes put it in when nails are naked x



Ruth Frances Beer Michael James Hamlyn thanks for getting in touch! I will have to chase this up again too - nothing come to my attention as yet from Perfect Formula but you never know. Now Im on this great page I can report back to our lovely customers so much easier! xx


Lynn Parry Yes Ruth I am applying oil once my pf or nail treatments are dry. X



Ruth Frances Beer Oh Jill Dowding-Walker I feel your pain! It's so frustrating when an unavoidable nail incident undoes all your hard work and dedication  I hope PF can help your nail recover and stay strong (and grow quicker) good luck x


Jill Dowding-Walker Thanks Ruth - I shall persevere!!!


Michael James Hamlyn Thanks Ruth x Just a shame us blokes are missing out! 

I still enjoy watching the shows though!

Welcome to the page

Ruth Frances Beer Jackie Springett if you use the oil on your natural nails, do this as a treatment when you are relaxing at home but then make sure your nails are clean and completely free of oil before you apply your Perfect Formula gel coats as anything on the nail will stop the adherence of the product which could lead to it peeling. The oils are ok to use over your PF yes x

Jackie Springett Thanks Ruth x

Tracy Clark Thankyou Ruth Frances Beer. I am a home carer though for my parents so as long as it's quick it is fine for me. Thankyou for your help x


Ruth Frances Beer Its so tempting Sharon Harvey to be around all those fabulous beauty products at QVC! I use Revitabrow and I swear by it! I've recently been using Bare MInerals too as the fabulous Sarah-Jane Froom did my make-up at QVC for me! And I love it! I also have some Liz Earle and for the kitchen - the Ninja! I really love Peony flowers too - beautiful in the bedroom and look so natural! x

Helen Robinson Thank you Ruth for the compliment! tho it was a rush job Lol, trying to photo nails on iPad one handed ain't easy. My nails are so strong now I always have to file them, rarely break but if the inevitable does happen I do howl then sulk!! Lol ️xx




Sharon Harvey I can imagine Ruth! Xx lots of lovely products xx


Ruth Frances Beer Oh Helen Robinson I am the same! It has only happened occasionally in the past thank goodness but now I always have my PF crystal nail file in my bag and some gel coat in case I need to try to rescue an accidental tear or break  x

Ruth Frances Beer Jill Dowding-Walker your nails look beautiful! And so natural. Such a shame about your accidental breakage  won't be long though, do you have a PF crystal nail file to keep your nails sealed? x


Jill Dowding-Walker I do! Would not be without a crystal file!

Jackie Springett Yes once you have used a crystal nail file nothing else will do xx


Ruth Frances Beer This has been so much fun! Thanks to you all for your comments and feedback, I have a few things to chat to Perfect Formula inventor Shari Gottesman about tomorrow! Can't believe only 10 mins left ! xxx

Jackie Springett When are you on QVC again with PF do you know, love watching x

Lorri Vick Yes Ruth - we need more PF please - and thank you for giving up your time - its so good to get advice from you -

Ruth Frances Beer Jackie Springett I'm waiting to find out as just done my TSV on 30th December... I'm looking forward to a great 2015 with lots of new colours in the gel coats coming to you all, AND now Im on this page I will update you when I have some more show dates! Thanks so much for watching and for your feedback xx

Jackie Springett I agree Lorri xx


Jackie Springett Thank you Ruth you have helped and I have enjoyed chatting xx

Lynne Sneddon Thanks for joining in the chat this evening Ruth Frances Beer and I am looking forward to the new PF products in 2015


Sharon Harvey Please join me in saying a big thank you to our wonderful guest Ruth from Perfect Formula! Thank you so much for your time it has been a really fun, informative chat ,a real pleasure, and you are always welcome back! We look forward to seeing You on Qvc soon! Happy New Year!


Members the live chat is finished but please free to continue reading and posting to the page! Please now switch Over to QVC And join Debbie Flint and her BACK TO YOU show xx

Ruth Frances Beer Goodnight everyone! Thanks again and see you soon xxx

Dawn Robinson Thank you Ruth & Sharon xx

Jill Dowding-Walker Many thanks Ruth and Sharon!!! x x x

Lynn Parry Thanks Ruth and Sharon x I am going to try this again and see how I get on. Had a slight panic just though thought I had thrown them out as couldn't find them but have found both pink gel and clear gel  xx




Back To You Live Chat Tom Ogden 5th Jan 2014


Amy Wall

Welcome Tom Ogden. After such an informative show the other night I can't think

of anything to ask but am waiting for my TSV to arrive and am confident with the

regime I should follow which is down to you're in depth instructions. Thank you



Victoria Rolph

Looking forward to receiving my tsv, little worried as I have eczema and

sensitive skin but am getting married in June and am 41 years old so no spring

chicken so needing lots of help  x


Sandra Harrington Kayne

I love alpha h products but have recently bought a tria, can I use liquid gold

as well as the tria? Thanks


Sue Poole

Eagerly waiting for my tsv to arrive. I decided to try the liquid gold while

waiting. My daughter had a bottle. I was very impressed at my skin even after

one go. My face felt so soft and clean. Not greasy . So very keen to get my

hands on tsv. I also ordered the 500ml balance cleaner, so will have plenty 

thank you for advice x


Tanya Tremelling

Hi. I have melasma on my cheeks from pregnancy with twins 9 years (eek) ago. I

have been using liquid gold which has improved it, but is there anything else in

the range I can use to target this? Ordered yesterdays tsv & can't wait to

receive it. Thank you.


Maureen Blake

Can you use liquid gold on eye lids and up to lash line pse ordered TSV not sure

if eye complex only was to be used this way ?? Thanks Tom x


Nicky Adams

Hi Tom Ogden I keep getting spots jut below the temple area on my face,I cleanse

once in the morning and twice at night,i moisturise day and night and exfoliate

and mask twice a week,was just wondering could you recommend anything

please?many thanks x


Karen Austin

Hi tom can you recommend anything for lines above the lip? X


Lynne Brydon-Graham

Hi Tom , I swim at least 4 times a week for 3k so my skin is getting wrecked by

the chlorine, I have ordered the tsv but am worried it may not work well with

the all the chlorine ??


Lorna Perry

Just want to say well done for a fab tsv. Keep up the great work. Love Alpha H

eye products. Helped with dark circles under my eyes Lx


Alison Meech

Hi Tom, looking forward to receiving the TSV but as Karen Austin asks can you

recommend anything for lines above the lip? Many thanks




Cathy Winsall

Hello Tom, guess who! I was one of the lucky ones to get the new balm yesterday

and you said about using the laser concentrate underneath. I really love my LG

night repair too though, so how do I use them both? Should I carry on with the

laser as a day serum with SPF or should I use it under the balm and not use the

night repair? Nice and clean behind the ears btw x


Tom Ogden

Hi Everyone! Here I go… the fastest one finger typist in the West


Tom Ogden

Hi Amy! So glad that you enjoyed the shows yesterday and found them informative.

Do let me know how you get on with your routine and if you have any questions

once the products arrive just let me know…or speak to Cathy, my Back To You



Cathy Winsall

Cathy hides under the blanket...embarrassed...I said I would keep quiet and

Frankie said..nooooo !!!


Tom Ogden

Hey Victoria! Congratulations on your impending nuptials  As your skin is very

sensitive, I would recommend you start by using the Liquid Gold on a dampened

cotton pad only as opposed to using it "neat". Tell me more about the eczema

patches. Are they in a particular area? Are the patches itchy? Are you using any

prescription treatments on them? X


Tom Ogden

Hi Sandra! I think I might have answered your question or a very similar one

about the Tria earlier. Let me check back. Or maybe I'm just going slightly mad

(always possible!) X


Janie Smith

Hi tom I don't know anything about the laser concentrate. WhT does it do and

where would I slot it into my regime? Cxx


Tom Ogden

Hi Sue! That's handy that your daughter had a bottle  Now I know where to turn

if I run out! Hope you love your Balancing Cleanser as much as I do. I couldn't

live without it!  X


Victoria Rolph

Thanks Tom, they come and go on my neck and at the side of my face, I've never

had it on my face before but I lost my brother suddenly in oct last yr so my

skin is reacting which is no surprise, but I do get spots once a month so I

ordered the triple cleansers too, over night with steroid cream calms it down

though xx


Amy Wall

Thanks Tom will do x


Janie Smith

And another one! (Sorry). Which of your cleansers will remove makeup please? X


Jill Dowding-Walker

The shows were great yesterday! Bless Michelle getting all emotional when the

Yorkshire man rang in!


Sharon Harvey

The shows were fabulous!! So lovely to see Michelle x


Sue Robblers

Hi Tom, is the balancing cleaser in the tsv safe to use for teens? Do you have

any other suggestions for problem teen skin? thank you.

Lynn Parry

Hi Tom I have ordered the TSV but have a small mole on my face which I caught

with my ring so is a bit sensitive at the moment should I avoid this when using

liquid gold until it has healed over? Thanks x


Tom Ogden

Hi Tanya  I'm really pleased to hear that Liquid Gold has helped to improve the

Melasma. It is the hardest thing to treat so you're going to have to be very

persistent as it can be very deep in the skin. It's also important that you wear

a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30 or more every single day. I would also

suggest that you might want to try our Liquid Gold Radiance on the nights you

don't use Liquid Gold. Apply the Liquid Gold Radiance to clean, dry skin, just

to the area of the pigmentation and then follow with your night cream. You can

also use it in the morning as long as you follow it with your SPF protection.

Liquid Gold Radiance contains a number of different brightening ingredients and

I have lots of clients who find it very beneficial for Melasma. You can buy it

from the QVC Alpha-H brand shop. Let me know how you get on. Tx


Jill Dowding-Walker

Would Tanya Tremelling benefit from using the Laser Serum and the Laser Balm on

her skin concerns? Alternate with the LG and you should see more improvement. x


Maggie Wheeler

Gutted I missed out on yesterdays TSV. I love the eye gel.


Tanya Tremelling

Thank you Tom Ogden I will.



Tom Ogden

Hello Maureen! You can apply the Liquid Gold to the orbital bone under the eye,

but it's only the Absolute Eye Complex which can be applied over the lid and

right up to the lash. Tx


Sharon Harvey

Tom is this Range good for medication ravaged, dehydrated skin? X


Jill Dowding-Walker

Liquid Laser is the latest product within the Alpha-H product range to meet the

needs and requirements of prematurely ageing skins. Liquid Laser boasts key

ingredients: Hexapeptide, Hydranov P and Glycolic Acid to help turn back the

clock. Janie x


Jill Dowding-Walker

Liquid Laser helps stimulate cellular repair and provides instant hydration.

Used on alternate evenings, it acts as a moisture builder and helps turn the

tired, devitalised and slightly saggy epidermis into a plump and dewy one.


Tom Ogden

It's true that stress and bereavement can have a huge impact on our skin

Victoria. I'm very sorry to hear you've gone through such a tough time. You need

to be a little careful with Liquid Gold though when using a steroid cream. I

would suggest you avoid applying the Liquid Gold to the specific eczema patches.

Treat those with the steroid cream only. Steroids can thin the skin a little so

you don't need to exfoliate them any further. I think Balancing Cleanser will be

great for your skin as it really helps to repair the surface barrier and restore

the correct pH. Do let me know how you get on  Tx


Debbie Flint

hey all! Have fun! see you on air 9pm! grat line up for back to yo! x


Cathy Winsall

I wouldnt say its just for premature aging skin Jill. It was amazing with my

deep acne scarring. I would certainly recommend for us aging Queens too lol x


Amy Wall

We are Debbie and then it's over to you. Can't wait xxx


Victoria Rolph

Thanks Tom, you've been fab, love the eye complex  and can't wait to try the

cleanser so pleased they have no parabens as I'm allergic to those lol not much

hope for me really thanks again x


Tom Ogden

Hi Janie! The Liquid Laser Concentrate is a moisturising and line plumping

treatment, which is particularly good for a skin that is struggling to produce

enough moisture of it's own. If you're using Liquid Gold, I'd recommend using

the Liquid Laser Concentrate on the other nights. Massage a few drops over your

cleansed face, neck and décolletage and then follow with your night cream. We're

getting terrific results with this product on fine lines, wrinkles and to help

boost luminosity. Hope you like it too  Tx


Tom Ogden

Janie, both the Balancing Cleanser and Triple Action Cleanser will remove all of

your make-up, including waterproof mascara. Tx


Louise Taylor

Hi Tom. Me again. Ordered the TSV following advice you gave me last time about

my skin. All 3 products you recommended were in the TSV. Can't wait for it to

come xx


Sharon Harvey

Tom you are brilliant!



Tom Ogden

Hi Nicky  There is some research to suggest that spots on the temple area are

linked to a sluggish lymphatic system. Physical exfoliation and the effect of

massaging the skin tissue to help eliminate toxins might therefore be useful.

Have you tried Micro Cleanse? Better still - apply a clay mask to the area

first; let it dry and then remove it *with* the Micro Cleanse. Do that a couple

of times a week. That should help to detoxify Tx

Maureen Blake

Can you use liquid gold on eye lids and up to lash line pse ordered TSV not sure

if eye complex only was to be used this way ?? Thanks Tom x


Cathy Winsall

Yep, fastest one armed typist in the West !


Tom Ogden

Wow! It's busy tonight! My fingers are smoking  Thanks for all your questions.

Hope I can keep up!!!

Janie Smith

Thank you tom. Xx


Sharon Harvey

Hehe funny tom x



Amy Wall

You're doing great tom. I'm struggling to keep up with all the comments x


Liz Cairns

Sorry *skids in late after treating a lovely Reiki client* what have I missed? X


Lorri Vick

When I receive the laser balm do I use it on its own or can it go on top of

other serums i use from other brands?


Maureen Blake

Many thanks Tom you are an angel


Julie Baker

Maureen Blake from what I remember from yesterday, liquid gold up to the orbital

bone only. Then the eye serum over the eye lid and to lash line x


Tom Ogden

Hi Karen and Lorna! Thanks for your question about lines above the lip.

Definitely the Liquid Gold will help as it's now clinically proven to help

reduce wrinkle depth, but you might also want to try our Liquid Gold Intensive

Night Repair Serum on the alternate night to the regular Liquid Gold. The

Matrixyl-6 peptide it contains and the Niacinamide in the formula are great

"skin plumpers". We also have a product called Age Delay Eye & Lip Cream, which

is good for expression lines around the lip contour and below the orbital bone.

You'll find it on the QVC Alpha-H brand shop. Tx




Tom Ogden

Jill, when that chap rang in yesterday during the 1pm, we were all blubbing

away. Once Michelle starts, I'm off. Our lovely model Rachel was the same. Not a

dry eye in the house! X

Amy Wall

Ah that's what I need as well then Age delay eye and lip cream. Thanks for that

info xx


Tom Ogden

Hi Sue! Balancing Cleanser is absolutely safe to use on teens as it's very

gentle, but you might find their problematic skin responds even better to the

Triple Action Cleanser as it's more antibacterial. X


Nicky Adams

Thanks Tom Ogden  x


Tom Ogden

Hi Lynn! Ouch! That must of hurt Yes, I would suggest you avoid applying the

Liquid Gold to the mole until it's healed. X


Liz Cairns

Yehah! My TSV and lights saber ( laser ) concentrate have both been dispatched.

Fabulous skin here I come! X


Michael James Hamlyn

We'll expect this every week now you know Tom

Great TSV and fab new launches... Was so tempted by the balm but it seemed more

geared to mature skin?


Emma Harvey

Hello my little girl (age 7 ) has a chicken pox scar / red spot she hates it can

I use anything from your range on her ( she asked me to ask the man on the telly

yesterday ) she loves qvc !!!


Tom Ogden

Hey Sharon! Yep, the range is good for medication ravaged and very dehydrated

skin, particularly the Balancing Cleanser, Essential Hydration Cream and the Age

Delay Facial Oil. All great for super sensitive peeps  X


Anne Keating

Hi Tom. I bought the TSV yesterday - one question - can I use all the products

on my eyes?

Tom Ogden

That's great Louise! Keep me posted on your results! Xx


Tom Ogden

Hi Lorri! You can certainly apply the Liquid Laser Balm over other serums, but

you may find it gives you same benefit you'd get from using both a serum *and* a

cream as it's packed with lovely, skin plumping and brightening ingredients  Xx


Tom Ogden

Julie, you're good  X


Lorri Vick

Fantastic Tom - thank you


Karen Austin

Thanks tom xxxx


Jill Dowding-Walker

Anne, you can use the cleanser and eye serum right onto eyelids and lashes.

Liquid Gold just as far as orbital bone around eye. x


Tom Ogden

Hi Anne! Thank you for buying the TSV. You can use the Balancing Cleanser over

the eyes to remove your make-up and you can apply the Absolute Eye Complex right

up to the lash and over the eye lid, but with the Liquid Gold, just apply it up

to and along the orbital bone. I hope you enjoy trying the products and that you

get great results. Keep me posted  Tx


Julie Baker

Aw thanks Tom Ogden, I have the liquid gold and I'm vowing this year to stick

with it, I'm most excited for the eye cream as it was recommended by alison

young. I have my elemis tsv to work through too so I'm glad the unopened shelf

life is so long. and I'm very lazy with my water intake ( I just don't like

water lol) so my skin appears very thirsty


Tom Ogden

Hahaha! Liz! "Light Saber Concentrate". I LOVE that!  Xxx




Ruth Frances Beer

Tom Ogden I so wish I could have had a little try of your TSV yesterday! x



Tom Ogden

Hi Michael! You're just a slip of a lad surely?  Don't think you need the balm

for a while yet  Thank you for tuning in and I'm glad you liked the TSV and the

new launches. We have lots of other exciting things planned for this year too!



Anne Keating

Thanks Jill and Tom. My first purchase and I like the idea I can use my other

products in between. It can become very expensive completely changing brands. I

need in particular to do something about the dark circles under my eyes and I

feel it's going to work for me.


Julie Baker

Same for me Anne Keating my under eye area is uneven too and though it feels

smooth it doesn't look at all hydrated



Tom Ogden

Hello Emma! We like to start them young here on Back To You! Vitamin E might be

a good solution for your little one. It helps to stimulate the immune system and

breaks down scar tissue. We have a Vitamin E serum on our QVC brand shop, but

it's quite expensive so you might want to try something from the health shop

first? It's funny; all my friends kids watch me on the telly. My mum always said

I should have gone into kids TV lol! X


Tom Ogden

Ruth, you should have said  Have you never tried Liquid Gold? You're probably

sick of hearing me bang on about it when you're at QVC;) X


Lorri Vick

You are very likeable Tom Ogden and easy to listen to and I reckon kids are a

good judge :)xx


Liz Cairns

Sounds like you have studied and memorised every word about the products Jiil

‪#‎expert x


Tom Ogden

Keep us posted Anne  I certainly needed something for my TSV-induced dark

circles this morning!! A little tip for you - keep your eye complex in the

fridge so it's extra cooling! X


Tom Ogden

That's a great idea Jill! I have one of those infusers and they're fab  X


Liz Cairns

Loving the effect of liquid gold and people are asking me about my skin! Result


Emma Harvey

Ok thank you I will get her some she gets very upset by it and asked me to cover

it for school  she is funny tells me to buy all the beauty on qvc and likes to

try all i buy , she is having a beauty party sleepover for her birthday in April

what have I done !!!!! Thank you again  xxxx


Michael James Hamlyn

Haha OK Tom thanks lol xx


Tom Ogden

Thank you Lorri! It's lovely to chat with people who also love their skincare.

It's been my passion for the longest time  X


Jill Dowding-Walker

Well I am such an evangelist since finding this range Liz ‪#‎keenasmustard!!!


Tom Ogden

Liz, I have to know everything; every ingredient. Michelle and I sit for hours

discussing everything. No wonder we have no friends (hehe - just kidding, I've

got one or two!) Xx


Ruth Frances Beer

Tom Ogden next time we're in QVC together I will come grab you for a full on

facial LOL! xx


Sharon Harvey

How lovely to have the brilliant Tom " fastest one finger typist in the west "

back with us tonight! Tom thank you so much for your time and for your amazing

replies! We really appreciate you popping on to the Back To You Page and keeping

a watchful eye on your Alpha-H lovers! Remember Tom... "You are Gold... Always

believe in your soul... You've got the power to know... Your indestructible..."

Sorry! Happy New Year!!

Please now switch Over to QVC And join Debbie Flint and her BACK TO YOU show xx


Jill Dowding-Walker

Thank you Tom Ogden - see you at the Beauty Bash! Must get a photo together!!! x

x x


Tom Ogden

Emma, I'll be looking for a replacement for me when I'm too old and infirm to

appear on the telly. Maybe your daughter has spotted a future vocation  Tx


Liz Cairns

It is definitely one of those ranges, Jill that just makes such a difference,

it's hard not to like it x


Lorri Vick

Thank you Jill Dowding-Walker for the link on infused water - i need to try that

as i dont drink enough and find it a chore lol xx


Jill Dowding-Walker

Hahaha Sharon!!! x x x

Sharon Harvey



Tom Ogden

Where does the time go Sharon??? It's always an absolute pleasure to chat to you

all. Can't wait to meet many of you at Beauty Bash. Don't be shy; come and see

us. Michelle can't be with me unfortunately  , but I promise to make up for her

absence! X


Julie Baker

Lorri Vick I love to eat veggies but in terms of drink I'll be honest I need to

fight myself here, I'm just so lazy lol


Lorri Vick

Will definitely come and say hello at BB xx


Emma Harvey

Ha ha she can talk for England and loves beauty she has red carpet gel nails on

now she has her own stash of beauty things so could be the job for her !!! Xxxx

thank you again


Liz Cairns

Big thanks again, Tom. There will be some very fresh faced (Alpha H) women

queueing to speak to you at the Beauty Bash. Cathy and I will be the ones with

the sharpened elbows getting ourselves to the front of the queue hee hee xx


Tom Ogden

Bye everybody! I hope I got to all your questions. Until next time… Txxx


Tom Ogden

And have a wonderful New year! X


Liz Cairns

Tom Ogden, it's a sign of how passionate you are about the products and the

results they give. Keep it up xx


Dawn Robinson

Thank you Tom & Sharon xx


Karen Austin

Thanks tom, what would we do without you? Xxx

Sandra Harrington Kayne


Tom Ogden I am suitably impressed by each personal response - you are on fire! I

haven't dared use liquid gold as well as the tria yet but do love using alpha h

spf50 every day. Let me know when you can, but I plan to start back with liquid

gold again on the 2 tria rest days in a couple of weeks. In the meantime keep up

the good work, you make an old, haggard bird bird happy with you're on TV.


Tom Ogden

Hi Sandra  I've not used the Tria, but if it using it creates any redness or

flaking then I'd avoid using the Liquid Gold. Wait until the skin has had chance

to completely recover. I'm delighted to hear you love the SPF50! And thanks for

the nice words  Tx




PS – Watch out soon for Christianne Wolff, (Marie-Francoise, our Kipling guest’s sister) who is making waves with her ‘Body Rescue Plan,’ appearing on our Back to You live webchat – around Thursday 15th, and on air on QVC about the same time at 9am.


For archive webchats, see previous Back to You blogs – to the left of this update on this page!





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