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Read It Write It Sell It

Read It Write It Sell It

My regular look at all things book! Find out hints and tips on how to write and publish your own novel, as well as my recommendations for 'Book of the Week' plus courses, news and updates from the world of publishing!

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READ IT WRITE IT SELL IT- My weekly look at all things book. Thought for the week - My book will be ready to upload on Amazon in two weeks - two! Eeeek! Book of the Week - I thought I'd do an occasional mention of some all time favourite books. This one has to be in my top twenty, if not top ten. It had amazing word of mouth growth '09, '10, as it was just so good. And funny. The quirky story of two uk students who begin as lovers then go through various stages of their lives…
Don't annoy the author! READ IT, WRITE IT, SELL IT! – my weekly look at all things book! This week - one of my favourite QVC guests - John Barrowman, the Author of Young Adult fantasy novels, co-written with his sister Carole. And how serialisation can help launch yourself as a writer, a growing trend, according to the Oxford Authors Courses. Book of the Week – our very own John Barrowman, and sister Carole! This week, to mark the return of the fabulous guy to QVC (with his new haircare range, HER – did you see it?), I thought I’d give a mention the…
READ IT, WRITE IT, SELL IT! – my weekly look at all things book! This week - can your beliefs really heal you? And steamy novels alert - focus on Lynne Connolly - one of the best! Plus a look at my short story Valentine's Surprise, now uploaded to amazon on eBook, including - how much can some people make by self-publishing to amazon? Book of the Week This week, a very different type of book, which kept me intrigued all the way down to Devon on audio book, 'Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton. If you didn’t know already,…
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