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Debbie Flint

Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my Website


On this site –

Debbie’s diary blog; Till the Fat Lady Slims, Retreats for You, Writing incl all my books!, TV Presenter, inc QVC info, Back to You health blog, useful links (self-help tips, bodyblade, aids to cutting back on sugar, etc) and Charity – being a Medical Detection Dogs Ambassador.

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Debbie's News posted 7 December 2021

  • Volunteering and the Feel Good Factor

    Volunteering and the Feel Good Factor Regulars will know that I've been volunteering at the mass vaccination centre at Epsom Grandstand weekly since the end of January. And this week I got contacted by a reporter to see if he could put my story in his news piece, and it's out this Saturday apparently*. My sis was the one who got me into it, having gone there herself after registering and being called in to help. The next week they needed people so I trekked along with her and got the…
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  • Time travelling and another year goes by

    Time travelling and another year goes by How weird. I've just been sitting looking through old cards as I take down another year's Christmas decs (well some of them!) and I realised how time has flown. It's almost as tho this little blog has been on hold waiting for the moment I pick up the mantle once more and get my fingers working to type out some prose so you can read it and find out what's been going on in my life. (Apologies to those who said they miss my weekly…
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  • Comment Link Ann Swann 24 August 2013 posted by Ann Swann

    Hi Debs
    Have ordered Kindle Fire T.S.V.sunday can't wait to download books
    have already read some online
    well done
    speak soon

  • Comment Link debbs 22 August 2013 posted by debbs

    hi Pauline -
    thanks for buying it hon! When you do get round to finishing it, make sure you come back and let me know what you think!

  • Comment Link Pauline Johnson 17 August 2013 posted by Pauline Johnson

    Hi debs have got your book on my kindle just wait for some ME tome to settle down to read it hubby has alcheimers so it's difficult to get a minutes peace sometimes love reading your blogs on QVC they are so full of information.look forward to reading more on your own website lol.

  • Comment Link Debbie Flint 7 August 2013 posted by Debbie Flint

    Julie! So glad you gave the time to read my book, am always happy when people say it's not their usual read but afterwards, they can't wait to get the next one! I do hope you like it as much! Do add a comment on my amazon site if you can hon - much appreciated!
    Best wishes

  • Comment Link Debbie Flint 7 August 2013 posted by Debbie Flint

    Mandy -
    Thanks so much! Am desperately trying to get Hawaiian Prize finished! So glad you're looking forward to reading it - keep me informed!
    Best wishes

  • Comment Link Debbie Flint 7 August 2013 posted by Debbie Flint

    John -
    Fab - good luck with it! Yes a friend of mine, Emily Harvale, uses an illustrator for her books - MissNyss or something? Check out her 'look inside' on one of her books on amazon, or email her via her website -!
    Good luck!

  • Comment Link julie macdonald 6 August 2013 posted by julie macdonald

    Hi deb. What a good book, it's not what I usually read, but I really enjoyed it, I said I would say what I thought, we tv each other I found your book well written setting the scene so you could imagine it without going overboard,loved the twist, with the water ,and the steamy bits (o my debbie lol) best of all I loved the end where you didn't leave your readers hanging, I loved that you told us what went on after, all in all a nice easy read with loads of content,loved how you described each character,and their backgrounds ,the humour added .was well placed within the book , I still imagined that Sadie was you though she felt like you, I'd like to meet Mac myself though. well done deb can't wait to read next one

  • Comment Link mandy 5 August 2013 posted by mandy

    Hello debbie ,just wanted to say love your novel . Couldn't put it down once started it ,great characters and a really different angle to the story . Looking forward to reading your next one . Best wishes Mandy

  • Comment Link John Summers 4 August 2013 posted by John Summers

    PS ...

    Love your work on TV! ... and ..... trying to get the 50 shades poem out as a greetings card/booklet kind of thing - do you now any good illustrators :) :) ..... i've got copyright.


  • Comment Link MBA Dissertation 9 July 2013 posted by MBA Dissertation

    I like your post ,now I must complete my research for my paper.

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